Bubba's World - Season 1

Sunday 10:00 PM on Fuel TV Premiered Mar 28, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • The Backflip
    Episode 10
    "The summer "experiment" is coming to an end and James Stewart is stoked that he was able to tap into the youth that he thought was gone forever. When Stewart was in California for X-Games he got to spend some time with FMX's Todd Potter and is now inspired to learn backflips. With James being a supercross racer backflips are a risky business where one wrong move could end his racing career and business empire. James must keep training in secret as he solicits the help of his California-living freestyle friends. The decision to hire an assistant relieves Pagg as the pseudo-assistant and allows him to shifts gears to return to racing."moreless
  • The Assistant
    Episode 9
    In an effort of redemption, Eric Sorby, takes on the task of finding James Stewart an assistant. With Stewart out of town Eric capitalizes on the opportunity to interview candidates for the position...
  • The Crib
    Episode 8
    James finally gets the house of his dreams and moves in, bringing sidekick Eric Sorby along for company. James is excited to enjoy his new-found freedom and privacy. But when it comes to cooking, cleaning, and other household chores, not only is James clueless, Eric Sorby seems to make everything worse -- white towels become pink, food doesn't get cooked, and Sorby ends up puking all over the house after a night of celebration. On top of all the chaos, Sorby puts a hole in James' ceiling after playing basketball in the foyer. So with this roommate situation not working out, James sends Sorby back to the Stewart Compound and throws a housewarming bash without him.moreless
  • The Exit
    Episode 7
    With summer almost over and James having experienced many of the activities he's always wanted to do, one thing is still sticking in his craw, especially after spending some time in Orlando. He's #1. He makes $10 million a year. He's 23 years old. But he still lives with mom and Dad. So with the help of his new BFF, Eric Sorby, James visits with his accountant, hires a realtor and goes searching for the perfect home. But what may seem perfect for most people, won't necessarily work for a motocross champion who's accustomed to having everything taken care of for him. And it's one thing telling your parents you're gonna take the summer off... it's an entirely different conversation telling your parents you're moving out! Big-James and the family have devoted their entire lives to creating the "Field of Dreams" for James, and this won't sit easy with them. Will he get the house of his dreams, or realize he's got a good thing going for him back at The Compound?moreless
  • The Tourist
    Episode 6
    James Stewart, Eric Sorby, and Todd Potter continue their road-trip in Orlando and attempt to set their personality differences aside; allowing James to recapture moments he missed out on during childhood. From visiting a gator zoo to indoor-skydiving, it's hard to believe the fastest man in motocross would think a tourist spot like Orlando is the best place on Earth. But with Todd Potter's never-ending antics in tow, a simple escape from motocross is never as easy as it seems. After a red-carpet premiere and another night out on the town, the boys return from a competitive trip to do what they do best and actually ride together. Whereas James was completely out of his element with Todd dragging him around to clubs and girls; it's time for James to turn the table on Todd and give him a taste of his own medicine on the track.moreless
  • The Trip
    Episode 5
    With orders from the doctor to heal his shoulder, James has to leave the X-Games and return to Haines City. He brings with him French ex-pro racer Eric Sorby, and fortunately, things are peaceful since the family is away getting Malcolm's shoulder surgery. But loud-mouth, pro freestyler Todd Potter shows up to take him on a road trip and show him how to party -- an invitation that James reluctantly accepts. So the three pros head up to nearby Orlando where they go shopping, hit on girls, go to clubs, hit on girls, go golfing, and hit on girls. Todd wishes James would break out of his shell, drink more, stay out late, and just throw caution to the wind. But James reveals to Eric at a private lunch that Todd represents everything about freestylers he can't stand. He'll have to learn to deal with it, however, because the trip is only half over.moreless
  • The Game
    Episode 4
    After a dare from Todd Potter and the freestyle community, James decides to enter the X-Games in California. But being a world class professional racer, James has never done something wild and crazy like the X-Games -- and that's exactly the kind of fun he's looking for. But his parents and handlers are worried he could get hurt and jeopardize his career. After some confusion over his racing gear is fixed, James enters the media frenzy of the X-Games, where he barely has time to focus with all of the interviews, photo shoots, and press following his every move. But he does the freestyle event "Best Whip" and comes in second to Todd Potter, who achieved the gold. Todd spares no modesty in rubbing it in James' face. The next event is Supermoto, another event James has never done, which is racing on asphalt instead of dirt. But being the fastest man on the planet, he does amazingly well until he crashes! He is immediately pulled out of X-Games and rushed to the doctor as the fear James' parents and sponsors had comes true...moreless
  • The Call
    Episode 3
    To escape the chaos in Haines City, James instructs Pagg to book a few events in California, hoping the 909 area code might give him some quiet and relaxation. James' multi-million dollar private jet lands when a house-party at pro freestyler Nate Adams' is in full swing. James gets to see the other side of his industry -- the crazy, freestyle side of motocross - and how hard they party. He also meets a sexy girl whom he begins to connect with until pro freestyler Todd Potter butts in. Todd's blatant, competitive nature surfaces when he prompts James to do the X-Games the following week, where Todd promises he'll kick his ass. But James leaves the party early, having to get up early and introduce the new 2010 Yamaha bike to hundreds of dealers who are excited to see him ride, get his autograph. He later meets with designers at Oakley headquarters to design the new James Stewart Goggle that will hit the market next year. It's at Oakley where James happens to run into that same sexy girl from the house party and they exchange numbers. Finally, borrowing a move from Malcolm, James plays a prank on Pagg in front of the entire Oakley department, feeling what it's like to be a silly kid for once in his life.moreless
  • The Nap
    Episode 2
    Now that it's official and James' parents know he's taking the summer off from racing, James makes plans to sleep in, relax, and have a normal summer without training and obligations every single day. But life at home is a zoo: The family is preparing Malcolm to get shoulder surgery, Sonya is attending to the farm animals and employee payroll, Big-James is up early grooming the race tracks, and Yamaha shows up so James can help perfect the new 2010 bike before it is launched to the public. Outside of The Compound, James has to answer to the law for speeding around town in his Ferrari. Eventually, James is able to enjoy a much-needed massage after the chaotic week, but not without a fart-prank from Malcolm, just to remind him that he's still the center of attention.moreless
  • The Compound
    Episode 1
    James "Bubba" Stewart, the numner one motocross racer in the world, pulling in over $10 million a year, tells his parents that he's taking the summer off from racing -- for the first time ever.