Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 12

Bad Eggs

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 12, 1998 on The WB

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  • Bad Eggs

    I find this entire episode an amiable waste of time. There's a few good scenes in a horribly uninteresting, but surprisingly well-paced, main plot. This isn't a bad episode, it's just meaningless. The Gorch brothers don't add anything but some light Texan fun to the mix. An interesting digression, though, is that the little creatures that attach themselves to a host body remind me of the creatures from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called "Conspiracy" where this alien lifeform is taking over Starfleet Command by using similar creatures as here to control Starfleet Officers. Anyway...

    The only things really worth mentioning, besides the frequent shots of Buffy's cleavage, are the developing relationships. The Xander and Cordelia relationship is ridiculous. They can't keep making out in broom closets for very much longer before getting boring to watch. For now, though, there's still some amusement to be had. The Buffy and Angel relationship, though, is seriously heating up. Buffy says, "Angel, when I look into the future, a-a... all I see is you! All I want is you." They're all over each other here and you can tell that sex isn't far behind. It's also nice seeing Joyce slam her foot down on Buffy's seemingly bad behavior, even though it really doesn't do any good.

    Angel asks Buffy, "So you don't think about the future?" She replies, "No." In the series finale, "Chosen" (7x22), Buffy shows that she's learned something over the years by saying, "I'm not really thinking that far ahead. That's kinda the point ... (calling after him) Angel. (he pauses) I do sometimes think that far ahead." She finally realizes she is still young and does not need a serious relationship any time soon. Buffy really doesn't understand this concept right now.

    That's where all the fun ends though. The rest of the episode is filled with, well, simply nothing worth even mentioning except for the fact that now Cordelia of all people can knock Buffy out with one hit to the head. What in the heck is wrong with the writers!? This has become an annoying trend throughout this season and will be discussed further in the S2 review. So, that's about all there is to say about this one. This is definitely the calm before the storm.
  • Not the best

    Bad Eggs;

    The Good;

    Neat opening scene with the mirror. Some creepy 'Invasion of the Bodysnatchers' stuff including the great scene where Giles' looks at the kids at the bottom of the stairs, you think they're already possessed. Great scene with Giles and Joyce in the library (love the way that even possessed Giles still covers up Buffy being the Slayer) and a genuine shock when Giles' sticks the creature on her. Not really much else.

    The Bad;

    The Gorch's are pathetic as an enemy whilst the monsters are very badly done.

    Kinky dinky;

    Buffy being swallowed up by the beast in the cellar reminiscent of vore fetishism (beautiful women enjoying being swallowed whole by giant snakes, carnivarous plants etc just load vore into your search engine and you'll see what I mean )

    Best line;

    Xander; "You've got to keep your egg safe and teach it Christian values"

    Willow; "My egg is Jewish!"

    Xander "Then teach it that dradle song"


    Giles "The Gorch's made their name by massacaring a whole village full of Mexicans"

    Buffy "Par for the course"

    Giles "No this is before they became vampires"

    also like;

    Xander "Well I guess we know what happened Professor Whitmore"

    Cordy "He saw this and ran away?"

    Xander "Try best case scenario!"

    Questions and observations;

    Considering what we learn in 'Normal Again' Buffy's remark to Joyce about saving the world from vampires is very reckless. What's painful about this ep is that Buffy and Joyce obviously love each other and Buffy wants to be a good daughter but slaying always gets in the way.

    The Gorch's know Angelus? They really don't seem to be his kind people. Jonathon back once more. In a previous post I stated that Giles and Tara were the only Buffy characters never to go bad but I was wrong, Giles is possessed here so Tara seems to be the only one who never went evil. Cordy refers to having sex in a car, so she's no longer a virgin? (if so the first of the younger Scoobies to be so). Love the way Buffy and Willow get so maternal about their eggs. BUT Angel mentions for the first time that he can't have children although we later find that isn't true, at least in Connor's case. Buffy fighting the parasite is very like the scene in Aliens where Newt and Ripley are trapped in the lab with the facehuggers, right down to the plucking strings music. Buffy and Xander and ultimately everyone else knocked out. Presumably the parasites need a conscious/sleeping host which is why they lock them in the closet. No one dies although actually that's not as unusual as I first thought, Halloween, When she was Bad, The Witch and quite a few other eps have no human deaths whatsoever.

    Joyce refuses to buy Buffy an outfit because it makes her look like a streetwalker. Considering some of the things Buffy DOES wear in the first three seasons it must have been the full Julia Roberts?

    4/10, awful story saved by the character elements and a few good lines, very nearly the worst episode of Buffy ever

  • These Eggs Should Be Scrambled

    Bad Eggs-The students are given eggs to look after, to teach them about the responsibilities of parenthood. Between trying to protect her egg and dealing with the vampire brothers Lyle and Tector Gorch, Buffy doesn't notice that her egg is about to hatch.

    Where back to the monster of the week themes that involve the "classic movie monsters" method of episodes. This episode also comes off as a watered down version and in this case, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It just plays out like basic episode where " new threat comes-we find out what it is-Buffy kills it-episode over" format which is just boring. Watching everyone walk around like mindless dronzes feels like you're watching cheap horror movie instead of Buffy. I mean the idea of the typical teen parent egg assignment leading to all the eggs being creepy crawlers that can take over you body is fine, but the episode does nothing with the overused plot that we haven't seen many times before. Even the movie "The Faculty" was more creative with this type of storyline! The Grotch brothers who make their appearence have to be some of the lamest villains ever. They are played like the cliche dumb southerns with no redeeming quailites and they are just annoyances throughout. Glad one of the them got eaten, I guess the Bazore wasn't so bad after all! Also, the sub-plot with Joyce grounding Buffy made no sense and especially why she was still made at her afterwards. All and All, despite some creepy looking little demons and some hilarious interaction between Xander and Cordelia, the eggs weren't the only thing bad about the episode, it was in itself.
  • Bad Eggs

    Bad Eggs was a superb episode remniscent of the body snatchers and disturbing behaviour. It was a good story where a few minor stories over lapped each other. I thought that the premise of the stories were very good as well. I thought the cowboy vampires were funny. It was haunting to watch the eggs hatch and its contents scurrying about Buffy's room. It made me shudder. The source of the eggs was a nasty parasitical monster burrowed beneath the school. Buffy saves the day but that doesn't save her from her Mothers wrath when she finds out Buffy has disobeyed her again.
  • Season 2, Episode 12.

    The class is assigned eggs to watch as an assignment to teach them about parenthood. However, the eggs hatch into little creatures that take over their "parents" once they attach themselves. I liked the scene in the beginning in the mall. I remembered that scene and I always liked it. Plus, I like the way Cordelia and Xander act, and Cordelia trying to get Xander in the closet while they were at the library. Plus, Xander almost ate his egg. Haha. I loved when Buffy was talking about the future with Angel and she said she only saw him. Cool ending too, as always. Can't wait to watch the rest of the season.
  • Fake babies turn real evil.

    This is a really entertaining episode. Cordelia and Xander are great in the closet and then in class when they are facing off over the 'consequences' of sex. I love how they have to make out in the broom closet because they are too embarrassed to be together. Buffy and Angel are also under the influence of their hormones as they make out incessantly in the cemetery. The eggs going crazy and attacking them are really funny and I love how everyone gets involved ending up with the excellent excuse of a gas leak. A really funny episode that features some good scenes between Cordelia and Xander.
  • A messy episode, likely because of the retooling they had to do when they decided to keep Spike around.

    Considering Marti Noxon just came off writing a two part episode and had to write this one to fill the gap between major points in the season, this episode feels rushed from exhaustion. Spike’s reprieve meant some changes had to be made to the arc, and unfortunately it was too late to dramatically modify what was leftover. They had to do what they could with the existing pieces to put them aside, but it doesn’t quite work. The episode is slapped together, but there is some set up for the second half of the season.

    The main storyline relies too heavily on the audience forgetting certain plot holes and errors (never mind the self-fixing egg). While Mr. Whitmore is responsible for unleashing the eggs on the students, it isn’t clear why he did it. Does he worship Bezoar or is he another person wrapped around its finger? If the latter’s the case, who or what caused him to be a host? And when the demon is killed and its victims regain their bearings, what happens to him?

    The body snatcher plot line also feels like another wasted opportunity. Such a storyline is perfect for “Buffy”, especially analogous for the group think common in high school. It might’ve been more compelling to have students disappear throughout the episode to work in the basement or roaming campus in a trance while the last non possessed try to figure out and foil the plan before they’re turned as well.

    The Gorches are the odd ball story in this episode. They could’ve been meant to be a major piece of the season’s story, but as they realized Spike would be a better adversary added with the short amount of time they had to rethink their plan, they rewrote their role. Because of that, they are a tacked on side show to the main event, apparent in the irrelevant scene where they fight in the sewer tunnel. Perhaps their knowledge of Angel and his history could’ve been setting up something from their Plan A for the season arc, but the game changed.

    Joyce’s anger over Buffy feels forced, especially after their reconciliation at the end of “Ted”. This story more to sets up future episodes as Buffy’s destiny strains her relationship with her mother. All of their fights in this episode spring from Buffy’s slayer duties, from saving the girl at the mall to the late night patrolling to being angry that Buffy wasn’t where she said she would be, the area of the “gas leak”.

    Giles and Joyce’s scene is interesting, despite Giles not being completely himself. Seeing Buffy’s parental figures shows an interesting juxtaposition between those who know Buffy’s secret and those who don’t and how that affects their attitude. Joyce thinks Buffy’s irresponsible and Giles thinks she is the opposite. During this scene there are also hints of a possible romance between the two, which is a bit more subtle than other relationships on the show.

    Considering their behavior, the fact that no one in the gang has realized that Cordelia and Xander have started a romantic relationship makes them look dumb. Between the not so subtle fight in sex ed to Cordelia’s insistence on checking closets for Mr. Whitmore, anyone can see that there’s more to it than them just acting weird.

    There is a lot of emphasis on the physical nature of Buffy and Angel’s relationship. Through most of the episode they’re making out, even when they’re supposed to be patrolling for bad guys. Clearly the camera panning to the headstone engraving “In Loving Memory” is a not so subtle visual of what’s to come in this relationship, and the frequent kissing is a farewell to viewers.

    There are also some big moments that could’ve been dealt with, but are underplayed or ignored. Giles at one point in the climax rushes towards Buffy to attack and Joyce almost swings a pickaxe into Buffy’s skull. Demon/other supernatural entity possession served “Buffy” and “Angel” very well, but they don’t utilize it. This might’ve been because they just did it in “The Dark Age” and future episodes in the season would deal with it, but no real follow up feels out of character.

    Overall, this episode is all over the place. The three main stories have little to hold them together, which makes the presumed theme of responsibility obscured. Their decision to retool the season with Spike living might’ve influenced that, but only too late for them to do much about the remaining pieces of the original plan. It is a disappointing episode, but by the next episode, the show would start to hit its stride.
  • Buffy has to take care of demonic eggs.

    Whenever I watch season 2 of Buffy, I usually skip this episode. It is the absolute worst of the series. It is really goofy and cliche and not as original or funny as a typical episode of buffy. It does not belong as an episode in this season and really just serves as filler until suprise and innocence.
  • Vampires, Cordelia and Xander making out, health project, Buffy and Angel making out, vampires, Buffy and Angel make out again, evil monster and Buffy and Angel making out again

    If you wanna see making out a lot this is your episode of Buffy. Honestly that's what this episode was all about. Cordelia and Xander were hiding in the closet making out in the dark then later they were sneaking around to make out again. Angel and Buffy were all tongue when they were supposed to be patrolling too.

    The Gorch brothers were stupid. They were semi interesting but mostly just stupid. I did like when they showed up at the school at the end and were fighting Buffy but other than that they were just stupid. I loved health class. Cordelia and Xander were so funny there. I loved how the teacher asked a rhetorical question and Xander so went for it that was funny. I loved Cordelia and Xander raising their hands to pretty much insult each other it was probably the best part of the entire episode.

    Buffy getting grounded was as usual a highlight. It was great to see Joyce and Buffy interacting. I loved seeing Joyce trying to crack bad parenting jokes, they made the episode slightly more bearable.

    The eggs being evil was almost expected. It was creepy to see the thing inside of it though it was kinda nasty. The demon mother having the school under her thrall was sort of lame. I did enjoy Cordelia and Willow hitting Buffy and Xander over the head and throwing them in a closet.

    I liked that Giles told everyone in the end that the problem was a gas leak and then he asked Xander what had really happened and Xander just told him to stick with the gas leak story. Joyce freaking out on Buffy after the whole ordeal was classic and expected. Joyce couldn't accept what had happened and as such she punished Buffy.

    In conclusion everything was very expected and as such lame and Angel and Buffy spent way too much time making out.
  • Buffy must deal with two formidable vamps while also taking care of a seemingly normal egg for her parenting class.

    This is the first appearance of the Gorches, who return in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds graphic novel mini-series. These two retards are funny as all hell. Lyle Gorch reminds me so much of Larry the Cable guy that I wonder if he designed her comedic persona after Lyle gorch. Probably not, but it would be funny if he did. Also during this episode some of the difficulties of Buffy's relationship with Angel are brought to the forefront. Buffy is taking care of an egg for he parenting class, which turns out to be a demon egg, and the subject of having children comes up in a conversation with her and Angel. Naturally, since Angel is dead, he can't have children. This raises questions in Buffy and Angel's minds about what their future would be like.
  • Scary eggs and parenthood

    This wasn't one of my favorites from Season 2. It seems Buffy and the gang have to care for Eggs as a part of a study in parenthood. It is all fine and good until the eggs take on a life of their own and recruit an army of drones to unearth their "mommy" from the school basement. Also, we meet 2 zany vampire brothers from Texas; Lyle and Tector Gorch. Tector ends up getting eaten by the Bezoar ("Mommy") and Lyle heads for Dodge. Best Quotes from episode: Buffy: Come on, mom. Please?
    Joyce: I'm sorry, honey.
    Buffy: Don't you know how important this is?
    Joyce: It's an outfit. An outfit that you may never buy.
    Buffy: But... I looked good in it.
    Joyce: You looked like a streetwalker.
    Buffy: But a thin streetwalker... That's probably not the winning argument
  • An evil egg!

    This is probably the worst episode I have seen of Buffy so far. Raising evil eggs that then take over your mind so you can serve a demon, come on! It\'s a little far fetched.

    The Gorch brothers were very annoying, they didn\'t seem to get the idea that there was something more interesting going on. I am glad one of them died and I hope that the other goes and stakes himself.

    The episode did however manage to get across the hectic lifestyle of a vampire slayer, it stressed the difficulty of juggling homelife, school life and vampire slaying as well as homework, something which isn\'t stressed enough. It\'s a good thing she doesn\'t need a lot of sleep.
  • Omelet anyone??

    Two big baddies for Buffy to fight here, too bad she and Angel are doing more than patrol together. So the school has given the kids eggs to look after like they are babies as a way to promote safe sex. Too bad the eggs are not just eggs but hatch into some creature that attaches to the brain and sends signals to the host human to help spread the mother’s eggs. The other evil in town is a pair or redneck vampire brothers, the Gorch brothers. All of the students and teachers seem to have been attacked by these things except Buffy who saw hers hatch and slayed it and Xander who as a responsible parent boiled his. Willow and Cordelia knock out Xander and Buffy at the school but just leave them. When Buffy comes to she looks at Giles research before he was attacked and finds out about the monster and follows the possessed people to the mother in the basement. The Gorch brothers also show up. Buffy fights one and the other gets eaten by the mother. This upsets the undead brother who hits Buffy and she too gets eaten by the mother, but we see something happening from inside the mother and soon Buffy crawls out of the mouth and the student’s hatchlings fall of their heads. All is kinda back to normal.
  • Bad Episode

    I wrote in one of my previous Buffy reviews that Reptile Boy was the last season two episode to qualify as a "suckfest". Obviously, at the time of writing, I had completely forgotten about Bad Eggs, which is easily the worst episode of season two and one of the few god-awful Buffy hours in all seven seasons. A major disaster of epic proportions, there is almost nothing redeeming about it.

    The basic premise of the episode isn't that original. Tiny creatures taking over the minds of ordinary people is a staple of the fantasy genre, and unlike other Buffy episodes, which feature clichéd storylines like body swaps or evil twins, Marti Noxon failed to put a unique "Buffy-spin" on the story, resulting in a huge mess which makes little sense and is in no way dramatic, funny or surprising.

    Lyle and Tector Gorch, vampire brothers, offered nothing to the episode and were mostly annoying throughout. They weren't necessarily needed in this episode and their tedious Texan humor was way too Blue Collar TV for my liking, and I, to this day, have never worked out why the Buffy writers believed they were decent bad guys, even bringing Lyle back in season three.

    I guess the message of this episode involves Buffy having to take responsibility for herself and others. But, when she's berated in every instance by Joyce for forgetting to do what she's asked, due to her vampire slaying, it's hard to grasp the exact point of the message. Nobody learns anything in the end, and nobody gets any more responsible than they already were. That message, like the rest of the episode, is ultimately a waste of time.

    Director: David Greenwalt
    Writer: Marti Noxon
    Rating: D
  • I'm not seeing why this is rated so high. A filler episode with an uninspired plot and ho-hum directing.

    Review this episode is difficult because it's so mediocre. The Gorch brothers were kind of fun, but they were really over-the-top. This cartoonish portrayal really blew any chance of them being taken as a serious threat. Especially given their history (they slaughtered a Mexican village while still human!). Apparently once they were turned into vampires they just became buffoons.

    The mother Bezoar was...well, it reminded me a little too much of a part of the female anatomy and it wasn't scary or interesting. The little alien-like babies (obviously inspired by the face-huggers) were suitably creepy, but they were only a sort of MacGuffin.

    The only scene that really gave me a creepy feeling was watching Giles attack Joyce with a parasite.
  • uuuggh

    i could not watch the little slimy creatures wiggle around and when xander bit into that egg i thought gross. but the best thing about this episode is that it introduced us to the gorch brothers. i wish these guys had been given more episodes. i know a lot of fans think they were stupid but i thought they were funny.
  • 'I can't take care of things. I killed my gigapet. I mean, literally. I sat on it and it broke.'

    Another excellent episode, superb writing and filled with hilarious lines. Also the dark undertone and creep factor was excellent.

    It begins with and her mom going to a mall where she meets this vampire called Lyle Gorch. I disliked him from the first moment he opened his mouth, just as I disliked his brother and are easily the only two things I dislike out of this fantastic episode.

    Anyway, enough about those two cheesy characters.

    On to the good stuff, in school everyone is getting eggs to take care off. It was moving and gave the characters awesome lines, what they don’t know is that their eggs are sucking out their energy at night. Except Xander’s because he boiled his young.

    The writers also managed to continue the Xander/Cordelia relationship perfectly. First them kissing in a closet and then in class. Everyone soon noticed how strange they are acting around each other.

    Anyway, Buffy is attacked by her egg at night but she kills it and calls Willow who is already being possessed. Mama Joyce sees Buffy all dressed up and gets mad and grounds her.

    In school Xander is hungry and almost ate his young but he sees the little demon in the egg. He and Buffy soon get knocked out by the possessed Cordy and Willow who put them into a room with eggs but Buffy squishes them before they hatch.

    Eventually Buffy and Xander find the gang and Buffy kills the bezoar.

    The weakest thing were definitely the cowboy vampires who got on my nerves and should have died together instead of Lyle running away.

    The cool vibe of possession was excellent, the Giles/Joyce scene was superb and my favourite parts were the Bangel parts where they talked about their future in the cemetery and kiss on a gravestone that says ‘In loving memory’

  • Bad eggs and poor Texans.

    The Texan Vampires in this episode are really an unusually dull and not very meaningful in this episode, they could easily be excluded from the script.
    The eggs though is really the true villains of this episode, even though the mother monster is quite ridiculous. For the first time this season Xander is knocked unconscious, which makes it the forth time, once more he is getting closer to his permanent brain damage.
    But this episode is a totally ripped from the movie The Puppet Masters from 1994, with Donald Sutherland. In this quite poor movie, if I remember right, some aliens ataches them selfs to the back of people and control them via the spinal column.
  • Sunnydale student are being possesed by evil eggs...yes EGGS!!! A good episode that will keep you entertained with a good plot and great action.

    Students of Sunnydale are learning what it's like to be a parent by looking after a small egg for the week. Unfortunatly the eggs "grow up" quicker than anyone expected, and soon start to control their owners causing havoc and destruction along the way!

    This episode is not the greatest of the second season, however it does have a clever storyline with a clear moral. The dialog is full of great quotes and the action comes thick and fast.

    The concept of the episode is a little far fetched, and I personally didn't think the ending was that strong, but it did add to the whole series with a different approach and style.

    A good all round episode that will keep you entertained.
  • "Honestly, don't you ever think about anything besides boys and clothes?" - Joyce to Buffy

    Maybe I was a bit harsh on this episode when I likened it to bad sandwich paste (egg mayonnaise?). It’s well written, pacey and funny, just the Alien meets Body Snatchers meets Star Trek storyline leaves the viewer with egg on their face. It’s never really explained what Mother Bezoar is doing in the basement – how did she get there? Isn’t that where the hellmouth relocated to in Series 7? And why does she look like the eye that gets attached to the back of Cordy’s head in Angel S2?

    Of course this episode isn’t really about eggs, or the bad egg Gorch brothers who seem, at this point, to have been brought in as a comedy-vamp replacement for Spike and Drusilla - it’s the SEX episode before The Sex Episode. The consequences of sex, we learn from the Teen Health lesson, are not only halitosis and kicking a car into gear but pregnancy. As Angel is sterile (or so he thinks), has clean teeth (although we’ve never seen him floss) and doesn’t drive (until he moves to LA), Buffy thinks she’s quite safe in her late night loving with him. She should notice the gravestone she’s sat on is marked: In Loving Memory – doesn’t she know anything about doom or foreshadowing?! Maybe Mr Whitmore should have pointed out that sex also leads to the loss of your boyfs soul as he teams up with your mortal enemies, kills your father-figure’s girlfriend and plans to end the world. Worse than a dose of crabs. Still, Mr W was under the influence of the Mama Bezoar, so what does he know? The kids learn little from his exercise except that “parenting’s a pain”. We do note however that Buffy will end up a single mom (substitute mother to Dawn), Xander has a pragmatic approach to parenting (hard boiling and trying to eat his egg) and Willow will bring her babies up Jewish. And women get preg-head when looking after their eggs. We learn more from Joyce’s attempts at parenting, which are getting steadily worse. You’d have thought she might have learnt something from the Ted episode. She says that Buffy is a burden, calls her irresponsible when she’s saving ungrateful members of the public from vampire death and keeps up the grounding punishment even when Buffy has done a Ripley and smote the evil egg queen, therefore saving the school (again). There are more and more hints that Joyce is going to find out about the Slayer, although it will of course be down to Buffy to tell her mom, rather than Joyce working it out for herself.

    Meanwhile, Xander and Cordelia are still kissing and bickering in and out of the closet, although Xander seems to want to come out of it permanently and announce their, ahem, “love” to the world. Cordy is less keen. Even though she hasn’t hung out with her Cordettes for at least 5 episodes, she doesn’t want to suffer their scorn. She does have a point about Xander’s Rupert the Bear trousers though - they’re worth punching. The scene where they choose egg partners – Willow wants Xander, Xander wants Cordy, Cordy wants a blonde varsity hunk - is recreating the whole Willow/Xander/Buffy triangle that seemed to be over.

    We also get the first hint of conflict in the Buffy-Angel romance. Where will they be in 1 or 5 years time, Angel asks. In the middle of Series 3 and 7, we reply, with Angel about to consider a change of scene and Buffy battling the Turok-Han, respectively. Where will we be in 10 episodes from now is the more pertinent question. Is Buffy teaming up with Lyle against the Bezoar acolytes a teaser for Buffy’s alliance with Spike against Angel and Drusilla? Whatever, there’s surely a little hint of the clay-covered First Slayer as Buffy emerges victorious from killing the Bezoar demon, dripping with black demon blood, to scare Lyle Gorch back to whatever swamp he came from.
  • I'll think twice before ever eating an egg again!

    This was a real fun episode to watch, primarilly because of the humor, but also because of the great acting and story. I about died laughing when Xander was about to eat his egg! One of the things I love about Buffy (There are so many!) is that the directors aren't afraid to take risks and push the envelope, and this episode is a perfect example of that. And if I may say so, the "Mother" egg was quite hideous! YUCK! Another element that was really fun to watch was the different ways Buffy, Willow and Xander all reacted to their eggs. Buffy was careless with hers, Willow treated hers like it was a cherished member of the family, and Xander.....well, the less said about that the better....let's just say it involves a pan of boiling water and leave it at that!
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