Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 7 Episode 19

Empty Places

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2003 on The WB

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  • Ungrateful wretches!!!

    I love the dialogue between Spike and Andrew. Their conversation on the bike was hilarious. It\'s interesting to see what the fallout of Caleb\'s presence at the monastery is. Plus it is cool that they found out a clue that will vindicate Buffy.
    But I can\'t believe the Scooby Gang would turn on Buffy like this! It\'s understandable that the wannabes wouldn\'t like her, they just had an unsuccessful mission and they don\'t have the history with her to know that she\'s right pretty much ALL the time. Anya doesn\'t like Buffy because of Xander and Robin is still angry about Spike so they have no loyalty to Buffy.
    The four of them...I just want to punch each one of them into the ground.
    Giles - I\'m just astonished that he would choose an unreliable criminal over a proven leader. Is he so threatened by her independence that he forgets to trust her instincts.
    Willow - She\'s probably the biggest surprise since what is her reasoning for getting rid of Buffy? Has that dark magick twisted her reasoning?
    Dawn - This little brat really deserves to get slapped. After Buffy literally dies in her place, she has absolutely no loyalty to her OWN sister?
    Xander - It seems like it was just in the last episode or two that he was telling the wannabes to trust Buffy\'s leadership because she has the experience to deserve that trust. So the only thing that has changed is that he got hurt. That means that he will trust her as long as she protects him from serious injury.
    I didn\'t like how desperate Buffy got though. It just seemed wrong for her to plead. You saw how crushed she was by her \"friends\" and their remarks. But it was good that she still gave Faith advice about being a leader before she left.