Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Season 1 Episode 19

Are You Experienced?

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Feb 25, 1999 on SBS One



  • Trivia

    • The Hewgite newsletter is dated 2040.9.14 and reads
      The Employee of the
      First Half of the Year
      Ms. Linna Yamazaki
      At the terrace. No. 1 Sales Section

    • During the explanation of rogue boomers early in the episode, a display on the screen shows the word VOOMER as an acronym for VOodoo Organic Metal Extention Resource.

  • Quotes

    • (Sylia talks about the new hard suits.)
      Priss: The only thing I want to hear is that they won't go rogue, Sylia.
      Sylia: It's not that simple. In a very real sense, it all depends on your strength and state of mind.
      Priss: Are you quoting psych text or fortune cookies?
      Sylia: It did sound that way.

    • Leon: Daley Wong, remember your family and the farm!
      Daley: I joined the ADP to get away from them!

    • Nene: Oh, I'd kill for my hardsuit right now.
      Nick: Your what?
      Nene: Uh, I said I wish I had something hard to shoot right now!

    • Nene: Are you out of your mind, Leo-Peo?
      Leon: If this situation wasn't so serious, I'd spank her for that one.
      Daley: She only does that because she thinks of you as the brother she never had.
      Leon: Let's do this thing before it sucks up this car too.
      Daley: Yee ha.

    • (Priss looks at Lina in her new hard suit.)
      Linna: (slyly nudging Priss with her arm) Don't look so prissy. You know that you want one.
      Priss: I see some drawbacks.
      Linna: And just what might those be?
      Priss: Having to shave some strange places.
      (Linna downs down at her stomach area.)
      Linna: Oh my god! I didn't know that was transparent! (points at Macky) When were you going to tell me about that, you little pervert?
      Macky: Oh! Um, actually... (blushes)
      (Priss chuckles.)

    • Nene: Well, you've just never seen me in action, have you? When I walk down the street, the boomers all get out of my way, and if they bug me I just blast 'em with super-powers, then I kick 'em, and hit 'em really hard, just like that, and they go running away. Bye, bye boomers!

    • Leon: It's not as if I'm not glad to see you, Nick, but our APB was for frontline officers.
      Nick: That's right- and I'm a former front line officer.
      Daley: Very former, I think. When you were on the line, weren't we still fighting dinosaurs?

    • Leon: Oh, they're gonna be here all right. It's a chance to do some real damage.
      Daley: How many times must I tell you we're not all still Cro-Magnons?

    • Mason: Any animal which has ceased to evolve as a species is doomed to failure. The human organism has served its purpose by begetting its successor. The future belongs to your kind, not the human race.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode, Are You Experienced?, is a reference to a song of the same name sung by Jimi Hendrix.

    • Daley: "How many times must I tell you we're not all still Cro-Magnons?"
      Cro-Magnons were early humans who co-existed with the Neanderthals for a time (until the latter species disappeared). They are the ancestors of modern day humans.

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