Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 5 Episode 10

Into the Woods

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Riley Needs To Cry A River!

    Into The Woods-At the hospital, the Scooby Gang awaits news from the doctor about Joyce's surgery and they are all relieved when the surgery is a success. Dawn spends the night with Xander and Anya. With the house to themselves, Buffy and Riley spend a romantic evening together. In the middle of the night, Riley sneaks out and Spike follows him into an old building.

    I feel bad for Marc Blucas, it's not that his not a good actor, it's the fact that he was given msotly forgettable material playing Riley Finn. During the 4th season, Riley was pretty likeable and his relationship with Buffy was cute, but after the 5th season is was so obivous the writers ran out of ideas for Riley. Besides a few kisses from Buffy and staking some vampires, Riley was pretty useless. Then the whole depression storyline came about with Riley feeling that Buffy doesn't love him or need him, so he plays vampire s!uts to...uhhh...suck his blood...yeah! "Into The Woods" sees Riley's exit from the series and it's more like "thank god his gone!" rather than "Ohh no, Riley's gone!"

    I can't believe that the writers would actually think that we should sorry for Riley, that his situation is so sympathetic. Seriously, I never understood how Riley, not to mention Xander, would think that Buffy has been pretty self involved and has been using Riley for the most part. I was on Buffy's side the whole episode, she was right when she said she had more important things to worry about like her mother's illness and protecting Dawn. Then there was Riley giving Buffy an ultimatium about either she forgives him or he leaves..uhh...what!?! I'm sorry but I this point, we didn't need the over-dramatic sequence of Buffy running toward Riley to tell him how much she loves him, because it's obvious Riley didn't love her enough either!

    Despite my annoyance of this storyline, Marc Blucas does give a good performance and Nicholas Brendon is great throughout, especially during the scene where he confesses his undying love for Anya in a beautiful scene. Sarah Michelle Gellar, of course, carries this episode with another wonderful performance as Buffy goes through a range of emotions when dealing with Riley's revelation. I also love the fight scene where Buffy dusts a bunch of vampires in an alley. It's the first time we see Buffy dusts multiple vampires all at once and it's obvious her fighting skill have developed from her intense training. Also it's great to see Joyce's surgery went well at this point and it's a relief that she's fine...at least for a few episodes. "Into The Woods" has some pathetic melodrama, but has enough good performances and developments to make it a wactchable episode. Also, Riley's gone, which is a big plus!