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Buffy had a pretty good track record for picking men who would, well, make her life a little difficult. Let's travel back & time and drool all over again for her Bad Boys.

Pike: Okay, this one was in the movie, but I still think it's worth discussing. Her first bad boy! A drunk and slacker, Pike did not get along with Buffy at first. However, when Buffy saves him from vampire-related death, the two become close and eventually work together to save the school from vampires. I mean, who can resist Luke Perry? Not me, not Buffy, and probably not you, either!

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Angel: I think the relationship between Buffy & Angel was every girl's fantasy back when BTVS first started airing. Sexy, dark & mysterious dude who protects you and is there whenever you need him? Yeah, that. Their passion sizzled every time they were on screen together and their first night together? Yeah, we'll all remember that one.

: Although he ended up hiding some pretty important secrets of his own, Riley seemed the safe choice for Buffy after she was so hurt by Angel. Riley was kind, sweet, and everything Angel was not. But Riley was never able to get over his insecurity about how powerful and independent Buffy was and thus, ultimately, the two would never work out. Buffy needs to be able to be herself and Riley could never accept who she truly was. I think he needed to work on his own issues.

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Spike: By the time Spike & Buffy got together, it felt like a convenient plot device. The two never shared much sexual chemistry before but the writers made a valiant effort to make it work. Listen, TV writers, not EVERY character in ensemble casts needs to sleep with EVERY other character. Just sayin'. Regardless, their relationship led to some hilarious moments between the two and, ultimately, a really strong friendship that allowed Spike to become the hero we all knew he could be. Spike deserved a little love, too!

Buffy always goes for the baddies! But, when you're such a strong independent woman (never mind a vampire slayer!), I imagine it's hard to settle down with a normal guy. Would you want to?


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