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Season 1 Episode 1

Demo Reel

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Demo Reel
A young blond girl is being chased through the alleys of Sunnydale California by a muscular vampire. Things look bleak until she reveals herself to be Buffy Summers, the Slayer. This less than four-minute short was produced to demonstrate the look and feel of the Buffy Animated series, and was used to attempt to sell the series to various networks.moreless

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    Nicholas Brendon

    Nicholas Brendon

    Voice of Alexander 'Xander' Harris

    Alyson Hannigan

    Alyson Hannigan

    Voice of Willow Rosenberg

    Anthony Stewart Head

    Anthony Stewart Head

    Voice of Rupert Giles

    Giselle Loren

    Giselle Loren

    Voice of Buffy Summers

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    • QUOTES (12)

      • Vampire: There are things in the dark. Dark things. (vamps out) No place left to run.
        Buffy: (turning with a smile) Works for me.

      • (Buffy kicks the vampire, then flips up to a second story fire escape)
        Buffy: Come on, you're a little impressed, admit it.
        Vampire: (growls)
        Buffy: Oh, that's intimidating. You sound like a poodle.

      • Buffy: You vamps are gonna have to learn. Mess with Buffy Summers, you're messing with the Slayer.

      • Willow: Giles sounded all scowly, Buffy. Do you know what's up?
        Buffy: Willow, short of the apocalypse nothing is gonna keep us from that party tonight.
        Giles: Ah, Buffy. Good. We're having an apocalypse.

      • Giles: Hmm, the Followers of Morgala are fairly unique, even for vampires. Unlike most of the blood-sucking variety, these worship an actual being called Morgala. Morgala's exact nature eludes us, but we have narrowed it down to (he looks up from the book) not listening to a word I'm saying.

      • Xander: I've heard they're actually going to have a live band.
        Buffy: How sucky does a band have to be to play a house party in Sunnydale? Is there a cut-off point?
        Xander: Who cares? I'm putting on my dancin' shoes! And my standing-in-the-corner, not-talking-to-anyone t-shirt.

      • Willow: Xander, we could walk over together.
        Xander: And pick up Buffy along the way.
        Buffy: We should all just meet there.
        Willow/Xander: (disappointed) Great.

      • Willow: Of course, Cordelia already made me insecure about what to wear.
        Buffy: You should wear that red skirt.
        Giles: Ooh, but gosh! What'll happen if you and Cordelia are wearing the same color? It'll be... y'know... a thing!
        Xander: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you're making fun of us, Giles.

      • Giles: We have reason to believe that the followers of Morgala are going to perform a ritual this evening which will raise an evil more terrible than you can imagine.
        Buffy: It's okay, Giles, don't go all coronary on us. We'll find the followers of Morgan Freeman...
        Giles: Morgala.
        Buffy: We'll locate their nest and I'll dust them like I did that big vamp last night.

      • Willow: (panicking) Buffy, a vampire attacked you last night? Are you okay? Did it bite you? Did it infect you? Are you a vampire? (quietly) Am I panicking out loud?

      • Buffy: It was no contest. It was more like "open vamp, insert stake". You know me, the bigger they are, the harder they...
        (dragon crashes through skylight, swallows Buffy, and flies off into the night)
        Xander: The harder they what?

      • Buffy: (prying open dragon's jaws) Bleah! Y'know, Puff? I really want to go to this party tonight. And one time it would be nice to get there without dragon spit all over me. And since you're making that close to impossible, I kinda think it's time to make you way closer to impossible.

    • NOTES (1)

      • This series was considered shelved for a couple of years until rumors leaked that this demo reel was being produced. The rumor was confirmed when a local paper interviewed Alyson Hannigan's mother. She mentioned some of the projects that Aly was working on including the fact that she had just done some voice work for this.

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