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How come the Magic Box had to close after Willow's attack after season 6?

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    In the episode: "Same Time, Same Place" Anya gets angry when she sees Willow for the first time since she came back from England and says that she's spent a lot of time cleaning out her ex-livelyhood. But, didn't Giles have insurance for his business? I don't know if this insurance would cover the business being destroyed by Willow but it seems like what happened wasn't Giles' fault therefore he could probably just collect the insurance and rebuild instead of going out of business. I wonder if the writers just didn't want to use the Magic Box in the storyline anymore. However, where did the gang get their magic supplies after the Magic Box closed?

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    i think you underestimate the time it takes to gather inventory for a niche business.

    my business sells things much more common than ancient magical artifacts and 1000 year old rare books, and it took years to gather my inventory.

    its not about cant ever. its about no time before the show ended, and anya getting busy with saving the world.

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