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Bubblegum Crisis

Season 1 Episode 6

Red Eyes

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 1989 on SBS One
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Episode Summary

The 33-S Boomers return yet again to seek revenge on the Knight Sabers! This time, they take a less belligerent approach, concocting a plan to frame the Knight Sabers. To make matters worse, one of the Knight Sabers quits! Meanwhile, Largo pays a visit to Quincy.

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    Akiko Hiramatsu

    Akiko Hiramatsu

    Nene Romanova (Jap.)

    Brad Moranz

    Brad Moranz

    Inspector Leon McNichol (Eng.)

    Elizabeth Becka

    Elizabeth Becka

    Linna Yamazaki (Eng.)

    Frank Trimble

    Frank Trimble

    Mackie Stingray (Eng.)

    J. David Arnold

    J. David Arnold

    Quincy Rosencroitz (Eng.)

    Jemila Ericson

    Jemila Ericson

    Sylia Stingray (Eng.)

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      • Sylia: Frail humans need not fear anything more... Brian J. Mason.

      • Largo: Sylia... Sylia Stingray...
        Sylia: How do you know my name?
        Largo: I know... that you and I are two of a kind... because...

      • Largo: Human beings... how vulgar! For the crime of injuring me, a god...I demand as atonement, death.

      • Priss: I won't run away again! Anri...Sylvie...give...me...strength!

      • Largo: So the worm is a worm after all. With my next attack, I'll send you to Hell!

      • Largo: Allow me to pay homage to your admirable, albeit trifling, bravery, Priss. Take a good look! This is the look of the true victor! Now I will kill you with a thought!

      • Largo: Dead, eh? Or rather, I imagine it would be more precise to say that it has ceased functioning. It is a machine, after all!

      • Priss: You little idiot! If you die, what will Sylvie have died for?

      • Anri: Priss, I beg you... live... live... for me... and for Sylvie...

      • Anri: Largo and I wanted to make a world for our kind... but I didn't want to destroy the city, or kill people either. Sylvie felt the same, I'm sure...

      • Largo(handing Anri a knife): Now is the time. She's upset. She, who killed your dear Sylvie...is your hated foe. Kill her. Kill her!
        (Anri charges and stabs Priss)
        Anri: Sylvie... I've finally been able to avenge you...
        (Anri sees that Priss is crying)
        Anri: Priss, why...?
        Priss: Sylvie was beyond help. If I hadn't done what I did... the D.D. would have exploded, wiping out the entire city... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. There was nothing I could do.
        (Priss pulls Anri close, driving the knife deeper)
        Priss: I couldn't protect her...

      • Quincy: No! Cyberdroids cannot possibly coexist with humans! If we released them, they would become insanely destructive... and a powerful enemy of mankind.
        Largo: They are waiting... the multitudes of my people, whose hearts and souls you have bound. I shall lead them.
        Quincy: You bastard! Do you mean to become a god?
        Largo: I don't know. That depends on human beings...

      • Largo: My name is Largo. I am the maker of the new world. Now, hand it over to me!

      • Largo: Cyberdroids are creatures which man created...ones with the potential to be a new species. You people treat them like nothing more than merchandise. It is only right for me to have the OMS. It burdens corrupt, ignoble GENOM...and especially you, old man.

      • Largo: Beautiful. Having once experienced these heights, once may not be able to go back... not even if one is a sage.
        Anri: It's lovely. The light is swallowing everything up.
        Largo: Soon all of this light will be ours.

      • Largo: Well, well. To sacrifice even a Minister... That's the GENOM way, all right.

      • Quincy: I want to see, with my own eyes, the guy... who's capable of engineering something like this.

      • Quincy: What?! It's out of the question. Giving him the OMS would result in him replacing GENOM as ruler of the world!

      • Priss: No way am I getting into bed with you, not even a hospital bed!

      • Leon: Priss... It's pretty dangerous this time. This isn't like your previous enemies.

      • Largo: As high-spirited as ever, aren't you, Leon McNichol?
        Leon: You know...who I am?
        Largo: Uh-huh, because my associates love you to death, you see. Die!

      • Sylia: I have faith in you, Priss.

      • Priss: I feel bad...I really do feel bad about it...but I can't go on like this...
        Sylia: What happened wasn't your falut, Priss...
        Priss: You're wrong! It was my fault. I let Sylvie die... just because I wasn't strong enough!

      • Anri: Now we can finally avenge Sylvie, right?
        Largo: That's right, Anri. We cannot allow those evil people to get away with killing your dear Sylvie.
        Anri: I'm glad.
        Largo: Soon, you'll be truly free. Just a little longer.
        Anri: Largo...

      • Linna: What will we do, Sylia? With Priss, we were at a disadvantage. Without her, it's not even a fight!

      • Nene: Aw, Sylia, they're giving us grief! Let's trash 'em! Right, Priss? I mean, challenging us is really an obnoxious thing to do!
        Priss: I'm sorry, but... I quit.
        Nene: Right, quit! ... What?
        Mackie: What... What do you mean, Priss?
        Priss: I only came here today to tell you that.

      • Madigan: If it became known that we were directly involved in these coups d'etat... protests from other countries would come pouring in.

      • Bauer: It is not inconceivable for those suit configurations to be an extension of combat suits on which our company halted development.

      • Anri(in a hardsuit like Nene's): Things are proceeding smoothly, Largo.
        Largo: This is all to secure our passport to our new world, Anri. However...before that we must destroy them... those bitches who confront me at every turn... The Knight Sabers!

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