Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 5

Beer Bad

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

Buffy is fighting a vampire when Parker sees and then is attacked by two other vampires. She stakes them all and Parker comes up to her and says he is alive because of her and he will do whatever it takes to get her to forgive him. Buffy then is pulled from her daydream by the giggles of another girl that Parker is flirting with during a seminar. Buffy goes into another daydream like before. But Parker has ice cream and flowers.

Buffy and Willow are studying outside when Xander comes up to them and announces he is the new Bartender on campus. Buffy is skeptical that Xander knows much about being a bartender. Mixing drinks, for instance. Buffy is still brooding over Parker and her problems with getting over him. Xander invites them both to the bar but Willow can't go since she has a date with Oz. Buffy doesn't answer.

At the bar, Xander is having a lot of trouble getting everyone's drinks. Buffy walks in and sees, Parker. Great. She walks forward in a daze and bumps into Riley, spilling his drink on him. He sympathizes with Buffy over Parker, calling him a womanizer. He bids her farewell after she starts paying attention to Parker.

Xander is trying to pick up woman at the bar and is talking to a nice girl when a guy interrupts. He goes on about Bio-engineering and the rudely says to Xander that "We are the future of this country, and you keep the bowl of peanuts full."

Xander sees Buffy and listens to her and her Parker problems, but he gets in trouble for not working and he has to go. He tells Buffy to stay right there, but she wanders off and bumps into another guy who spills his drink on himself. He says he doesn't mind and tells Buffy that she is very beautiful and should be covered in men. His friends walk over and ask "could we be those men?" She sees Parker walk by with his new girl and accepts the beer that was in front of her.

At the Bronze, Oz and Willow are talking and Oz says he's feeling weird. They both watch the female lead singer, Veruca, and Oz looks almost entranced.

Buffy is drinking with the guy who was mean to Xander, and his friends.

In the morning at the dorms, Willow is acting jealous and is talking to herself, re-enacting her bad night with the lead singer. Buffy is hung-over and is laughing at the "little people" on the T.V. Willow misinterprets her night and thinks she had group sex, which Buffy corrects. When they go to class, Buffy puts her hand up for a stupid statement and then steals another girl's sandwich.

Somewhere, there is a chemical laboratory in which something is dripping into the "Black Frost" beer that Buffy has been drinking at the bar. At the bar, Buffy gets more beer and is really drunk and acting stupid.

Oz catches up with Willow who says she was in the library. She asks how he is feeling since he missed class. He informs her that "Shy" is playing again tonight. Veruca's band. Willow says she doesn't want to go and leaves.

Buffy and the 4 guys are drinking again and Xander tells Buffy to go home and sleep. She leaves. When the guys realize she is gone, they appear to be quite upset.

Willow, upset about Oz seeing Veruca again, sees Parker and gives him a piece of her mind. Parker says it was just sex. He says that he's sorry that Buffy is hurting, but doesn't regret it. He starts flirting with Willow.

The four guys are acting like cavemen and Xander tries to kick them out. He hears a noise but is then knocked out by a hairy man. The four others then transform into cavemen. Xander wakes up and wards them off with his lighter. He talks to Jack, the other bartender about the cavemen and he say's they had it coming and sets down a case of "Black Frost." They cavemen are running around campus. Jack is talking about snotty kids and says that beer makes all men the same. Xander realizes that he is the one doing it and Jack says that his brother is a Warlock and he showed him how to do it. Xander is upset because he served it to Buffy. He runs off, but not before saying "You're a bad, bad man."

The cavemen seem to be amazed by cars and one is hit by a car. The cavemen start hitting the car with sticks but then run after some passing woman, leaving the injured one behind.

Xander is explaining to Giles what happened and is reprimanded for giving Buffy beer in the first place. They walk into her room and see Buffy drawing on her walls. Cave drawings. She hits a stick figure and says "Parker bad." Meanwhile, Parker is still hitting on Willow and she seems ok with it. Until she says "How gullible do you think I am?" She starts ranting but is interrupted by the cavemen and knocked out. Buffy seems fascinated by the swivel chair and upset by the fact that the T.V is off. She decides that she wants more beer and runs off.

The cavemen build a fire where Willow is and it starts burning out of control. Buffy smells the fire and runs towards it. Buffy gets in and uses the fire extinguisher, by throwing it at the fire. She seems to recognize Willow and tries to get her out. She breaks a window which the cavemen and the people get out of. Parker is still trapped inside and Buffy is still in there as well. She knocks him out and drags him out of the building.

Outside, they have locked some cavemen in an unlocked van. Buffy is then approached by Parker, who basically says what was in her daydream. She knocks him out.