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  • A Jersey Shore rewind

    I heard one of the guys died on this show and sadly the show keeps on going. I think that MTV really let itself go. This show just proves to us how it went from airing fun music videos all the way to making shows were 9 out of 10 are trashy.
  • Jersey Shore meets the South

    Yes, yet another piece of lowest-common-denominator filth out of the MTV assembly line. Buckwild is considered a spiritual successor to Jersey Shore. When he was interviewed on the Today show earlier this month, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin told anchors Matt Lauer and Savannah Gunthree that this show is a "travesty" and wanted it cancelled immediately due to its Southern stereotypes. I can see why; this is a tedious, offensive, obnoxious, disgusting, putrid, inappropriate piece of garbage that follows the escapades of a group of idiots (who gives the South a bad name) who will do anything just to get attention. It's worse than it sounds; if you watch this woth your family, they will disown you. If you watch it with your boyfriend/girlfriend, he/she will leave you for a random stranger; and if you watch it alone, you'll wonder why you watched it in the first place; I'm just saying.
  • Horrible and Sad

    I don't believe any person of any age should watch this. It's a sad representation of not just the south but of youth. Don't waste your time. Try to find just as entertaining shows but with more substance.

    This has to be thee worst reality show I've ever seen! I watched part of it last night and I wanted to pull my fu**en hair out!!