Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2002 on The WB

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  • It starts really good but goes downhill. the scenes with Spike were gross! and this episode was just a big dissapointment and weakest of the season.


    This episode has some beautiful moments. I loved the episode up until Buffy goes invincible. I loved the Buffy making the woman crazy scene and the end scene where Buffy realised that she doesn't want to die. but everything else really bored me and was pretty lame. specially the geeks were for the first time really lame and I hated Warren.

    cut to the house and they are gonna take all the magic stuff and Dawn is upset. Buffy says that everything that reminds Willow of magic has to go and she sees something of Spike and does it away too. cut to the trio's and they have a new machine that can make stuff invincible and then back.

    the credits start

    cut to Buffy in the kitchen and Dawn is mad at her and Spike comes and he tries to seduce her but then Xander comes. Buffy tells Spike to go and Xander brings Dawn to school and a woman from school comes to interview Buffy and Spike isn't gone yet and makes Buffy look bad and takes his blanket. then the things keep on going and the woman needs to go and she saw enough and goes away and Spike is still there and makes her mad and he grabs his light and leaves and Buffy goes crying in her room and looks at herself in the mirror and cuts off her hair cause Spike liked it.

    cut to the geeks and they see Buffy walking outside and they want to make each other invincible but make Buffy invincible and some things close to her. cut to Buffy coming in the magic shop and Xander and Anya see she's invincible but don't get why anyone made her cause she's more strong now. she's playing around and says that it fits her day and then goes away again. Xander and Anya then suspect Willow. Xander goes to her and he thinks she did it but she says she didn't and is mad at him now and then leaves the room and leaves Xander alone.

    cut to Buffy making some jokes and then she goes to the woman and makes her crazy with her mud and tells her to kill and her co-workers think she's crazy. cut to Xander finding Willow and she's at the place where Buffy disappeared. a van crushes to something invincible and they have clues now and are gonna investigate everything. cut to Spike crip and Buffy goes there and starts to kiss him and do him. cut to Xander and Anya finally realise that what makes them invincible makes them pudding after a while. cut to the geeks and they want to help Buffy except for Warren. he becomes more dark every time and he wants Buffy to die.

    cut to Spike in bed and Xander sees him and he asks for Buffy but he says he hasn't seen her. Xander says Spike needs a girlfriend. cut to Spike getting upset with Buffy but she's finally happy cause now she can do whatever she wants and she chats and sucks Spike. cut to Buffy coming home and makes fun but Dawn is freaked out and goes away and then Buffy hears the message about her fading away and she isn't really impressed. cut to Willow going to the van's house and she sees all those stuff and the Gunn and then the geeks make her their hostage.

    cut to Buffy coming home and they call her and make her come over to save Willow. she finds her and Warren tries to kill her but Willow discovers and they fight and Willow then reveals them. Jonathan, Warren and Andrew. they say they're Buffy's arch namelessness and they are so dumb but escape anyway. when Willow and Buffy go out Buffy tells Willow that when she heard what was gonna happen she actually got scared and that was new for her. she doesn't wanna die. Willow say that they made their first steps. yay.

    Black Out
    Best episode quotes:

    Jonathan: You penis!
    Warren: Oh, cheer up, Frodo. Because thanks to my brains, and our mystical gem, we got ourselves an invisibility ray. And I'd say that makes us pretty much unstoppable.

    Doris: Oh, good morning. You must be Dawn.
    Buffy: Can I help you?
    Doris: I'm Doris Kroger, from Social Services. We had an appointment?
    Buffy: Oh, for Wednesday.
    Doris: This is Wednesday.
    Buffy: Right! Well ... Dawn, you better... And, and Xander, you'll drive safely?
    Xander: Yes ma'am.
    Doris: Little bit on the tardy side, isn't she?
    Buffy: Yeah, well, uh, it's been one of those mornings, you know. Hey, come on in. Sorry about the mess, you know, doing a little house-cleaning.
    Spike: So, we gonna chat this out, or what?
    Buffy: Uh ... now's really not a-a good time. Um, I have company.
    Spike: No worries. I'll wait.
    Doris: Um, Miss Summers, if you and your boyfriend would like to-
    Buffy: He is NOT- Not my, my boyfriend, he's, um, just ... a... Spike ... this nice woman is, uh, from Social Services?
    Spike: Oh, right! Uh ... hey! Buffy's a great mom. She takes good care of her little sis. Like, um, when Dawn was hanging out too much in my crypt, Buffy put a right stop to it.
    Doris: I'm sorry, did you say-
    Buffy: Crib! He said crib. You know kids today and their buggin' street slang. Uh, Spike, didn't you have to go now, you know, because of that thing?
    Spike: Uh, thing, yeah. Uh, my blanket.
    Doris: He sleeps here?
    Buffy: What? No! No. Oh, uh, the, the, the blanket. That's, um, uh, it's a security thing, you know. He ... has issues. Nope, just me and Dawn living here.
    Willow: Buffy, I'm not feeling hot, so uh, I'm gonna take a quick nap, okay?
    Buffy: Okay, Will! That's Willow. She, uh, she kind of lives here too, actually.
    Doris: Oh, so you live with another woman.
    Buffy: Oh! Oh, it's not a, a gay thing, you know, I mean, well... she's gay, but, but we don't ... gay. Not that there's anything - Oh! Wrong with... You know, I know what that looks like, but I, I swear, it's not ... what it looks like. It's magic weed. It's not mine.
    Doris: I think I've seen enough.
    Buffy: No, a-actually, I really don't think that you have. It's just ... i-it's been kind of, kind of a, a bad time.
    Doris: It's been a bad time now for a while, hasn't it, Ms. Summers? Your sister's grades have fallen sharply in the last year, due in large part to her frequent absences and lateness.
    Buffy: But there-there are good reasons.
    Doris: Oh, I'm sure there are. But my interest is in Dawn's welfare. And the stability of her home life, something I'm just not convinced that an unemployed young woman like yourself can provide.
    Buffy: I can. I, I do!
    Doris: Well, we'll just have to see about that then, won't we? Oh, and I'm, uh, going to recommend immediate probation in my report.
    Buffy: What does that mean?
    Doris: It means that I'll be monitoring you very closely, Ms. Summers. And if I don't see that things are improving, well, I'll be forced to recommend that you be stripped of your sister's guardianship.
    Buffy: You can't do that.
    Doris: I do what is in Dawn's best interest ... as should you. Have a nice day.

    Xander: Willow, we need to talk.
    Willow: We ... are talking. Well, I'm talking and you're looking at me funny.

    Jonathan: Hey, we got a lot bigger problems here, bonehead. The Slayer's invisible now?
    Andrew: He's right. She could be anywhere. Even here, right now. Watching. Listening to every word we say. For all we know, she could be one of us!

    Buffy: I am the ghost of fashion victims past. Studded caps? Not a good idea.

    Doris: What - Where's my... Losing my mind. Okay, who's the-
    Buffy: Kill, kill, kill!
    Doris: What?
    Co. Worker: I didn't say anything.
    Doris: Not you! The mug, it's- But I ... I heard something.
    Buffy: Kill, Doris. Kill everybody. You know you want to.
    Doris: Shut up, shut up, just shut up!
    Buffy: Okay ... no ... no... Yahtzee!
    Boss: Uh, Doris! I've, uh, got a few, so if you wanna discuss that case file now...
    Doris: What? Oh! Oh yes, the, um, Summers file, it's, uh, it's right over here. Uh, it's a fifteen-year-old girl, living under her older sister's guardianship. The house is a complete-
    Boss: What is this? 'All work and no play make Doris a dull girl'?
    Doris: What?
    Boss: 'All work and no play make Doris' - the pages are filled with it.
    Doris: I ... I... I, I, I didn't do this, I … It was the voice.
    Boss: Excuse me?
    Doris: There was a voice, before. It made my coffee dance. It told me to-
    Boss: To ... what?
    Doris: Nothing.
    Boss: Doris ... take the rest of the day off. See your doctor.

    Jonathan: What do you mean she's gonna fade away?
    Warren: The Slayer got slammed with a big-ass dose of radiation when the gun overloaded. Her cells are mutating at an accelerated rate. Eventually her molecular makeup will start losing its integrity and then ... pfft.
    Andrew:: But, wouldn't that kill her?
    Warren: Well, lemme think. Yeah!
    Jonathan: Wait a minute! We're not killing anybody. Especially not Buffy!
    Warren: You guys are so immature! We're villains! When are you gonna get that through your thick skulls?
    Jonathan: We're not killers, we're crime lords!
    Andrew: Yeah! Like, like Lex Luthor. He's always trying to take over Metropolis, but he doesn't kill Superman!
    Warren: Because it's Superman's book, you moron!
    Andrew: But Lex doesn't kill him, does he?!

    Buffy:: Come on. He had no idea I was here. This is perfect.
    Spike: Perfect for you.
    Buffy: Well, picture me confused. I thought this was what you wanted.
    Spike: What I want... This vanishing act's right liberating for you, innit? Go anywhere you want. Do anything you want. Or anyone.
    Buffy: What are you talking ab-
    Spike: The only reason you're here, is that you're not here.
    Buffy: Right. Of course, as usual there's something wrong with Buffy. She came back all wrong. You know, I didn't ask for this to happen to me.
    Spike: Not too put off by it though, are you?
    Buffy: No! Maybe because for the first time since ... I'm free. Free of rules and reports ... free of this life.
    Spike: Free of life? Got another name for that. Dead.

    Xander: Buffy, it's Xander. Where are you? Listen ... we got a new problem here.
    Anya: Tell her!
    Xander: I'm trying to. Anya and I think whatever made you invisible is slowly killing you.
    Anya: Tell her about the pudding!
    Xander: Anya! Buff, if we don't ... if this isn't reversed, you're gonna ... well, dissolve, or ... fade ... into nothing.
    Buffy: Wow.

    Buffy: So you three have, what, banded together to be pains in my ass?
    Warren: We're your arch-nemesises ... ses.

    Buffy: Pretty neat, you finding the van. So ... how did you manage to ... do it exactly? I mean, to locate it?
    Willow: The hard way. The spell-free way. The oh-my-god-my-head's-gonna-fall-off, my-feet-are-killing-me way. I don't know how I got through this day.
    Buffy: Well, the important thing is that you did. It's a ... good first step.
    Willow: How are you doing, post-invisibleness?
    Buffy: Okay. I still have to do some damage control from my giddy-fest. Dawn was pretty freaked out. The whole taking-a-vacation-from-me thing didn't work out so well.
    Willow: Tell me about it.
    Buffy: Except ... when I got Xander's message ... you know, that I was ... fading away ... I actually got scared.
    Willow: Well, yeah. Who wouldn't?
    Buffy: Me. I wouldn't. Not too long ago I probably would have welcomed it. But I realized ... I'm not saying that I'm doing back-flips about my life, but... I didn't ... I don't ... wanna die. That's something, right?
    Willow: It's something. So I guess we both made good first steps.
    Buffy: I guess.
    Willow: Yay for us.
    Buffy: Yay.

    Story: 7
    Acting: 8
    Writing: 7
    Picture: 8
    Gripping: 6
    My Rank: 7
    Total: 7.2