Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1980 on NBC

Episode Recap

Buck goes to the Olympics wherein different planets participate. While there, Lara Teasian, one of the participants, approaches Buck and tells him that she's been having an affair with Jorex Leeth of Loziria. Loziria is a totalitarian system. And anyone who disobeys will be executed. Allerick, Jorex's handler sees Buck and decides to keep an eye on him. Lara is hoping that Buck can help Jorex defect to Earth. Allerick who bugged Buck's room learns of what they are planning. Buck contacts Huer and Wilma and tells them about Jorex. They're willing to help. Huer decides to talk another Lozirian who came to Earth and see if he can give them any help. He tells them of Allerick's attraction to particular kind of woman. So Wilma gets ready to go help Buck. But before she goes, the Lozirian tells her that Allerick has been told to stop Jorex by any means necessary, even if it means killing him. So the disharmonizer which is implanted in all Lozirians which causes them to feel intense pain; the one in Jorex has been modified that once it is activated, Jorex will blow up. Lara receives some flowers she thinks are from Jorex. When she sniffs them, she passes out. That's when Karl, Allerick's man takes her. Buck goes to see her and finds her gone and deduces that Allerick found out about what they are doing and has taken her. Wilma then arrives and tells Buck about the modification done to Jorex's disharmonizer. Buck tries to find Lara, while Wilma sees if there's a way she can deactivate Allerick's device that control the disharmonizer with out im knowing. She goes under the guise of being a loose woman but she then drugs him and takes the device so that Theopolis can work on it. Buck talk to Jorex who tells him where Allerick might be holding Lara. Buck goes there and finds her but Karl traps them in a laser cage and throws something into the room that lowers the temperature to near freezing. Buck then uses Lara necklace to deflect the laser at the control panel so they can escape. Wilma and Theopolis are working on the device but can't deactivate it. Theopolis believes that if they can get Jorex through the Stargate, the wave won't reach Jorex. Wilma returns the device to Allerick. Buck comes up with a plan, it involves Jorex joining Lara in her space sled. Buck wants Wilma to take the device again but fails. Buck then decides to follow Lara and Jorex in his space craft but is warned it's too big for the course. But they have no choice. So Wilma comes to help him navigate and Theopolis to monitor the device's signal. When Allerick learns Jorex is trying to escape activates the device. Buck picks up Lara and Jorex and head for the Stargate just in time. Allerick then goes and kills himself as is his duty. On Earth Jorex receives his medal.