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In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly Joss Whedon said that among his body of work the three episodes he was most proud of were Buffy's Once More, With Feeling' and 'The Body', and Firefly's 'Objects In Space'.

While I agree with 'Objects In Space' (I think it's the best final episode of all of his shows, even if it is Firefly's default final because of its cancellation), I don't agree with the other two. For me, both 'Once More, With Feeling' and 'The Body' have always been those special episodes of Buffy, 'the one were they all sing' and 'the one were Buffy's Mum dies' that make it difficult for me to appreciate because they feel a little gimmicky. Don't get me wrong, 'Once More, With Feeling' is a superbly written episode of television, but there are other Whedon written episodes of Buffy I would say are better.

For Buffy, my favourite Whedon written episode would be either 'Innocence' (2.14) or 'Becoming Parts 1 & 2' (2.21, 2.22)

For the rest of his series he has a lot less writing credits, but for Angel it's 'Spin The Bottle' (4.6) and for Dollhouse it's 'Epitaph One' (1.13).

So does everyone agree with Whedon's picks of his best episodes? Or do you, like myself, have others you prefer?

And if you're looking for the easiest way to find out which episodes he wrote in each of his series, the best way is to look up their episode lists in Wikipedia. Joss Whedon's Favorite Episodes
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