Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Season 2 Episode 13

The Dorian Secret

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1981 on NBC

Episode Recap

A woman is being chased by a Dorian security force as a shuttle is about to leave, carrying survivors from a volcanic eruption. Buck lets the woman on board, and forces the Dorians away. The woman is very tight-lipped, and won't talk about why she was running.

The shuttle brings the survivors and the woman to Searcher, and they head towards their new home. Buck continues trying to get the woman to talk, but can't. Suddenly the ship is stopped, and they realize that a Dorian ship has appeared and is holding them in place. Koldar, the Dorian commanding the ship, demands that they return the woman they have picked up, claiming that she is a murderer. Buck realizes right away that he must be talking about the woman who was running from the Dorians earlier. When the Admiral refuses to turn the woman over, the Dorians decide to use force, using a ray that alternately raises and lowers Searcher's temperature. Buck confronts the woman, and she denies that she killed anyone, but instead that it was all an accident and that she was just a victim of circumstances.

As the temperature continues to fluctuate, the survivors begin to panic. They figure that one of them has to be the Dorian in question, but no one knows what Dorians look like since they always wear masks, and none of them know how to draw her out. Meanwhile, Buck contacts the Dorian ship again, and requests to see whatever evidence they may have against the woman. At first Koldar doesn't see the need for such a thing, then agrees to allow Buck to come on board. He travels through an emergency airlock which happens to be in the same room where the survivors are staying. Once aboard the Dorian ship, he meets with Koldar's son, and the brother of the murdered man. He shows Buck a video of what happened, and it seems to show one Dorian pushing another Dorian off a cliff. Buck, however, argues that depending on how you look at it, the Dorian could either be pushing or trying to pull back the other. Koldar's son makes it clear that he doesn't think this was murder, and that banishment rather than death would be a better punishment, but Buck can't get him to elaborate.

Meanwhile, most of the survivors want to save their own lives and turn the woman over to the Dorians. One of them manages to reveal the woman as a Dorian by making her cringe from a mirror (Dorians fear their own reflection), and then they vote to turn her over. Upon finally being brought to Koldar, Buck sees that he already has the woman, and she will be returned to their home planet for execution. Buck tries to get Koldar's son to fight this, but he doesn't, so Buck challenges them to execute the woman right there instead of waiting for someone else to do it later. Koldar agrees, and is about to have her put to death when his son steps forward and puts a stop to it. He admits that it was an accident rather than murder, and in fact his brother fell while they were fighting. Even worse, his brother was still alive, but because he was wearing his mask it was impossible to tell. After Koldar calls off the execution, his son removes his mask and storms off, cursing their tradition of wearing masks. As the man is handsome, Buck is confused as to why they insist on wearing masks. Koldar orders all of the Dorians to remove their masks, and as they do Buck sees that every one of them has the exact same face. Koldar explains that they always wear masks because they can't stand looking upon each other's faces, as everyone else's face is their own. However, it seems that the Dorians are going to have to find another way to live with their curse, as they realize that wearing the masks is too high a price. Buck returns to Searcher with the Dorian woman, and tells the survivors that he hopes they've learned something from what they've done.

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