Bubblegum Crisis

SBS One (ended 1991)


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  • Season 1
    • Scoop Chase
      Scoop Chase
      Episode 8
      The Knight Sabers seem to have everything all under control, that is until "ace reporter" Lisa Vanette threatens to reveal the true identities of the girls. Meanwhile, GENOM's creates their most powerful Boomers yet, and their weapons are aimed directly at the Sabers!
    • Double Vision
      Double Vision
      Episode 7
      GENOM's back with a new creation, a new breed of Boomer that will prove to be a challenge for the Knight Sabers. To make matters more hectic, an American Rock star known simply as "Vision" has come to MegaTokyo to spread the word of rock to its citizens... that is until she gets mixed up with the likes of GENOM!moreless
    • Red Eyes
      Red Eyes
      Episode 6
      The 33-S Boomers return yet again to seek revenge on the Knight Sabers! This time, they take a less belligerent approach, concocting a plan to frame the Knight Sabers. To make matters worse, one of the Knight Sabers quits! Meanwhile, Largo pays a visit to Quincy.
    • Moonlight Rambler
      There's a lot of trouble brewing over MegaTokyo, as the space island Genaro is recoiling over the loss of their shuttle and weapons. To make matters worse, their secret treaty with GENOM has leaked out! Meanwhile, a "vampire" has recently been sucking young women's blood everywhere, and Priss' mysterious new friend Sylvie has some interesting ties with the island's controversy!moreless
    • Revenge Road
      Revenge Road
      Episode 4
      A year has past, and GENOM has rmeianed silent. However, now there's a strange new car called the Griffon that's terrorizing bike gangs in the city. When the Knight Sabers arrive at the scene, they realize the Griffon's not all at fault, and it's going to take a lot of firepower to stop it from wiping all bike gangs, and their creators, out of existence...moreless
    • Blow Up
      Blow Up
      Episode 3
      GENOM's Boomers are terrorizing MegaTokyo once again, and the AD Police are helpless and useless to stop them. When GENOM terrorizes Sho, the young boy Priss looks after, Priss is driven to the edge! Can she finally stop Mason while keeping her cool and her moral code as a Knight Saber! And, will Sylia allow an attack on GENOM directly?!moreless
    • Born to Kill
      Born to Kill
      Episode 2
      Cynthia, the newly formed Boomer, is destroyed, but now an even bigger threat awaits the Knight Sabers - a super strong Boomer created by GENOM from the remains of Cynthia! Can the Knight Sabers defeat this new Boomer and save Irene?
    • Tinsel City
      Tinsel City
      Episode 1
      And so it begins, with the appearance of the Boomers and the plan by GENOM to try and control the world, things are about to get deadly. Can the Knight Sabers stop them from kidnapping a computer technician?! And, what's Mason, the head guy at GENOM, planning?