Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 6 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2002 on The WB

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  • Much Ado About Nothing Good


    Gone-Buffy and Dawn clear the house of magick items and supplies to help Willow, and Buffy has a surprise visit from a social worker checking on Dawn's home life. The meeting doesn't go well and in a fit of rage afterwards, Buffy cuts off her hair. Meanwhile, the Geek Trio have built an invisibility ray and accidentally hit Buffy with it.

    "Gone" is one of those rare Buffy episodes like "Wrecked" that fails in what it's trying to say. What's starts out as another episode where Buffy is dealing with real issues turns into something that plays for laughs but than just gets silly. The Trio is at it again and once again, their latestplanis little more than a gimmick! Buffy's OOC behavior when she becomes invisible doesn't help either. Sure, it's cool that we get a Marcy reference, but the story just feels over the top for the most part. I understand that Buffy becoming invisible is a temporary escape for her, from all the problems that have been plaguing her since her revival. But what should be some seriously development for her, is treated with such light fluff and her going around playing pranks on people is just beyond childlish, even if that social worker was kind of a b!tch. I also find it a bit jarring how last episode Buffy was begging Spike to get out her life, yet this episode she's all too eager to jump his bones! That sexually charged confrontation at Spike'scryptwas just wrong on so many levels! Though, Xander walking in on Spike having sex with...himself was priceless. But I got to admit the sexual jokes were pretty extreme! Wow, this really isn't the Buffy we once knew as Spike kicks Buffy out, he looks down and tells her "that's cheating".....wow, that wasn't subtle at all!

    I did enjoy Willow's struggle to not do make, it's really the little moments that continue to make this arc of hers succeed. It isn't easy but Willow pulls through, which honestly shows how strong she's trying to be. Alyson really excels here! I did love Dawn's reaction to Buffy's lack of concern over her situation as well as when she hears the message of her possible death. But I also can't stand that this is the third episode in a row that features little to no involvement with Xander and Anya continuing to reach nothing! You know there has to be problems in the writing when characters are reduce to almost nothing for a couple of episodes back-to-back. Anyway, the conclusion of the episode isdefinitelythe only real highlight. The whole invisible fight was so ridiculous, it kinda worked. At least Buffy finally knows whose been behind her recent annoying attempts at threatening her life. Gotta love Jonathan failing to mask his voice, Warren's "archnemesis..ses" and Buffy and Willow completely lost as to who Andrew is. The episode ends with some nice reflection, but it's a bit late. It's nice to know Buffy "wants" to live a life now but it's a shame the rest of the episode couldn't be that insightful. "Gone" is pretty bad stuff, with OOC characterization and lagging plot.