Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 6 Episode 2

Bargaining (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2001 on The WB

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  • Dead Slayer Walking, Part 2

    Bargaining, Part 2-As a gang of demon bikers attack, the Scooby Gang is chased away from Buffy's gravesite thinking that the resurrection was a failure. They do not realize that the Slayer is alive...right where they left her. Buffy is awake but disoriented and afraid as she must claw her way out of her own grave. The Slayer is back, but if her friends cannot get to her and snap her out of the daze she is in, they may lose Buffy all over again.

    After setting up some choatic events and leaving us with a errie cliffhanger as Buffy is brought back to life, "Bargaining, Part 2" builds on part 1 makes for a more engaging and surreal(ish) hour. I like how Buffy's return isn't filled with rushed "hellos" and melodramatic "welcome backs", but the world seems like hell through Buffy's eyes as she walks around Sunnydale during it's rampage. You feel bad for Buffy as she is returning to a world that just doesn't seem the same as she left it and is worse than before. The scene where Buffy reunites with the gang is quite sad as they realize that worked in the most awful way as Buffy had to dig out of her own grave as she covers her bloody hands. The fight scene between the gang and the Road Pirates was also an excellent scene, especially with Buffy kicking a$$ again, Xander calling himself a "man witch", and Tara killing a demon with an axe.

    Also, I liked Spike protecting Dawn throughout this hour as it's suprising how a guy without a soul can be loyal. It's sad to see the Buffybot go though, such a funny little robot she was. There were some cool SFX effects when Dawn finds the destroyed Buffybot and she tells her Buffy is back. The final scenes of the episode are very touching as Buffy and Dawn reunite on the tower where Buffy died. Michelle Trachtenberg is great in that scene as she tries to comfort her sister who is confused and disoriented. It's a strong moment between both characters showing their unconditional bond as sisters as Buffy comes to her senses just in time to save Dawn once again. Yet at the episode ends, you can sense there is still apart Buffy that is missing and the expression on her face leaves you worried on how coming death again may have changed her. A stunning conclusion to this terrific premiere whichs starts off the dark, ominous tone for the rest of the season.
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