Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 22

Becoming, Part 2 (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1998 on The WB

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  • One of the best episode ever!!!

    An outstanding episode. I love when Buffy insults Snyder. I was cheering her, definitively! Joyce gives Buffy and ultimatum, if she goes from Sunnydale, she doesn't look for her, because she won't receive her again, that was so devastating. The end. That was the best part, i actually cried, because never in my life i've seen such an episode that could made me cry, never! Buffy goes to recovering and leaves everything to escape.
  • My clever title

    Okay hold up.

    I feel like that bit at the end where Buffy plunges the sword into Angel's chest was a bit overdramatic. I mean she needed his /blood/ to seal the gate, right? Wouldn't a cut on the hand do just fine? Why the need for such drama? It just felt unnecessary.

    EDIT: okay just to clarify. I'm not saying it was unnecessary for Angel to go to hell. Sure that's all good and fine. But was it /reeeeaaalllly/ necessary for Buffy to plunge that sword into him like she did? Couldn't she cut his hand then shove him in?

    Aside from that, aaahhh! Such a great episode!!! I thought the whole Angel scene at the end (minus the sword-plunging) was brilliantly done! The way Angel reacted when he got his soul perfect! so beautiful! And man! That acting! I've got to applaud David Boreanaz. Even the parts where "bad Angel" was trying to "act" like good Angel, there was still /something/ there, something evil almost that couldn't be hidden and David Boreanaz portrayed both sides of Angel perfectly. Sincerity vs. sarcasm. Love vs. bitterness and hatred. He did such a good job of consistently portraying those emotions when playing both sides of Angel, I honestly dont' think I can emphasize it enough.

    But let's talk about Buffy for a bit here.

    This whole feeling sorry for herself, running away from her friends deal (whether mentally, emotionally or physically) and blocking them all out is getting just a little bit old! But perhaps I should clarify (potential semi-spoilers follow) I've watched up until about halfway through season 6 just when Buffy is coming out of (?) her ANGSTIEST phase yet and it's the same old story! I got so annoyed by that! I think there are still residual feelings of annoyance from that which have yet to disintegrate and that's why I'm feeling extra annoyed at that attitude currently. Because my first time watching through Buffy I don't remember being as annoyed. So that's probably why. I think this time through I'm noticing a lot more how much of a theme it's becoming (and will only worsen as the series goes on, I'm afraid. Ugh)

    But all that aside. Yep. I think that just about covers it. Looking forward to (*sigh* guess this is sort of a spoiler. Pretty obvious though imo) Angel's return ;) (because come on, we all know he returns. He gets his own show for god's sake). Such angst! Such sexiness!
  • Becoming, Part 2 (2)

    This is my favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since BtVS is my favorite television show, that means that this episode represents my favorite television episode of all time. While many other episodes in this series come close, none other can evoke the same range of polar opposite emotions from me. In one moment I'm literally rolling on the floor, uncontrollably laughing, while in another I'm literally crying (and I don't cry when watching film). In addition to the awesome range of emotions brought out in me, there is perfect pacing, perfect music, and one memorable scene after another nonstop from the beginning of the episode until the credits roll. This episode is utterly perfect and represents the pinnacle of episodic television. The entire season built up to this point and the payoff is beyond comparison. So without further generalized praise from me, lets get started with the review!

    It begins right where part one left off, with Buffy being arrested for suspected murder. Buffy knows she doesn't have time to deal with the cops so she throws one of them on the ground and flees the scene nearly being shot in the head in the process by another cop. She ends up at the hostipal to see how everyone is. The scene in Willow's hospital room shows just how far Cordelia has come this year. She went from resident bitch in S1 to slightly caring bitch in S2. Now at the end of the season she is showing genuine concern and care for both Xander and Willow. This kind of slow and natural character development is truly rare on television, but this series has it in spades as exemplified by Cordelia here.

    As much as most of the characters have evolved in this season, the focus here is squarely on Buffy. Whistler says to her, "In the end, you're always by yourself. You're all you've got. That's the point." This is a truly complicated statement. To some extent, Buffy will always be cut off from others because she is the Slayer. She explains this to Xander again during "Selfless" (7x05). But at the same time Buffy does have friends which make a tremendous difference in helping to keep her rooted in this world. This is something that gives her strength and makes her a unique Slayer, made evident by Spike in "Fool for Love" (5x07).

    Buffy may very well be always alone dealing with Slayer duties, but when it comes to her raw emotions and sharing them with others she will never be alone because of her existing and created family. This is why when faced with her boyfriend leaving her, her mother dying, and having to sacrifice her sister, Buffy admits she simply cannot comprehend 'life' anymore. She can't believe she's being ask to sacrifice her own sister after everything she's been through. So instead she sacrifices herself to save her sister in "The Gift" (5x22). When Buffy's emotional support buckles she becomes useless and that death wish Spike says all Slayers have creeps to the surface.

    The Whistler talk leads directly to the Spike scene by the police car. It actually makes a ton of sense for Spike to help Buffy after what Angelus has put him through. Spike is not only hilarious here, but also offers up more insight into his character. A lot of people complain that in "Innocence" (2x14) he wanted to destroy the world but now he is interestingly defending it. Well, when Spike's immobilized, unhappy, and downing bottles of alcohol, he'll do anything to make himself feel better. In "Doomed" (4x11) he tries to stake himself because he's so unhappy about not being able to kill things anymore. I pretty much figure in "Innocence" (2x14) he was so unhappy he took the risk of bringing The Judge back just to see some killing. I'm sure he wouldn't have let The Judge extinguish everything. Spike tells Buffy, "'I want to destroy the world.' That's just tough guy talk."

    While on the subject of the awesome Spike I'll mention how much I love the back and forth glances between Spike and Buffy as they walk up to her house. Boy it's refreshing to see him out and about again. Buffy explains Spike's presence to her mom by saying, "I'm in a rock band with Spike here." This is a hilarious scene where Joyce also finally finds out Buffy is the Slayer, for real. When they get inside Buffy calls Willow to make sure everyone's okay. While she's on the phone there's a literal "rolling on the floor laughing" moment: Spike and Joyce spending extended quiet time in the living room together.

    Unfortunately (in some respect) all the fun quickly ends when Joyce demands Buffy stops running out and gives her some answers. This ignites a very powerful scene between Buffy and her mother in the kitchen. Joyce grabs on tight and tells her, "Buffy, you need help!" This reminds me of "Normal Again" (6x17). We discover there that Buffy had been instiutialized in a mental hospital for a couple weeks right after she became the Slayer. Only after she stopped talking about vampires did the doctors release her. Because of this background, Joyce's ultimatum "if you walk out that door don't even think about coming back!" is extremely realistic. The scene really hits the authentic cord for me, though, because my mother has given me that same ultimatum a couple times before in my youth! The desparate ultimatum by Joyce of course backfires and Buffy leaves home.

    So she just got kicked out of her own home by her mom and now she's got to save the world as thanks for it. First she needs the sword Kendra brought so she stops by the library to pick it up. This is when Principal Snyder uses his first truly golden opportunity to expel Buffy. It is truly gut-wrenching to see poor Buffy being expelled from school right after being kicked out of her home. I feel so sad and sympathetic for her right here. Amazingly, her pain is about to be amplified several times more.

    At this point it would appear Buffy has lost everything: her home, her school, and her friends (in the sense of they can't help her at all). She heads back to Giles' apartment to get the scoop on how to use the sword from Whistler, who points out that she still has one thing left to lose: herself. This brings me to another complaint other people have. It's said that she only needs Angel's 'blood' to close the vortex. However, Whistler says, "one blow will send the both back to hell." It's obvious that the writers intended Angel needing to go to hell with Acathla in order to close the portal. This ambiguity doesn't bother me in the slightest because I clearly know what was intended.

    So Buffy's heading in for the final showdown when Xander comes out of the woods to relay a message from Willow. He was supposed to tell her Willow is trying to curse Angel again, but instead he directly lies to her and says Willow said, "kick his ass." This lie comes out into the open in "Selfless" (7x05) in a big way. It's interesting to ponder whether he helped Buffy with that lie or ended up damaging her. There are many opinions on the matter but I tend to lean on the side that the lie hurt her. It can be argued that he lied for her own good so that she wouldn't be emotionally distracted and wind up jeopordizing the world. I don't buy that at all because I know Xander's character. He's hated Angel from the moment he first saw him and hates him even more now. Xander doesn't want Angel to get his soul back, he wants him gone. I see Xander's lie as a selfish move and one that ended up probably causing Buffy an entire summer of grief. If you don't buy my argument, just take a look at how eager Xander is to kill a soulful Angel with Faith in "Revelations" (3x07).

    The final confrontation and swordfight between Buffy and Angelus is extremely entertaining, incredibly well done, completely believable, and incredibly personal. Angelus gets the upper hand and has Buffy defenseless in a corner where he tells her, "Now that's everything, huh? No weapons... No friends... No hope. Take all that away... and what's left?" Buffy's inner strength finally shows up and she sternly answers Angelus with, "ME." She fantastically stops the sword between her palms, gets back up, and begins to lay the hurt on Angelus until he's without any weapons, beat up, and ready to be sent to hell. Willow's spell succeeds in a knick of time, though, and Angel's soul is restored...

    ...and they live happily ever after...no wait, we're watching a Joss Whedon show where happy endings don't happen. Instead of getting your typical happy ending that every other show has, BtVS decides to go in a completely new direction. This leads to the most beautiful acting I've ever seen, done by the wonderful Sarah Michelle Gellar. You can feel the massive sense of relief in her when she initially realizes Angel is back. This makes it really painful when you see her relief and joy quickly transform into shock and grief as she realizes she must stab Angel, her true love, into the demon (banishing him to eternal hell) in order to close the vortex and save the world. She tells him to close his eyes, kisses him one last time (with utter devastation on her face), then stabs him onto the demon. The moment right after the vortex is closed is the most tear-inducing thing I've ever witnessed on film. Her slow dissolve into absolute grief, pain, and sorrow puts me in tears every single time I see it alone.

    Now that's what I call entertainment! There could not have been a more satisfying conclusion to this season. Kudos to everyone involved and especially to Joss Whedon for crafting his tightest script to date. This is television at its finest and is something to be treasured. I see this episode as going down in history as a new age classic of the love story gone sour. Buffy has officially taken her first big step towards adulthood and won't be looking back!
  • A hell of a show!

    Becoming pt2

    The Good;

    All of it, every scene between Spike and Buffy, Giles and Angelus and Spike and Joyce. Great scenes with all the Scoobies and the ending just too heartwrenching for words, especially with Sarah MacClachlan's beautiful music, all classic.

    The Bad;

    Are you kidding? It's all too wonderful!

    Best line;

    Joyce; "Have you tried NOT being a Slayer?"

    Character death; Angel or so we think?

    Tied up; Giles and tortured

    Knocked out; Dru which is rather strange, Spike seems able to knock her out with a chokehold despite the fact that she doesn't breathe and has no circulation.

    Questions and observations;

    Joyce thinks Buffy is the Slayer because she didn't have a strong male role-model. Of course she'll later find out that Buffy is the Slayer because she did, she had Giles. The first (and only unless you can correct me) appearance of Willow's 'resolve face'. Xander's remarks at her bedside set the basis for their relationship in season 3. Willow successfully casts her first spell. Why is Buffy still wanted when Xander and Cordy can back up her story? Spike's reluctance to end the world seems odd considering he was happy to do it earlier

    A couple of points that escaped me about Becoming pt2, firstly Dru seems to be deeply enamoured of Giles but then she always did have a thing for 'daddy'. Secondly as Jenny Dru says to Giles that they'll get to do all the things they never had a chance to implying that Giles and Jenny never did have sex

    10/10 and I need a hug

  • Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.

    Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.Awesome. Epic. Monumental. Devastating.
  • Becoming, Part 2

    Becoming, Part 2 was a Perfect conclusion to the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode left me speechless at the end. There was lots of action packed scenes as well as some emotional ones too. There was a lot of character development from Snyder causing more trouble for Buffy, to the relationships between Buffy and her Mom. There were also developments with Spike and Druscilla. The way all the little stories added up was superb. The acting was at its best, and the ending closes some doors while opening new ones. I really look forward to the next season. This episode seals season 2 as a Classic Buffy Collection!!!
  • This is one of the best episodes in television history (in my opinion).

    When people ask me what my favorite season of Buffy is, I immediately think seasons 2 and 3. These seasons are hilarious, romantic, suspenseful, and unlike anything else that I've ever watched involving vampires or not. The show moves at such a fast pace, and I really wish current shows would learn from its example. Becoming Part II, at least in my mind, embodies everything that is great about this show's early seasons.

    Joss Whedon never fails to make season finales epic. I hate finales that are anti-climatic, but this episode was chopped full of so much television gold that it's hard to pinpoint one quality that made it so monumental. But I'll try to point out a few.

    First of all, what an epic sword fight. I don't really care for the genre of action that much, but there is no denying that the choreography and presentaion of this particular fight was amazing.

    And then there's the character development. Hint hint, Willow's witchy powers are growing and she's good at it. Hint hint, Spike isn't your average evil vampire, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. These seeds are planted early so that it makes sense that they grow so much in later years.

    And then there is the complete devastation and beauty that comes with sending Angel to hell. Viewers watching the show for the romantical elements could not have been disappointed by Buffy's heartbreak when shoving the sword into her lover, but those who hate the romance could still appreciate what Buffy must have felt because it wasn't a mushy scene or shoved down the viewers' throats.

    Overall, this episode is just brilliant. This is what television is all about.
  • Ok, the most beautiful episode in Buffy ever ! She kills the love of her life in order to save the world and then she runs away... Fantastic !!!!!

    The most beautiful episode in Buffy ever ! She kills the love of her life in order to save the world and then she runs away... Fantastic !!!!! The scenes are beautiful and it introduces Willow with magic and the music is very well chosen, especially Fall of Grace in the end of the episode ! It makes me cry everytime I watch it !
  • Putting the Kibosh on Vampire Man

    Death, revelations, relationships, sacrifice, accusations, torture. When a situation turns really bad on Buffy, you just know that all hell will break loose. Becoming Part Two is an episode that made the entire audience really realize how truly stunning this show is. Whereas before we realized that Buffy was one of the best shows around, this episode made us all realize that this is one of the most epic series in the history of television.

    Part two completely changed the series for the better. We had Joyce discovering Buffy's abilities, Buffy fully accepting that she has to lose those close to her in order to fulfill her destiny, Willow embracing magic, Spike fighting alongside the good guys and the Scooby Gang all playing a huge part in saving the world. The scenes involving Kristine Sutherland were some of the best in the show's history, ranging from awkwardly hilarious (her reunion with Spike) to emotionally traumatic (her anger at Buffy's decision to leave the house). These were the scenes that really spoke to me, as they just seemed so realistically written and Joyce's angry reaction was completely justified.

    There were also so many little character pieces that were excellently used. Xander not telling Buffy about Willow's spell spoke volumes about his attitude when it comes to Angel, and Nicholas Brendon nailed it there. Willow's "resolve face" showed how confident she is in times of crisis, and how she can easily take control of the Scoobies when Buffy and Giles are absent. Plus, her saying Oz's name as she woke from her coma also proved how in love she is with him.

    I need to also commend Joss Whedon on the complete feeling of doom and destruction this episode brought on. Unlike The Master's slightly lame apocalypse plan, Angelus' is completely believable, and he's more evil than ever. The huge battle scene was completely stunning and, despite an obvious Xander-looking stunt double for David, it literally took my breath away, especially the moment in which Buffy stops Angelus' sword just as it's about to stab her in the face.

    The closing moments are heartbreaking. Though the use of a Sarah McLachlan song is admittedly clichéd nowadays, Buffy's use of the song completely fit the scene. Buffy is both emotionally and physically wounded following the battle. She's homeless and, in her eyes at least, a killer. Sarah Michelle Gellar is remarkable here, bringing so much to her character. I really don't praise her enough, and she really blew me away in this episode.

    Becoming Part Two is a true standout in the series' lifespan, combining every great aspect of the show. Whilst it may not be the best ever episode, it's certainly one of the most memorable, and raised the bar of how excellent this show really is.

    Director: Joss Whedon
    Writer: Joss Whedon
    Rating: A+
  • buffy killed angel, not angelus...i cried...

    Later she goes to the hospital to see Willow who is there, still unconscious. Xander is ok and Cordelia shows up to tell them Giles is missing. Buffy realized that the vamps got him because of his knowledge of the demon. Giles wakes up in the mansion with Angel threatening to kill him. Spike shows up to talk to Buffy, turns out that he doesn’t want Angel to destroy the world, he just wants Dru back. Willow awakes and is asking for Oz, not Xander who has been telling her that she can’t leave him. Buffy’s mom has been called by the cops and when she shows up with Spike Joyce is concerned. They are lying and all is ok until Buffy dusts a vamp. Then she tells her the truth. This doesn’t go over well. Buffy calls the gang and tells them what’s happening. Willow decides to try the gypsy spell again hoping she can change Angel before he does anything. Spike’s proposition is to help Buffy kill Angel if he and Dru can leave afterwards. Buffy agrees. When she goes to leave her mom tells her that if she walk out never come back. Buffy keeps going. First to the library for the sword where she runs into Snyder who expels her. Then to Whistler who tells her Angel’s blood is the key to the demon. At the mansion Angel’s torture is going no where so Dru casts a spell so Giles thinks he is seeing Jenny. He tells her that Angel’s blood is the key. Willow begins to try to give Angel his soul back at the same time that Angel begins to awaken Acathla. Buffy and Xander show up at the mansion. Xander rescues Giles, and Buffy faces Angel. Spike rises from his wheelchair and hits Angel. Dru freaks out and tries to stop Spike from hurting Angel. In the chaos Angel manages to get up and complete the ritual, pulling the sword from Acathla's body. At the hospital, the ritual is having some effect, as Willow suddenly appears to be possessed and starts speaking in tongues. Spike knocks Dru out and they leave. Angel and Buffy are still fighting then Angel staggers back as the Thessulan Orb with Willow disappears. The curse has worked, Angel is Angel again. He asks Buffy what's going on as she realizes what's happened and kisses him passionately. But when she pulls away, she sees that Acathla has reawakened, and the whirlpool has started. Tearfully she tells Angel to close his eyes. Kissing him one last time, she plunges the sword through him, and both the whirlpool and a wide-eyed Angel disappear as Buffy bursts into tears. Later that day, Joyce finds a note on Buffy's bed. Willow returns to school in a wheelchair, Buffy gets on a bus and leaves.
  • In the end you can only lose

    Ever wanted to know when the price of victory is too high?
    This episode shows it. When you see how it all unfolds and how it goes down you get to see a glimpse of the vision that is Joss W. As the stories link and point to the finale of this season we see that Buffy does accept a limited deal with the devil and we will see how this becomes into something more. The way the story ends is a little predictable, but nothing less then good to watch at any moment in the last episode.

    In the end there can be only one solution to finish this off, and Buffy will do what she had to do, but at the price of her sanity. And this is only the beginning.

    A great conclusion to one of the best seasons.
  • effects: 3/3 events: 3/3 humor: 3/3 overall: 10/10

    one of the best episodes in the show! Willow speaks latin- great scene. how she did it we don't know- maybe this's the part of being witch. there's a parellel episode in "Angel"- "Morpheus". it's 5 years after, but it's like the same. why Drusila became unconsious when Spike chocked her? nice humor when he said: "he gonna kill her", and walked without much care. for moment we could believe that he already fall in love with Buffy already now.

    the best scene- Buffy and Angel in swords duel. unsurprisely they took this scene to the 3rd season's theme song.
  • Buffy once again saves the world...

    ...but at the cost of someone she truly loves! This episode was one of the saddest once ever and it was so painful to watch!

    Following the events of the previous episode, Willow's in the hospital after failing with the spell for Angel. Giles is being kidnapped and Kendra is dead. There's so much going on...

    But the final scene is the most important one: Buffy has to kill Angelus to save the world and when Willow manages to restore Angel's soul, it's already too late.
    As viewer, you see that they're practically fighting time, but they just can't win. It's so sad when Angel "returns", but Buffy has to kill him anyway. This was truly the saddest moment in Buffy history!
  • Everything starts to spin out of control!

    As Knedra is killed by Drusilla and Buffy is blamed for the murder Giles is being tortured by Angel and Dru.

    The unexpected pact between Spike and Buffy was shocking. Even f Buffy did trust him I don't think she should have left Spike and Joyce in the same room while she was on the phone, anything could have happened.

    Willow being comatosed was a big thing, I'm glad that she woke up. It perhaps wasn't best idea for her to do the spell without telling Buffy, she had to kill him even though she knew he was good again. Willow's power is growing and I guess that in the next series her magical skill will become a big thing.

    I can't believe Angel is gone, there must have been a loop hole that Buffy culd have used to save him.
  • Buffy saves the world, at a big cost

    Favorite Quotes:
    Angel: Buffy? What's going on? Where are we? I don't remember.
    Buffy: Angel?
    Angel: You're hurt. (they hug) God, I feel Like I haven't seen you in months. Everything is so muddled.
    Buffy: (sees portal to hell opening behind Angel)
    Angel: What's happening?
    Buffy: Shh... don't worry about it. (they kiss) I love you.
    Angel: I love you.
    Buffy: Close your eyes. (kisses Angel, and plunges sword through him)
    Angel: (in portal) Buffy... This ep picked up where we left off in part 1. Buffy is about to be arrested for the murder of Kendra, but she manages to escape. She shows up at the hospital and learns from Xander that Willow hasnt woken up and has head injuries. Cordy was able to get away. No one knows where Giles is, and Buffy is more than a little worried. She should be, Angel has Giles and is torturing him for info on Acathla. Buffy is walking home and the police stop her, she gets some help from an unexpected person; Spike. Seems Spike wants to stop Angelus too and take Dru and leave town. They form an unlikely alliance and Joyce finds out finally that her daughter is the Slayer. Willow wakes up and wants to try the spell to restore Angels soul again, against the advice of her friends. She sends Xander to let Buffy know. Buffy leaves her home against her Mothers wishes, and Joyce warns her not to come back if she walks out. Buffy, as usual, has no choice. Xander meets her on her way to Angelus and doesn't *exactly* give her Willows message. Buffy ends up fighting Angelus and right when she is about to kill him, Angels soul is restored...but it is too late. Acathla's mouth is opening. With one last kiss, Buffy plunges the sword into Angel, sending him to hell and closing Acathlas mouth. Sad Sad Sad. While her friends look for her at school the next day, Buffy boards a bus and leaves Sunnydale. Did I mention this was sad??
  • The final battle between Buffy and Angelus finally arrives, and everybody plays a part, though Willow's powers may not come in the exactly the right time.

    (Warning: Spoiler) I really love this episode, it's real heart wrenching maybe too much. All the characters act exactly accordingly, with Xander hatred towards Angel and Spike's only care for Drusilla, even not willingly to prevent the end of the world. Many have told me that they think his decision there is fake and not real, meaning that it was there only for the writers to have their ending. But I personally think, that it's exactly Spike's way, you can't expect anything from him, because he REALLY doesn't care. Anyway, the best (and worst) part is when Angel's soul is finally restored, but too late. When Buffy is about to kill him but he's Angel again and she's so surprised and neither of them understand what's going on. When he hugs her and she finally understands that he's back, that the horrible months behind her are finally over, that the nightmare has finished and the portal opens. You can see the second she realizes that she'll have to kill him and that is the most heart wrenching eyes you've ever seen (or I have at least). And then she speaks so soft, almost as if to a baby and she kisses him, while you can see the portal behind them. Now that is a really awesome frame, that scene in particular, that looks like someting is about to swallow them whole, while they're in their own little world and nothing else exists for a moment. Also the song is from that moment on "Buffy and Angel"'s song, nothing more. But then reality comes back and she kills him. I thing Sarah Michelle Gellar really outdones herself in this scene because her crying looks so real. From that moment on, the song is perfect to cry for the whole 3 minutes left that seems too long and too short at the same time. She is really left with nothing at the end of the episode and I was able to relate entirely, although obvously nothing similar has happened to me, and that marks how well done the episode was. All the storylines, the dialogues, the perfomances, the music... everything. No complains.
  • What a lovely episode!

    This has got to be one of the best episodes in the whole seven seasons. Becoming has all of the best elements of Buffy: action, comedy, heartbreak.

    The last scenes in this episodes have got to be some of the most iconic scenes for the rest of the series. When Angelus' soul is returned to him, by Willow, it forces Buffy to make the most difficult decision of her life: she either has to let the world go to hell, or kill her beloved Angel. She chooses to kill Angel to save the world, leading to a heartbreaking fairwell. Along with this tearjerking scene, there is also the scene where Buffy looks on at her friends at the end, knowing she's leaving them. This along with the song, creates a very heartbreaking scene.

    This is one of the best episodes of the series, 10 out of 10!
  • One of the finest Buffy episodes and one of the finest season finale's. Buffy vs Angelus ends with a shocking conclusion.

    Becoming Pt2 had alot to live up to following the very good Pt1. But boy did it ever deliever. Pt1 set up Pt2 fantastically, they complement each other so nicely.

    We pick up with Buffy in the library and the cops trying to arrest her for the attacks that went on there (Kendra's death). Before they can take her in for questioning, she kicks a bit of cop butt and makes a get away.

    Xander is fine but Willow is a bit worse for wear and is recovering in a hospital bed. At Angelus and Spike's place, Angelus implements a little torture to try and get Giles to tell him the ritual to awaken Acafla.

    Spike has over idea's about destroying the world and seeks out Buffy. He claims he will help her kill Angelus if she let's himself and Drusilla leave Sunnydale.

    Buffy and Spike kill a vampire right infront of Joyce and Buffy comes clean revealing she is a Vampire Slayer. Joyce finds this a little hard to take and they get in an arguement. Buffy tells her mum she is leaving to go kill Angelus but Joyce tell her she can't and if she leave then don't even think about coming back. Buffy decides to leave.

    Principal Snyder soaks up a great moment for him when he tells Buffy that she is expelled from Sunnydale high.

    Xander joins Buffy as she is on her way to face Angel as meanwhile Willow, Cordelia and Oz try to work some mojo that will restore Angel's soul.

    The fight starts as Spike turns on Angelus and starts beating him up. Drusilla and Spike then begin fighting. Meanwhile Xander gets Giles out of there.

    Angelus is able to activate Acafla and him Buffy continue fighting. Spike knocks out Drusilla and takes off leaving Buffy to fight Angel alone.

    Right when Buffy is about to kill Angelus, Willow works the spell and Angel's soul is restored. He has no idea what is going on. Angel and Buffy share one last kiss as she tells him to close his eye's and then stabs him with the sword. Angel gets sucked into the portal and it closes shut.

    The world is saved but the Scoobie gang havent heard from Buffy since before the fight. Buffy decided to leave town without telling her friends. The episode ends with her on a bus leaving Sunnydale.

    So now for some reflection. Just a fantastic episode, it wonderfully brought to a close the Angelus/Buffy drama. A reallygreat way to end the season, I mean Angel getting his soul back right at the end then Buffy having to kill him anyway was like ultimate drama. And we were left wondering where about's Buffy was leaving and if she would be back or not.

    One of the great Buffy episodes. 10/10
  • Buffy saves the world again... but loses something in the process...

    Well, in my opinion, this is the best episode of the series, but there are a whole lot of other episodes that people would say the exact same thing about. This is the first episode of Willow the Witch! And she did an excellent job on her first spell! What made this episode so special is the end. Tears started welling up in my eyes right when Buffy forced that sword into Angel! And every time I watch it, even though I already know what's gonna happen, I still start bawling all over the place, and I even act like I'm surprised when it happens! lol That's just me. But, I did not like that Buffy just up and leaves Sunnydale right after that without telling anyone. It's like she just gave up. And why did she kill Angel anyway? She knew that he was Angel again. Whatever, for some reason, it's just a mystery to me. And actually, something good did come out of sending Angel to Hell: it took strength to do it, and if she didn't, then she probably wouldn't've been strong enough to defeat Glory and the First. So yeah, SOME good came out of it.
  • The tragedy culminates and many characters reach pivotal moments in their arcs simultaneously. Impressive this much fit in one episode.

    As the first part begins it, the second part completes the collapse of everything Buffy cares about. It fits the theme of Buffy's desire to lead a normal life and the conflicts that has with her calling. In part one, it started to erode with Angelus' crew attacking Buffy's friends. They take it a step further in this episode by having Buffy get expelled, suspected for murder, kicked out of her home and forced to send the person she loves to hell all in a matter of hours. In addition to that, the episode also presents several pivotal moments in other character arcs which will be evident throughout the series.

    Resolving the Angelus storyline had to end only one way. While many shows would've forgiven and forgotten, it would've cheapened all the bad things that happened. Any shot of things going back to the way they were ended when Jenny died. Since the show became a hit, Joss Whedon found himself with a lot more creative freedom to plunge to the depths of this tragedy. Unlike the first season, it wasn't going to end happily with the loose ends tied up or toned down. In the first season, renewal was unknown since all twelve episodes were shot before it premiered.

    The episode starts with Buffy being arrested under suspicion for Kendra's murder and soon afterwards fleeing the scene. Buffy as fugitive is a great dynamic for this episode, as it is all about the loss of the support systems in Buffy's life and how Buffy is defined as an individual. Her allies are out of commission or turned their backs on her and everyone else, besides Spike, is out to get her. How can she function and save the world, and what does that do to her psyche?

    This is reinforced with Whistler's appearance in Giles' apartment. In part one he remarks about how a person can only control how they react to the big moments in life, rather than the big events themselves. That determines who you are. This episode takes that self-exploration route down a dark path, with the idea that the major event is losing everything but yourself.

    Buffy's desperation eventually leads her to ally herself with Spike. To have mortal enemies working together for a common goal is always interesting. With that, the obvious point of their alliance must be addressed: she invited Spike into her home! While it may have been expected for some like Angel pre-"Innocence", Spike doesn't have a soul, and could easily reenter the Summers' household whenever he wants and do whatever he wants there. Had things played out differently in the end, Buffy would've likely gotten Willow to do a recanting spell as they did in "Passion", but that detail got lost in the panic of the final battle.

    Spike's angst has been simmering all season and this episode gives us the long anticipated pay-off, which doesn't disappoint. Angelus' constant teasing, with the desired result of driving Spike crazy, only proves to be the downfall of Angelus' plans. It makes sense for Spike to want to side with Buffy even if Drusilla wasn't part of the equation. Despite "talking big", Spike ultimately likes humanity, and plunging that into hell seriously jeopardizes his lifestyle. This decision, like many of those in this episode, serves as major turning point for the character.

    Kendra's murder, in addition to one of Angelus' vamps waiting for her at her home, forces Buffy to tell her mother the truth. Some of Joyce's comments about her daughter's calling draw parallels to a kid coming out to his or her parents, "Have you ever tried not being a slayer?" being the most obvious one. "Buffy" has a big gay following, so it'd make sense they would touch on gay subtext eventually, but to draw that parallel is a noticeable tribute to that fan base that will keep the franchise alive for years to come.

    Spike and Joyce's scene in the living room was a riot, one of the few instances of humor in the episode. Recalling "School Hard" makes the silence even more uncomfortable. However, the Joyce and Spike dynamic would become one of the more fun ones on the show. In some way, they are a good example of opposites attracting.

    It's understandable that Joyce is shaken by the reveal, not to mention Spike & Buffy speaking of murder and death with their seasoned response to it. Joyce, like many not involved in the gang's activities, would naturally dismiss the supernatural goings on with some kind of reason. Unfortunately, she has yet to have the exposure to the supernatural her daughter has and considering the high stakes, Buffy doesn't have time to sit her down and explain it all. This has been simmering since the beginning of the series, and this is the boil over point. What should've been a frank, modest discussion only explodes amidst the chaos, further changing the mother-daughter relationship.

    Snyder's behavior towards Buffy is explained in this episode. As "I Only Have Eyes For You" set up, the mayor placed Snyder as principal for control. Considering Buffy is the slayer and the strong hints that the mayor is evil, it makes sense that Snyder would pounce on Buffy at every moment in hopes that it could get her expelled. While it may have been more practical for them to just hire an assassin to get her out of the way, it makes sense from a political perspective to stay low profile.

    Xander's emotional confession to the comatose Willow recalls their whole relationship to this point. Willow has been disappointed that Xander's overlooked her for the more glamorous Buffy and Cordelia and he's been largely oblivious to this. However, seeing Willow in her most vulnerable state (which Joss Whedon has said was always a good choice for drama on the show) made him realize what he missed. To make it even worse, he realizes this too late, as she's moved on to Oz. Eventually, they'd realize their love was actually a deep friendship, but it doesn't diminish the impact of this complication.

    The cruelest moment of the episode not involving our heroine was Drusilla's interrogation of Giles to uncover how Angelus can summon Acathla. Jenny's death is still fresh in the viewer's mind, and this scene rips open the old wounds better than a chainsaw. This is another great example of the finale recalling the previous episodes to reinforce the culmination of everything we've seen this season.

    Willow's toying with witchcraft has been played with occasionally and almost came into fruition in the previous episode. However, her second attempt at the spell, with "resolve face", is a milestone for the character. Somehow during the spell she connects with something and in a possessed state completes the spell in front of the spooked Cordelia and Oz. Some have theorized that this is Jenny acting from beyond, which is possible, but negates the achievement of that moment. One moment that was never properly capitalized was Xander's decision to place his animosity towards Angel over his feelings for Buffy by not telling her Willow planned to try the restoration spell again. Perhaps this was a writing decision to make sure she didn't have a glimmer of hope through the whole episode, but this should've caused major tension between Xander and the rest of the group later, as well as a solid foundation for where his arc would go.

    Xander not telling Buffy about Willow's second attempt makes the ultimate sacrifice even harder than it was going in to the final battle. Considering Buffy was ready to kill him before to protect the world, the sudden twist where Angel is restored only after Acathla begins to wake brings back the tragedy of their romance to the forefront. She was ready to kill Angelus, but never expected it that way. In a nice bookend, both Darla and Buffy say "close your eyes" before they change Angel.

    While I'm not a Sarah McLaughlin fan, the choice of "Full of Grace" to close the episode resonates so powerfully, as if what happened wasn't enough. Buffy had to give up literally everything she cared about to save the world and that song fits the mood perfectly. If you don't feel like your heart has been ripped to shreds, maybe this show isn't for you.

    This season of Buffy showed massive amounts of growth from both the writers and actors and this episode is another great example (the 3rd perfect 10 of this season). This episode alone shows Buffy suffer devastating loss culminating in the tragic pay off the Angelus storyline. In addition to that, several characters experience life changing events that will be defining elements to their characters. Doing that much with one episode is a major achievement, one of "Buffy's" best.
  • This is my favourite episode of Buffy ever!!

    I loved this episode. Spike calling people happy meals with legs was classic. Joyce's denial of Buffy being The Slayer. The look on Buffys face when her mum tells her to never come back. Giles calling Angel a pillock. Bringing back Jenni Calender(even if she was only a hallucination). Willow starting with the magicks. Buffy killing Angel after he'd got his soul back. The music playing when Buffy leaves. So many classic scenes it's hard to pick a favourite. I've watched this episode so many times and I still haven't gotten bored of it. It was the 1st episode that brought a tear to my eye but it wasn't the last.
  • Buffy loved her boyfriend so much that she pierced a sword right through his stomach sending him to hell for a couple of centuries.

    I was so mad at Buffy and Xander after this. On the plus side, I did start to like Willow, Spike and even Cordy. Buffy loved her boyfriend so much that she pierced a sword right through his stomach sending him to hell for a couple of centuries. And she wonders why she can't get a date to the prom. I knew that because the other slayer died that a new slayer would probely come. I was hoping that this one kill Buffy. This also the first esp where we see Spike in a differnt light. He and Buffy teamed up and stop Angel and it works. All in all this esp. is WAY overrated! This esp doesn't make Buffy look too good.
  • Second of the two part season finale. Heart wrenching.

    There is so much to like about this episode.

    Buffy's interaction with Whistler - I love the line where she threatens to wear his rib cage as a hat.

    An angry Buffy makes for some really good television. She tells Snyder he's a troll, chews out her mom for being stupid, just like so much about her this episode.

    The alliance with Spike is also really fantastic - Happy Meal with Legs! "We like to talk big. Vampires do. "I'm going to destroy the world." That's just tough guy talk. Strutting around with your friends over a pint of blood. The truth is, I like this world. You've got... dog racing, Manchester United. And you've got people, billions of people walking around like Happy Meals on legs. It's all right here. But then someone comes along with a vision, with a real... passion for destruction. Angel could pull it off. Goodbye, Piccadilly. Farewell, Leicester Bloody Square."

    The Xander and Willow relationship is so good here. Xander being wrecked over Willow is some of the more touching stuff in this episode.

    There is too much to love here. There is also all kinds of pain. Thank God for Spike there to lighten the mood because this episode would be so heavy otherwise.

    What I like about this show is that everyone is a Big Hero. Giles withstanding the torture, Xander going to help Buffy, Willow doing the spell from her hospital bed, I just love the whole group.

    I dare anyone to watch this episode and not cry at the end.
  • The Greatest Sacrifice of All

    Becoming, Part 2-Buffy arrives too late to save Kendra from Drusilla's surprise attack, and ends up being arrested for Kendra's murder. Escaping from the police, she goes to the hospital to find that Willow is comatose and unable to complete the spell to restore Angel's soul. She also learns that Drusilla took Giles, and heads out to rescue him and stop Angelus once and for all with the help of a most unlikely ally. Not only a greater part, but one of hell of an emotional ride of an episode, "Becoming, Part 2" stands out as one of the first episodes of Buffy to indicate how significant this show was to television history. The whole episode is one big emotional ride and you are can't help but be drawn in.

    The whole cast shine just a little more brighter in this episode as it moves toward it climatic finish. Xander finally admitting his feelings to an unconscious Willow is beautiful yet sad as Willow slowy awakes calling Oz's name. Watching Oz comfort her by kissing her is such a romantic sight as you now know these 2 love each other more than anything. Also, the scenes of Angelus torturing Angel a painful to watch. But one intriguing aspect is the scene of Drusilla using her psychy to make herself look like Jenny to Giles. Even if it is deception, the scene plays out marvelously and you're heartbroken when Giles realize it was just a glamour.

    Buffy and Spike's brief alliance in the episode was also entertaining to watch with the hilarious dialogue. But it's also an alliance that finally brings the truth to Buffy's mom as Joyce finds out her daughter is a slayer. In fact, the scene where both mother and daughter argue about Buffy's destiny is astouding. Never has the acting been this surreal as both women play off each other with breathtaking acting. Buffy's whole monologue is not only bringing the the show back to it's mission statment but has Buffy finally giving in to her destiny to make the ultimate sacrifice. The final battle takes up the whole final act and it's truly magnificent. Beginning with Xander not telling Buffy about Willow's message and just saying, "kick his ass" came off very cold and just shows that Xander's hatred toward Angel is too cruel. I loved how Spike came out of no where and attacked Angel with Drusilla coming in to stop him. His little dialogue toward Drusilla as they're forced to fight it priceless:

    Spike: "I don't want to hurt you baby...[punches Drusilla]...doesn't mean I won't."

    The sword fight between Buffy and Angelus is one of the nest staged fights the series ever produced. It creates a very epic feel and fighting moves a very sharp. The best part of the whole battle is Buffy catching the sword in mid-air and unleashing some powerful moves on Angelus. I love how Willow re-does the gypsy curse and it intertwines with the final battle between Buffy and Angel. Just as Buffy is about to make the final bow, Willow succeeds and Angel is back. But just as the lovers are in each's arms Acathala's mouth opens the portal to hell. It's one of the saddest scene in the show's run as Buffy has to kill Angel even though it's not his fault. In one blow, Angel is sucked into hell as he is heartbroken that his lover has just sent him to hell. Sarah M. Gellar truly shines as an actress here as she expresses Buffy's pain and loneliness so stunningly. Just the scene of her watching her friends walking toward school as she leaves Sunnydale for good is a sad and makes you wonder if she'll ever return. All and All, a truly phenomenal hour of television as the action, drama, writing, and supense with leave you overwhelmed at the end.
  • Seeing the destruction left in the wake of her big mistake, Buffy llies with Spike in order to take Angelus down and hopefully save Giles before Angelus and Drusilla bring Acathla back to life.

    This was a totally incredible and heartbreaking episode! I like the way the plot incorporated Spike working together with Buffy and the scene with him and Buffy's mum was priceless! I like how Willow really came of her own in this episode, realising her part to play and her character strength. It was inspiring. I thought the fight scene between Buffy and Angelus was amazing and really believable. Good choreography. I loved how the script brought Agel back to us, and made Buffy really choose. She had to make the ultimate choice between true love and saving the world, which i really thought made her grow as a character. It was heartbreaking to watch her make the choice and that was also emphasised really well when she left town, because she couldn't face it anymore. I also thought the sountrack was brilliant, the song she left to really dealt with the raw emotion the viewers were feeling. This was definitely a must see Buffy episode.
  • The old school cast, character development and an exploding unpredictable season finale for the Buffyverse, especially if your a hardcore fan - what's not to like?

    This will always remain one of my favorite season finale's in all of television history, especially the Buffyverse. The storyline with Angel losing his soul had me on the edge of my seat weekly and torn - to want Angel back or keep Angelus around.

    David did a remarkable job converting from Angel to Angelus during this season and it was always fascinating to watch how the character developed throughout the arc. Not to mention to developments each of the scoobies made in the process, including and particularly with this episode.

    I was proud to see Buffy nearly come out on top, save the world and stand her ground. However the twist that smacked me in the face was her being forced to choose between the man she loved and saving the world.

    Buffy being the hero that she is sacrificed a lot already and this episode was the first huge dynamic to start a long journey into her grief and never-ending not so 'norm'.

    All in all without hashing it up too much for anyone who has not seen this episode - it is a must see!! And this season holds true to my favorite old school characters at that crossroads in their life. This season and this episode is truly one of the best in Buffyverse, and television history.
  • One of the best episodes of Buffy.

    This episode, in my opinion, is one of the best episodes in all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's run. The ultimate fight between Buffy and Angelus proves even more sad than ever anticpated. There are a large amount of twists and turns in this episode, but the plot is not tarnished, only aided by them. The plot and storyline never become too much for the viewer to handle, or too confusing either. In fact, all of these twists and turns only add to the eventual climax of the episode. It is one of the saddest plotlines and is wonderfully acted by all.
  • This is one of the best episode of season 2, possibly the most heartbreaking one also.

    this is the second part of the series finale,the first one was becoming part 1. in the previous episode, giles was kinapped,kendra was killed,willow is in a coma and buffy was expelled from school. to top that all up, this episode, spike unexpectedly come to buffy to help her stop angel. i was laughing hysterically when spike came up to buffy and said he wanted to help save the world. his speech about humans being 'happy meals with feet' was also very funny. the ending was just so sad. i cried when buffy killed angel just when he became good again. also the part where buffy's mom saw the letter buffy left for her, and the part where her friends thought she was coming to school and they kept hoping that buffy will show tho a part of them already know that buffy wont be coming to school.
  • A Fantastic Episode with a very SSSSAAADDD ending...

    Okay, so I keep stop thinking about the ending...

    So a lot of things I did not expect happened in this episode. Willow is okay now and what happened when she was doing the Curse? That was very strange but the curse worked.

    Xander was fantastic.. He said that he loved Willow and then she woke up and called for Oz.

    Angel.. He turned good but then she killed him... NNNNOOOO I could not believe it.. I hope he will come back and be good again.

    Giles went through a lot in this episode.. He was tortured for information but he was very tough. Buffy's Mum found out her daughter is a Vampire Slayer and in just 1 day after she lost her daughter as well..

    Spike and Drusilla got away as Spike wanted... His plan worked but will Drusilla do when she wakes up?

    Buffy fought with Angel, she got the Angel she loves back and had to kill him... Buffy left home after her mom told her that if she goes out she does not come back.. Buffy left school, left her frinads and family and even left town. What will happen now?
  • Oz: Okay, I pretty much missed out on some stuff, didn't I? Because this is all making a kind of sense that's... not.

    This episode is amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Willow is really great in this episode and I love how the first thing she says when she wakes up is Oz (take that Xander) and her insistence that she does the spell really shows how she cares so much about helping Buffy and saving the world. Spike coming to Buffy for help is great and they work so well together it is amazing. Spike and Joyce are another good pair and their weird friendship thing that develops is really funny. I also like how at the end he just looks at Buffy, realizes that she is probably going to die and then just walks away. Giles and Dru/Jenny is probably the saddest part of this episode because he is just tortured and used until he has nothing left which kind of parallel's Buffy's struggle with Angel who doesn't get Willow's message (I really love how Xander delivers the wrong message and just let's Buffy go on to kill the man that she loves). Then Buffy has to finally make that choice between herself and the rest of the world and she does her duty and kills Angel, kills her love and after that she no longer knows how to be herself. I like the scene after she left, being kicked out by Joyce and having lost her lover all she has left is her friends who aren't enough to keep her around. I love the flash to the school where Giles, Cordy, Xander, Willow and Oz await her return and try to return to their lives as 'normal'
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