Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season 1

NBC (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • Flight of the War Witch (2)

    As Princess Ardala holds Doctor Huer and Wilma captive on her ship the Draconia, the Pendaran Council ask both Buck and Ardala for help in defeating Zarina. Soon a temporary truce is made and Buck prepares to lead a combined fleet of Earth Starfighters and Draconian Marauders in an attack on the battle-cruiser of the War Witch. (Part 2 of 2)

  • Flight of the War Witch (1)
    A mysterious sphere lands in the desert near New Chicago. When Buck investigates, the globe releases a smaller sphere. Inside the small sphere Doctor Huer discovers contains instructions how to travel to another universe. Buck journeys through a space warp, where he discovers that the peaceful planet Pendar is being threatened by the sinister war witch Zarina. Meanwhile, curious about Buck's whereabouts, Princess Ardala has her spies steal information leading to Buck's mission. (Part 1 of 2)moreless
  • Buck's Duel to the Death
    Buck attempts to free a peaceful planet from the powerful grip of an evil warlord known as the Traybor. He leads a band of men into Traybor's fortress in the hope of freeing the women the alien has kidnapped, but Traybor has a few special powers that may end Buck's career at any moment.moreless
  • Space Rockers
    Space Rockers
    Episode 21

    The evil Lars Mangros plans to broadcast a subliminal signal during the next performance of the rock group Andromeda that will cause the youth of the galaxy to riot. Buck infiltrates Music World, where the broadcast will originate, in an attempt to stop the madman from destroying the galaxy's cities.

  • A Dream of Jennifer
    A Dream of Jennifer
    Episode 20
    Buck is haunted by the appearance of a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer, a woman who Buck left behind when he was propelled into the 25th Century. He follows her and soon discovers that she was made to look like Jennifer in order to lure Buck into a trap set by an alien who wants Buck to stop a space freighter from delivering weapons to a planet his people hope to conquer.moreless
  • Olympiad
    Episode 19

    Buck is invited to be the special guest of the 2492 Olympics. Shortly after arriving on the planet where they are being held, he is drawn into a game of political intrigue when an athlete from the planet Lozira attempts to defect to Earth.

  • Twiki is Missing
    Twiki is Missing
    Episode 18

    Twiki is kidnapped by the evil ruler of a mining colony who, faced with an uprising of the mine workers, plans to make duplicates of the AmbuQuad to work the mines. While in the mines attempting to rescue Twiki, Buck discovers something that will help Earth destroy a 10-ton ice asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth.

  • Ardala Returns
    Ardala Returns
    Episode 17

    Princess Ardala returns with another plan to snare the man from the 20th Century. This time, she captures Buck by luring him aboard a phony 20th Century spaceship like his Ranger III. Once aboard the Draconia, Kane creates four duplicate androids of Buck in an attempt to have them pilot the Draconian Hatchet fighters in an attack against Earth.

  • A Blast for Buck
    A Blast for Buck
    Episode 16
    To discover the secret behind a terrifying riddle presented to him, Buck subjects himself to a mind probe in an attempt to find out who is responsible for the mysterious objects being transported into the Defense Directorate's building.
  • Happy Birthday, Buck
    It's Buck Roger's 534th birthday, and Wilma and Dr. Huer plan a surprise party to cheer up the homesick astronaut. Wilma arranges to get Buck "out of the way" by having him accompany Dr. Huer's assistant to New Detroit with the doctor's business schedule. Meanwhile, a man who is plotting revenge against Huer attempts to gain access to the schedule from the assistant so that he can ambush and kill Dr. Huer.moreless
  • Space Vampire
    Space Vampire
    Episode 14
    No one believes that the Vorvon, who sneaks up on his victims and drains their living soul, is responsible for a series of deaths on Space Station Theta except Wilma -- his next intended victim.
  • Cruise Ship to the Stars
    Murder and romance await Buck, Wilma, Theo and Twiki aboard the cruise ship Lyran Queen. Buck befriends a shy young girl while investigating the attempted kidnapping of beauty queen Miss Cosmos by a woman with superpowers. To his surprise, Buck learns the true identity of the mystery woman as he seeks the location of Miss Cosmos before a deadly dissection laser kills her.moreless
  • Escape From Wedded Bliss
    Princess Ardala returns to try to make Buck, who she considers the most genetically perfect male in the galaxy, her husband. With a powerful weapon poised in Earth orbit, she commands Earth's leaders to turn Buck Rogers over to her or else....
  • Cosmic Whiz Kid
    Cosmic Whiz Kid
    Episode 11

    Hieronymus Fox, an 11-year-old child genius from the 20th Century is kidnapped for ransom by the sinister Roderick Zale. The boy is the President of the planet Genesia and his bodyguard fears that he will be killed because they cannot meet the ransom demand. Buck, Wilma, and the bodyguard then make separate attempts to rescue the boy.

  • Planet of the Amazon Women
    Kidnapped to the planet Zantia, Buck finds himself auctioned off to Ariela, the daughter of the planet's Prime Minister. Through her, Buck learns that the planet's male population is being held as prisoners of war of a people called the Ruathans. Buck agrees to help the women free their men in return for his own freedom.moreless
  • Unchained Woman
    Unchained Woman
    Episode 9
    Buck masquerades as a convict to break into a prison in an attempt to rescue Jen Burton, who took the blame for a murder her boyfriend, a shipping pirate, really committed. The Earth Defense Directorate believes that she can supply information to put the pirate in jail. Breaking out of the underground prison, Buck and the woman head for a nearby spaceport for return to Earth, but they are pursued by an indestructible android prison guard.moreless
  • Return of the Fighting 69th
    Some time before Buck Roger's arrival, Col. Wilma Deering had set out to capture two interstellar gun runners. A fire in their spacecraft left them disfigured and they now set out to take their revenge on Wilma and Earth. Capturing a freighter with 20th Century chemical weapons, they plan to poison the planet's atmosphere. With the aid of retired members of the Earth Defense Directorate's 69th Squadron, Buck and Wilma attack the gun runners' base to destroy them and the chemical weapons.moreless
  • The Plot to Kill a City (2)
    Buck's disguise has been uncovered and he has been taken captive by the "Legion of Death". He must find a way to escape his captors and prevent Kellogg from detonating New Chicago's matter/antimatter energy plant, or everyone in the city will be killed. (Part 2 of 2)
  • The Plot to Kill a City (1)

    After a Defense Directorate agent kills a member of a group of interstellar assassins, they plot to take their revenge on the city of New Chicago. Buck masquerades as an assassin and joins the group, but his attempt to thwart their plan is stopped when the leader of the group, Kellogg, discovers that Buck is an impostor. (Part 1 of 2)

  • Vegas in Space
    Vegas in Space
    Episode 5
    Buck is sent to the gambling city Sinaloa with Directorate special agent Marla Landers to rescue a young woman who has been kidnapped by the city's ruler, Velosi. Velosi plans to extract some information from the woman's mind in order to destroy one of his competitors. The information involves plans for the Draconian Hatchet fighters, which have been plaguing Earth's defense forces.moreless
  • Planet of the Slave Girls (2)
    Buck and Danton recover from their crash, but now they are stranded in the desert. Meanwhile, Kaleel's secret attack fleet is getting ready to attack Earth. With so few fighter pilots, Earth's defense force is now outnumbered 10-to-1. Buck must rescue Wilma from Kaleel's mountain fortress and destroy the attack fleet before it can reach Earth. (Part 2 of 2)moreless
  • Planet of the Slave Girls (1)

    Most of Earth's defense squadron becomes incapacitated after ingesting poisoned food discs. Buck travels to the planet of the food's origin, Vistula, with Wilma and flight instructor Duke Danton, Wilma's old boyfriend. On the planet, they trace the plot to a man named Kaleel who has been selling slaves to the planet's governor. After Wilma is taken prisoner, Buck and Duke try to follow her in an effort to uncover the plot, however their ship is brought down by a "power leech". (Part 1 of 2)

  • Awakening (2)
    Awakening (2)
    Episode 2
    After Buck is branded as a traitor, he manages to convince the council to allow him the chance to clear his name. Buck returns to the Draconian flagship, and pretends to ally himself with Princess Ardala. The Princess is smitten by Buck and soon Buck manages to learn of Draconian plans to invade Earth. Buck realizes that he must find a way to stop the attack. (Part 2 of 2)moreless
  • Awakening (1)
    Awakening (1)
    Episode 1

    In the year 1987, NASA launched space probe Ranger III, with astronaut William "Buck" Rogers, on a 5-month trip around the solar system. However, the craft runs into a meteor storm, which disrupts its life support system and sends it into a long elliptical orbit of the Earth. In the year 2491, Ranger III again approaches the Earth, and is intercepted by the alien flagship Draconia, which is on a peace mission to Earth. Aboard the Draconia, Buck is revived by Princess Ardala and her second-in-command, Kane, whose true plan is to attack and conquer Earth. Buck is sent to Earth with a hidden homing device, which is soon discovered by Earth's Defense Directorate. Buck is found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. However, at the last minute a plan is devised to send Buck to infiltrate the Draconians in an effort to prove his innocence. (Part 1 of 2)