Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars - Season 1

(ended 1992)


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Episode Guide

  • The Taking of Pilot Jenny
    The Toads kidnapped Jenny. For their release they demand a climatic converter. This converter is urgently necessary, in order to regenerate the poisoned atmosphere on Buckys homeland planet Warren.
  • Bye Bye Berserker Baboon
    In order to rid the Stormtoads of their inate fear of Berserker Baboons so they can conquer their homeworld, Beetlegeusia, Toadborg designs special goggles that make the Baboons look scrawny and harmless. In the meantime, Willy, who has been allowing a popular girl at school named TJ to take advantage of him to cheat on tests, is called to the Aniverse to attend an award ceremony for Bruiser on Beetlegeusia with the crew, where he is awarded the Bronze Banana Medal of Valor. The toads invade, using their new goggles so they won't be afraid of the baboons, and manage to capture Bruiser and Willy. Much to Toadborg's consternation, though, Bucky, Jenny, Blinky and Deadeye join the fight to repel the toads, forcing him to unleash their secret weapon: the Total Terror Toad!moreless
  • The Warriors
    The Warriors
    Episode 11
    After Bucky O'Hare successfuly liberates a slave mining colony on Crystal due to the Toad Air Marshall's gross incompetence, Komplex fires the him and replaces him with Frix and Frax. Humiliated, the Air Marshall goes into a seedy bar where he encounters samurai lizard Sly Leezard. Sly wishes to conquer Canopis 3, the homeworld of the four-armed ducks, and the Air Marshall, thinking that by conquering a planet he can impress Komplex and get his old job back, agrees to assist Sly. Their plan is to use special satellites to dry the entire planet up, but they need a scientist to build the satellites, so they kidnap Willy DuWitt. Deadeye Duck teams up with an old friend of his, a ninja duck named Kamikazee Kamo, to rescue Willy and save his homeworld.moreless
  • The Artificers of Aldeberan
    Jenny returns home to Aldeberan to help test Princess Felicia's abilities. The young Princess isn't content with the results of this test and sets out to prove herself. Toadborg finds a power source inside of the DarkHeart nebula, but requires Aldeberan sensors to navigate inside of the nebula. He abducts Princess Felicia, and now Jenny must help her.moreless
  • Corsair Canards
    Corsair Canards
    Episode 9
    Bucky O'Hare seeks an alliance between the U.A.C. and Deadeye's old pirate gang, the Corsair Canards. He promises their captain, Lanelle, that they will be exempt for any punishment for past crimes if they aid them in fighting the Toad Empire. A clause in the treaty they sign stipulates that if they return to piracy however, the alliance will be null and void. Unknown to Bucky, a member of the U.A.C. Security Council is a spy working for Al Negator, who informs him and the Toad Air Marshall of the pending alliance. They decide to frame the Corsair Canards, and Deadeye with them, by having Stormtoads dress up as them and attack star cruisers.moreless
  • The Search for Bruce
    Moments after escaping from a squadron of Double Bubbles by flying through an asteroid field, the crew of the Righteous Indignation finds themselves under attack by several Stormtoads who teleport onto the ship via the toads' latest invention, the toad transfer machine, a teleportation device. They receive some unexpected help in the form of Bruce, Bruiser's brother, and the Righteous Indignation's former engineer until he was accidentally zapped across the Aniverse by the ship's malfunctioning photon accellerator. Bruce had been working on his own teleportation device in order to get back home, but the toads' interferred with his, causing a disruption which results in Bruce appearing as a transparent, ghost-like entity. He finds the toad transfer control room and using his ghostly appearance to terrify the toad scientists and force them to disable the machine, temporarily saving Bucky and the gang. But it's only a matter of time before the toads repair the device, and the mammals must destroy it... even if it means losing Bruce again.moreless
  • The Komplex Caper
    The Komplex Caper
    Episode 7
    The Master Toad Spy launches a toad television receiver and transmitter relay satellite into mammal space, ostensibly to keep an eye on the UAC in case they are planning any secret attacks. But Willy discovers that Komplex has an alterior motive: the satellite will beam mind-numbing Toad TV into all of the mammal television sets in the Aniverse, hypnotizing the viewers and allowing Komplex to steal and reprogram their brainwaves, making them its slaves! Because the satellite is protected by an impenetrable force field, Bucky O'Hare must risk everything to penetrate the inner sanctum of Komplex on the Toad Homeworld, before the reprogrammed brainwaves can be sent back out.moreless
  • Kreation Konspiracy
    Bucky O'Hare and his crew are summoned to Sludge, a planet that is a giant garbage heap and the headquarters of a secret S.P.A.C.E. Intelligence base commanded by Major Bottlenose. Bottlenose reveals to Bucky that the Toad Empire is near to discovering the matter-transmutor, a weapon that can change any nonliving matter into whatever its user deems plausible, on the ruins of Toxus 3. While Blinky and Bruiser are waiting for Bucky, Deadeye and Jenny to finish in the underwater intel room, Blinky is kidnapped by three mysterious toads armed with freeze rays. Blinky soon learns that his three captors are Dr. Hopkins, Dr. Wartimer and Dr. Croakley, the three toad scientists who originally created Komplex. They need to get to Genus and want Blinky to assist them by serving as their ship's navigational computer. Without Blinky, Bucky and the gang make the trip to try and get the matter-transmutor, but to no avail. The toads get to Toxus 3 before they do and escape with the weapon, leaving Bucky clueless as to what to do next.moreless
  • On the Blink
    On the Blink
    Episode 5
    The planet Rigel 5, home to a species of Koalas, has been enslaved by KOMPLEX's Toad Fleet and refurbished into a resort for their officers. Bucky and the crew of the Righteous Indignation attempt to free them, only to find they cannot penetrate the forcefield the Toads have set up around the planet. After watching a Toad ship pass through effortlessly at the same time, they determine it deflects only warm-blooded mammals. They dispatch AFC Blinky to Rigel 5's surface, as he is immune to the properties of the shield. However, ToadBorg catches the little android, and reprograms him to infiltrate the Indignation and destroy it.moreless
  • Home, Swampy, Home
    Home, Swampy, Home
    Episode 4
    Bucky, searching for his mentor on Warren, is captured by the toads and is sent as a prisoner to Komplex on the Toad Homeworld. However with the help of his crew, he manages to escape. In disguise as an old hare named "Angus McJump," Bucky allows himself to be captured by the toads a second time, and this time is taken to the prison planet Kinnear where the Toad Air Marshall is building a second climate converter using captive mammals (mostly hares, including Bucky's own aunt) as slave labor. Together with a fox named Mimi LaFloo, Bucky plans to undermine the Air Marshall.moreless
  • The Good, the Bad and the Warty
    The crew of the Righteous Indignation - including Willy - is trapped aboard the mighty toad mothership. Bucky, Jenny, Willy and Deadeye split up and begin simultaneously searching for Al Negator and the stolen satellite clearance codes as well as Bucky's enslaved people, the hares. They fail on all fronts and get themselves captured by the powerful cyborg toad known as Toadborg. Although they ultimately escape thanks to Jenny's psychic powers, Toadborg uses the clearance codes to shut down Genus' satellite defense system and begins making preparations to unleash the awesome power of the climate converter on the hapless planet!moreless
  • A Fistful of Simoleans
    With the help of Willy DuWitt, Bucky O'Hare and his crew manage to repair the damaged photon accelerator and escape in the nick of time. They journey to Warren, and find it in ruins, discovering that the Toad Empire has found a way to change the climates of planets. Meanwhile, the Toad Air Marshall enlists the services of mercenary Al Negator to steal the clearance codes for the satellite defense system of Genus. Also, Bruce's brother Bruiser joins the crew, while back on Earth, Willy attempts to avoid getting beaten up by promising to help school bully Doug McKenna do the big science project.moreless
  • War of the Warts
    War of the Warts
    Episode 1
    In this first adventure, the heroic green hare Bucky O'Hare learns that his homeworld, Warren, has been conquered by the forces of the evil Toad Empire. The Secretary General of the United Animal Coalition (U.A.C.) refuses to give any more ships unless he can gather enough evidence of the toad military buildup. With his crew Jenny, Deadeye Duck, Blinky and Bruce, he sets out to do just that. Meanwhile, Willy DuWitt, a young boy from San Francisco, California, who has to deal with such issues as bullies and (somewhat) neglectful parents, finds himself in Bucky's universe thanks to a mishap involving the Righteous Indignation's photon accelerator.moreless