Bubble Guppies

Monday 11:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jan 24, 2011 In Season


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  • Best Music in a Kid's Show!

    My kids (3, 5, 6) all love this show. I found myself a fan as well because of the ridiculously catchy songs. I just wish that they would release a soundtrack.
  • One of the best Nick Jr. shows I've seen in a while, Sure beats Dora.

    The Bubble Guppies is a preschool show on Nick Jr. I know it's a preschool show, but of the ones I've seen lately Bubble Guppies is one of the best most educational things I've seen on Nick Jr. It covers topics like the planets and construction as well as how things work. This reminds me of the old Nick Jr. shows like Blue's Clues. I know there are some that willing to steer me wrong "because it's a baby show." Bubble Guppies also has great vibrant animation as well. 10/10
  • this is gonna be the best show ever around in the 3d animation era. here's what i think of bubble guppies...

    the characters i like are deema, molly, and oona. they're girls. i hope i want to meet the bubble guppies one day if it exists to happen. i won't let this show down, not because people are writing horrible reviews and bad ratings. i hope this show gets excellent reviews and ratings because i will keep an eye out for the bad people to rate this either a 1/10, or a 0/10, and the offensive reviews that people can get offended. the bubble guppies will be an excellent show for kids, and this show is gonna be awesome for days.
  • This is perfect for kids!

    I love this show even though I only saw 1 full episode the rest I saw bits and pieces of it,My fave characters are Molly and Gil and every episode is an adventure.All children and parent should introduce themselves to Bubble Guppies.
  • Good Animation, Good Plot, Makes Dora look like 1950's.


    I've been watching lots of childrens show's lately. Bubble Guppies, actually is quite good compaired to most. The plots change from show to show. The graphics, animation is modern and looks good. I hate watching Dora, its the same every episode, so this is a nice change of pace. Sponge bob is still better!

  • This isnt bad

    For a nick jr show, this show isnt bad. You should let kids watch this.im not a nick jr fan but this is pretty much the only good kids show on nick jr .Also funny for kids
  • This beats all the other nick jr shows.

    This is an great show for kids its not just talking about just an stupid interactive show like other nick jr shows.
  • Its alright, beats the other shows

    Its actually better than any other show on Nick Jr. The one question I have is why is there just bubble puppy? I know it rhymes with "bubble Guppie" but still! What about bubble cat? Also those tiny fish get in the scenes wayyy too much, and when they say "That's silly" it annoys me! Can they not think of anything else to say? Otherwise its okay
  • I will recomend this show to everyone

    Yes! i have watch this show And its a Masterpice.

    i herd this show was basted from the backyardgans(witch is a show i also like)

    this teaches kids mail,plannes,etc.

    Overall good show also has humor.

  • This show isn't that bad for younger kids.

    OK now i've only seen 2 episodes of this show and its actually not that bad but as a teen it's not that good but if I was 7 and reviewing this this would be my score. Now i don't watch this show that much but its not that bad. Now i forgot the characters name because i've only seen 2 episodes but give this show a chance or your little brothers or sisters a chance. I'm sure they might like it. Give your siblings a chance. Overall 6/10.
  • Are the writers running out of ideas?!

    At first I thought this was a good kids show. But now, I stand corrected. The theme song is lower pitched like the voice actors are going through puberty, and it sounds like a monster trying to sing along! Since season 4, I believe the writers were having trouble coming up with ideas, so they take an earlier episode, and just change it around by 1%. Really? That's the best they could come up with? Hey, staff, why not FIRE the writers and replace them with new ones? Does it kill you to do such a simple task? Please fix this show NOW!
  • Eeeeh?

    It's okay for kids. But, I hate it.
  • Take it off the air already!

    It's an annoying Ripoff to Finding Nemo!
  • Terrible show!

    I don't know why this is such an overrated show compared to Wubbzy. I don't know why the latter show gets more negative reviews than this. This show is just some advertising stuff. That's all.
  • oh hell just another show that makes me fall asleep , god , wheres my homeward bound cause i think id rather watch that 1000 times

    hmmm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this is the one show besides fanboy and chum chum that really really should be taken off the tv seriously the name alone is just awful who wants to watch bubbles , who wants to watch garbage like this any day i would rather take the kids to go see alice in wonderland -a movie that puts me to sleep ,, and just like that movie this show just dont make any sense , how do i start my review -ohi did but whats nice to say about the trash nickeloden intends to shove on our tvs ,

    wake me up when rugrats comes back on!