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Best Spike Episode In Buffy

What was the best episode involving Spike?

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    Rattlebone wrote:

    Guys you forgot about

    "Lies My Parents Told Me"

    It's my personal favorite and it is not even mentioned in a pool. Maybe that is because I've watched Buffy after all TV hype was long over. As for all Buffy characters Spike is my best. Simply because it goes very long journey, how long this journey is we can see in"Lies My Parents Told Me". Then of course comes "Fool for Love".

    This sound like something I would have written.
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    I would pick Lover's Walk as #1 and Fool for Love as #2. The reason being, Lover's Walk was a Season 3 episode (easily the most consistent Buffyverse season) and it had just the one Spike appearance. It also foreshadowed the events in Season 4, where he'd get a chip stuck in his brain. Lover's Walk had some of the funniest moments.

    Fool for Love is obviously, a more important episode and an equally amazing piece of work. The first, and best, look into Spike's character. Quality of the episode matches the episode Darla from Angel's second season.

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