Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • buffy fights the first in a big battle that some may not survive.

    i have to say i am very hard when it comes to series finale of shows.

    i kind of like the series finale.

    buffy told everyone of her plan to get willow to use her magic to give all the potential slayers there powers.williow would do this by useing her power on some slayer axe thing buffy pulled out a stone and then buffy and everyone would go to the seal open it and kill all those super uvervamps.

    williow turn into a goddess whos job is to watch over the slayers by the end.

    all the potential slayers that was with buffy and other potential slayers around the world became slayers.

    seeing how the slayers fight was such a great battle. i enjoyed seeing rona,vi,amanda,and some of the other girls kick butt but im not so sure i liked the fact it was so easly for this new awaken slayers to fight this vampires when it took buffy almost 3 episodes to just kill one of this vampires.

    alot of people died in this battle,alot of slayers did also,and i was shock anya died.

    once must of the vampires was dead spike was wearing this necklace that was given to him from angel(it was said a champion with a soul but not human was to wear it and since it wasnt for angel it was for spike.)the necklace spike had on burned up rest of all the vampires that all the slayers were fighting..it was also destorying the hellmouth(where all the demons come just b/c of all the bad energy coming from it.we know now whats down there now).

    as everyone left the scene from what spike was doing:destorying everything with that necklace..buffy was saying her goodbye to spike.it was such a good moment.this episode really made me like spike.

    during the end buffy had beat the first back,the helmouth was destoryed by spike,the potential slayers where now slayers and buffy could finally try and lead a normal life since she wasnt the only chosen one.

    what i didnt like was that anya died,i also didnt like the end where buffy,williow,and xander were talking,and giles was near by..i understand what joss was trying to do but it didnt come off right.the lines was so rushed the acting didnt seem right.i didnt like the fact that williow and xander kick buffy out and that was bascailly swept under the rug leading to the battle.i also didnt like how easy it was for this new slayers to kill all those vampires.

    i did like the battle,i like the action,i like the plan and how it went into motion and i also loved that finale scene between buffy and spike.this wasnt like a best episode but it wasnt bad b/c the show wrap up everything nice and it was good moments in the show.