Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 19

New Moon Rising

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 02, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'It turns out, the one thing that brings it out of me is you. Which falls under the heading of ironic in my book.'

    ‘New Moon Rising’ is the count down to the end of the season. It still feels like it’s going no where but I did like the main theme which makes it one of the season’s best episodes.

    I never liked Oz leaving and always hoped for this episode to happen, but when it did I was confused if I wanted him back with Willow or if I wanted Tara to be with Willow, this episode finally reveals their relationship officially.

    Oz is back and Tara knows that if he’d come back, Willow would get back together with him. They talk all night and he shows her that the moon doesn’t have effect on him like it used to have.

    Also Riley’s relationship gets put on proof again, both characters seemed a bit out of character. I do like their relationship but it’s far from as interesting as the Willow one. They fight because he says that demons are bad and Buffy gets winy and they end up making up and Buffy telling him something about her past.

    The best scene this episode was when Willow comes out to Buffy and tells her that everything is complicated because of Tara. Buffy acts a bit freaked out at first but soon gets it and understands it. She also tells Willow that she has to make the right decision and either way someone will get hurt.

    Oz has also noticed something odd about Tara, he smells Willow on her and soon comes to realise that they are involved. He can’t help but to turn into a werewolf and tries to kill her but is taken out by the military guys. When tests are done on him they discover that negative emotions can turns him, Riley sees it all and tries to make Oz free but he gets caught and it’s the end of the line for him as a soldier.

    What I really hated was the way they forced Spike on the audience now working with Adam and giving him a purpose for more screen time, I was far from impressed. He is the one that takes the scoobs to the initiative and there is where they save both Riley and Oz, Riley knows that he can’t ever come back and that he will be pursued.

    The episode ends with Oz leaving once again, he knows that Willow is the one that can turn him an he has to stay away from her, he also just wants her to be happy with Tara. Willow then goes back to Tara and promises to make it up to her and she blows out a candle.

    The episode was brilliantly done and begins the most tender and beautiful lesbian relationship on tv.

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