Bubblegum Crisis

Season 1 Episode 7

Double Vision

Aired Unknown Mar 14, 1990 on SBS One
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Episode Summary

Double Vision
GENOM's back with a new creation, a new breed of Boomer that will prove to be a challenge for the Knight Sabers. To make matters more hectic, an American Rock star known simply as "Vision" has come to MegaTokyo to spread the word of rock to its citizens... that is until she gets mixed up with the likes of GENOM!moreless

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    Akiko Hiramatsu

    Akiko Hiramatsu

    Nene Romanova (Jap.)

    Brad Moranz

    Brad Moranz

    Inspector Leon McNichol (Eng.)

    Elizabeth Becka

    Elizabeth Becka

    Linna Yamazaki (Eng.)

    Geoffrey Honaker

    Geoffrey Honaker

    Fargo (Eng.)

    J. David Arnold

    J. David Arnold

    Quincy Rosencroitz (Eng.)

    Jemila Ericson

    Jemila Ericson

    Sylia Stingray (Eng.)

    Seiji Satoo

    Seiji Satoo

    Police Chief (Jap.)

    Guest Star

    Mindi L. Lyons

    Mindi L. Lyons

    Reika "Vision" Chang (Eng.)

    Guest Star

    Maiko Hashimoto

    Maiko Hashimoto

    Reika "Vision" Chang (Jap.)

    Guest Star

    David Kraus

    David Kraus

    Police Chief (Eng.)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • There are five instances of misspellings (purposely and accidentally) in this episode:

        1.) The Chang family's name is misspelled four different times in four different scenes - Chan, Chiang, Chang, and Can

        2.) Galbeston - instead of Galveston

        3.) GUS OIL - instead of GAS OIL

        4.) Galons - instead of Gallons

        5.) Gulfe & Bradrey - instead of Gulf & Bradley

    • QUOTES (15)

      • Priss: You're too weak, Nene. That's why you keep getting clobbered, just like yesterday. You better work out a little, or else you won't be able to fit into your suit.
        Nene: Ha! I contribute to the Knight Sabers with my good looks and amazing brain. I wouldn't want to be an apewoman like you. Besides, if you're so hot, how come I caught you?

      • Linna: You're going to kill Quincy? With McLaren as bait?
        Reika: Yes, I'll kill him. I'll teach him about the pain he's caused us.
        Linna: Doing that for Irene's sake...
        Reika: Won't bring her back! I know that. I know it's pointless. But...it hurts so much. I can't let him get away with it!

      • Linna: Irene was a typical pretty girl... a girl at an age to delight in getting an engagement ring. Reika, I think there's another way besides revenge...if you want to take Irene's hopes and see them through.

      • Quincy: The Knight Sabers! They and you are two of a kind! Foolish rabble striking out at GENOM!

      • Quincy: So it's just you two, after all. Well? What are your demands?
        Reika: I demand your life!
        Quincy: Oh? For what reason?
        Reika: Does the name 'Irene' ring any bells?
        Quincy: No.
        Reika: It's the name of my little sister, who was killed a year ago... for the sake of your rotten, filthy dreams!
        Quincy: I know nothing about it. I have far too many dreams, you see.
        Reika: Don't play innocent! I won't let you just bury your head in the sand!
        Quincy: Well, then, it just doesn't make any sense to me at all. So a little girl like you is going to take revenge, huh? It's really stupid of you to cause such an uproar over just one little girl...

      • Hou Bang member: To see Miss Reika smile again, I'd kill Quincy, even if he was a god!

      • Leon: A public servant moonlighting? Naughty, naughty, Nene.

      • Reika: Strange, isn't it? Time was that I hated my own clan with a passion. But now I think of it with pride.

      • Bodyguard #1: Pretty good for a man his age. This is the fourth night in a row.
        Bodyguard #2: Tell me about it.

      • Priss: Uh-oh, he's a dirty old man. Be careful he doesn't jump you, Nene.

      • Leon: What the hell is GENOM planning to build here, anyway?
        Daley: Their answer to Disneyland, maybe?
        Leon: Well, I don't see Mickey Mouse anywhere.
        (Leon sees something)
        Leon: Well, well, well...
        Daley: Is it Snow White?
        Leon: No, it's someone who'd make her eat the poisoned apple.

      • Sylia: You think you're Harry Lime, choosing a place like this for a meeting?

      • Dr. McLaren: Looking at it makes me think strength and ugliness go hand-in-hand.

      • Priss: She's a complete question mark. Age, personal history, nothing. Who's she supposed to be, Batman?!

      • Reika: Yes. I want to sing about all kinds of human emotions. Joy, grief, laughter, despair, regret, anger, malice...all emotions.

    • NOTES (4)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Daley: Computer
        The company who manufactured the portable computer that Daley is uses to pull up information is Toshiba. Incidentally, Toshiba is the production company for Bubblegum Crisis.