Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • Well, folks. This is it!

    "Chosen" is a tough one to score. A part of me desperately wants to give it huge accolades and a fitting score for the finale. But the fact of the matter is that this is not the perfect finale. In many ways it is but as a whole it's not, and to ignore that 'just because' would be cheating all of you out of a completely honest analysis. I actually think I might still be being a bit overly generous, but it's something I'm content with. At the end of the day this is still one of the best series finales I've ever seen.
  • After seven years the Finale had its ups and downs

    Dont get me wrong this was a great final of 7 seasons in regards to buffy as a there was too much ambiguity regarding her feelings for Angel. Although i do really think she always has and always will love Angel, i would question Joss Whedon to why he didnt end them up together?

    If i watch a series which heavily emphasises on a love story throughout 7 seasons, as the audience i expect them to end up together by the end. I mean why focus on the love story at alll between both Angel and Buffy if they wont end up together? Although Buffy's love for Angel hinted at in 'Chosen' it is also left open ended. Firstly Angel only appears in the first 10 mins (if that) in the episode and secondly, Buffy gives mix signs of having a future with him but also not.

    There love being like Emilie Bronte's Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights signifies they will never be able to stay away from each other. So at least what we should have seen was Angel and Buffy to get together on screen. I know at the moment there's Buffy comics but its not the same as Angel and Buffy on screen.

    Bottom highly recommend a sequel to the 7 series final having david boreanaz and sarah michelle gellar in it for would be the same without them!
  • Woman warrior archetype made explicit

    In the final episode of the seven year long series, Joss Whedon makes the implicit premise of Buffy the Vampire Slayer totally explicit.

    The Slayer is not a woman, but all women. All women can and should realize their full power. No woman should ever remain a doormat.

    Buffy is a modern take on the woman warrior archetype. Ancient China's Hua Mulan. Medieval France's Jean D'Arc. But as most of us know, it has implications that reach far beyond physical combat, into all of our everyday lives.
  • Finale to the best show EVER!

    And so it ends....


    The Good;

    All of it, it's all wonderful. If I was to select 2 scenes I would have to say Vi slapping Rhona and Dawn saving Xander.

    Women good/men bad;

    Buffy shares her and Faith's power with thousands of girls all over the world. The Shadowmen created only one Slayer so that they could control her. They can't do that any more.

    Kinky dinky;

    Faith thinks all men think of her purely in a sexual way. Wood says he wasn't impressed by her sexual performance which outrages her but I suspect he's just teasing to get a rise out of her and try to reach her emotionally. Buffy suggests that Spike and Angel settle their differences with a wrestling match and that some form of oil could be involved, an idea that get's her visibly aroused. When Buffy is making her cookie dough analogy she says she's looking for someone to "Eat m...enjoy me". Joss in his commentary speaks of avoiding portraying Buffy as the 'slut queen of sluttonia' by not being able to choose between Angel and Spike. Is that why in the comics she fantasises about being dressed as a sexy nurse and chained between a naked Spike and Angel? Joss says we had no more Buffy/Spike sex in season 7 because he didn't want his heroine to willingly have sex with her rapist (but Tara arguably did?). Faith refers to sex as 'Getting bouncey'. She know's she's hot and thinks she has 'mad' sex skills. She offers herself to Wood who actually turns her down just as Wilkins did. And maybe it's at this point that she thinks he might be a keeper, a man who just doesn't think about her just sexually?

    Captain Subtext;

    Plenty of jealousy for Angel over Buffy and Spike even if Buffy states categorically that Spike is not her boyfriend (good thing she didn't go into detail about her and Spike getting to fifth base that time on the balcony at the Bronze). Faith's low opinion of men suggests she may be better off with female partners. Spike seems a little too quick to agree to Buffy's idea of Angel and him oil-wrestling. Wood thinks he's pretty which is a weird thing to say. Wounded Buffy handing the scythe to Faith finally settles everything between them. It actually gets passed around between the Slayers which is a nice metaphor. Spike compares himself to Liz Taylor. Spike dreams of 'Drowning in shoes'. Buffy later says she craves shoes and Spike will later move to LA where as CC commented there are a huge number of shoes.

    Kills: Buffy kills Caleb, good for her! I'll give every Slayer 5 vamps and rest 3 kills

    Buffy: 133 vamps, 62 demons, 6 monsters, 11 humans, , 1 spirit warrior & a robot- so this gives Buffy 215 kills in all

    Giles: 10 vamps, 2 demons, 4 humans/1 god- so 16 kills for Giles

    Will: 6 vamps + 3 demons +1 fawn+1 human-11 kills

    Oz: 3 vamps, 1 werewolf, 1 zombie- 5 kills

    Faith: 24 vamps, 6 demons, 4 humans- 34 kills

    Xander: 8 vamps, 2 zombies, 1 a demon, 3 humans-15 kills

    Anya: 2 vamp and 1 a demon+1 human-5kills

    Riley; 18 vamps + 7 demons-25 kills

    Spike; 16 vamps and 7 demons+1 human-24 kills

    Buffybot; 2 vamps

    Tara; 1 demon

    Dawn; 4 vamps + 1 demon- 5 kills

    Kennedy; 3 humans+6 vampires-9 kills

    Amanda; 6 vampires

    Woods; 8 vamps and 2 demons-10 kills

    Vi; 1 human+5 vamps- 6 kills

    Recurring characters killed: 19-goodbye Amanda, by far my favourite of the Potentials, loved her to bits. And goodbye Anya, a bit character in season 3 who became a huge part of the Buffyverse. I think Joss realised the fans would never forgive him if he killed any of the core four (Buffy, Will, Xander and Giles)or Faith and if Dawn died it would be no victory for Buffy. We expect Wood or Andrew to die but instead he defies our expectations and kills Amanda who we were starting to love and Anya whom we already did, we had to pay some price for victory. I always wondered if Rhona made it until she turns up in the comics. Chao Anh does make it, you can see her walking around beside the bus at the end, don't know about Criadad (the Potential from Xander's threesome fantasy who re-occurs in a couple of other eps).

    Frankly I think everyone could have died and it would still have been a victory as long as Dawn made it, that would still mean the good guys won. But I'm so glad that Buffy and Dawn get to walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand with most of their Scooby friends/family following.

    In total this means on Buffy we lose one regular or recurring character killed every 8 eps or so, I'm not sure if any other show was ever so ruthless in killing off it's main cast. To all those who played their part and gave their lives for the greater good and those they loved.

    Jesse, Flutie, Jenny, Kendra, Larry, Snyder, Professor Walsh, Forrest, McNamara, Joyce, Katrina, Tara, Quentin Travers, Chloe, Molly, Jonathon, Miss Kitty, Amanda, Anya

    And as for Spike...?

    Total number of scoobies: now thousands!

    Dawn the bashful virgin; 10 finally gets what Willow means about Kennedy's pierced tongue.

    What the fanficcers thought;

    Some great stuff here. Lovely one called The Circle where after the final battle Dawn finds the letter Amanda left for her, telling her that she loved her, that Dawn is to have a long and happy life and that Amanda will wait for her in heaven. It ends with Dawn kissing the letter then setting it on fire, explaining to a baffled Faith that it's the only way she could think off to get her kiss to Amanda.

    If you like your fic a bit more adult there's a good one where Xander is lying in bed mourning the loss of Anya in the final battle but Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Willow and Kennedy all join him for some group sex to make him feel better. Then Willow slips him some magical viagra and the fun really begins!

    All time favourite has to be The Last Scooby where an elderly Dawn is the last survivor of the Sunnydale gang, a contented grandmother surrounded by her numerous, loving family. She dies in her sleep and is reunited with Buffy, Joyce and everyone she ever loved in heaven, everyone young and beautiful again and in each other's embrace forever. But is she the last Scooby? Who is the white-haired, immortal witch crying tears of sorrow and joy over Dawn's peaceful body?

    Also a nice one speculating where the actors will be ten years after the show, James Marsters having joined a monastery, Emma Caulfield in prison, Michelle Tractenberg a presidential contender with Britney Spears as her running mate, Amber Benson on CSI;Nebraska etc 'Where are they now?

    And if you ever need a happy ending to any darkfic you've ever read The_Rape_of_Buffy (don't be fooled by the title)

    Questions and observations;

    There's another (presumably inactive) Hellmouth in Cleveland which is where Buffy was based in the alternate reality in The Wish. Dawn refers to herself as Watcher Junior. Despite all his self-doubt over the years Buffy entrusts Xander with Dawn, the most precious thing in the world to her.

    When Buffy and Spike hold hands and their fingers catch fire it's reminiscent of their discussion of love in season 6 when she dumps him, she tells him that their love would burn until there was nothing left. But Buffy finally breaks away here from their destructive love and goes off to see the world, the endless road ahead which Buffy looks down after the bus stops then looks back at the crater as the Sunnydale sign falls into the wreckage. For the past is history and the future promises great things for them all.

    How lovely that the last words we ever hear spoken on Buffy are by our wonderful Dawn.

    So Buffy defeats the First Evil, destroys the Hellmouth and shares her power with thousands of girls all over the world, forming a Slayer army to annihilate the forces of darkness. She and Faith can now share the evil fighting responsibilities and look forward to having grandchildren and dying in their beds as happy old ladies. She smiles her enigmatic, hopeful little smile...


    Buffy has destroyed Sunnydale and defeated her demons, sealing the Hellmouth forever, sharing her power with thousands of girls, overcoming herself in the form of the First. Faith tells her from now on she has to live like an ordinary person. "What are we going to do now Buffy?" asks Dawn. Buffy smiles her enigmatic little smile...

    ...and wakes up in the asylum we see her in during Normal Again, her sanity restored after 7 years. To Hank and Joyce's delight she embraces her normal existence once more, struck by how much her imaginary Sunnydale Scoobies closely resemble her friends from Hemery High, all of whom are still alive as the events of the Buffy movie were all part of her fantasy. She enjoys a long, happy, successful life, writing a series of bestselling fantasy books/TV shows/movies based on her delusion. And calls her children (and Hank and Joyce's beloved grandchildren), Dawn, Rupert, Faith, Willow and Alexander.


    Post-Chosen Sunnydale Buffy can live more normally again and Asylum Buffy in a parallel universe is no longer driven crazy by her visions of the Slayer so she too becomes sane again and gets on with her life.

    Whichever way, she makes it, our girl makes it, good for her!

    Marks out of 10; 10/10, the fantastic last ep of the best television series ever. We shall never see it's like again

    At the end Joss thanks us for watching his show. No Joss, thank you for making it. And thank you everyone here for discussing it with me, it's been a real pleasure

  • Loved this episode...made me cry....BUT, read on-

    Okay, it was daytime when the Scooby Gang and the Potentials went into the high school to destroy the hellmouth. Why did the Gang find it necessary to guard the halls (i.e., Robin/Giles, Anya ((RIP))/Andrew, Dawn/Xander)??

    Watch closely when a whole bunch of the Uber Vamps escape to the main level of the school while during the Dawn/Xander vs. Vamps fight scene, bursts of sunlight from the caving ceiling destroy the bad guys. Guarding the halls wasn't necessary. The Scoobs could have just let the Uber Vamps run out into daytime to get burned by the sun. Am I wrong??

  • Chosen

    Chosen was a perfect episode and a perfect ending to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode really finished off in the hero's quest tradition of the hero overcoming their obsticales. I really enjoyed watching this episode which was full of action, had dramatic moments, and ended with a big hole in the ground. This episode really played upon the classic hero's quest, and showed a different yet familar side to the Slayer. I think that this episode definitely ended the series well and with a big bang. Now that the Hellmouth is gone Sunnydale off the map, Buffy is free to live her life. This was a great ending to one of the best tv shows of all time!!!!!!!
  • Noticed something in the finale... it's the last scene with Buffy and Spike. I'm not quite sure if anyone else noticed it or not... it's just a theory...

    In the final scene with Buffy and Spike, when they're holding hands, and Buffy says: "I love you."
    And Spike replies: "No you Don't. But thanks for saying it."
    Before that she puts her hands into his(here's the part I noticed)and soon after, both palms burst into flames, and she's overwhelmed with emotion. As I watched her stare into the aflamed hands, I couldn't help but be reminded of th musical no. "Walk Through The Fire" and think back to the lyric: "I touch the fire and it freezes me. I look in to it and it's black. Why can't I feel my skin should crack and peel. I want the fire back."
    Maybe it's just me, but I took that scene to be the moment Buffy gained perspective on being back into the cold world after being resurrected from Heaven. It was the pivotal moment in which she found closure on her whole 'state-of-being'.
  • buffy fights the first in a big battle that some may not survive.

    i have to say i am very hard when it comes to series finale of shows.

    i kind of like the series finale.

    buffy told everyone of her plan to get willow to use her magic to give all the potential slayers there powers.williow would do this by useing her power on some slayer axe thing buffy pulled out a stone and then buffy and everyone would go to the seal open it and kill all those super uvervamps.

    williow turn into a goddess whos job is to watch over the slayers by the end.

    all the potential slayers that was with buffy and other potential slayers around the world became slayers.

    seeing how the slayers fight was such a great battle. i enjoyed seeing rona,vi,amanda,and some of the other girls kick butt but im not so sure i liked the fact it was so easly for this new awaken slayers to fight this vampires when it took buffy almost 3 episodes to just kill one of this vampires.

    alot of people died in this battle,alot of slayers did also,and i was shock anya died.

    once must of the vampires was dead spike was wearing this necklace that was given to him from angel(it was said a champion with a soul but not human was to wear it and since it wasnt for angel it was for spike.)the necklace spike had on burned up rest of all the vampires that all the slayers were fighting..it was also destorying the hellmouth(where all the demons come just b/c of all the bad energy coming from it.we know now whats down there now).

    as everyone left the scene from what spike was doing:destorying everything with that necklace..buffy was saying her goodbye to spike.it was such a good moment.this episode really made me like spike.

    during the end buffy had beat the first back,the helmouth was destoryed by spike,the potential slayers where now slayers and buffy could finally try and lead a normal life since she wasnt the only chosen one.

    what i didnt like was that anya died,i also didnt like the end where buffy,williow,and xander were talking,and giles was near by..i understand what joss was trying to do but it didnt come off right.the lines was so rushed the acting didnt seem right.i didnt like the fact that williow and xander kick buffy out and that was bascailly swept under the rug leading to the battle.i also didnt like how easy it was for this new slayers to kill all those vampires.

    i did like the battle,i like the action,i like the plan and how it went into motion and i also loved that finale scene between buffy and spike.this wasnt like a best episode but it wasnt bad b/c the show wrap up everything nice and it was good moments in the show.
  • The epic Finale!

    The last episode of the best television series on tv! This episode captivates every element that has made Buffy The Vampire Slayer one of the best TV shows ever, The twists and turns of it, the fight scenes, the sacrifice, the irony and sarcasm, the battle scene, and obviously, the amazing characters that you all know and love. The only thing i don't like about this episode is that it will be the last episode to be aired for Buffy, but their is another season of angel and a comic book continuation. But all in all, maybe the best episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and an AMAZING episode!
  • "I just realised something that never occurred to me before. We're gonna win" - Buffy

    So it was all a mislead. The last episode would not be dominated by an Angel/Spike smackdown. They never even speak. Just a a little Spikey sulk ("you have Angel breath") and a punchbag with a very bad cartoon of Angel drawn on it, rather than an attempt to murder his ex-lover and her ex-boyfriend. Buffy has other things on her mind, re-killing the big bad by scything him in the balls and quartering him (men's power is in their balls? Really?)

    We still need to have the long long closure scene with Angel as Buffy explains that she is cookie dough, or rather, she's 22. No-one's met their significant other by the age of 22. However she does throw Angel (and the Bangel shippers) a bone: "Sometimes is something."

    So, Angel didn't get to fight in the last battle but Dawn does and we have another closure scene as Dawn refuses to apologise and Buffy doesn't ground Dawn for tasering Xander and driving a car with no licence. Dawn takes her own role in the battle, rather than waiting for Buffy to tell her what to do as she goes to check the "field of engagement" and finally, finally, she gets the last word.

    Buffy and Giles make up as he calls her plan "bloody brilliant" and she admits that she wants his backing for it. Faith and her watcher/Oedipal father substitute make up as he calls her out on her arrogant sexuality and makes her admit that she cares, just a little, for him.

    Willow gets closure with her fear of doing magic as she goes to the light place rather than the dark whilst Kennedy gets to be supportive rather than aggressive.

    And Buffy, of course, Buffy gets closure from her inferiority complex about her superiority, her loneliness. She is no longer the chosen one, something she has achieved without losing her power. In conceiving the spell, she finally connects, quite literally, with the potentials. And she gets to face herself as the First as it tells her "You'll die alone" which leads to her idea, her last inspirational speech, and her final night with Spike when she trusts him enough to stay with him again and to tell him that he's a champion, everything he wanted to hear.

    So, our last visit to the school, and Joss gets to blow it up yet again. Their first attempt to open rather than close the hellmouth (where has that tentacley monster gone?) and with a quick callback to S1, the gang take their places for the battle. Willow, wearing a splendid glittery top suitable for an apocalypse, takes her place to do the spell which "flies in the face of everything we've done before". In stating that "a bunch of men made up the rule" that into every generation only one Slayer is born, Buffy is fighting the patriarchal paradigm, but she is also talking about the series. She might as well say: "A bunch of movie producers decided that small blondes trapped in alleyways will always be the victims". Willow later claims that they changed the world, just as Joss changed fantasy TV from a boy's domain to one with a more equal gender footing.

    Joss stated that Chosen was a "Nice, feminist ending" to the series, with the women sharing the power, shown literally as the scythe (used not just for slicing testicles but for creating more Slayers) is then passed from Buffy to Faith to Rhona back to Buffy. It's all about the power, we were told in episode 1. Women become empowered, Willow becomes a powerful goddess for making it so. "It's all connected", she gasps - to the feminine life force menstrual gaia blah blah blah. Unfortunately, the montage of (all American) girls becoming Slayers is pretty icky and is it even fair? Wouldn't the teenagers be terrified by their sudden strength and ability to heal quickly? And where is it written that power = physical strength? Isn't that a very masculine concept?

    Anyway, there's one last mention of Anya's bunny phobia and she's at the Turok Han, protecting Andrew from death in one last act of redemption. Also feeling redeemy is Spike, shooting sunlight out of his Liz Taylor pendant and we finally see how old James Marsters is in the harsh light of strong magicks. He discovers that a) his soul "really stings" and b) that Cassie was right, she will tell him, Spuffy shippers rejoice as Buffy finally lets Spike know that she loves him, and he dies, Christ-like, the redeemer (to be resurrected in Angel S6). He chose to do good for good's sake, not just to please Buffy, but it was her love and belief in him (and Willow) that helped them beat the First. And it makes sense, I suppose, that the oldest people, and the ones who've killed, would be the victims of the final battle.

    It's not that easy though, as Amanda is killed and Anya is dying and Robin lies wounded, Buffy is stabbed through the gut, falls to the floor and is visited one last time by the FE whose taunts seem to spur her on and there's some pretty dire CGI as Buffy runs across the Sunydale set as it collapses (again with the meta, Joss is killing his creation), and as the hellmouth implodes, it is sealed forever. Spike knocked over the Sunnydale sign twice before in anger, arrogance and drunkenness, now his blaze of glory kicks it into the chasm. Buffy sees the last seven years of her life collapse in a hole and apart from a third headmaster to die – oh, he's alive – and a rubbish ode to Anya from Xander who doesn't seem at all upset that she's gone, that, my friends, is it. Sunnydale is finished, being the only girl in all the world has finished, BTVS has finished. Yeah, Buffy, what are we gonna do now? (Don't mention the comics).
  • I started watching Buffy a little late. Thought it might be too soft for my taste. Man, I was wrong. An awesome show, and the finale has exceeded all my expectations.

    Late, but not too late, did I give Buffy a chance. I made no mistake. Yes, the first season didn't really promise, but from the minute Angel had his ultimate happy moment, I was hooked. And with Angel we begin...
    I actually hoped he would stick around a little longer, but I am certainly not disappointed. He played his part well. For Buffy's finale. The whole story of season 7 is great. It relies on some older storylines, which I really appreciate (I hate the new apocalyptic never-mentioned-before stories in any show). The First Evil, the Slayer genealogy, a lot of vampires and Willow. The special effect were pretty neat. The whole Hellmouth battle was epic, the music was chilling... just perfect.
    Spike and Buffy had their Romeo and Juliet moment, Spike became a true man, Willow demonstrated her ultimate power, Giles was, well, Giles. Buffy cool as ever, Dawn less annoying than ever and the Potentials were kicking some serious asses (Faith, sweet Faith, you are such a heroine).
    Xander and Anya. Huh, I actually believed Buffy when she said they represented a love role model. I believed their love would be eternal. Anya is/was deffinitely my favourite character on the show. Mixed with Xander... quirky. When I saw her falling to the ground, I so hoped it wasn't the end. But it was. No resurrection, no miraculous ex-demon mojo... Anya is dead. Pitty...
    Andrew... I really liked his character from his first scenes, so I'm glad he got to hang around. His and Xander's last scene was touching, maybe even too touching. In the end, Buffy ended in such a great way. Epic and adventurous, lovely and funny. Just how it deserved. Oh, and did I mention how the whole sunlight-destroying-Spike scene was awesome?
  • The perfect finale

    After 7 long and wonderful years, Buffy the vampire slayer gives a tremendous final episode. Angel gives Buffy an amulet to destroy the hellmouth, Buffy slices Caleb in half and the entire gang go over to the high school for the final battle. There, Willow activates a spell, making every single potential slayer in the world a true slayer! In the battle however, Anya and Amanda are killed. Spike sacrifices himself to finish off the hellmouth and end the Firsts plan as the remaining gang escape on the bus and Sunnydale is destroyed itself. Wow! What a great way to finally end the best ever show on television.
  • "I love you." "No you don't, but thanks for sayin' it."

    Sniff! I cry in my sleep thinking about this episode. I have see it so many times I know all the words, off by heart. It's not the best episode of the series, but I think what makes it so great is just the knowledge of it being the end, the big finale, the last one... ever! Ahhh... i can just smell it! So basically The First loses, the scoobies and potentials win. Willow does a spell to make a potential slayer in the world a slayer. "Into every generation a slayer born, because thousand and thousand of years ago a bunch of guys made up that rule. This woman... is more powerful than all of them combined. So I say, we change the rules. I say my power... will be our power. I say every girl that can stand up... will stand up. Every girl that might be a slayer... will be a slayer. Tomorrow, Willow will use the essence of the scythe to change our destiny. So, are you ready to be strong." Or something like that. And then of course Buffy tells Spike that she loves him and he dies saving everyone, Anya also dies saving Andrew's life...
    Xander: Was she...?
    Andrew: She was incredible. She died saving my life
    Xander: That's my girl. Always doing the stupid thing.
    Sniff! And Sunnydale gets sucked up into a big hole.
  • This is the perfect way to end a great sage. Buffy has had many wonderful adventures. And this one as a series finale is full of hold on to your seat adventure. Not knowing who will survive this battle if any.

    This series finale, beats all of the other adventures our friends have had. Who will survive this ultimate battle against the First. Will Buffy once again have to give up her own life for her friends and slayers in training. It was great to see Angel ther to help Buffy fight Caleb. And give her the Amulet to help her in the final battle. Oh and how she told angel he could not be there to help her battle, bacause if she lost he would have to pick up the fight for survival for the world. Even though he wanted to be there after the last time when he wasn't and she lost her life for the lives of her friends and the world. Truely a awesome series finale for a truely awesome show.
  • weak ending for a great show

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is about Buffy's journey of being a slayer. I understand how throughout the series she must do everything alone, for she is the one, the chosen, but in Chosen, all that changes. ::Spoiler:: Using super magical powers, Willow uses the deus ex machina (the sythe), which is just a tool of the slayer, not the embodiement of the power (one of my gripes), to make all the potential slayers actual slayers! This made everything to easy and asked more questions than it answered.

    Buffy's tear at the end, when she realizes that she isn't alone anymore, is sweet. Joss did a good job wrapping up all series loose ends (while creating hundreds more).
  • Perfect

    I think anyone who is going to spend the time to read this review is a fan of Buffy. It is my all time favorite show and honestly I can't see any other series taking its spot. The end was bitter sweet, an unbelievably perfect ending. We saw that there would be a future for the characters and it answered questions. I loved that we saw good concur evil and put an end to the apocalypse (again). Sunnydale is gone but Buffy remains to continue her life fighting Vampires and Demons in the Comic books that began in the summer of 2007. Joss your my hero.
  • Buffy and the Potentials begin the biggest battle of their lives as they battle The First and the Turok-Han in the Hellmouth!

    This episode was the series finale and it obviously had to be big, which it was, but I think it was a bit over the top at some parts. Angel coming back was a good storyline and bringing the necklace and then the necklace destroying the Hellmouth but I thought that killing off Spike was a bit iffy and I was shocked to see Molly die. I'm glad that nobody with a big part died such as Buffy, Willow, Xander or Giles etc. I was glad for Willow when she became a Goddess and almost peed myself laughing when Willow fell over and said "that was nifty!"
  • A great way to end.

    I've always been a fan of the original four- Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles. The scene where they all meet up is great. I'm also a die-hard Buffy and Angel fan, so the scene at the beginning where she tells him that she sees him in her future is great. I thought that Spike dying was a great way to end his character on Buffy. While I loved him on Angel, the line where he says he can feel his soul is especially moving.

    I was a little confused with the uber-vamp concept. It took so much effort for Buffy, who's been a slayer for what, 8 years now?, to kill one, that when they all miraculously killed them it didn't make much sense. I also loved having Faith in the episode. I'm not happy with Buffy ending, but this is a great way to do it.
  • "in every generation a slayer is born..one girl in all the world.." ---wait, how many girls was that? how many slayers are born?

    Buffy's finale is awesome. Buffy has found an ancient weapon known as the scythe, which was created to be wielded by the slayer herself. (as both faith and buffy feel it's theirs). Angel and Buffy kiss as Spike watches. Buffy destroys Caleb using the scythe. Willow uses the essence of the scythe to call every potential slayer in the world (and to ever be born) to be activated. Buffy, with the help of the scooby gang, aka Faith, Willow, Xander, Dawn, Anya, Spike and Giles, leads her army of (NOW) slayers into the hellmouth to fight in the Final Battle against The First Evil's army of Uber-Vamps. Buffy is stabbed and almost killed. Amanda, Anya, and a few other unnamed slayers die. Buffy gets taunted by the first when she is stabbed, and the first told her that it's coporeal now, and says "you came pretty close to taking me down..what more do you want? and buffy stands up and replies "i..want..you..to GET of my FACE!" and aparently uses the scythe to kill the first. (which she only killed that version?) Spike wears the amulet Angel brought to Buffy which is supposed to be yielded by a champion, which makes Spike's soul burst with sunlight and destroys all the uber-vamps that the slayers didn't have time to. Buffy finally admits she loves spike, and Spike is dusted by the sun as he laughs. It was sad to see anya die. She was an awesome character. It's sad to see this show go when i watched it was a great finale. The rules have changed in the buffy-verse, Buffy's no longer alone and can finally live her life. There are now slayers all over the world.

    Take that..shadow men!
  • This is one of the best episodes in Buffyverse. Buffy sets to change the course of slayer history and gets ready to open the hellmouth and fight to the death.

    Excellent episode. Its a must see. This is the EXACT reason i watch buffy good fights, good story line, great actors and an excellent finish leaving you on the edge of your seat. All the characters prepare for something new in this episode, Buffy and giles to train slayers, Willow a goddess (possibly for slayers?), Faith a new love interest & Xander life without Anya. This is a gripping and excellent episode possibly the best in the whole of buffyverse. But as most of us probably know this is not the end of buffy....she always has a way of coming back.
  • Angel arrives with an amulet to use against the First and the gang spends the night preparing for the final confrontation. A confrontation that some may not survive. Could this be the end of the blonde heroine?

    After seven years, the town of Sunnydale is closing it's doors. The fight of the century is about to take place: good vs. evil. Who will prevail? This episode is a fitting tribute to the ultimate adventure that was Buffy The Vampire Slayer, with some of the best scenes (and special effects) seen throughout. The final fight is tough, with one of the scoobies tragically meeting their fate, and another possibly being lost forever. Who knows? Also the loss of one of the biggest roles in the programme - without it there could have been no Buffy! An excellent end to an excellent programme!

    I am totally speechless for this episode....all I can say is phenominal! This episode blew me away, like all the other Buffy The Vampire Slayer season finales do ! I can watch this episode over and over and still feel the impulse of the action. Truely worth watching, not just for a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan, but everyone ! Great action, great storyline development( though i hated the potential slayers) it is well the hype for the end of the series finale. anyone out there aint see nothing till they have seen this episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. !
  • Buffy goes down to the hellmouth to kick some butt, and changes slayer history.

    This was such a good episode! One of my favorites. Buffy gets tired of waiting, so she decides to bring the fight to the first. She makes a plan, willow will make all the potential slayers into real slayers. Everyone whose not a slayer will guard the exits, and buffy and faith and all the other soon to be slayers go to the basement where the hellmouth lies. To sum it up: There they kick the ubervamps butts, thiose that escape are killed by those blocking the exits spike, the champion that he is, blows up the the hellmouth and the rest of sunnydale saving the day. It was sad when Anya died though protecting Andrews life, and when most of the others didnt survive. But my favorite scene was at the end when they were all looking over the giant hole that was once sunnydale, and Buffy smiles. And I'm glad that all who were in the scoobie gang from the begining made it till the end (Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles)
  • Buffy and the gang go into the Hellmouth and end things once and for all.

    This was such a perfect ending for the series. It was amazing. Caleb was killed, Angel came back, Anya and Spike died. Even though Spike came back in "Angel" it was still amazing. The finale really amazed me. I was really glad Faith was there for the end. Even though the season five finale was meant to be the series finale, this one was much better because everyone was there. This show deserved a good finale. It is just so amazing. The finale was just another perfect installment to this amazing series. The finale was the perfect ending to this amazing series.
  • This episode had all the makings of a Joss Whedon episode.

    The laughs were there, the drama the pacing was excellent. I was totally gripped. This episode transported me back to season one which was a good thing, I almost forgot it was really the last ever episode. There was only one scene which made me uncomfortable and that was the Willow and Kennedy kissage. I still can't get used to the idea of them being together. Tara was special. She was the other half of Willow. I know Willow deserves another chance at happiness but she can do so much better than that loud mouthed bit.ca. Kennedy summed up my feelings for her quite nicely. She's a brat.

    Luckily we had a nice geek moment with Xander, Giles and Andrew unable to sleep playing Dungeons and Dragons board game. This scene brought back to me what TV will be losing with the end of Buffy. The writing is amazing. Everything was going just fine for me, Buffy had a plan people seemed willing to follow. The Watcher/Slayer father/daughter relationship between Buffy and Giles seemed to be mending. Then Andrew had to go and make that speech in the hallway at Sunnydale High. Cue instant tears. After that the tears were never too far away. Now I realised it was the end and that people may die.

    Even whilst chuckling through that special core Scoobies moment when they discussed plans for shopping the next day, I had this great rush of emotion. I loved these guys. I'd spent seven years getting to know them. Identifying with some of their situations, willing them to get through them, feeling like I was part of the good fight. It's been great recognising the Xander, Willow, Buffy and Giles in me.

    Buffy's speech was a killer. This is one time I didn't mind the speechyfying. I felt inspired and empowered. It's truly what Buffy has been about all this time. When Willow performs her spell and her hair turns white, I knew it was good magic and things were going to be alright. Then Buffy got wounded and before I could think what this might mean Anya got sliced through. I cried out through tears "No". The action was so faced paced I was still crying out when Robin Wood got diced. I couldn't take anymore. I stopped watching and decided to write this piece.

    The Fear Demon had come to my house and was throwing a party. It's not bad enough that I knew I was watching the last ever Buffy episode. The last episode written by the creator Joss Whedon, the last ever episode of the last ever season. Yes. In an apocalypse you expect some death but, I had taken these people into my heart and cared about them. When Buffy wanted to kill Anya I was torn. I wasn't ready to let go of Anya then. I was thinking along the same lines as Xander. I hoped that Anya could be redeemed and was happy when she was allowed to take her first baby steps towards redemption even though she lost Halfrek for her trouble.

    When Robin Wood trapped Spike in his garage I was hurt and excited at the wrong rightedness of it all. Yes. Spike killed Wood's mother but Spike has a soul now. He's not the same guy. But Wood had to learn this the hard way. I was glad that Spike didn't kill him and equally glad that Wood and Buffy hadn't got passed that first date. Wood and Faith are much better suited. When he told Faith that basically she didn't rock his world in bed I thought yes, she needed to be told and he's the man to tell her. He could be the man to teach her that there is so much more to the world than Faith. I was hoping that Faith would finally be able to commit to someone. I prayed that they would both come through this.

    As I started to write this I was still praying. I couldn't believe what a coward I was. I mean it's an apocalypse for Joss's sake. How will I know who lives or dies if I don't finish watching it. I wanted to continue to but all the cigarettes in the world weren't going to get me through this. I decided that a nice alcoholic beverage might assist me. Then I started thinking about Andrew. Oh my god Joss is going to kill Andrew. I pulled myself up and poured myself a drink. I'm not a coward. I can do this. I needed to know. Finally with the help of some good old fashioned Dutch courage I kicked the little Fear Demon's butt and resumed watching.

    The show ended with hope and a promise of a new life. It was so much more than I could hope for. Anya died saving the life of a human and in my eyes she totally redeemed herself. I'm happy for her. She loved humans.

    Spike, Spike, Spike. I don't know what to say. He sacrificed himself to save the world.

    Thank you Joss. Thank you for not killing th core scoobies.

    All Hail Joss.
  • Its the end. It all stops here. She doesn't have to fight anymore.

    I truly loved this episode. It shows how much the show has grown and the evolution there was in Buffy over the years. It was the best thing to do, stop with the show while it's still succesfull. Buffy is really mature in this episode she realizes that it's okay to be alone and that there will be a time that good things will happen to her. I absolutly love the part were she says to the first: I want you to get out of my face...

    This episode is all about growing up.
    The fight is over!
    But I'm going to miss Buffy, because it was fun to watch and to see that you can relate to some problems she is having.
  • It's the end.

    After seven years of watching a show every week, after being a devoted fan, after being hopeful for the characters in love, after feeling different emotions with watching the different episodes, the different seasons, you feel the joys, the sorrows, the anger, the confusion, the anticipation, the love and everything else that comes with watching Buffy, and it all comes down to one episode. This episode: the end.

    And what are we left with? Buffy and Faith the two slayers, Giles the Watcher, Dawn; Buffy's sister and the Key, Spike the vampire with a soul, Xander the heart of the group, Willow the witch, Anya the ex demon and the seemingly ordinary principal Robin Wood. Add to the mix a whole lot of potential slayers and you get the last season of this outstanding show. But who will survive?

    Let's not forget the evil, the bad guys from this show. And who is it this time? The First. The very first evil that all other evil is afraid of. And Buffy has to figure out who to make sure it doesn't become flesh, doesn't become the biggest bad and roam the earth. Will she be able to do it in this final episode?

    Caleb is killed at the beginning of the episode, and Angel gives Buffy a necklace, something that gives them a chance. Add to that the weapon Buffy found in the previous episode, and it seems like they have an opportunity to do some damage.

    By the time the final battle is upon us, there's hope for the good guys. The potentials become chosen ones and given slayer strength. They're battling ubervampires. But not everyone survives. Most are killed in battle, but there's someone that sacrifices themselves for the greater good. It ends with Sunnydale being destroyed. It's a huge hole. But where will the scooby gang go from there? What does the future hold for them?

    They've stopped making BtVS. You can no longer watch it once a week on TV, but that won't stop you from watching it on DVD, will it? Let the scooby gang carry on their adventures in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

    This is the end. But maybe, just maybe, it's just the beginning…
  • Perfect ending to a perfect show.

    This series finale provided the perfect ending to Buffy. It recaptured what the show was all about. Buffy, her friends and her watcher fighting the untimate evil till the death. Not to mention there was some humor before the fight between Buffy, Willow and Xander discussing shopping right before what could have been an apocalypse and Giles stating the world is doomed. This brought the viewers back to season 1 which was a nice touch. In the end, Buffy is not alone anymore and has the potential to live her life. What could be more perfect?
  • i absolutely loved this episode, buffy fights her last battle along with the potentials, spike dies which is so sad and so does anya, buffy the vampire slayer definetely went out with a bang

    this is definetely my favourite episode ever, i loved everything about it the story line, the dialouge, the music, the special effects everything was brilliant! i was very upset when spike dies especially when buffy tells him she loves him that was so sweet, i loved when buffy, willow, xander and giles were standing in the hallway at the school it made me think of the very first episode and how much they have been through, my only problem was tara should of been there she was an awsome character but i understand that she needed to die for willow to of turned evil but it would of been awsome if she came in this episode and said goodbye to willow or something, i miss the show so much im still having withdrawels, best tv show ever!
  • buffy the vampire slayer finally has come to an end@!!!

    this show was amazing...ahead of its time if you will. i loved every minute every episode. this episode the last ever!!!! was great.

    it was emotional suspenseful and action packed..it was well done. buffy and the lame ass "potentials" go and fight The First..the biggest baddest beastie of all. the episode was above all good...the final fight was amazing...alot of the potenials died....yay!!! but so did Anya..poor Anya. i did have sum dislikes however...i hated the fact that Buff's power went to all the girls in the world... that was jus mega lame....i hated that..i also wished Dawn died that would have made me uber happy
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