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  • This show could be brilliant. Sign the Petition here, http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/slayalive-we-want-buffyanimated

    Re-Animate Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Target:20th Century Fox, Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon Sponsored by: SlayAlive (www.slayalive.com)
    Just when we thought we'd seen it all, a clip of the never-produced Buffy: Animated surfaced! A somewhat holy grail for the fans... (look for buffy animated on youtube)

    Act now, and sign our petition! We want to see this series come to life in some way. Whether that be in an on-going series, or for a new direct-to-DVD movie! Buffy is the queen of comebacks, the latest Season 8 comic published by Dark Horse proves this. With the property's large and loyal following, this would surely be a success!
  • A great idea from the mind of atleast one great creator(Joss Whedon). To bad they never gave it a chance.They never gave any spin- off idea but Angel an chnace

    Buffy the vampire is a classic and house hold name everywhere is appeared. Even to those who never saw it. It was just that good and when it was cancelled it shattered the hearts of millions. I knew about it way before i watch it and saddly i didn't take the time to watch ot until it was in the last season, but iu still bought the Seasons and watched it on FX. Anyway, alto of people thought it would have made many great spin-offs beside Angel. They could have Followed Faith and what it was like for her to be a slayer, and even one of my ideas to Follow Buffy or anyone of the Scoobies in a World-Wide quest to find the new slayers and train them and on the way to collecting the slayers they would have fights from, demons along the rod and Each time the destination would be to Sunnydale where the Nation had deserted and they would train there while protecting their secret and the Hell mouth wher all the demons had been let out from hell, maybe even let the nation know and then they would have to deal with being called freaks and the world would not know how to handle the excistince of demons. The Slayers would either stop the Army or even maybe join them. Maybe even start to Train Male Slayer. Although not by birth when Willow did the spell maybe it went to males who were lined up to take the place if all the others slayer had died and the curse figured it would try the male spicies, then it could be love triangle and biangle(plan couple)., Any way this Animie serirs even toped that. to get to see Bffy in a whole new light, although there would have been no Spike since he came in the second seson and even if he came he would be evil.
  • Buffy and the gang in colours.

    Wow Joss is an amazing inspirer seriousley.
    Wow and wow again.
    The idea of makin all the loved characters of Buffy the vampire slayer into a cartoon is just great.
    You see Joss has made movies,t.v shows, spi-offs, musicals 'ounce more wit hfeeling'and a silent episode but this just adds to his greatness seriousley.
    There could not be budget cuts and the visuals would be easier to make and knowing Joss Whedon hell come up with something etravegant so I say this is a show worth watching.
    Since the story line and characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are already loved so there is no doubt that the cartoon wil be a great suxcess.
  • Wow what a great idea!

    O Mi gosh! Who came up with such a great idea! I\'m a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and it would be a great show if the created the spinoff cartoon series! The people who created the show please make it go on air! It looks so good and I want to see it!
  • A spin-off of Buffy would have been as successful as any adaptation of a comic book.

    What caught my interest in this animated series idea was that it strongly reminded me of adapting comic books to cartoons. Buffy itself was very much like a superhero comic, albeit live action and a television series. And comics are always darker than their cartoon counterparts (X-Men, Justice League Unlimmited, and Teen Titans, for example), but they are ALWAYS a HUGE success, both among fans of the original series, and by a whole new generation of kids who love the fun animation, quirky humor, and semi-dark story-lines.

    A long-time fan of cartoons, I have always adored comic cartoons simply because they don't seem to underestimate the child watching. Buffy's stories, particularly from her high school days, would have translated well in animation, and I'm sure that kids and old fans alike would adore it.

    I don't know what the networks were thinking to throw down such a show. If the WB denied it, I suppose it makes a little sense, considering they dropped the series in its fifth season. I'd be surprised if a kids' show channel denied it, like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network. This type of show sounds right up their alley.

    But oh well. Unfortunately, the public will never see where this might have led, unless Joss decides he's determined enough to just get it released straight to DVD.
  • Not a bad idea

    I don't know how good this would have been or how it would have compared to the original Buffy series but all the same I don't think it was bad idea. Not to mention all of us Buffy-verse fans crave new shows and returns to the verse that we defenitely would have given it a fair shot. I'm surprised I wasn't really taken any further.
  • Not that it was ever actually on TV, but still...

    The idea behind this show was great - the Scoobies back in action for the younger set. Naturally the show wouldn't be as dark and gory as its parent series, but Joss Whedon's unique brand of humor and sense of adventure would have made this show fun to watch for both kids and adults.

    With the original writers for "Buffy" and "Angel" penning the first few scripts, this show was also the perfect fix for fans mourning the cancellation of the live-action Buffyverse. I'm not sure why this series never made it into production (although there are character designs on the web and a pilot was shopped around), but if there's still a chance we might someday see it, I'll definitely tune in...
  • i can\'t wait

    knowing What Mr Whedon is capable of, i have high hopes for this show.
    We\'ve been shown that anime shows ( i\'m not talking about japanese anime ) can be for all audiences and yet be really weel written and as fun to discover as to watch for the 10th time ( justice league, batman, avatar the last airbender ... ), so I\'m really waiting for this
    As fot the cast, of course SMGellar IS buffy summers, but i seam to remember she didn\'t actually work on one of the videogames on Xbox and I was bluffed by the acting of the spare voice actress ( Giselle Loren if i recall right did a tremendous job )

    so wait and see !!
    and happy new year :D
  • How can a show that was SO edgy and cool as a live-action make it as a 'kids' cartoon? Now don't get me wrong, I will be watching every episode excitedly BUT what'll happen when it gets good? (As in pushing the "G"-rated limits?)

    My thoughts on making [Buffy] a cartoon is great, its fun. But is that all it will be, fun? The first season was great and it'll make an awesome cartoon but think about the future, FOX is not going to show how Angel lost his sole when Buffy sleeps with him!? They aren’t going to show Angelus kill Jenny Calender, Faith killing people, or Willow becoming gay. I think these are the reason the show did so well, it was real. I know they'll just concentrate on making the cartoon simple but I'll always want more serious and meaningful scenes.
  • when was this

    has this show aired yet? Coz i don't remember it airing at all. Will it repeat? is it any good, alot of people said it was bad? It would be good if Sarah Michelle Gellar actually was in it, at least we've got alyson, nick, charisma, james and Antony, (i hope)
  • a realy intresting show that is just a tad better than angel in my opinon

    if joss is as focused on this as he was buffy i know it will be great. i much prefer the earlier ones because towards the end the stories were getting kinda old. its a shame that sarah michelle gellar wont be buffy. no one can replace her. i wish giselle luck though, im sure she will do great.
  • i dont even care and i cant live anymore

    i dont get it the show is canceld and i have no idea why. There is no point in rating the show anymore because its gone because of all the gay ppl in charge of the show. The only possible bright side is if joss doesnt want us to HATE him forever he shud at least show us the 4 mintue short of the Btas

    the show would have been a perfect 10 if it had aired I HAD HIGH HOPES
  • in a word.............................................................................................................................................................................................................

    worthless.this program is a waste of whedons time if it happens as it draws his time away from the sike movie/faith spin-off.
    put it in a locked draw and throw away the key.
    utterly worthless no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no n ono no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!!! ! ! !
  • this show is just dumb

    This show is suitable for kids under age 8 i mean oh no it's the big ice cream holder his alive everything is alive run!!!
    such an idiotic show created only to change the channel evrytime we see a peeps of it and for another silly impression out of it:it's the alien corn run!!!!!!!!
  • Well I guess for those who haven't figured it out, Buffy is back in Animated form with Dawn being superimposed into Buffy's early life as a slayer by those fun loving monks.

    The Animated show's been a talked about project for the last several years since even before the initial show came to an end. I'm just glad they are finally able to bring it about. While I'm not big on the animated series' any more, Buffy the animated series will become a guilty pleasure. (Although it is a shame that we won't have Sarah Michelle Geller playing Buffy in this one) which was what lured me to Buffy to begin with all those years ago. But I understand that the other major scooby players will return, and we'll have the Master in the mix to boot.
  • i loved the original, though i know it wont be the same, i need a buffy fix asap!...!!!!!i cant wait for it.

    if joss is as focused on this as he was buffy i know it will be great. i much prefer the earlier ones because towards the end the stories were getting kinda old. its a shame that sarah michelle gellar wont be buffy. no one can replace her. i wish giselle luck though, im sure she will do great.
  • its going to start from season one and i cant wait for it.

    i love joss whedon for continuing to do buffy and i am definitely going to watch.i wonder if he can push the due date up i really want to see it and i am definitely going to see serenity when does it come on again.i love buffy the vampire slayer and i love the animated series. i have every season of buffy and i still watch it when it comes on on fox and upn and i watch angel and charmed.what else can i say about this show. if you read this tell me which episode is your favorite. good bye.
  • Hell yeah!

    You gotta admit, any way to bring the show back is fabulous for us fans, and we need our moral boosted. Giselle Laurens did great voicing for Buffy in Chaos Bleeds, the animated game, so she'll do a great job here. Can't wait to see the episodes featuring everyone's favourite nerd, Jonathan!
  • Buffy was a very famous program, and maybe the people will get tired to see it also animated.

    I didn't know that there was an animated series Buffy TheVampireSlayer, I expect that go them well, and hope that animated will be interesting like the series. Buffy was a very famous program, and maybe the people will get tired to see it also animated.

    Please forgive my english
  • It sounds like a really good idea. Its just annoying that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Emma Caulfield will not appear.

    I'm not sure when the animated sow will be set but i have heard rumours that it will take plave in the future, just a few years, mind. It will be good to see if willow is going out with Tara or Kennedy. But in Angel it said that everyone had moved to different parts of the planet, so im not sure
  • I'll admit that I miss the actual 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', but this just won't work....

    I'll admit that I miss the actual 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', but this just won't work....

    I cried when the show ended and I would have been happy for it to stay on. It's ended and it could never be replaced.

    It seems like a good cartoon version of BTVS but it's never going to be as big as the proper BTVS.

    I will most probolay watch a few episodes and it seems awesome to hear all the cast all in one place, but there is no legend Buffy played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    No-one could ever and never will replace the amazing Sarah.

    I am a huge fan but sorry BTVS, the animated series isn't going to get far, and not at least half the ratings of the original.
  • When is this coming to tv i can\\\'t wait to see it. without my weekly BUFFY fix all i can rely on is DVD i want NEW epis

    YEah it would be a very good show if i got to watch it. SO yeah when is it coming to AUSTRALIAN tv i need my buffy fix and u know what would make it better. Sarah Michelle gellar voicing buffy giselle doesn\\\'t even sound like SMG i know i have the vidoe games
  • a buffy cartoon i jus dont kno

    wow buffy as a cartoon!!! i wonder how that is going to turn out, if is going to be a big hit like the real buffy the vampire slayer....
    ill jus have to wait and see how is going to be!
    i jus dont think is going to be the same... i wonder wats next a angel cartoon too?!
  • A look back into Buffy's early years with the monks altering Dawn into the picture. Set into season 1 new bads, new adventures, and animated glory and success awaited ahead.

    This show has a promising future ahead. I look at this show going deeper into the animated world, exploring the lives of the characters least mentioned in the early years of Buffy. Hopefully if fox has bought this network to not abuse it, and let it run for many seasons to come.
  • animated series?!? i have high hopes for this one!

    this show will rock if its done with taste and has the same writes form the live action part of the series but i have a good feelin for this one and plan on watching every bit of it, buffy rocks and so will the the animated series! lets hope fox wont run it in to the ground.
  • Fantastic Idea! Bring back the Buffy!

    As a huge fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I would love to see this come off! After Buffy ended it was sooo sad... it would be amazing to have a chance to relive the good old buffy days!

    Hopefully spike comes back.. and Tara and Angel of course... and Faith.. wow.. this has potential to be awesome!

    Produce this show!! NOW!!

  • Awesome!

    First of all I think that It would be so awesome if they actually made it a tv show! And I personally would watch every single episode.. It would be a huge hit considering the number of Buffy fans there are out there! .. and be sure to include Tara! It was so horrible how you killed her the last time. Bring her back!