Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 18

Dirty Girls

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Faith borrows the stake from Buffy when they are fighting in the graveyard at the beginning of the episode, it is almost word-for-word a carbon copy of what happens in "Faith,Hope& Trick" when Faith 1st shows up.

      Also to note, when Buffy stops Faith beating on Spike in the same scene, this is also almost a word-for-word carbon copy of a scene in "Revelations".

    • When Faith and Spike are smoking, there is no smoke coming out of their mouths.

    • Faith smokes in this episode. In 21 previous appearances, she's never smoked before. Writer Drew Goddard acknowledged the error in a magazine interview and said he was surprised it made it to the filmed episode since Joss Whedon usually catches such continuity errors when Joss reads the scripts.

    • When the Potential Slayer (scripted as Diane -- the one in the pink sweater who is killed first by Caleb) is fighting the Bringer during the first minutes of the fight, if you look closely in the background another Potential is fighting a Bringer. Later on the in the fight, after Buffy is knocked out and everything goes to Hell, the same Potential and the same Bringer are still fighting but it's the same exact fight (same choreography and all) from before just close up.

    • Spike says he reformed before Faith, when they are fighting in the graveyard in this episode, but actually Faith reformed before Spike as he was conspiring with the enemy in the episode "The Yoko Factor" (4x20), at the same time that Faith turned herself in to the police in "Sanctuary" (Angel season 1, episode 19).

    • Toward the end of the Angel episode "Orpheus," Willow and Faith left L.A. to come back to Sunnydale. When they arrive in town at the beginning of this episode, they both appear to be wearing different outfits. This seems odd because the ride from Los Angeles to Sunnydale, probably isn't more than a couple hours.

  • Quotes

    • Caleb: I don't truck with Satan, that was just me havin' fun. Satan is a little man.

    • Caleb: And my boys sure hate to miss a mark.
      Shannon: Your boys?
      Caleb: Well they ain't my blue-eyed boys but they're hard workers.

    • Xander: I've been through more battles with Buffy than you all can ever imagine. She's stopped everything that's ever come up against her. She's laid down her life —- literally —- to protect the people around her. This girl has died two times, and she's still standing. You're scared? That's smart. You got questions? You should. But you doubt her motives, you think Buffy's all about the kill, then you take the little bus to battle. I've seen her heart, and this time —- not literally. And I'm telling you, right now, she cares more about your lives than you will ever know. You gotta trust her. She's earned it.
      Faith: Damn. I never knew you were that cool.
      Buffy: Well, you always were a little slow.
      Faith: I get that now.

    • Amanda: What the hell are you talking about? I thought Faith killed a volcanologist.
      Andrew: (chuckles) Silly, silly ... Amanda. Why would Faith kill a person who studies Vulcans?
      : He studied volcanoes.

    • Andrew: But like so many tragic heroes, Faith was seduced by the lure of the dark side. She wrapped evil around her like a large evil Mexican serape.

    • Faith: Hey, got a spare bed for a wanted fugitive?
      Giles: Hello, Faith.
      Faith: Huh. I guess "wanted" wasn't really accurate.

    • Molly: What is this place?
      Buffy: Looks like an old vineyard.
      Kennedy: An evil vineyard?
      Spike: Like Falcon Crest.

    • Caleb: (to the First) Now, it's a simple story. Stop me if you've heard it. I have found and truly believe that there is nothing so bad it cannot be made better with a story… and this one's got a happy ending. There once was a woman, and she was foul, like all women, for Adam's rib was dirty - just like Adam himself - for what was he, but human. But this woman, she was filled with darkness, despair, and why? Because she did not know. She could not see. She didn't know the good news, the glory that was coming. That'd be you. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours, now and forever. You show up, they'll get in line, 'cause they followed her. And all they have to do is take one more step, and I'll kill them all. See? I told you it had a happy ending.

    • Faith: I was never much for the good book.
      Caleb: Oh it has it's moments, Paul had some good stuff for example but over all I find it a tad complicated. (Kicks Faith aside and Caleb grabs Diane by the neck) Good folk, bad folk, clean folk, dirty folk. (Snaps Diane's neck)
      Molly: No!
      Caleb: Yes.

    • Caleb: Well, now! You girls are just burnin' with righteousness, aren't you? Problem is you think you're blazing like suns; when really, you're burning like matchsticks in the face of the darkness!

    • Caleb: So you're the Slayer. "The" Slayer. The strongest, the fastest, the most aflame with that most precious invention of all mankind... the notion of goodness. Well the Slayer must indeed be powerful. (punches Buffy across the vineyard, knocking her unconscious) So... what else you got?

    • Buffy: Why don't you go teach someone who actually needs to learn?!

    • Spike: Let me guess -- leather pants, nice right cross, doe eyes, holier-than-thou glower -- you must be Faith.

    • Caleb: Well you're the other one. The Cain to her Able. No offense to Cain, of course.

    • First Evil: Do you think I'm God?
      Caleb: Certainly not. I'm beyond concepts like that.
      First Evil: But you still wear the outfit.
      Caleb: A man can't turn his back on where he came from. And black's slimming, everyone knows that.

    • Andrew: For years and years, or more accurately months, Faith fought for the side of good.

    • Spike: Giles had a plan to kill me for Buffy's sake.
      Faith: Well, that makes me feel better about me. Worse about Giles. Little shakey about you.

    • Faith: You protecting vampires? Are you the bad Slayer now? Am I the good Slayer now?

    • Faith: Just don't forget who's on top.
      Spike: That, I suspect, would be you.

    • Faith: No more starbucks for the wannabes. Man, they've been spazzing for hours.

    • Spike: Angel's dull as a table lamp.

    • Xander: Everything's got eyes.
      Dawn: Except the bringers.
      Xander: Except the bringers.

    • Spike: Stop... hitting... me! We're on the same side.
      Faith: Please do you think I'm stupid?
      Spike: Well... yeah.
      Faith: You were attacking that girl.
      (Buffy comes in and punches Faith)
      Buffy: Sorry Faith! I didn't realize that was you.
      Faith: It's all right, B. Luckily, you still punch like you used to.

    • Buffy: (on what Caleb might have) It could be a girl, trying to get to us!
      Giles: It could be a stapler!

  • Notes

    • For a man who has been telling Buffy that Spike is dangerous and should be staked or otherwise eliminated from the group Giles seems oddly OK with Faith moving in. Especially as the last time he saw her she had switched bodies with Buffy and nearly gotten her killed via the watcher's counsel.

    • The two girls who come onto Xander in his dream sequence are both portrayed by actresses who later went on to star in major TV series. Rachel Bilson became a star of The O.C. while Dania Ramirez went on to join the cast of NBC's Heroes.

    • One of the early options considered for what Caleb could do to Xander was to kill him, so that Xander could return as the First. Considering the build up towards the finale and the potential of negative fan reaction this was eventually changed to the way it is now.

    • During filming there were rumors/plans for a potential spin-off show starring Eliza Dushku and James Marsters. The scene of Spike and Faith in the basement was an unnofficial screentest to see their chemistry. Eliza eventually declined the offer due to her series Tru Calling.

    • Mary Wilcher "Shannon" had previously guest stared on the tv show "Son of a Beach" and played a character named "Buffy."

    • Joss wrote the teaser because it established Caleb's character.

    • This is the last episode we see Spike morph out into a vampire on Buffy.

    • Faith makes reference to Angel episode (Salvage) when she is attacked in jail by another inmate that is wielding a knife with the mark of the Harbringers on it.

    • Faith makes a reference to when she was in a coma in hospital. Her quote : "I can't stay here Willow, I've spent way too much time in hospitals, we don't click".

    • This is the last episode to feature a regular vampire, with the exception of Spike and Angel who aren't exactly normal with the souls.

    • This is not Nathan Fillion's first time playing a priest/father he was also one in the movie Dracula 2000.

    • You may notice that Faith's voice seems different from the last time she was on Buffy. This is because Eliza's voice was "broken" as she puts it, and she has since then gone through Voice Therapy to train herself to speak at a higher octave, as her natural raspy voice was destroying her vocal cords. She talked about when she started her voice therapy on David Letterman last year.

    • Both Eliza Dushku and Nathan Fillion are billed as Special Guest Stars.

    • This is not the first time Anthony Head and Nathan Fillon have guest starred together. They both guest starred in an episode of Two Guys and a Girl called "Two Guys a Girl And a Mother's Day" in 1999.

    • Guest Star Nathan Fillion (Caleb) originally auditioned for the role of Angel, but this fact was unknown to producers at the time of his casting on Joss Whedon's Firefly.

    • For the third time this season Emma Caulfield (Anya) is absent from an episode.

    • Nathan Fillion recently played the starring role of Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly, also created by Joss Whedon. And on Angel, the actress who played the Firefly's first officer is Jasmine, season 4 final villain.

    • Although this is the first time that Faith has been back on Buffy since the Season 4 episode "Who Are You?", she has appeared on six episodes of Angel since then. The episodes are "Five By Five," "Sanctuary," "Judgement," and "Salvage," "Release," and "Orpheus."

    • Molly, and a potential named Diane, are killed by Caleb in this episode.

    • We learn that Caleb is responsible for the explosion at the Watcher's HQ in 'Never Leave Me'. He is also the one controlling the bringers.

    • Principal Wood fires Buffy from her job at the high school so she can focus her time on the potentials and the coming war.

    • In this Episode Caleb refers to Xander as "the one who sees things." This could be a reference to the episode 'Potential' when Dawn suggests to Xander that "seeing" is his power within the Scooby gang.

  • Allusions

    • Kennedy: I don't care if it's Godzilla. I wanna get in this thing.
      Andrew: Godzilla is mostly Tokyo based, so he's probably a no-show.
      Many classic Godzilla fans (like geeky Andrew and Xander) were not pleased with the 1997 big-budget American movie starring Matthew Broderick. The computer-generated, asexually-reproducing lizard failed to capture the spirit of the original Japanese sci-fi icon.

    • Andrew: Why would Faith kill a person who studies Vulcans.
      Andrew thought a vulcanologist studies Vulcans not volcanoes. He thought Faith killed a Vulcan from Star Trek. The "blue shirt, elf-ears man" in Andrew's story looked very similar to Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series.

    • Caleb: Organizing the Ray Charles brigade.
      Ray Charles, a blind singer. Caleb compares Ray Charles to the Bringers or "his boys" because they are blind.

    • Spike: Kind of like Falcon Crest.
      Spike's reply to Kennedy after she comments that it is an evil vineyard. The nighttime soap opera centered around a manipulive family that owned a vineyard. The show was on between 1981 and 1990.

    • Caleb: Well you're the other one. The Cain to her Abel. No offense to Cain, of course.
      From the Bible; Cain and Abel were sons of Adam and Eve. Cain murdered Abel out of jealousy, possible referring to Faith's betrayal of Buffy in season 3; or maybe that Faith will eventually murder Buffy.

    • Faith: The last one was Glitter... I guess it couldn't have been any worse.
      Faith is referring to the movie Glitter, Mariah Carey's feature film debut, which was deemed horrible by critics and moviegoers alike. It also had the lowest ratings in history when released on home video and DVD.

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