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The Call

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To escape the chaos in Haines City, James instructs Pagg to book a few events in California, hoping the 909 area code might give him some quiet and relaxation. James' multi-million dollar private jet lands when a house-party at pro freestyler Nate Adams' is in full swing. James gets to see the other side of his industry -- the crazy, freestyle side of motocross - and how hard they party. He also meets a sexy girl whom he begins to connect with until pro freestyler Todd Potter butts in. Todd's blatant, competitive nature surfaces when he prompts James to do the X-Games the following week, where Todd promises he'll kick his ass. But James leaves the party early, having to get up early and introduce the new 2010 Yamaha bike to hundreds of dealers who are excited to see him ride, get his autograph. He later meets with designers at Oakley headquarters to design the new James Stewart Goggle that will hit the market next year. It's at Oakley where James happens to run into that same sexy girl from the house party and they exchange numbers. Finally, borrowing a move from Malcolm, James plays a prank on Pagg in front of the entire Oakley department, feeling what it's like to be a silly kid for once in his life.moreless
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