Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1999 on The WB

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  • Great, great, great, great, great!

    Have i said too much great? Well, This episode deserves it. Was really great. See a character like Willow with a dark personality, as we get used to, makes me feel chivers running through my body. I love all the episode. My favorite part was the encounter between vampire Willow and normal Willow. "Wanna be bad?" damn it! Also we saw the foreshadowing of Anya, becoming into a regular character, how Willow will be into the final seasons, and the Faith's betray is about to see the sunlight. The conversation between Cordelia and vampire Willow was funny and witty. The farewell between the two Willows was so emotive, Willow is such a good person. This episode rocks, probably this one is my favorites, along with "Becoming", "Hush", "Who are you?", and "Restless".
  • Doppelgangland

    Here represents another Whedon-written success. This episode is everything we've come to expect from BtVS. Willow's self-confidence is the focus and it manages to be hilarious, witty, fun, exciting, and fascinating. There's significant character development and foreshadowing going on and the entertaining Vampire Willow is the reason why it all gets forced out. Plot threads from the season are also seamlessly woven into the story along with development for a reappearing Anya now stuck in a younger body and forced to live as a human again. This is simply wonderful television.

    Early on Buffy is talking about how if things had turned out differently for her she might be just like Faith is now. Willow responds, "some people just don't have that in them." This is ultimately a correct statement. Some people just don't have an evil bone in them and Buffy, for all her issues, is fundamentally a person who will not do evil.

    Ever since the S2 episode "Halloween" (2x06) Willow has been slowly gaining and retaining confidence boosts. The problem is that these boosts have been confined within her circle of friends. To the outside world, as iconified by Percy here, she is still weak and accomodating. Her natural growth of confidence just isn't fast enough. All of this explodes to the surface when Buffy calls her "old reliable." She acts out by breaking her routine and turning to black magic. Willow herself fully realizes her perceived problem through Vampire Willow's influence on everyone around her.

    Willow says about herself, "She bothered me. She's so weak and accommodating. She's always letting people walk all over her, and then she gets cranky with her friends for no reason. I just couldn't let her live." And with that statement she actually has killed off her innocent persona. Percy's newfound respect for her is a confirmation to her that having power makes you important in the eyes of other people. Although her change won't be instant, she takes action to rid herself of this persona as early as "Choices" (3x19) when she volunteers for a dangerous mission, proactively uses her magic in the field, and then stands up to Faith at knife-point.

    By the time Tara comes into the picture ("Hush" [4x10]) Willow's built a new personality for herself where she is confident in the outside world. The problem is that most of this confidence stems from the power she gets when using black magic. In "Wrecked" (6x10) she says, "if you could be ... you know, plain old Willow or super Willow, who would you be? ... I mean, Buffy, who was I? Just, some girl. Tara didn't even know that girl." That just highlights how much of a turning point this episode actually is for her.

    If someone had for some reason been reading this review up to this point without seeing the episode, they'd probably be under the impression that this was a serious episode. All of the huge issues that are going on with Willow are expertly wrapped up in a genuinely fun package. Nothing exemplifies this fact more than the scene in the library where Willow walks in when Buffy, Xander, and Giles all thought she was a vampire. Xander runs up to her and sticks a cross in her face, hilariously shakes it a bunch, and then sticks it in her face again. Buffy and Xander then run up to hug her as she asks Giles what the heck is going on. Then Giles runs up and hugs her! After getting a hilariously worried face she poses a question to the group, "Say, you all didn't happen to do a bunch of drugs, did ya?" There are really too many hilarious scenes to even count in this one including Anya's chat with D'Hoffryn, her failure to get beer, Wesley's boyish fright, and the outfit exchange with Vampire Willow.

    When seeing this episode for the first time I had a genuine good time but didn't think the episode held any lasting importance to the series. Upon review I realize that this has a ton of lasting importance involving Willow's character. All of this wonderful development and foreshadowing is cleverly camoflauged by Whedon as a hilarious throw-away episode. Whedon is a genius (I'm curious how many times I'll end up saying this by series end). Enough said.
  • Possibly the best ever Buffy ep?


    The Good;

    The beginning of the father/daughter relationship between Faith and The Mayor, Anya comes into her own, VampWillow is a joy to behold, Wes actually makes himself useful, all of the library scenes are comedy classics and the lesbian subtext rapidly starts to become text. The great final gag.

    The Bad;

    None, it's all fabulous

    Best line;

    Willow (appreciating her cleavage in VampWillow's leathers) "Gosh, look at those!"

    Character death;

    Poor Sandy, although this isn't the last we'll see of her. And VampWillow get's her dusty desserts back in the Wishworld.


    VampWillow by real Willow.

    Tied up;

    Nope although Vampwillow is caged

    Knocked out;

    Anya and VampWillow

    Women good/men bad;

    VampWillow; "Bitch!" (all in the delivery). The beginning of the epic hostility between Anya and Willow.


    VampWillow killing Sandy is akin to snuff. Also her breaking of the other vamps fingers

    Kinky dinky;

    How much time have you got? VampWillow has the hots for everything in sight, Xander, Willow, Sandy. She speaks of 'riding people in chains like ponys' (and I've met more than a few Alysson Hannigan fans over the years who would gladly volunteer). Plenty of naughty touching. Meanwhile Faith refers to 'all the screwing' at her hotel and the Mayor as 'Sugardaddy' but he turns down her advances, making her actually love him more. Best of all is the scary visual place of Willow and Oz playing 'Mistress of Pain' (I'm sure there's a fanfic somewhere?). Percy says he 'owns Willow's ass' but actually it seems to be the other way around. Willow says she feels like 'Dying a virgin'

    Calling Captain Subtext;

    Will refers to snuggling and thinks her vamp self is 'kinda gay'. She also get's a curious look on her face at the thought of 'breeding' with Percy. VampWillow fancies everything in sight but her lusting after Cordelia's neck is especially interesting considering VampWill's already had a bite in The Wish. Willow's jealousy of Faith is very apparent. Note VampWill still loves Xander much in the same way Spike and Dru still love one another (maybe they were sired by Dru in the Wishverse?). Giles seems to have a very real affection for Will and as we'll later learn she has the same for him. We learn that VampWillow has a great deal in common with real Will.

    Guantanamo Bay;

    Pretty much everyone is ruthless all around, the plan for luring the vamps out is masterful. Again Buffy shows her skill as a general and not just a fighter.

    The dodgy message of the week is to make athletes care about history tests you should beat them up?

    Scoobies to the ER;

    Not this week

    Questions and observations;

    The first appearance of Percy and D'Hoffryn. Devon back again, Oz and Angel seem to have a pretty good relationship to judge from their conversation. Faith continues her slide but can't kill for the Mayor yet. Wes saves Cordy for the first but not last time. According to Angel your human self influences your vamp self (as we see with Spike). Xander is oddly pleased at the thought of his vamp self. I figure that the Wishworld run's paralell to the real world but stops dead the moment Giles smashes the necklace. Anya is 1120 years old.

    When you look at the scene in the Bronze where VampWillow beats up Percy and Xander asks 'Is it a funny thing?' it looks as though it's Larry amidst the crowd but his name isn't in the titles

    This ep features one of the most understated but important scenes in the whole series. VampWillow walks down Sunnydale mainstreet. In her world where Buffy never came to Sunnydale it's a bleak and deserted wasteland. In the real world, it's full of happy, laughing people. Sure people still die in Sunnydale but the difference one person can make! D'Hoffryn says Anya will live out her mortal life and die. Why does Anya go to Sunnydale High, did she create parents etc for herself as well? Or is she hiding out from those seeking vengence? Buffy has lots of sympathy with Faith, Willow says that Buffy would never kill people but she does. Some lovely moody music at the Bronze. Wonderful performance from Alysson Hannigan, the way she slips from real Willow to VampWillow and effortlessly back again then to real Willow pretending to be VampWillow and VampWillow pretending to be real Willow is just masterful.

    The Bronze must go through pool cues at a fearsome rate. 'Dingoes ate my baby' apparently know only three chords but nowadays that doesn't seem to bar anyone from musical success.

    Marks out of 10; 10/10, totally brilliant, possibly the best ep of Buffy ever?

  • Doppelgangland

    Doppelgangland was a very good episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode was a little focused on Willows character. She is starting to feel overwhelmed when everyone seems to rely on her for some thing, and she is predictable. Little does she know just how wrong she could be. The new girl or demon at Sunnydale High, Anya asks Willow to help her with a spell. It is great to see Willow getting into Magic, this is a really great element for the show. The spell backfires because Willow secretly backed out, and now her Alternate-Self from the Hell Dimension where Cordelia wished Buffy never came there, was on the loose in this reality. There are a few good laugh, some drama, and action of course. Great episode!!!
  • Season 3, Episode 16.

    Anya convinces Willow to help her with a spell that will help her get her amulet back, and it results in the vampire Willow rising from the dead.

    I liked this episode! The concept was awesome. Plus, the guy Willow was supposed to help was SEXY! Incredibly sexy. And Angel is also hot. I liked when they were mourning Willow, yet there were no tears, which was kinda weird, but the actors still performed well. Faith looked good as always. This was an all around awesome episode. Every second was enjoyable. Williw's gay Hehe. I liked Willow going undercover as a vampire and the vampire Willow/Cordelia scenes. Cool episode!
  • Willow: I'm a blood-sucking fiend. Look at my outfit!

    So, evil Willow makes her second appearance on the show and it's even better than last time. I love the beginning of the episode which portrays Willow at her slightly awkward, doormat, reliable self as she wishes to rebel from the image that she has created for herself. I love the first interaction between her and Oz where he hugs her and tells her about the gig of which she 'might of' wanted to attend. They are the cutest couple ever. Then as evil Willow comes to play she is hilarious, I love how Devon goes "look at your girlfriend" when she shows up at the Bronze in the classically random Devon fashion. I love how he sends Angel to get Buffy and their plan develops. Then when Evil and Good Willow interact it is hilarious and I love how Evil Willow is hitting on her self. Then when Cordelia comes to 'return' a book and bores Evil Willow. Then watching good Willow pretend to be evil is just hilarious. This is a really fantastic episode and it has so many funny moments. When Giles, Buffy and Xander are grieving and they all acknowledge that she was the best of them all and then hug her when she returns and she just thinks they have been doing drugs. A great episode.
  • Perfect storyline

    This episode is one of my personal favorites, and I find it to have serious charector development on Willow's part. This Certainly gives off a the thought of the fact that everyone now knows what it would be like to have an evil willow as an enemy. On a lighter note, I'd have to say I think this is rather interesting in it's own brand of funny that I find most often in this show. I also do believe this is a sign that Willow has come along way from the comuter nerd shown in the first season, considering the nessesity for a little bad-girl Willow.
  • A Tale of Two Willows

    Doppelgangland-Anya convinces an unsuspecting Willow to assist her with a spell that will return her amulet and, with it, her Vengeance Demon powers. Willow, sensing something wrong with the magic, balks at the last minute and disrupts the spell. Instead of returning the amulet, the spell summons the vampire Willow from the alternate universe in "The Wish" and sets her loose in Sunnydale.

    It's no secret that Willow is series creator, Joss Whedon's favorite character of the series. So it was obvious when it came to writing the episode that Willow's alternate reality vampire self comes back, that he would be behind the pen this time. Probably Alyson Hannigan's best performance of her career and some of the funniest scenes of series, it's no wonder "Doppelgangland" is an instant fan favorite! The episode is basically Willow's yearning to want to be more than who she is. Willow has always been the smart, quirky and yes, reliable character who you count on to be responsibly. But Willow gets more than she bargained for when her vamp-out self from an alternate reality comes to Sunnydale.

    Alyson really shows she's one hell of an actress switching from innocent, sweet Willow to slutty, vampire Willow flawlessly. The best scene has to be when they both meet and vampire Willow hits on normal Willow. There's even a hint of Willow's hidden sexual orientation as Angel makes a comment about how vampires are not that different from the people they originally were. Also, I love how vampire Willow inadvertently beats up Percy thus making Willow look like more of an intimidating person in the end. Also, the scene in which normal Willow acts like Vamp Willow is too hilarious as she politely tells vampires to go outside, gets her hand tangled in a girl's hair and quickly waves to Oz to show that she's the real Willow. Other great scenes are Cordelia having a talk about the ethics of boyfriend stealing and Vamp Willow tries not to be so bored. I even like this little exchange:

    Cordelia: "What? Do I have something on my neck?"
    Vamp Willow: "Not yet."

    Also, Wesley coming to save Cordelia only to react like a complete sissy when Cordelia touches his shoulder is too priceless for words. It's also great how normal Willow decides to send Vamp Willow back to her world only for her to die the second she comes back, lo. We also get some great scenes between The Mayor and Faith as she gets a new place as well as more Anya, which she was wondeful throughout. All and All, truly remarkable episode as we get some of the funniest writing of the series and a fantastic performance from the undeniable Alyson Hannigan.
  • anya finds out that willow is a witch and asks for her help to get her magic necklace used for vengance spells working again. they screw up the spell and bring an " evil willow" from another realm( the one where buffy never goes to sunnydale) =choas

    i loved this episode it was awesome. i think the main reason i liked it so much is becasue it links well to other episodes and if you've seen every episode this one is much more enjoyable. there are many memorable lines in this episode such as when willow dresses up as the "evil willow" and she has clevage and she looks down and says "oo look at those". and at the end of the episode when they are sending " evil willow" back they hug and willows like " hands HANDS!" and later on she says i think im kinda gay does this mean they always meant her to be gay over all very good episode. very funny.
  • Double Your Fun

    If you ever wanted to "turn" somebody onto Buffy, Doppelgangland is the perfect episode to have on in the background when the turnee comes over for a "so-called" friendly gathering, when in truth it's an elaborate scheme to make them a fan of this show.

    This is because, more so than any other Buffy episode, Doppelgangland features every single genre the show does so well, playing as both a hilarious comedy and a dark fantasy thriller. Plus there's some great dialogue, awesome use of the complete cast, and a pretty fun fight scene. And I doubt anybody would not fall in love with this show after seeing it.

    This is undoubtedly the best Willow episode. Ever. Alyson Hannigan gets to completely shine, showing her talents as both the quirky, nerdy normal Willow, and the kinky, evil "kinda gay Vamp Willow. Joss Whedon managed to make the Vamp Willow so loveable, and it was great to see her survive the episode. Well, at least in this universe.

    I found Willow really hilarious in this episode. She has become "old reliable", and her situation pre-doppelganger was at its worst in terms of loser-ness, so it was understandable she wanted to break out of the norm a little. The scenes where Will was playing her evil duplicate were great, especially her quick little wave at Oz.

    I also loved Anya making a return appearance. In just two episodes, Emma Caulfield has completely gotten a hold on the character, and already feels like a permanent member of the cast. So it was no real surprise when they decided to use her a lot more on the show.

    Evil duplicate stories have been done to death on TV, but Doppelgangland is by far one of the best. Featuring a blindingly great performance from Alyson Hannigan and hilarious scenes which showcase each member of the cast's talents, Doppelgangland is truthfully one of the best episodes Buffy ever did. A true masterpiece.

    Director: Joss Whedon
    Writer: Joss Whedon
    Rating: A+
  • An absolute classic.

    Without a shadow of a doubt I can say that this is my all time favourite episode of the show.

    Willow has always been my favourite character and I think Alyson Hannigan does an amazing job with her. Whether she is being dramatic or comic Alyson just blows my mind, she is amazing.

    A perfect example is this episode where Alyson has to make the two characters the same yet distinct in their own ways. It was just hilarious watching "good Willow" trying to play "bad Willow" and it is done to perfection - wow, look at those.

    Amazing writing and acting and a perfect example of why I love the show so much.
  • Vampire Willow

    This was a great development of Willow's character. I love how everyone sees Willow as the brain type and the one that will do whatever you want and she finally stood up to that stereotype in this episode.

    I loved that Snyder wanted her to tutor Percy and she put up a huge fight about that and then Giles asked her to do something and she was like okay.

    The tests that Wesley had to do for Faith and Buffy were interesting. You could tell that Faith was all bad girl because she was a little too interested in Willow breaking into the Mayor's stuff online.

    Vampire Willow was so incredible. I loved how excited she was when she saw Xander at The Bronze and then how disappointed she was when she realized that he was human. Vampire Willow was great though. I loved her reaction to seeing Buffy and just saying "I don't like you." I also loved Vamp Willow beating on Percy.

    I loved how the gang reacted to finding the real Willow. I loved Buffy and Xander grabbing her in a hug and then when they let her go Giles squeezed her in a hug. It was so cute. I loved Angel when he came to tell them that Willow was a vampire and she was at The Bronze and then saw the real Willow.

    I totally loved vampire Willow taking over The Bronze and Anya and vampire Willow were amazing together in those scenes.

    I loved the bad idea for Vamp Willow and Willow to change cloths and try and fake out the vamps at The Bronze. It was great. Locking Vampire Willow in the book cage was funny too especially when Cordelia came around. I loved Cordy trying to talk to Willow about boyfriend stealing it was very amusing. And I loved that Cordelia finally let her out only to find out that she's a vampire. I loved Wes trying to save Cordy too.

    This was such an amazing episode. I loved the two Willows and all the magic involved in this episode.
  • Willow meets her vampire self from an alternate reality...

    This episode isn't my favorite, but it was still pretty good. I liked the part when Cordelia was being chased by the vampire Willow and Wesley stopped Willow by waving a cross and Holy water in her face. It was funny to see him jump and squeal like a girl when Cordelia was trying to thank him for saving her. I also liked the ending where vampire Willow was sent back to her alternate reality, but she was slain the moment she got back. I thought it was funny when she tried to say the 'F' word, but she died before she could finish. The only thing about this episode that I didn't like, was the fact that Vampire Willow was a lesbian.
  • Willow has a not so good twin

    Favorite Quotes:
    Anya: "God, what a day... gimmie a beer"
    Barkeep: (deadpan) "ID."
    (Anya glares at him)
    Barkeep: "ID"
    Anya: "I'm eleven hundred and twenty years old, just gimmie a frickin' beer!"
    Barkeep: "ID"
    Anya: (sigh) "gimmie a coke"

    This was a great episode. Willow finds out how manipulative Anya can be when she wants something, but gotta love Anya anyway. Thanks to Anyas spell, Vamp Willow has shown up in Sunnydale and hilarity ensues of course. Anya never did get her charm back, which is a good thing! I think the best part was when Good Willow had to dress up as Vamp Willow to fool everyone. She fooled no one, lol!
  • Vampire Willow is back.

    Willow feels like she is too safe and reliable so Vampire willow comes back. This episode was really funny, like when Vampire Willow was in the cage and Cordy was lecturing her on kissing Xander and she's like do i have something on my kneck and Dw not yet. It was also funny when Willow was trying to act bad and she waved to OZ. It was cool how Willows like at least she'll have a chance and VW goes back and gets staked. I thought the acting by Alyson Hannigan was great since she usually plays such a safe role. This was one of my favorite episodes.
  • Vampire Willow rocks!

    This is such a funny episode. Anya brings the vampire Willow back from an alternate reality and all hell breaks loose...

    The new undead version of Willow as a very "distinct" sense of style and has major confidence and power. Soon after arriving in the new time she quickly takes control of the Bronze and has a multitude of vampires under her control.

    It is up to Buffy, Angel, Xander, and the real Willow to stop the new menus. It climaxes in a huge fight at the Bronze between the Scoobies and vampires. Buffy dusts all of them expect vampire Willow. She couldn't bring her self to do it...

    The Scoobies send her home and the world goes back to normal. Well whatever normal is for them...
  • Vampire Willow

    In attempt to get back her demonic powers Anya enlists Willow to help her open a portal to another very familiar realm. However, she does get what she seeks and only suceeds in summoning Willow's vampire self. As she runs rampid through Sunnydale killing and causing serious problems and some hefty confusion Buffy and the gang must put Willow in her shoes in an effort to take her down, or more correctly return her to her own dimension. This episode has some super funny moments with Willow and her evil self, there are some great moments.
  • Seeing Double!

    Doppelgangland is probably my favourite episode of Buffy, it had everything that made this show fun, some great dialogue, hilarious moments and some pretty awesome acting, in particular Alyson Hannigan as Willow and as Vampire Willow. The main plot of the episode involving Willow and Vamp Willow is completly awesome, there are some really hilarious moments along the way, including the scene at the bronze with Willow trying to act bad and waving to Oz, which was too funny for words. I guess there were barely anything else going on except for Faith moving into her new apartment. Vampire Willow talking to Cordelia was just hilarious... Cordelia: Is there something on my neck? Vampire Willow: Not Yet!
  • Vampire Willow is back!

    This episode is expertly written! Willow wanting to test her wiccan powers accidentally helps Anya to bring vampire Willow into Sunnydale.

    I love the character of vampire Willow, she is everything opposite to the real Willow we know but I still like her. I loved the way that Willow pretended to be a vampire, it just proves that vampires really are thick if they didn't notice she was a human.

    Anya is a smart girl and it was good to see more of her. It seems that she really hates life as a mortal. I can't wait til we get to see more of her past life as Anyanka.
  • Exciting and sooo funny!

    Willow unintentionally brings back her vampire self from the alternate reality we got to know in "Wish". And now there are two Willows and the gang gets kinda confused.
    The Willow vamp(ire) kicked some ass and it was extremly fun to see how Percy got so scared that he stopped bullying her in the end. Hilarious!
    This episode was so funny with those complete opposite versions of Willow and how they treated each other. But today, it's even funnier, because now I know how she'll develop in the next seasons and then there all those references that are just sooo hilarious!
  • Willow and Willow!!

    So Anya is sick and tired of being stuck as a high school student. She goes to Willow and asks her to do a spell to find something that she lost. She doesn’t explain what she is missing and Willow is happy to help because she likes playing witch and is tired of everyone at school thinking that she is the perfect one who never does anything wrong. The spell goes a little wrong and instead of bringing back the necklace they bring back Vamp Willow from the other dimension. Vamp Willow is going crazy in this dimension and after hse gets a gang of vamps to take over the Bronze she tries to kidnap real Willow to send her back to her dimension. The gang save her and then tell real Willow that she has to dress up like Vamp Willow to defuse the situation at the bronze. Cordy runs into vamp Willow and doesn’t know what’s happening and lets her out. Wesley comes in and chases the vamp off so she returns to the Bronze. A fight breaks out and the gang wins but don’t kill vamp Willow, real Willow wants to send her back. Willow: "That's me as a vampire? I'm so evil. And skanky. And I think I'm kinda gay!"
  • Absolutley brilliant episode!

    I love this episode so much, it is so funny in so many places. The cast did an absolutley wonderful job here, Alyson Hannigan really got a chance to shine in this role but she wasn't the only one I thought the reactions from the other actors were equally as amazing. The plot was fantastic and I loved the way they sneakingly introduced the possibilty of Willow being gay which we would find out later to be true and the dialogue was also brilliant. This episode is a true joy to watch and I would watch it time and time again.
  • Awesome!!!!!

    I loved this episode. I have never written a review before, so here is my first. Vamp Willow was great!!! And then Willow trying to be Willow was even better. It reminded me of my highschool days and wishing I was someone else. I never did have the nerve or the guts to do it. I was just a shy girl. Sometimes I have wondered what it would have been like to be someone else even for just a moment. The end scene when the jock guy was talking to Willow was probably the best. She won. He did his own work. Jocks need to know what that is like, to feel less than, at least sometimes!
  • Anya tries to summon her magic necklace that was lost in 'The Wish'. What she brings forth, however, is VampWillow!

    A wonderful episode that takes a character from a dark episode (The Wish) and uses her in a new way to create a comedy (VampWillow).

    Alyson does phenomenal work as Willow, VampWillow, VampWillow pretending to be Willow and Willow pretending to be VampWillow. The scenes with between VampWillow and Cordelia in the library are a real hoot and Willow's attempts to trick Anya and the attacking vampires that she's actually VampWillow are riotous. I love this episode!

    The only thing that failed for me, was the short duration scene where the gang thinks that Willow was vamped. I just didn't buy the 'grief' that they were supposed to be displaying. Of course the scene was so short because it was actually a set up for the comedy when Willow comes waltzing into the library completely unsuspecting of what is going on.

    Xander shaking the cross at Willow when its not working right is hilarious.
  • Anya can\'t stand being human and asks Willow to help her get her amulet back which leads to the vamp Willow to come in to this dimension

    I loved this episode, it may very well be my favorite Buffy episode (even though it\'s impossible to choose that, really) I like the bad Willow and Anya and I love everybodies reactions to Willow\'s death:
    Giles: She was truly the finest of all of us.
    Xander: Way better than me.
    Giles: Much, much better
  • 'This is a dumb world. In my world, there are people in chains and we can ride them like ponies.'

    ‘Dopplegangland’ sort of continues the storyline of ‘The Wish’ only it’s not as good. It’s more of a comedy episode that only continues Anya’s story and the loss of her necklace and it brings Vampire Willow into this reality.

    The only arc storyline we get to see during the episode is Faith who’s obviously working together with The Mayor now. Buffy is also acting a little awkward around Faith but can you blame her? Besides that we see Willow trying to get access of The Mayor’s computer and the Mayor sending some vampires after Willow to kill her but instead they come across Vamp Willow who makes them her minions.

    It all begins with Anya talking to her boss who won’t give her powers back. She swears to get the back another way. She goes to Willow and wants to do a spell with her to bring it back, instead Willow sees a dark dimension and the spell goes wrong and she brings back herself.

    Meanwhile Willow feels unloved, old-reliable geyser person. While Xander and Buffy go to the bronze they find Willow there in leather, but it’s not the same Willow. This one is a vamp.

    What I found to be a little ridiculous is when they mourned over Willow, it didn’t feel natural. I think that if Willow would have died, Buffy would have been crying and so would the rest in stead of going all ‘she was better than us’. Anyhow, when Willow,…the human one walks in they think she’s a vampire but when they realise she ain’t they hug her and all, naturally she thinks they’re on drugs.

    Meanwhile the other Willow, the not so pleasant one goes with her slaves to the bronze to bring chaos. Oz and Angel are there and see her be her vamp-self. Angel goes to bring Buffy while Anya tells Vamp Willow about this world and the only way for her to go back to her dimension is by the help of the other her.

    The fluffy Willow stays behind in school but comes across the vamp one. They both enjoy licking each other’s neck’s. Well the evil one anyway, but the smart one is able to free herself and shoots her with a sleeping-gun or whatever you call those.

    Buffy has a very bad idea and good Willow puts on the skank clothes and realised she has big boobies. Eventually they free everyone in the bronze and kill all the evil vamps and while the other vamp escaped and is caught now they go back with Anya to bring back Vamp Willow to her own reality to be staked.

    My favourite part of the episode was when Vamp Willow tried to kill Cordy but got rescued by Wesley. He screamed like a woman,

    ‘Dopplegangland’ was a witty, crazy fun episode that is a tad overrated but doesn’t keep it from still being an excellent episode.

  • "Bored now" puts an otherwise kinda out-of-place vamp-Wil right up there with The Best Vampires Ever.

    She is a bit akward as a vampire, the sweet, harmless Alyson Hannigan, but she wins me over everytime she pouts her lip and says "bored now..."
    She alone is reason enough for a 10.0.

    In other news: Im so glad Anya is with us now. She might be a supporting char, but she is one of the most colorful contributions to BTVS ever.
  • "And now I'm stuck at Sunnydale High. Mortal. A child. And I'm flunking math." - Anya

    I’m one of the very few people who were happier about Anya being in this episode than the return of VampWillow. Bolshy (“I’m 11,020 years old – just gimme a freakin’ beer!”), resourceful (D’Hoffryn won’t help her return to her old job, so she finds someone who (unwittingly) will), and intelligent (she susses out which Willow is witch which in the Bronze pretty darn quickly) - she is my favourite character and where would the depressing seasons of 5 and 6 be without her quick quips?

    Still, VampWillow is buckets of fun and I much prefer her to DarkWillow of S6. VW is much more fun-loving and whilst Alyson Hannigan can do comedy and pathos, she is not so hot at playing supercilious-yet-insecure overlords. So the story opens with Willow being belittled, bullied and taken for granted by Snyder, Percy, Giles, Xander and even Oz. She feels that she is the Doormat Homework Gal and one can’t help but wonder if this is some emotional fallout after the Faith/Xander tryst – she feels boring because Xander slept with a murderer rather than her?

    This episode is thematically similar to The Zeppo, Willow’s fed up of being the dull girl and wants some change, so when Anya suggests some light witchcraft, Willow’s all excited. Witchcraft represents the daredevil side of life to Willow, it equals loud rock music or extreme sports to her. It’s her dark side. Although of course, VampWillow is her actual bad side, portrayed most obviously in the Willows’ choice of clothing - we have VampWillow in a ridiculously chafing leather catsuit and GoodWillow in a fluffy pink jumper embroidered with daisies. But VampWillow is knocked out and Willow gets to dress up and act evil. She now sees the bad side of being bad, especially as her alter-ego keeps licking her (“this really can’t get any more disturbing”). Just as magic is often “dangerous and not to be toyed with”, being naughty isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – her doppelganger is “evil, skanky and kind of gay”. Furthermore, Willow claims that she’s seen “where the path of vice leads – I don’t ever want to be like that” – two cute little teasers for the future. But VW helps Willow – she attacks the vampires that were sent to kill real Willow and smacks Percy about so much so that he brings completed homework and apples for Good Willow – the point Joss is making is that we don’t have to be just good or just evil, there are grey areas. Willow gets to punch Anya (the start of their hate/hate relationship) which is not the action of a Good Person. Willow, pretending to be VW, says: “She’s so weak and accommodating and lets people walk all over her like a doormat, I couldn’t let her live” – Willow is publicly despising the parts of her that she doesn’t like. This is kind of ironic - although Good Will saves Bad Will (“I just can’t kill her”) Bad Will tries to extinguish Good Willow – the id trying to destroy the ego. But Willow can’t kill off the ‘bad’ part of her.
    Meanwhile, Cordy appears in the library just happening to look for Wesley in a glittery dress and full make-up. VampWillow is by this point locked in the cage and has to listen to Cordelia, the great humanitarian, blethering on about Willow’s rights and wrongs – well, mainly wrongs – regarding boyfriend-stealing. She tells her how she didn’t even like Xander, they just kept being put in life or death situations “which is always sexy”, before almost being killed in the same way as in The Wish, although this time a shrieking Wesley saves her and is rewarded with Cordy-hugs in another life and death situation.

    As well as having resonance with The Zeppo, this episode also mirrors the Faith/Buffy relationship. Buffy discovered in Bad Girls that being bad isn’t always fun. But Buffy has faith in Faith, and like Willow, can’t get rid of her id. Early on in this episode she says of Faith: “she could be me” (which harks back to The Wish in which Buffy is a Faith-style killing machine and is also the episode in which VampWillow was born), and of Vamp Willow she says: “There but for the grace of being bit” – VW could be Willow in this reality. Good Willow sends Vamp Willow back to her world in order to give her a chance, but she ends up in the same place, being staked by Oz. Our Willow is in a better place, like Buffy she knows that this world can be “no fun” at times, but she is loved and respected – the most touching moment of the ep is when the gang, believing that she was dead, jump on her to hug her, even stiff-lipped Giles. Faith and VW don’t have that.

    Talking of our favourite murderess, it remains somewhat bizarre that Faith is a) at liberty and b) working out with Wesley, whom last week she was kicking in the teeth. This rather dubious decision on the part of Wes, Buffy and Giles to keep Faith in the ‘Dale serves only as plot device – we need her being a double agent in order to set up the Mayor’s plan to kill Willow (methinks Willow is right to spin the pencil when she thinks about Faith). And it leads to some funnies from the Mayor as he gives Faith her new flat. As ever, he is concerned with morality and cleanliness (“No shoes on the bed”, “There are immoral liaisons in that motel”) whilst at the same time plotting some vile deed. Interesting that Faith’s pseudo-seduction doesn’t wash with him - he wants an assassin, not a mistress. Wilkins is an excellent representation of the seedy underbelly of American life – the all American guy, the family man with his hatred of bad language, sleaze and germs who is hiding an evil secret.

    There are some hilarious moments in this ep, great verbal and visual jokes: Xander shaking the cross to try to get it to work, Giles’s rubbish explanation: “Something very strange is happening”, Willow’s assertion that she’s a “blood-sucking fiend – look at my outfit” and asking the vampire and Anya whether a human could do “this – SCREEAAM” and the two agreeing that yes, a human could, Willow waving at Oz when infiltrating the vamp group and then stroking a girl’s hair and getting her klutzy hand stuck in it, all of which show Joss’s mastery of comedy as well his genius at drama, pathos, horror etc etc. Let’s leave the last words to Devon and Oz.

    Oz: "Your professional bands can play up to six, sometimes seven completely different chords."
    Devon: "That's just, like, fruity jazz bands."

  • A very funny and special episode.

    This was a good episode I liked how they brought back vimpire Williow I like that character and it was so funny to see the nice Williow playing a vampire that was one of the best actting ive ever seen. I loved the ep. Wish so it was great to see kinda the second part of that.
  • Because one Willow is not enough...

    "Dopplegangland" is one of the 10 funniest episodes in the entire Buffy series, and also a great episode overall.

    A great episode to start non Buffy fans out by showing them how fun this show is, and a favorite for diehard fans.

    I know I still enjoy watching it and I've seen it like 15 times.
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