Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 22

Becoming, Part 2 (2)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1998 on The WB

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  • My clever title

    Okay hold up.

    I feel like that bit at the end where Buffy plunges the sword into Angel's chest was a bit overdramatic. I mean she needed his /blood/ to seal the gate, right? Wouldn't a cut on the hand do just fine? Why the need for such drama? It just felt unnecessary.

    EDIT: okay just to clarify. I'm not saying it was unnecessary for Angel to go to hell. Sure that's all good and fine. But was it /reeeeaaalllly/ necessary for Buffy to plunge that sword into him like she did? Couldn't she cut his hand then shove him in?

    Aside from that, aaahhh! Such a great episode!!! I thought the whole Angel scene at the end (minus the sword-plunging) was brilliantly done! The way Angel reacted when he got his soul perfect! so beautiful! And man! That acting! I've got to applaud David Boreanaz. Even the parts where "bad Angel" was trying to "act" like good Angel, there was still /something/ there, something evil almost that couldn't be hidden and David Boreanaz portrayed both sides of Angel perfectly. Sincerity vs. sarcasm. Love vs. bitterness and hatred. He did such a good job of consistently portraying those emotions when playing both sides of Angel, I honestly dont' think I can emphasize it enough.

    But let's talk about Buffy for a bit here.

    This whole feeling sorry for herself, running away from her friends deal (whether mentally, emotionally or physically) and blocking them all out is getting just a little bit old! But perhaps I should clarify (potential semi-spoilers follow) I've watched up until about halfway through season 6 just when Buffy is coming out of (?) her ANGSTIEST phase yet and it's the same old story! I got so annoyed by that! I think there are still residual feelings of annoyance from that which have yet to disintegrate and that's why I'm feeling extra annoyed at that attitude currently. Because my first time watching through Buffy I don't remember being as annoyed. So that's probably why. I think this time through I'm noticing a lot more how much of a theme it's becoming (and will only worsen as the series goes on, I'm afraid. Ugh)

    But all that aside. Yep. I think that just about covers it. Looking forward to (*sigh* guess this is sort of a spoiler. Pretty obvious though imo) Angel's return ;) (because come on, we all know he returns. He gets his own show for god's sake). Such angst! Such sexiness!