Bubblegum Crisis

SBS One (ended 1991)


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  • Not perfect, but still a classic.

    At the time, in the early 90's, when this show was new it one of first to have the main heros be a group of strong female characters. While man vs machine (or anything else man has created) wasn't a new concept even then, it presented the concept in a manner that seemed somewhat more
    plausible than most anything else I had seen at the time. While the music is standard J-pop it fit the show well and is easy to enjoy. Action is easily the strong point of the show though don't expect really anything ground breaking, however, it is done well. The story is good, though some of the individual videos do drag a bit or are a little hard to follow. Also, some of the characters aren't as well developed as one character is over focused on. By the end of the series that has been straighten out some. All in all, a good series and for it's time a classic, but not perfect.
  • Anime at it's best with fantastic music, animation, storyline and feeling.

    I like to watch Anime. Bubblegum Crisis was one of the first that I had watched. Perhaps for this, it has grown on me over the years. The story tells of a group of girls who go around fighting crime (mainly stopping rogue boomers - robots built by the megacoporation Genom). What sets this series apart over other Anime in my view is the quality of the soundtrack, chock full of hit-worthy jpop and rock. Also the actual animation is some of the best and the characters likable. Of the 8 parts, I can only think of a single story which was filler - no not Revenge Road (which I personally like).

    Bubblegum Crisis shares the same world as the related cartoons Parasite Dolls and AD Police and there is also a worthwhile to watch sequel Bubblegum Crash and remake Bubblegum Crisis 2040 (which is missing all the cool music).