Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Season 2 Episode 6

Mark of the Saurian

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 05, 1981 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The device that the Saurians wore on their wrists to change their appearance was the same device worn by Capt. Troy and Lt. Dillon on Earth during the 1980 season of Battlestar Galactica (or Galactica 1980 as it was known).

    • Goof: This is a continuity error that takes place during the Sick Bay scene where Doctor Goodfellow introduces Buck to Doctor Moray. After the doctor's go into the other room, Lt. Paulton spills the hot soup on Buck's abdomen and you can see the wet spot on his shirt. Then, when Buck is running down the hall after Doctor Moray and we see the front of his shirt again, the wet spot is gone. There is no way the spot could have completely dried in the less than thirty seconds between these two scenes.

    • Goof: This is a continuity error. Several times during some of the Sick Bay scenes, Buck's position in bed changes. He will be laying higher up in the bed with his head about six inches higher than the edge of the bed, then when the camera angle changes, he's laying lower down on the bed with the top of his head about even with the top of the bed.

  • Quotes

    • Adm. Asimov: Crichton, what do you know about force fields?
      Crichton: Everything Admiral.
      Adm. Asimov: Good. Get down to the computer room. They need you.
      Crichton: I hear, I obey.

    • Crichton: Ridiculous. A perfectly ridiculous custom.
      Twiki: I didn't ask your opinion.
      Crichton: That was your second mistake. Your first mistake was thinking that a handful of decaying vegetable matter would make a suitable gift for a malfunctioning human.
      Twiki: (Stops walking) Oh, you just don't understand at all! It's an old Earth tradition. Humans always give flowers to someone who is sick. Buck will love them.
      Crichton: Preposterous! What are they good for? They simply wither and die.
      Twiki: If you'd just shut up for a minute, you might learn something. Now, if you were sick -
      Crichton: (Raises his neck to full height and looks down at Twiki.) Hmm. Me, sick? Impossible. I am a superior being. Good day. (Turns and leaves)
      Twiki: Superior being? The only thing superior about him is his mouth!

    • Adm. Asimov: Buck, if the Saurians had succeeded in taking over the Searcher . . . and infiltrating the Delta Quadrant Defense Station, why, they could have blackmailed the entire galaxy. I guess I don't need to tell you what an idiot I feel like.
      Buck: (Smiling) That's all right, Admiral. You can tell me.
      Doctor Goodfellow: I must agree, Buck. You were splendid, simply splendid. [Gasping] Oh, I thought I was going to sneeze. (Chuckles) Yes, we might call your behavior an inspiration act of forbearance and courage . . . in the face of insurmountable odds. But I was wondering just one thing.
      Buck: Yeah, what's that?
      Doctor Goodfellow: Do you think we might have the heat turned up just a trifle faster? [Gasping. Sneezes] (Points at Buck) Oh. Say, "God bless you, Doctor."
      (Wilma and Adm. Asimov laugh.)
      Buck: God bless you, Doctor.
      Doctor Goodfellow: Thank you very much.

    • Wilma: Buck, it's freezing in here.
      Buck: Not quite, but it soon will be.
      Doctor Moray: This is absurd. The man is trying to freeze us to death.
      Buck: What's the matter? You a little chilly, Doctor?

    • (Buck enters the bridge with a gun and orders a man to move where he can see him and everyone else everyone to stay where they are or he'll atomize anyone who moves.)
      Adm. Asimov: Buck. You're insane.
      Buck: That does seem to be the consensus, doesn't it.
      (The Saurian impostor at Delta Quadrant speaks and Buck makes his way over to the vid screen. He looks at the screen and sees the same green aura around the impostor that he saw around the others earlier. Buck then slams his fist on the stand and grimaces in pain)
      Buck: (pointing at the screen) There. He is one of them. So you think I'm crazy, huh? Well, I've got a flash for you. I'm just crazy enough to know the difference between my enemies from my friends. And the Saurians are my enemies, even if they have, somehow, managed to appears as human beings.

    • (After Buck attacks the Saurian pretending to be Doctor Moray. The counteracting agent begins to wear off and the sedative starts to kick in again.)
      Buck: Dr. Goodfellow . . . you drugged me. Are you one of them?
      (Doctor Goodfellow looks at Wilma, confused.)
      Buck: Wilma. Are you, too? Is everybody?
      (Buck grabs Wilma's left arm by the shoulder and pulls her closer to him.)
      Buck: Hawk. Get me Hawk.
      (Wilma nods, the as Buck succumbs to the sedative again, she looks at Doctor Goodfellow, concerned then looks back at Buck.)

    • (Lt. Paulton waves some kind of scanner in front of Buck's face.)
      Buck: (chuckles) That's what I love - the personal touch.
      Lt. Paulton: Well, still not feeling to well, are we?
      Buck: Well, you look all right. I can't say the same for myself though.
      Lt. Paulton: At least your sense of humor is healthy.
      Buck: Yeah, well, that's all that is. [sighs] Has Dr. Goodfellow made any progress in coming up with something to kill this virus?
      Lt. Paulton: He's working on it. In the meantime you might just remember that people who go traipsing around on unexplored planets without wearing a respirator are asking for an infection.
      Buck: Oh, that's great advice, Paulton. Thank you, thank you very much for caring. I appreciate it. You've got a great bedside manner.

    • (Twiki enters the bridge and stands by Wilma)
      Twiki: Top of the morning, Wilma.
      Wilma: (Turns towards Twiki, smiling) Top of the morning? Twiki, where on Earth did you pick up an expression like that?
      Twiki: In the language archives. Doctor Goodfellow is programming Crichton with early Anglo-Saxon dialects. I asked if I could have one, so he gave me 'Top of the morning'. Do you like it?
      Wilma: Oh, I think it's charming, but the ambassador will be coming aboard in the next few minutes. Why aren't you in the hanger deck with everybody else?
      Twiki: I was, but it got boring. I decided to visit Buck.
      Wilma: Yeah, I was planning on seeing him myself as soon as I can get away from here. (concerned) How is he?
      Twiki: Malfunctioning. Definitely malfunctioning.

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