Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 3 Episode 3

Faith, Hope and Trick

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 1998 on The WB

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  • Faith, Hope and Trick

    This is a great start to the S3 arc. Like the title says, the three new characters introduced in this episode are Faith, Scott Hope, and Mr. Trick. I like what all of these characters bring to the show and am happy with all three. I've got a couple really big complaints though. The first is how lame the vampire Kakistos is, and the second is the fact that Angel, somewhat randomly, returns from hell.

    Early in the episode Buffy has a nightmare where Angel seems very angry with her for sending him to hell. This is very much in character for her and reminds me of the forgiveness problems she had in "I Only Have Eyes for You" (2x19). She's still having problems getting over what she did to Angel, and it shows. This is why Giles, in a very slick way, makes up the need for a binding spell in order to get more information out of Buffy on what happened that day, after Xander took him out of the mansion. Buffy skipped town for several months without telling anyone which pretty much clues in Giles to the fact that something much more traumatic than just "sending Angelus to hell" happened.

    It's cute seeing Willow trying to help Buffy get back in date mode, but it just goes to show that she obviously doesn't have any idea what Buffy is feeling right now. This season, and beyond, the relationship between Buffy and Willow begins to change. They are not nearly as close this year as they were last year. While at the end of "Dead Man's Party" (3x02) it appears everything's back to normal, it turns out everything's far from normal in terms of their relationship. This really becomes a problem in S4 and never fully fixes itself by S5. This slowly building separation is why they don't see each others' big problems in S6. This is amazingly well thought out and smart character development which is completely unique to the television landscape.

    From the moment we meet Faith in the alley I liked her more than Kendra. While I admitted I liked what Kendra brought out in Buffy, she just never really interested me as a character. Faith on the other hand is a completely different story. She's complicated, conflicted, and interesting right away. She's also the anti-Kendra. Kendra made us feel like Buffy was an irresponsible Slayer. Faith brings up the point that Buffy needs to find the fun in slaying, which is saying that Faith thinks Buffy is too responisble. All of this just goes to show how well balanced Buffy really is, which is probably why she's still alive right now. It's also interesting that Faith and Buffy are verbally sparring with each other during their first patrol together. Boy this this hint at things to come.

    The whole fighting makes Slayers "hungry and horny" comment from Faith turns out to have a lot of truth behind it. Although we don't get an admission from Buffy here, it is proven that she does have that urge in future seasons. I believe the first time this is really brought to light is in "The I in Team" (4x13), when Buffy and Riley have sex after capturing the spear demon. I must admit that I laughed when, after Faith made the comment, the whole gang turned to look at Buffy. Also an amusing reference to S4 is when Joyce says about Faith, "I like this girl." I was laughing when comparing her comment to what happens in "This Year's Girl" (4x15): Faith is threatening to kill Joyce with a knife in her bedroom.

    I really thought the scene where Buffy "lets go" of Angel by leaving the ring in the mansion and says good bye was well done. That should have ended the Buffy and Angel relationship issues for good. I sure hope the only reason Angel came back was to prepare him for his own show, because I would have much rather had him stay gone. I can't help but feel Angel's return here cheapens his 'death' in "Becoming Pt. 2" (2x22), and that's not a good thing.

    Kakistos was unfortunately a poorly written, not to mention boring, villain. He comes into town carrying history with Faith, yet all we get is a one dimensional and surprisingly weak vampire. Faith completely shutting down just at the sight of him doesn't rub off well on me either; I just don't buy it. At least he was killed off quickly though. I liked the suave high-tech nature of Mr. Trick a lot more and was pleased to see him ditch his 'boss' for better things. On the whole, this is a really good episode.

  • FAITH!

    Faith, Hope and Trick

    The Good;

    Faith. Need I really say any more? Faith dancing and fighting is great but also the scenes where we get to see her terrified, more vulnerable side. Love the scenes where Buffy is being single-white-femaled by Faith which she takes with suprising good humour. And Angel's back, yay! Love Joyce sticking it to Snyder and the uncoupling scene at Buffy's picnic.

    The Bad;

    The idea of Mr Trick being able to order children online as food is just too horrible for words

    Best line; Mr Trick "Admittedly not a haven for the bruthas, strictly of the Caucasion persuasion here in the Dale" just beating Xander's wonderful "People say kids don't learn anything at High School. well I learnt, I learnt to be afraid!"

    Tied up; no but presumably Faith was handcuffed when she was arrested

    Kinky dinky; Now that Faith is on the scene I expect to have a great deal more to write in this column. She starts off with naked slaying and alligator wrestling and saying Slaying makes you 'hungry and horny' (of course in Get It Done we discover why Slayers have these sort of feelings). And of course, the writers find an excuse for nude Angel too. According to Willow Buffy has a thing she does with her mouth that 'boys like'. Hmmmmm? Xander calls Buffy a slut. Buffy's fondling of the letter opener is reminiscent of her stroking the crystal in 'Helpless'. Cordy refers to Faith as 'Slut-o-rama' but also suggests that she dress up as a Slayer and put a stake to Xander's throat, a sex game he seems keen on.

    Calling Captain Subtext; Faith obviously hungers for both a mother and father figure, commenting on Giles' 'youth and beauty' and obviously enamoured of Joyce, saying she's really cool (something I suspect Buffy and Dawn would also think but never say). Joyce says she likes Faith and Buffy describes Joyce as the 'best mom ever'. Faith's line about her 'Dead mother hitting harder than that' is loaded with not so hidden meaning. Faith has not only never knew her dad but lost her mother and also her female Watcher making her pretty desperate for some maternal/paternal love. So I pronounce this Jaith and Gaith. She also starts putting the moves on Scott Hope, the beginning of a long tradition of stealing Buffy's boyfriends (Buffy is still touchy when Faith mentions Angel). BUT even Buffy describes Faith as 'personable' the beginning of the biggest subtext in the series. Joyce actually refers to marching in the 'Slayer pride parade' again likening being the Slayer to being gay.

    Questions and observations;

    The introduction of Mr Trick and Faith, the series just never looking back from this point. Kakistos seems to not be killable with a regular stake. Like The Master he seems to be so old that he's devolving into a Turok-Han. Martha Stewart is mentioned as she is later revealed by Anya to be a witch. Giles' subtle efforts to get Buffy to reveal the truth about what happened to Angel (another point against Normal Again, Buffy never knows about this). There are no leprechauns in the Buffyverse but judging by DB's attempts at an Irish accent and Charmed's efforts in that direction we should be grateful. Faith's dead Watcher was female, the first we've heard about. I know some people think that she was killed during Faith's Cruciamentum which we'll later see in Helpless but that happens when a Slayer turns 18 and Faith is younger than Buffy who is 17 (Buffy refers to Faith as her little sister, at least until Dawn comes along). Giles loves to kayak. Couldn't the Watcher's Council pay for Faith to have a better apartment? Or couldn't she live with Giles or Buffy and Joyce (Dawn's room isn't being used yet). Mr Trick is right, not many visible ethnic minorities in Sunnydale but I've been to Santa Barbara which it's apparently based on and it's a pretty accurate representation. Giles warns Willow for the first time about abuse of magic. You can make fire from ice and it doesn't take magic. Presumably Khakisto's scar doesn't heal because Faith inflicted it with some form of enchanted weapon, like Spike's with the Chinise Slayer. Joyce comments on Buffy being an only child and learns for the first time that Buffy died. You wonder what Dawn makes of Faith? She resents her when they first meet in season 7 but what's her attitude on season 3?

    Why no commentaries on all these brilliant episodes? Crap like Reptile Boy gets them but not classics like this? Please Joss, if you need a few million dollars to finance your next project just sit down with the cast and do some commentaries for Buffy; Special Edition DVDs, we'd all buy them.


  • A new Slayer comes to town and she has a secret. Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green, David Boreanaz, and Anthony Stewart Head as "Giles"

    This episode brought in the new slayer since Kendra died, Faith (guest star Eliza Dushku). Bringing Faith in and having the characters interact with Faith is one of my favorite arcs that Buffy has had. Faith bringing Kakistos (guest star Jeremy Roberts) with her to Sunnydale, and her being hugely afriad of him, not only shows that Slayers can die easily, but how strong of a Slayer Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is. Also this episode was a huge reveal with the arc of Angel (David Boreanaz) returning to the show. That was huge, and i practically jumpe dout of my chair when it happened. This was a really great episode.
  • Faith, Hope and Trick

    Faith, Hope and Trick was a great episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I really enjoyed watching this episode which intorduced a few new characters, had great action, and relatable experiences. A new menace to society has shown up in Sunnydale and they are looking for the Slayer, however the Slayer they seek is a new Slayer named Faith. She's a dark beauty who Slays and Plays Hard. She gets really comfy with Buffy's friends, family, and watcher. Buffy is feeling a little over-written. There was also a new possible love interest for Buffy in the form of Scott. Wonder how that will go, with the shocking ending and what happened.
  • Season 3, Episode 3.

    Buffy learns that another slayer has come to town. Her name is Faith, and after she gains the attention of Buffy's friends, Buffy suspects she has a secret.

    Eliza Dushku's first episode as Faith! Hehe, I love Faith. She is awesome. She's like my 2nd favorite character, after Buffy. Buffy is also finally let back into Sunnydale High! It only took three episodes. Hehe. I liked Oz's comment about Martha Stewart. LMAO. I like the idea of Buffy and Faith slaying. I also think Joyce needs to give up the idea that Buffy can just stop being the slayer, because she's just annoying now. Good episode! :)
  • Faith: Isn't it crazy how slayin' just always makes you hungry and horny? Buffy: Well... sometimes I crave a nonfat yogurt afterwards.

    A new slayer comes to town and she is quite different from the last one. I think Faith is introduced very well and her character brings a nice contrast to the show. I like how she fits in so well with the gang at first (even though that changes). Buffy's jealously is nice as well because it brings out the competitive side of her. Seeing Faith afraid is also good because it shows the vulnerability of her character that really exhibits itself later in the series when she falls away from the Buffy lifestyle. Mr. Trick is also a nice addition because of his subtle racial comedy and his overall smooth demeanor. And Willow and Oz are really cute in this episode!
  • New slayer in town.

    A new slayer comes to Sunnydale. Faith is called after Kendra was killed. Faith seems charming and happy-go-lucky doing anything she pleases. She is somewhat the opposite of Buffy who doesn't much care for her responsibilities and is really just out for the kill. She seems to fit in perfectly in the gang which makes Buffy feel like she is being replaced. It turns out, our "happy-go-lucky" slayer isn't really at all. We find out that a powerful vampire, Kakistos, is out to get Faith. It is also revealed that Faith's watcher was killed in front of Faith leaving her traumatized and unable to face Kakistos. Buffy then helps her overcome her fear and kill Kakistos.
  • A Faith So Essential

    Faith, Hope and Trick-A new Slayer arrives in town. Faith, who was called after Kendra died, seems like a fun-loving, wacky teenager who fits right in with the gang. Buffy worries that Faith may be taking her place in her friends hearts, and then begins to suspect that the new Slayer may be hiding something.

    A refreshing episode that introduces not only some great new villians but one of the finest characters of the Buffyverse. Faith's introduction scene is completely unforgettable as Buffy and her friends watch in amazemet as this fiesty young girl kick some a$$. Eliza Dusku is a wonderful actress and her first time as Faith is impressive. Her toughness, edgy, and rebellious attitude makes her immediately standout for the bunch and quite likeable. I love that Faith pretty much wins over Buffy's friends and her mother while Buffy stands back in disgust. The dialogue is also as sharp as ever with Faith's signature phrases like calling Buffy "B" and saying "Five By Five". I also like how Faith, like Kendra, is a complete contrast of Buffy. Buffy has this balance of being a normal teenager and being the slayer while Faith just takes it too far with her carefree attitude. The scene were they are attacked by vampires indicates this as Faith takes her slaying too much as a game than as fight for her life. It's a contrast that will develop into a very dark storyline for Faith and eventually make her into one of the darkest characters of the series.

    Like before, the villians introduced are brilliant, Kakistos is an innovative looking vampire with his cloven hands and feet. But Mr. Trick is definately the best of the both of them though! It's about time we got a minority villian as Mr. Trick is a clever, slick, and smart character. K. Todd Freeman is perfect in the role and his hilarious dialogue like being the only brotha in Sunnydale and the whole town having the theme of the "caucasian persuaion" is flawlessly delievered.

    Mr. Trick's dialogue is not the only part of the script that stands out but lines like "Single white femaled" and Buffy not getting Kakistos' name right by trying to figure it out like saying "Kissing toast, he lived for kissing toast". The episode also has some great scenes like Buffy and her mom taunting Snyder as he has no choice to let Buffy back into school. Also, the dream sequence with Angel is one of the most frightening scenes of the series. The episode has an exciting conclusion with Buffy taking on a group of vampires while coaching Faith on slaying as she must face her fears and stop Kakistos. The sight of Faith killing Kakistos with a huge stake is amazing by bringing some fresh looking effects for the series. What's also great is that Buffy finally confesses about what happened with Angel and it gives her a sense of relief for finally be honest. The only downside is Buffy's short lived and boring relationship with Scott Hope which starts in this episode and lasts for like 2 more. The character of Scott is really pointless and he is only really used a minor plot device to get Buffy to finally move on from Angel. But the episode ends with a shocking seqeunce of Angel coming back from hell and in the nude no less! All and All, one of the best episodes of season with a brilliant script, great introductions, stunning special effects and action.
  • Faith's first episode does a good job setting up her character while helping the season's theme of identity.

    After a bumpy start to the season, which consisted mainly of throwing things back to where they were before "Becoming", this episode effectively starts to introduce the major characters in the current season's storyline. The first third of the show's title, Faith, would be a major player for the rest of the season and later on "Angel". They didn't do much with Kendra as comparison to Buffy, but that's likely because there wasn't much story in it. Faith brings a lot to the table and this episode sets the foundation for what they would do with her.

    Obviously the episode's biggest contribution to the series is Faith, called after Kendra's demise. Like Kendra, Faith serves as another possible avenue Buffy could've gone. Kendra was practically raised to be a slayer. Faith, however, came from a troubled background, which is hinted at throughout the episode. As identity is a major facet of this season, Faith is a "dark reflection" (as many have called it) of Buffy: what she would've been like had she not had her mother, Giles and friends.

    Despite that, Faith is initially a hit with those close to Buffy (except for Cordelia). She is charismatic and outgoing, easily flirting with the guys (including Giles) and hanging out with Xander and Willow while they tour the school (a lot of call backs to past episodes). Xander's attraction to Faith is obvious and believable as she is alluring and something dangerous compared to his other friends. Joyce likes her because she could possibly replace Buffy, allowing her daughter to have that normal life she desires (why no one said this between Kendra's arrival and Angelus return is not clear).

    While it is rooted in slight jealousy, Buffy's concern that Faith likes slaying "a little too much" is warranted. As seen when Kakistos' vamps attack the pair, Faith wails on one long after she would be declared the winner. Slaying is her way of dealing with deep rooted psychological problems and she's placing that above her duty. Faith's attitude is also rather cocky, believing that whomever she fights, she will win. She's likely spent most of her life powerless, and this new calling is what she's wanted her whole life. However, as this episode begins to show, this attitude is a defense mechanism. At her core she's afraid. Following Kakistos' slaughter of her Watcher, she bolted to Sunnydale in hopes that Buffy could do it for her. Like Buffy, she has to face something she's been afraid to confront for some time and simply can't do it.

    Mr. Trick may have been seen as a potential big bad for the season, from the clear attempt to give him as many noteworthy lines as possible to the tradition of having vampires be the major villain. However, it's clear this guy was more a follower, siding himself with the ancient, powerful Kakistos. More hints are made to the mayor, but nothing substantial is seen yet.

    This episode's major antagonist Kakistos, with his cloven hands and feet, recalls an early season one concept of old vampires appearing less human. Considering the centurion vampires who frequent the show, it'd be tough to guess when that'd happen, so the concept as a whole was jettisoned again after this episode, only brought back in one episode in the last season of "Angel".

    Scott Hope, the third of the eponymous characters, serves to give Buffy a shot at a relationship post-Angel. Scott's pretty boring overall, but that's something that isn't a bad thing for a relationship, rather than a tragic romance that's nothing but drama. Some of the things Scott does may cause concern, as he says he wants Buffy to be a part of his life. What 17-year-old, much less anybody, would say that to a crush?

    Although Buffy reclaims the parts that made her life before she left, coming to terms with what happened isn't as easy. Whenever someone, particularly Giles, inquires about what happened to Acathla, she explains as quickly and description free as possible. While some may question Giles' tactics of lying to Buffy as a way to get her to face what happened, it's not much different than parents lying to their children for what they perceive to be a greater good.

    In the end, Buffy sees Faith's attitude as a motivator to come clean about what happened, as well as move forward with a new relationship with a guy who is rather boring compared to the high tragedy of her last relationship. Of course, that is way too easy, so Angel is spit back from the hell dimension he was sent to in the finale.

    Angel's return is a point of controversy, one they tried to answer properly on his show a few years later. Considering he wasn't removed from the man cast, it was unlikely that he'd be stuck doing fantasy/dream sequences for the whole season. While Buffy has said she killed him, technically that isn't the case, as he didn't dust like a traditional vamp. Rather, she sent him to the hell dimension Acathla planned to suck the world into last season. So resurrection discussion may not be worthwhile.

    Some may think this negates Buffy's impossible choice at the end of season two. That isn't the case; complicating Buffy's relationship with Scott is only the beginning. Since Angelus murdered Jenny, they can't go back dating like nothing happened. Plus the "pure happiness" clause is still in effect. With Angel still around, he'll have to deal with the consequences of his evil alter-ego, which also sets up his own show.

    Willow's excursions into magic make some developments as well. At the beginning of the episode she shows enthusiasm whenever spells are mentioned, but is insecure because she didn't know the result of the restoration spell, believing it went bad because Buffy had to send Angel to hell. When Buffy reveals that she succeeded performing the spell, Willow simultaneously feels sorry for Buffy, but happy that she was able to perform a spell that no one alive has been able to successfully perform.

    For Faith's first episode, this episode does a good job of setting up her character, from her confident exterior to the troubled young girl inside. The parallels between her and Buffy are also well done. Scott Hope may be the dangling subplot of the episode, but it's forgivable considering the set up we get for the other stories.
  • Faith is so cool!

    Buffy follows a girl outside and soon finds out there is a new slayer in town. She seems to be stealing Buffy's friends and impressing everyone she knows. She is an absolute foil to buffy's character. Then an interesting detail is revealed, and we see Faith at the pretty much most vulnerable she will ever be. Alot of plot lines in season 3 are set up. All in all, a very good episode introducing one of my favorite characters.
  • And the new slayer is Faith

    I really liked the development in this one. It was great to see Buffy trying so hard to get over Angel and everything that had happened between them at the end of season 2. She gave Scott a try and then at the end where she told Giles and Willow what really went down with Acathla and how she finally was starting to let go and then Angel comes back at the very end even if Buffy doesn't know this.

    I liked the beginning when Buffy was waiting for the scoobs outside of the school and they had that conversation and they were trying to not be coupley around Buffy because of the Angel thing. And then Joyce and Buffy were brilliant when in the office with the Synd man.

    I liked the introduction of Faith as the new slayer too. She was more like Buffy than Kendra was. And I liked that Faith was trying to play it cool act all 5 by 5 but really she was running away from her past.

    I liked this episode it was full of excellent character development and I loved the addition of Faith.
  • New friends and enemies

    Favorite quotes:
    Faith: Isn't it crazy how slayin' just always makes you hungry and horny?
    Buffy: Well... sometimes I crave a nonfat yogurt afterwards.
    In this episode we get to meet Mr Trick and Kakistos, 2 new vamps in town. We also meet Faith, a new slayer in town and it is no coincidence they show at the same time. Faith is everything Buffy is not, she is reckless, dangerous and she just doesn't care. The scoobies seem to hit it off with her immediately, and also Scott Hope, who has been interested in Buffy. Seems Faith came to town to escape Kakistos because she attacked him after he killed her watcher. Buffy and Faith are able to kill Kakistos, but not Mr Trick. Buffy also decides to let Angel go, and she goes to the mansion and leaves her claddagh ring....and Angel drops right in the spot she left it in (unbeknownst to her)
  • The introduction of one of my favorite characters.

    This episode was the introduction of Faith. I personally hated her outfit and hair in this ep (but it gets better later on in future episodes). She starts off kind of rocky, lying first off about her watcher which is understandable. Turns out she has fled to get away from a demon known as Kakistos or as Buffy likes to refer to as "kissing-toast?". Buffy tries to befriend Faith, but finds herself getting jealous of the more laid-back slayer. Claiming that she is stealing her friends and family. When Kakistos shows up Faith's instinct is to run, but in the end she steps up to the plate and kills the demonic freak. All is well in Sunnydale again and it looks like Faith is here to stay.
  • A new slayer turns up in Sunnydale!

    There are many important things crammed into this episode which makes every minute of it worth watching and enjoyable.

    Faith the new slayer to replace Kendra has come from Boston, initially she lies and says that her watcher went back to England but it is soon discovered that she was killed by a cloven footed vampire named Kakistos.

    At the end of this episode Buffy visits the mansion where she killed Angel and leaves her Claddagh ring there, Angel then falls out of a light. Angel is back but I'm not sure whether he is evil or good, and I'm not sure which one I want him to be either.
  • A new--I mean old--vampire is in town. Also, Faith, Kendra’s replacement slayer is in town, and Buffy is scared her friends will like Faith more than they like her.

    I am a big advocate of a television series being episodic. I believe an episode should be able to standalone. A new viewer should just as easily be able to jump into a series in the third season as in the first season. The sole purpose of this episode was to close up a few loose ends from other episodes and introduce some important story arcs for the future of the series—not your best standalone episode. But it still endeared itself to me.

    In a movie, you only have two hours to get to know the characters. You do not feel attached to a character after two hours. In a television series, you have years to get to know the characters. The longer I watch a television series, I become more attached to the characters. My attachment helped me empathize with Buffy when Faith marched into town and started stealing her thunder.

    The plot involving a vampire so old that his hands were cloven was not especially inventive nor was it boring. This super old vampire, Kakistos is supposed to be one bad dude, but in the end of the episode he gets staked. It was a very Buffy-like misdirection. Kakistos is not the one we should be afraid of. Mr. Trick, the younger more hip vampire who rode into town as his assistant, will play a big part in the rest of this season.

    The clincher was the end of the episode where Giles slyly pries the truth about Angel’s death from Buffy and clinches this episode an 8 out of 10. It showed how much Giles cares about Buffy. The episode ends with Angel’s return from Hell. We are not given an explanation for his return, but at this point, I am putting faith in Whedon et al. to give a satisfactory explanation in a future episode.

    -Matthew Miller
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  • Meet Faith...

    Buffy gets admitted back to school and even seems to have a cute boy who likes her. After the death of Kendra the next slayer that has been called is Faith. She is a bad*ss girl whose leather clothes are painted on to her and always talks about how slaying makes her horny. She seems to be the exact opposite of Buffy and although she seems to be happy for someone else to take some of the patrol time she doesn’t like how Faith has just moved into her life. While the girls are out patrolling they here about a new, well, actually very old vamp Kakistos who is in town along with his helper Trick. It turns out this vamp killed Buffy’s last watcher and she is freaking. Buffy kills him and the council lets Faith stay in Sunnydale. Meanwhile Giles keeps trying to get Buffy to talk about when she had to kill Angel, for a spell that he is trying to do. After Buffy tells them that Willow’s spell worked and she had to kill him as Angel. Willow admits to Giles that she has been dabbling in the craft over the summer and he isn’t overly-joyed about this. Giles tells her that there was no spell and Willow gets it. Buffy takes the ring that Angel gave her to his place and says goodbye. Then we see Angel drop naked out of nowhere.
  • faith and trick and scott

    three characters are introduced in this episode but faith is the only good one. the episode is boring for a big part and i hated the ugly vampire who wanted faiths revenge but this episode also has good moments. i liked faith and she made me laugh especially cordelia making fun of her hair and ofcourse angel coming back at the end of the episode which was great! he was all nakid.
  • Gotta Have Faith

    Faith is my favorite character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She, in herself, personifies the mission statement of the Buffyverse, in that she's an emotionally fragile character who overcomes personal trauma and emotional conflict to ultimately become a hero. Eliza Dushku is literally stunning in the role, and she makes an immediately strong impression in her first episode.

    I'm a huge Mr Trick fan. He's completely hilarious ("caucasian persuasion") but also undeniably creepy. Plus, he kills around 20 people in every scene he's featured in during this episode, which already gives him bonus points in my book. K Todd Freeman is also really impressive in the role, and, given his Broadway resume, surprisingly convinces as a psychopath. I also loved Kakistos, who was one of the most imaginative variations on the vampire seen on the show. His death scene also plain rocked. Despite the shot of Faith driving a wooden beam through him looking pretty corny by today's standards, it's on a par with the shovel-through-the-eyes death of Pat in the previous episode, in that it continues the long list of imaginative death scenes this season.

    One principal reason why I love this episode so much is the amount of one-liners found all over the script. Kakistos' name provides a ton of mispronunciation on Buffy's part ("Kissing toast", "Khaki trousers") which becomes a running gag throughout the series, and her immediate jealousy of Faith is hilarious, in particular during the big scene in which Faith introduces herself to the Scoobies.

    Of the main cast, I particularly really liked Giles here. He really knows Buffy, and realized that she had to face up to whatever trauma she was going through, in the case of Angel's death. But, as this is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as soon as she gets over him, he's obviously sent through a weird hell portal and ends up naked and sweaty on the ground. Of course.

    A fun, entertaining and explosive episode, Faith, Hope and Trick is definitely one of those underrated classics from season three, featuring some excellently written new characters and setting up all the principal storylines Joss and co. will be exploring this year.

    Director: James A Contner
    Writer: David Greenwalt
    Rating: A
  • There's a new Slayer in town; this time Kendra's replacement, Faith. And she's a whole new type of Slayer.

    Ah, the meeting of Faith and the start of a string of terrific performances by Eliza Dushku. It naturally starts with a cute meet between our regulars and the new girl, but then starts to take on darker tones when we find out Faith isn't in Sunnydale by accident. She's running from something. Of course, Buffy is just a little jealous of the new Slayer-- as she was with Kendra, you'll recall. Seems she's gotten used to being the belle of the ball, huh?

    We also get to meet Mr. Trick, the first African-American villain of the series who in provides an in-context remark on the rather...err...white-bread populace of the town's makeup. Which has always been odd considering the number of Latinos in SoCal.

    The main villain of the episode is an old vampire chasing Faith after already killing her Watcher. He's dull. I'm glad they didn't hold onto him as a major arc, Mr. Trick is far more fun...and, like Spike, he's very 'Now' rather than being stuck in past.
  • awesome!

    this episode intorduced me to one of my favorite characters, faith. she came along and this show just took off. i knew early on that she would never fit in with buffy and her gang. not to mention eliza dushku is super hot. it was nice at the end of the series for her to turn around and be one of the ones who saved the world.
  • 'She gets along with my friends, my Watcher, my Mom. Look, now she's getting along with my fries.'

    The third episode of the third season.

    It was a good episode with a few flaws.

    ’Faith, Hope & Trick’ introduced three new characters, Faith, Scott Hope and Mr. Trick.
    Also a villain named ‘Kakistos’ that comes to Sunnydale to kill the slayer.

    The first character to be introduced is Scott, a cute guy who has had a crush on Buffy for a long time and now he’s not afraid to ask. Buffy keeps rejecting him but eventually she makes the move and they go out.

    The ‘Faith’ character is a new slayer in town who says that her watcher is gone to a watcher meeting but what turns out is that her watcher is dead and that she is next. Kakistos is after her because she damaged his face.

    During the whole episode everyone falls inlove with the new slayer and Buffy is put in the background and feels like Faith is taking over her life. But eventually Faith turns to be a different person than everyone thought, she’s very careless and not as strong as she puts herself to be.

    Well eventually Faith and Buffy are drown to a place where Kakitos and his vamps are going to kill them, but Mr. Trick (who wasn’t really memorable) escapes and Kakistos is killed by Faith.

    After Buffy asks out Scott she’s ready to put herself over Angel, she brings the ring he gave her to the place she killed him and leaves it there. When she’s gone it glows and brings back a naked and sweaty Angel back on earth.

    The episode had it’s less interesting storylines but was mostly very good. Faith was a good addition to the show and it was also about time to bring back Angel into the show.
  • Faith, the Vampire Slayer

    This is our introduction to Faith. It is a wonderful episode to watch as the Scobby Gang falls for Faith and Buffy doesn't. It also introudces us to a minor villian of the Season Mr. Trick, a black vampire. The episode features Mr. Trick and an older vampire kakistos hot on the trail of Faith right into Sunnydale. Faith sliced Kakistos face before heading to Sunnydale. In the end, Buffy helps Faith destroy Kakistos and welcomes her vampiing to the group, sort of. A fun episode to and a lovely introduction for a remarkable character. One of the better of the season.
  • Buffy tries to get her life back to normal after events of the season two finale. She starts to get back on track... when a new slayer shows up in town.

    Buffy tries to get her life back to normal after events of the season two finale. She starts to get back on track... when a new slayer shows up in town.

    One of the things I like about this show is that traumatic effects actually traumatize people. Well, to some extent. For example, Buffy is having trouble getting her life back to normal after what she had to do to Angel at the end of season two. That’s something you don’t always see in shows, even in shows that are “serial.”

    Mr. Trick was an interesting vampire. Looks like he will be the bad guy for the season, at least the first half or as one of the bad guys.

    Minor plot hole though. Kakistos was supposed to be so old and powerful that he had cloven hands and feet. Not even the master from season one had that problem. Which makes me think that Kakistos might be older and more powerful than the Master. Although, the Master had a skeleton left over when he was killed (which was never explained).

    Good episode though, overall. Finally the “introduction” to season three is over and the season is ready to start rolling.
  • "Sunnydale: town’s kinda quaint. Admittedly it’s not a haven for the brothers; strictly the Caucasian persuasion." - Mr Trick

    Three new characters, three new plot arcs for Season 3. The episode opens with Buffy wanting to get back to normal, school ‘n’ shopping ‘n’ slaying etc. She wants her life back and isn’t prepared to share that life – with a boy or with a second slayer. Unfortunately for her, Willow’s guilt about being boyfriended when Buffy isn’t makes her want to set up the Buffster with the aptly-monikered Scott Hope. He is cute and ordinary and interested in silent movies, not killing people or demons. He represents Buffy’s hope for a normal life, but that is something that aint never gonna happen. Even when chilling in the Bronze, Buffy’s slayer-sense makes her realise that the 70s-frugging guy dancing with the girl in the nasty snakeskin trews is a vamp, and the gang rush out to watch Buffy kill him….only to find Faith beating him up already.

    Faith is the bad-ass slayer, the dark to Buffy’s light, all tattoos and leather, chocolate and sex, flirting with Giles and seducing vampires in order to kill them. Xander likes her straight away. Early on in the episode, Buffy says she wants to do ‘girlie stuff’ and she is deliberately dressed in white, as well as floral dresses with butterflies and flowers in her hair. Her edginess about Angel makes her seem uptight compared to Faith’s free-livin’, free-lovin’ ‘tude. Buffy has to do school tests whilst Faith lives la vida loca in a (albeit crappy) motel. Interesting that Faith takes Buffy’s friends, chats up her squeeze, beguiles her mom and Watcher and would even seem to be taking over her slaying role, but we know that, just as with Kendra, by the end of the episode, the girls will be best buds.

    They find out that they are more similar than they had first thought when they both have to confronting their demons. Giles knows that the only way Buffy dealt with being killed by the Master was by literally facing the bones of her former enemy. To make her finally admit that she killed her lover when he was good, to break the silence of the last episode, he comes up with a pretence about an Acathla binding spell in order to get her to talk about Angel’s death.

    It is a mark of the show’s excellence that the charade is not explained but merely implied. Lesser TV programmes would have had a big de-briefing but in this one, Buffy doesn’t even know about Giles’s kindly deception.

    Faith has to face a more literal demon, the agèd vampire Kakistos, Faith’s version of the Master. Buffy, the experienced Slayer, who dealt with her biggest fear over a year ago and since then has had to kill her lover, is able to help Faith. She realises that she is still needed, that Faith can’t take her role, which contrasts with her dealings with Kendra when Buffy realised that she could need someone else. Faith finds it hard to admit what she’s done but with Buffy’s help she gets over it. Buffy does learn from Faith’s experience in that Faith’s not coming to terms with her watcher being killed is a weakness, just as Buffy not dealing with Angel’s death is slowing her down emotionally.

    However, Buffy’s first feelings about Faith turn out to be correct. She does go on to try to take over Buffy’s life, both in this series and the next. But we don’t know all of that yet because we are being sent down the wrong road.

    Mr Trick is the final new character and is at this point being set up to be the Season’s Big Bad. He is a modern vamp (the first major Black character) with his computers and fast food and his belief that “Vengeance crusades are outta style”. As Willow takes Faith around the school, she points out the supernatural things that have happened to them over the last two years and it does seem as if a new era is dawning. If Kakistos is Faith’s The Master, then Mr Trick, with a Machiavellian streak as wide as Spike’s, could well be the next, well, Spike. But of course this is the second excellent mislead of the episode. Kakistos is after Faith rather than Buffy, as we assume and we will have a different Big Bad for the latter part of the series, just as we did in the last season.

    A word on the Watchers Council. OK, first of all, they should have given Giles the heads-up about Faith being called after Kendra’s death and then her arrival in Sunnydale. Secondly, he’s the only watcher with an active slayer (two slayers now!) – shouldn’t he be invited to the Retreat? Indeed, shouldn’t he be the Guest of Honour? Perhaps this seeming rejection of Giles by authority is to show that just as Buffy is an outsider in high school, so too is Giles within the Council.

    As for the other adults: Snyder is stood up to once again by Joyce who remains supportive of her daughter, even though she is still using the lesbian metaphor (“I know you didn’t choose this, it chose you. I have tried to march in the Slayer Pride Parade”). As Buffy thought Kendra could take over for her, Joyce thinks the same of Faith, showing how much Buffy has grown – she now knows that she can’t absolve her responsibilities. Joyce quizzes Faith, trying to get info on slaying, as Buffy finds it hard to talk to her about it, as teenagers tend to do about their lives, even when their parents are sympathetic.

    Finally, Buffy dreams of Angel in white clothes doing normal things, but when he falls to earth, he is….naked! NAKED ANGEL!! A sight for slayer eyes. Interesting that although the girls are often shown in leather catsuits, micro-minis and hot pants, it’s only the boys (Angel, Spike, Oz) who are exposed in the buff. Buffy’s nude scene in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered showed a mere shoulder or two. Go Go feminist Joss.

    The question remains – what did bring Angel back? In her dream, the Claddagh ring falling seems to symbolise lost love and Buffy’s guilt, but it could have been a foreshadowing dream about Scott and moving on; accepting Scott’s friendship, if not his friendship ring (Buffy has already replaced Angel’s cross with a new crucifix).

    Buffy admitting to Giles what she did and leaving the ring in the place where she killed her boyf seems to be the thing that brings Angel back:- the restoring power of love. That and the fact David B had signed up for a 3 year contract.

  • Exactly as the title suggests, this episode concerns itself primarily with introducing three new characters of varying degrees of importance -- new slayer Faith, bland love interest Scott Hope, and dapper vampire Mr. Trick.

    It's amazing how internally consistent "Buffy" is. "Faith, Hope and Trick" is almost like Season Three's version of "Restless," it has so many oblique references to things past and things to come. There's Joyce's direct mention of Buffy being lucky to be an only child. There's Giles' efforts to get Buffy to come clean about the exact circumstance's of Angel's death, the most overtly fatherly thing we've yet seen him do on the show. There's Angel's big return from hell, of course, which sets up major events this season and the whole of the "Angel" spinoff. Also we see multiple reappearances of the claddagh ring made famous in "Surprise." The whole of Faith's character arc through "Buffy" and "Angel" can be plainly read from Eliza Dushku's dialogue and mannerisms right here in this episode. If you want to really dig into subtext, there's Willow's instant fascination with Faith to be examined, but maybe I'm getting carried away there. In any case, "Faith, Hope and Trick" is one of those episodes that doesn't stand so well on its own but is improved greatly by a thorough knowledge of the breadth of "Buffy" and "Angel."

    David Greenwalt, who wrote "Faith, Hope and Trick," gets a lot of credit for being the writer who fleshed out a lot of Angel's character in Seasons One and Two. Here he also takes on the job of introducing Faith and does a fine job. Eliza Dushku has a raw energy that the screen can hardly contain, and I'm not just talking about her tight tops. One line she delivers here (regarding the fighting abilities of her dead mother) tells us everything we need to know about Faith, in addition to her wonderful mannerisms in the dinner scene with Buffy and Joyce.

    Less ultimately important but also quite interesting is Mr. Trick, who appears here as a symbol of how much the show has grown since Season One. Kakistos is very conceptually similar to the Master, but rather than being seen as a worthy adversary, his obsessions with ceremony and vengeance are viewed as hopelessly behind the times by even his own minions. Part of what makes "Faith, Hope and Trick" a less successful episode than it could have been is the failure of Kakistos to be a compelling villain for even one episode. Frankly, Scott Hope is scarier, if only because you know his every appearance is going to bring with it reams of unconvincingly "sensitive" dialogue. Of all Buffy's terribly unsuccessful "normal" love interests, Hope is the least interesting -- Season Four's Parker at least had his overwhelming sliminess going for him, and Season One's Owen had the clever twist of being quite excited by Buffy's secret nighttime activities.

    Several interminable Scott Hope scenes, and the tired "Buffy" cliche of a villain that we're not at all scared of, even though Giles says we should be, make "Faith, Hope and Trick" a slightly below average episode viewed in isolation. The strength of the actors and the wit of the writing allow us to forgive it its flaws, not the least of which is that besides the big surprise ending nothing in particular happens in this one.
  • The first Faith episode is a classic

    Faith, Hope, and Trick is one of the better episodes of the 3rd season. Faith is such a multi-faceted character, and Eliza is fun to watch in the role. The highlight of the episode though, has to be Mr. Trick. He makes a pretty funny vampire, and Kakistos is pretty gruesome. What was funny is that I actually watched some of the later faith episodes before I watched this one, so it was kind of starnge seeing her being afraid of Kakistos. At the same time, it does kind of set the stage for the path Faith will eventually walk down. All in all, a highly satisfying episode.
  • There's a new slayer, a new villain and an old friend in town.

    Buffy is still having dreams about the love of her life, Angel. Meanwhile, Scott Hope, a boy from school, is showing interest in her. Buffy has little time to think about this, as she meets Faith, a new Slayer with a lot of secrets. Faith has been followed to Sunnydale by two deadly vampires, Mr. Trick and Kakistos, the latter having killed her Watcher in Boston. After coming to terms with her fears, Faith stops Kakistos from killing herself and Buffy, and Buffy finally accepts Scott\\\'s date invitation — unaware that Angel has returned from the Hell that she sent him to in the first place.