Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Season 1 Episode 21

Close to the Edge

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 1999 on SBS One



  • Trivia

    • When Nene does the sweep on the terminal, the screen has a list on the right that reads:


  • Quotes

    • Leon: So have you decided what you're going to do yet?
      Sylia: What I've been hoping is that we'll be able to continue fighting the boomers from here. We need more time to discover what the nature of the relationship between our minds and our suits actually is.
      Nigel: So you'll pursue that path, no matter what the cost might be?
      Sylia: I have to! I don't want to, but you know why I must.

    • Macky: Is it wrong?
      Nene: Huh?
      Macky: I mean, the entire city is being abandoned, and the boomers are going rogue everywhere. I know that all of us are really in horrible danger, I know that I should be scared, and yet, I'm enjoying myself. It just doesn't seem right.

    • Leon: Oh, Priss...remember that promise?
      Priss: Huh?
      Leon: Well, uh...what I said about the helmet.
      (Priss starts to blush.)
      Priss: (smiles while flicking Leon's face with her finger) Dream on.
      (Priss walks away.)
      Priss: You want another drink?
      Leon: Yeah. I need one.

    • Leon: A few months ago I hated the Knight Sabers. All I cared about back then was how bad you made the ADP look by easily trashing rogue boomers that we could barely handle. But here I am, unemployed, drinking a toast with you and thinking.
      Priss: Thinking about what?
      Leon: About how incredibly lucky I am to be here. And, if this was the only way I could be here, I wouldn't change anything that's happened.

    • (Priss clinks glasses with Leon.)
      Priss: I came back.
      Leon: Yeah?

      (Macky and Nene are sitting on the couch.)
      Macky: I'd figure you'd be hungry, so I made sandwiches.
      Nene: (smiles) Thank you.

      (Camera shows Sylia and Nigel together.)

      Linna Geez, looks like I'm odd girl out again.
      Henderson: (suddenly sliding in next to Linna) Poor child. Refill?
      Linna: (giggles) Um, thank you, I guess.

    • Macky: This is what I hate the most. The waiting, and not knowing.
      Nigel: I know it's hard, but you've got to trust them.
      Macky: Ah…
      Leon: It's not like we have a choice, you know. Just have faith- and another drink.

    • "We'll try that again when you get back- without the helmet."
      -Leon tries to kiss Priss whilst she's wearing her hardsuit.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The title of this episode, Close to the Edge, is a reference to an album of the same name by the band Yes.