Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 19

New Moon Rising

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2000 on The WB

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  • Oz is back to give Willow what she needs, but she's not sure she's the same person anymore.

    Wow, what a controversy this episode kicked up. And not for the reasons you'd think. No one (Buffy fans, anyway) cared about the lesbian sub-plot, what they were angry at was that Oz wasn't staying. They took it out on Amber in the beginning, acting like mean-spirited little twits.

    Well, for what its worth, I hated that Oz leaves again. I never disliked Tara though, and sure didn't blame the actress. Over time Tara becomes a beloved character too and I'm glad that this storyline occurred.

    Now... Oz comes back saying that he's learned to control the wolf and shows Willow by taking a tour of the campus under the full moon. In the meantime, Willow is struggling with the feelings she has for Oz and the new attraction she has for Tara. She ends up coming out to Buffy in a beautifully played scene between Aly and Sarah.

    Unfortunately, Oz loses his cool when he smell Willow all over Tara and puts the puzzle together. He ends up in Initiative custody and Riley burns his bridge with the military when he goes in to get him out.

    This is a strong episode dealing with a sensitive topic and beginning an ongoing gay relationship on Primetime. Thank you BTVS and its creative team. And, gee, despite what conservative American groups claimed Buffy's rating didn't suffer and it remained embraced by the show's fanbase. So... HAH!
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