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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 5 Episode 4

Out of My Mind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The increased strength and speed given to Riley by the Initiative are starting to tear his body apart. He must be operated upon immediately to repair the damage, but that will mean giving up his enhanced fighting ability and any chance of keeping up with Buffy.

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  • Here lies an interesting yet uneven episode.

    On one side, there's enormously wonderful insight into Riley and his relationship with Buffy. On the other hand, the main plot is excessively contrived. The thing is, I once again can't help but not caring a lot because of the perfect character material at work. I know most people hate Riley, but I've always found him fascinating in his relationship with Buffy. This episode deals directly with that, which makes it fascinating as well. Spike gets a lot of important attention here and Harmony hangs around doing what she's best at: second-hand comedy. This is also when Joyce's illness first pops up.

    Everything begins with yet another awesome trailer, which immediately brings up two important characer-based threads: Spike's 'frustrations' and the Buffy/Riley relationship. Buffy's 'hunting' skills continue to improve and both Riley and Spike join in the fun early on. As both Riley and Spike each stake a vamp, Buffy's "why do I even bother" is perfect. Spike immediately notices a glace from Buffy to Riley after Riley tells Spike that he shouldn't be out there while Buffy's patrolling. He jumps on the opportunity to make Riley look like a weak fool. Riley wants to be a part of Buffy's life. He's always said that he sees demon hunting as kind of an adventure, and Buffy doesn't want him to be a part of that because she has a radically different view on the subject. This is a problem that goes all the way back to "Doomed" and why this relationship was "doomed" from the start.

    The main focus here, besides the forgettable plot, is the Buffy/Riley relationship, and it is something I'm going to dive right into. First I'll say that if there's one problem here it's the plot, which also centers around Riley. His apprehension to get government help for his heart problem is understandable, but to outright refuse it and claim the government's still out to get him is a little overkill and a bit immature. His other reason for not wanting the operation, the Buffy reason, makes a lot more sense. The fact this problem just popped up in the span of the last couple weeks is a pretty contrived, being that it's a result of what Professor Walsh did to him nearly a year before. At the very least I can say that the plot is still used to service the characters.

    Anyway, I'm glad to see Buffy's gracious gratitude over her new training area and I love how Giles and Xander helped build it for her together. Particularly of interest is how when Riley's all buzzing to spar with her, she just walks right past him. Ignoring Riley is really the thing for Buffy to do over the next group of episodes. However, later in this episode their problems explode to the surface and are initially addressed. Riley wants to be strong enough so that he can fight by Buffy's side -- be at least close to her in strength. This feeling isn't entirely Riley's fault. Buffy's comment at the beginning of the episode about not wanting Riley to patrol alone is very much proof that his strength isn't enough for her either. He also brings up Angel and how he could never fit in that mold for her. He doesn't have that vampiric nature that does attract Buffy and he doesn't have any kind of powers to keep up with her. I really sympathize with Riley, but Buffy explained all of this to him before they began their relationship, and he claimed he still wanted it. I think now he's finally realizing he isn't the right guy for Buffy, something that, after watching "Doomed", is obvious to the viewers but not to the characters.

    When Buffy counters that she's opened up to Riley in ways she hasn't before, she's very much telling the truth, but that's not because she didn't want to open up that way before. She couldn't give herself physically to Angel, so Riley's the first relationship she's had quite like this. The fact of the matter is, though, that Buffy does keep Riley at an arm's length and doesn't fully trust his heart for her. She does very much care for him, but based on the evidence in their relationship, I just can't say that she loves him. He's been a great boyfriend for her, but nothing more. Listening carefully to Buffy's words when convincing Riley to see the doctor is important. She says, "Riley, I need you. I need you with me ... and I need you Notice how she never says 'I love you'? One would think in a situation like this, if she loved him she'd tell it to him. This cannot be explained other than the simple fact that he's not 'the one' for her. This is sad but, as we can clearly see here, true.

    Riley says, "loving you is the scariest thing I've ever I can see his point, because his love for her is what lost him his purpose in life and is what leaves him uncertain about his future. At the end of the episode Graham says it like it is: "Okay, right, there's her. And? You used to have a mission, and now you're what? The mission's boyfriend? Mission's true love? You belong with I think it's telling of Buffy's naivete to respond, "I don't know why," to answer Riley's statement. All this just adds up to more growing up for Buffy.

    After Joyce collapses in the kitchen there is a great scene at the hospital which introduces us to three issues, two of which introduce season-long plot elements. First is the plot of this episode: Riley's heart condition. Second is the abruptness of Joyce's collapse and upcoming tumor problems which lead to her death. Third is the introduction of Ben who, of course, is kind of sharing a body with Glory. It's really neat how they managed to have so much going on in what initially seems like a pretty throw-away scene.

    While Riley does get quite a bit of attention here, Spike gets almost as much as well. Buffy's visit to Spike when she's looking for Riley really begins to bring out Spike's growing frustration, which is something the writers really, but still subtly, hit on hard here. She charges in, offers him money to help her find Riley, slaps him when he mocks the situation, rips the down payment in half, and then charges off. Spike's extreme frustration is palpable thanks to James Masters' usual awesome facial expressions. Spike is incredibly smart here though. He immediately takes advantage of an opportunity to rid himself of the chip. I don't fault Buffy for giving him the information, because she was in a hurry to find Riley and didn't think things all the way through.

    After all the action in the operating room, where Spike was repressed from drinking Buffy's blood again, he starts losing it. He gives off more hints that his feelings of anger are really beginning to mix with sexual attraction. His rant is particularly telling, "Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Everywhere I turn, she's there! That nasty little face, that ... bouncing shampoo-commercial hair, that whole sodding holier-than-thou attitude ... I can't get rid of her. She's everywhere. She's haunting All of this, of course, perfectly leads to Spike's sexualized dream expressing love for Buffy. This is an awesome shock, yet it makes complete sense and was very much led up to. Frankly, just remember the scene where Spike hunts Buffy for the first time in "School Hard". His reaction to this dream is perfect as well: "Oh God no. Please, on to another topic, I need to mention how much I enjoyed seeing Xander using his new job skills to help Giles put together stuff at the Magic Box. This is great continuity and continued character growth. It's amusing how incredibly useful this skill is for the Scooby Gang. With stuff constantly breaking, they now have someone to repair it all for free! Xander's comments about seeing a parallel between him being rejected by Buffy way back in "Prophecy Girl" and Buffy, in a roundabout way, rejecting Riley here is very cool. I respect this kind of continuity like you woudn't believe. Xander is trying to subtly help Riley out here, but of course no one has any idea what he's talking about. It's especially funny how Anya confuses what he says and thinks he is talking about her!

    One little thing that bothered me a bit was Buffy's comment about the government in her room. While it's somewhat true that they listen to you when you don't want them to and ignore you when you want them to hear you, I still feel it's far fetched that the remnants of the Initiative have been listening in on Riley this entire time. It's not like Professor Walsh is still around. Although, Graham does say that they've been bugging him for weeks about this, so maybe they didn't hear Buffy's 'message' in the phone after all.

    Regardless of my complaints, which stem from, surprise, the plot, I think this is a very solid outing with wonderful continuity and continued character development. We get huge movement for the Buffy/Riley relationship and Spike's destiny. Future plot threads are also introduced including Joyce's illness and the subtle introduction of Ben. Overall, I'd call this mostly successful, with only the contrived plot bringing it down a level.moreless
  • Riley loses it

    The Good;

    Some great acting by Marc Blucas, best he'll ever show us. Nice to see Graham back too, my favourite of all the Initiative characters and you genuinely get the impression that he's Riley's friend. Harmony and Spike hilarious and some scenes to make Spuffers punch the air with joy. The Dawson's Creek joke had me splitting my sides laughing. Anyone else hear the rumour that Katie Holmes was offered Buffy but turned it down to go to college? Just think, SMG could have married Tom Cruise. (At least he'd have been more her height)

    The Bad;

    Why is the operation on Spike such a complicated process? Surely his vamp healing could just fix everything, what's the problem with just hacking it out? Equally Buffy's leap of logic that Spike has left the hospital is pretty unbelieveable.

    Best line;

    Spike; "Awww, is the enormous hall monitor sick?"

    Women good/men bad;

    Buffy "You're going to die over some macho-pissing contest?". On the bad side Harmony goes running back to Spike, have some dignity girl!


    Spike is still awake during his surgery which must be weird beyond belief. Riley self-harms.

    Kinky dinky;

    In return for Spike's protection/shelter Harmony will have sex with him. Looks like what Buffy and Willow always said about her is true? Buffy refers to Spike hanging out in his crypt and 'doing something nasty'. How right she is! Drug enhanced Riley is quite the machine in the sack. Buffy doesn't even flinch when Dawn puts her hand on her breast to listen to her heart, the closesness of Dawn to Buffy evident. Harmony says that she read in a magazine that a man's best sex organ is his brain but she seems to prefer Spike's penis. Buffy refers to herself as 'still touchable' and Riley says he'll take advantage if that fact when healed.

    Captain Subtext;

    According to Harmony Spike can't even pick flowers, implying that he likes to? And the Buffy/Spike subtext offically becomes a text (Harmony oblivious as ever). Interesting quote from 'Harsh Light of Day' Buffy;"If Spike wants me? I go alone, lead him away from the popular spots, and give him what he wants."

    Spike picks up on the little look between Buffy and Riley. Buffy refers to having the strength of 10 men during sex, Riley asks could she say 10 women instead. Tara wonders about Willow's magic when they explore Sunnydale High. Buffy says that if she wanted someone with superpowers she'd be dating Spike. Riley's little look after Buffy leaves him speaks volumes. Grahme says to Riley 'You belong with us'. Ever noticed there are no female Initiative commandos?

    Guantanamo Bay;

    The Initiative haven't gone away, just changed their spots. Dawn refers to the CIA's numerous failed plots against Castro and Buffy refers to 'Big Brother'

    Scoobies to the ER;

    Riley gets the surgery he needs

    Apocalypses; 5,

    Scoobies in bondage:

    Buffy: 8

    Giles: 4

    Cordy: 5

    Will: 3

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 4

    Oz: 1

    Faith: 3

    Joyce: 1

    Wes: 1

    Xander; 1

    Dawn; 1

    Scoobies knocked out: Joyce passes out

    Buffy: 15

    Giles: 10

    Cordy: 6

    Xander: 8

    Will: 5

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 6

    Oz: 3

    Faith: 1

    Joyce: 3

    Wes: 1



    Buffy: 85 vamps, 29 demons, 6 monsters, 3 humans, 1 werewolf, 1 spirit warrior & a robot

    Giles: 5 vamps, 1 demon

    Cordy: 3 vamps, a demon

    Will: 4 vamps

    Angel: 3 vamps, 1 demon, 1 human

    Oz: 3 vamps, 1 zombie

    Faith: 16 vamps, 5 demons, 3 humans

    Xander: 5 vamps, 2 zombies, a demon, a demon

    Anya: a demon

    Riley; 12 vamps + 7 demons

    Scoobies go evil:

    Giles: 1

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 2

    Jenny: 1

    Angel: 1

    Oz: 1

    Joyce: 1

    Xander: 3

    Alternate scoobies:

    Buffy: 6

    Giles: 3

    Cordy: 1

    Will: 2

    Jenny: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 2

    Joyce: 2

    Xander: 3

    Recurring characters killed: 9

    Jesse, Flutie, Jenny, Kendra, Larry, Snyder, Professor Walsh, Forrest, McNamara

    Sunnydale deaths; possibly the security guard but he might just be knocked out


    Total number of scoobies: 7

    Giles, Xander, Willow, Buffy, Anya, Tara, Riley

    Xander demon magnet: 5(6?)

    Preying Mantis Lady, Inca Mummy Girl, Drusilla, VampWillow, Anya (arguably Buffy & Faith with their demon essences?), Dracula?

    Scoobies shot: Riley by Harmony' crossbow. But given his drugged state it doesn't even hurt him

    Giles: 2

    Angel: 3

    Oz: 4

    Riley; 1

    Notches on Scooby bedpost:

    Giles: 2; Joyce & Olivia, possibly Jenny and 3xDraccy babes?

    Cordy: 1?

    Buffy: 3 confirmed; Angel, Parker,Riley, 1 possible, Dracula(?)

    Angel: 1;Buffy

    Joyce: 1;Giles, 2 possible, Ted and Dracula(?)

    Oz: 3; Groupie, Willow & Verucca

    Faith:2 ;Xander, Riley

    Xander: 2; Faith, Anya

    Willow: 2;Oz and Tara

    Questions and observations;

    Another nail in the Buffy/Riley coffin, in fairness to Graham he is right and he is Riley's friend for saying so. A good ep, also introducing Joyce's sickness properly for the first time. Interestingly it's Dawn who discovers something's wrong with Riley and helps Buffy hit on the solution. She's also right about Castro, nice to see kids are still interested in history. And whilst fainting Joyce for the first time senses Dawn's special nature. One of the clever things about Dawn is how she's introduced out of nowhere but for the first few eps she has no special significance, all she is is Buffy's little sister, special alright but only to Buffy, Joyce and Hank. And here's Ben for the first time. Giles is actually impressed by Xander's carpentry skills. The 'Willow hand' scene between Tara and Willow is SOOOO lovely? Harmony takes up smoking, well, it's not like it'll do her any harm. That she obeys the 'No Smoking' sign at the hospital is testament to the power of group reinforcement. Ben refers to Dr Dawn, that would be cool if Dawn became a doctor and could patch up the Slayer legion. The Riley basketball scene is a bit of an indulgence, Marc Blucas a pro-basketball player before becoming an actor. Tara and Willow explore Sunnydale High, the first time Tara ever goes there. According to Riley Buffy is getting stronger every day which seems to suggest that a Slayer get's more powerful the longer she lives (Buffy and Faith presumably the longest living Slayers ever). Spike refers to Buffy's 'shampoo commercial hair', at this time of course SMG was the Maybeline adverts girl. Spike says 'Oh god no', so strange that vamps still appeal to god even when they're the epitome of evil.

    Marks out of 10; 7/10 although that might be a bit generous, the Spike scenes make it better than it otherwise might be.

  • When the Chips Are Down...

    Out of My Mind-The increased strength and speed given to Riley by the Initiative are starting to tear his body apart. He must be operated upon immediately to repair the damage, but that will mean giving up his enhanced fighting ability and any chance of keeping up with Buffy.

    For a Riley centered, this was above average thanks to fine acting. Don't get me wrong, Riley's a nice guy, his just as dull as dirt at this point. Not to mention, the way Riley is acting is coming from no where. Suddenly, his reckless, stuck-up, cocky for no reason thinking Buffy doesn't care about and not really caring about himself. At least the scene between him and Buffy is the cave was well acted by Sarah and Marc, although Marc didn't have much to work with as usual. Buffy made way more sense than Riley did and she has been there for him, and would do anything for him which I don't understand why Riley would think otherwise.

    Anyway, on the other hand, Joyce's illness development is played out well and you really feel worried for the character. We are also introduced to Ben, one of the doctors at the hospital who will play a much bigger role later in this season. Spike and Harmony made for a cool evil duo again for an hour. I always loved their scenes together, especially when their in the operating room and Harmony just won't stop talking. I'm glad the writers decided to keep Spike chipped, as he has become a much better character this way surprisingly. The episode ends with a very surprising twist as well when Spike has a...wet dream about certain slayer who shall remain nameless! WOW! Despite some tedious Riley melodrama, "Out of the Mind" is well acted and has some humorous scenes to keep you interested.moreless
  • An average episode; whilst having some nice scenes, most of this episode falls flat to me.

    Out Of My Mind is a very average episode; the main storyline is extremely tedious and the only real saving grace is the hilarious Spike/Harmony interaction and the brilliant ending. Besides that, OOMM doesn't have a lot going for it.

    Riley is a character I truly do not care for. I don't feel sympathy for him and I truly dislike the Buffy/Riley relationship. It's so entirely boring and annoying that I just hate all their drama. They're not as overdramatic and annoying as some (Buffy/Angel) but it is episodes like this where they really begin to irritate me. The speech in the caves is just completely forgettable and Riley's whole "I have to be a superhero" thing is just pathetic. Get over it Riley! I really didn't care whether he lived or died and a lot of it just felt forced.

    Thankfully, there a few good things that stop this episode being a complete waste of time. Spike and Harmony were hilarious together and provided much needed comedic relief all episode. Mercedes McNab had great delivery here and the line "Spike, oh my god, this like a real emergency" always cracks me up. The whole 20 questions game was great also and the scenes in the hospital were a hoot. I love that while Harmony is evil, she apologizes for smoking in a hospital. She's such a nice vampire! And a big yay for Harmony smacking Riley around lots.

    The other good thing was the start of the excellent cancer arc. This arc is really emotional and hard hitting and is one of the reason's Season 5 is my favourite season of TV ever. It was so unexpected and blends in really well with the whole family theme of the season.

    The end scene was amazing. I thought it was real the first time I watched it and I was sorely disappointed it was a dream. It really highlighted Sarah and James' excellent chemistry.

    Out Of My Mind is an average episode with an incredibly boring main story but has some scenes that keep the episode from being a complete waste of time. Still, it's an episode of Buffy so it earns a reasonable score from me!moreless
  • Out of My Mind

    Out of My Mind was a good episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This episode introduced us to Ben the intern at the hospital. This was also the begining of Joyce's illness as well as Riley's doubts about his future with Buffy. This episode was entertaining and exciting to watch. It was funny to watch Harmony who is now back with Spike. There was a lot of character development in this episode as well. I think that this episode was laying ground work for future story lines and they will be intriguing. I can't wait to find out what happens next!moreless
Deirdre Holder

Deirdre Holder

Hospital Doctor

Guest Star

Time Winters

Time Winters

Initiative Doctor

Guest Star

Mercedes McNab

Mercedes McNab


Recurring Role

Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase

Graham Miller

Recurring Role

Charlie Weber

Charlie Weber


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Goofs: While Spike is undergoing brain surgery, he moves his head a lot. Although the movements are not drastic, this should have resulted in damage done to parts of his brain by the doctor's instruments. During a real brain surgery, the patient's head is rendered immobile by a vice and often bolted in place to prevent this. Obviously, since they were not in a proper facility, they did not have the proper devices, which was likely also why the doctor was just poking around rather than using imaging equipment. Also, the placement of the bloodied gauze on the back of Spike's head afterwards does not match his position during surgery. The doctor appeared to be operating on the top of his head; Spike would have been sitting up if the back of his head was the entry point.

    • Goof: In the scene where Riley is playing basketball on the court, his tank top changes from sweaty to dry in each shot.

    • The jars behind the counter on the Magic Box contain ingredients named after the cast and crew. There's "Tony's Heads," "Charisma Charms," and "Boreanaz Beads."

    • Goof: When Buffy slaps Spike in his crypt her left hand, holding the money, is down, just out of the shot. The camera angle changes and her left hand is now up near her shoulder.

    • Harmony says that Spike staked her before. This is a reference to "The Harsh Light Of Day". She didn't die because she was wearing Gem of Amarra.

    • Goof: The first time Harmony accidentally fires the crossbow, when they shot cuts back to her the crossbow's bow string is still in the pulled back position.

    • Nitpick: At the beginning of the show, when Buffy stabs the first vampire, he just has his arms out of the grave. It is doubtful that she actually hit his heart.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Joyce: (to Dawn, shakily) Who are you? (faints)

    • Spike: And I should do what with my spare time? Sit at home knitting cunning sweater sets?
      Buffy: Would it keep you out of my way?

    • Riley: I go back, let the government get whimsical with my innards again... They could do anything that... Best-case scenario, they turn me into Joe Normal, just... Just another guy.
      Buffy: And that's not enough for you?
      Riley: It's not enough for you.
      Buffy: Why would you say that?
      Riley: Come on. Your last boyfriend wasn't exactly a civilian.
      Buffy: So that's what this is about? You're going to die, all over some macho pissing contest.
      Riley: It's not about him. It's about us. You're getting stronger every day, more powerful. I can't touch you. Every day, you're just a little further out of my reach.
      Buffy: You wanna touch me? I'm right here. I'm not the one running away.
      Riley: Not yet.
      Buffy: So you have this all figured out? I'm bailing because you're not in the super club.
      Riley: It's human nature.
      Buffy: Don't Psych 101 me. Not now. Not after everything that... Nobody has ever known me the way you do. Nobody. I've opened up to you in ways that I've never opened up to... God, you're just sitting back there thinking that none of this means anything to me.
      Riley: I never said that.
      Buffy: Because it obviously doesn't mean anything to you. Do you really think so little of me?

    • Harmony: I read in a magazine that some women think a man's real sex organ is his brain. Yecch! No contest. I mean, look at it. It's so... pink and wriggly-looking.

    • Harmony: (to the doctor) Do you know what it means that he can't hurt any living thing? It means that he can't even pick flowers.
      Spike: What?! Yes, I can.

    • Tara: How'd you do that with the light?
      Willow: Oh, you know, you taught me.
      Tara: I taught you a teeny tinkerbell light.
      Willow: Okay, so I tinkered with the tinkerbell.

    • Willow: Tara and I can scope out the burned-out school. Riley hid there once. Maybe he... feels it's homey or something.
      Buffy: Homey. You know what else he might find homey in a... dank, unpleasant evil sort of way? The Initiative caves. I don't know them too well.
      Giles: We do have an associate who knows those caves like the back of his melanin-deprived hand.
      Buffy: I so don't want to deal with Spike right now. That guy is really starting to bug me in that special "I wanna shove something wooden through his heart" kinda way.
      Willow: He does seem extra twitchy lately. Maybe the whole not killing is gettin' to him.
      Buffy: Plus hanging out all day in that moldy crypt, you just know he's doing something nasty.

    • Xander: Like, I had this friend once who really liked this girl, and he got all worried that maybe she didn't like him back, and maybe that made him act like a total jerk. Maybe Riley reminds me of that friend.
      Willow: What are you talking about?
      Xander: Then again, maybe not. Maybe he just wants attention.
      Buffy: Well, here's a hot tip, if you want attention? Be there so people can give it to you.
      Anya: I care about you, Xander.
      Xander: Thanks.
      Anya: Don't be insecure.
      Xander: Thanks. I won't.
      Anya: And, I also have this "friend" and, uh, I have it on really good authority that she really likes that guy, your "friend" ... and, by the by, my friend-
      Buffy: You guys, enough!

    • Graham: What's going on, man? You gotta get this taken care of immediately. We gotta get you into an operating room.
      Riley: Very convincing. Makes me completely want to put myself under government control. Please, take me where they can make me unconscious and naked.

    • Dawn: Did you know that one time the CIA tried to kill Fidel Castro with poisonous aspirin?
      Buffy: Dawn, please. I know I have to do something, I just don't know what.
      Dawn: Another time the CIA-
      Buffy: Dawn!
      Dawn: It's important… Tried to make Castro go crazy by putting itching powder in his beard. It's about the government!

    • Joyce: I feel silly lying here like a lump.
      Willow: You can make a game out of it. A very quiet game about being a lump.

    • Dawn: Every kid tries to make the substitute cry. It's like a rite of passage.
      Joyce: I certainly would not. Being a substitute is an extremely difficult job. Besides... Honestly, Dawn, how many bowls of cereal are you planning on eating?
      Dawn: Oh, these aren't for eating. I'm just trying to get the extra out of the way so I could... get this. Anyway, I want eggs.
      Joyce: You want the cereal prize, but you don't want the cereal. You are growing up.

    • Buffy: Mmm. that was relaxing.
      Riley: You, uh, want to relax some more?
      Buffy: Again? Right away again?
      Riley: Maybe you're too tired.
      Buffy: Hey. I have the endurance of ten men.
      Riley: Let's make it women, okay? Just for the imagery.

    • Willow: Should I be watching my occipital lobe?
      Buffy: Your what?
      Willow: Occipital, the lobe in the back of your brain? You know, like, should I be watching my back? But, you know, the... back of your brain.
      Buffy: Apparently not. Don't worry, Will, you still wear the smarty-pants in the family.
      Willow: I don't know. You've been studying... really a lot.
      Buffy: I'm trying. But they're really piling on the reading, and Giles fills any free time I have with extra training... I'm starting to think this working hard is hard work.
      Willow: Isn't it crazy like that?
      Buffy: I thought it was gonna be like in the movies -- you know, inspirational music, a montage: me sharpening my pencil, me reading, writing, falling asleep on a big pile of books with my glasses all crooked, 'cause in my montage, I have glasses. But real life is slow, and it's starting to hurt my occipital lobe.
      Willow: Aw, poor Buffy's brain.

    • Buffy: You threw that vampire like he was a teeny-weeny little vampire.
      Riley: Hey, you want to go again? Come on, I bet this place is just teeming with aerodynamic vampires.
      Buffy: Nah. Unless you wanna go back and kill Spike for the fun of it?

    • Spike: Taking up smoking have you?
      Harmony: I am a villain Spike, hello!

    • Harmony: (about Buffy) You didn't hear? I'm like her arch nemesis now.
      Spike: I must have missed the memo.
      Harmony: There was a mem...? Spike! Oh my god! This is an emergency!

    • Spike: Is it bigger than a breadbox?
      Harmony: No. Only 3 left.
      Spike: So it's smaller than a breadbox.
      Harmony: No. Only 2.
      Spike: Harm, is it a sodding breadbox?
      Harmony: Yes! Oh my god! Someone's Blondie Bear is a twenty question genius!

    • Buffy: I just saw you taste your own nose blood. You know what, I'm too grossed out to hear anything you have to say. Go home.
      Spike: I'm a vampire! It's what I do!

    • Spike: Bathe in the Slayer's blood. I've gonna dive in it. Swim in it. I'm gonna do the bloody backstroke.

    • Spike: I will know your blood, Slayer. I will make your neck my chalice, and drink deep.

    • Buffy: It's so unfair. It's like Big Brother can spy on you all the time, and the second I have something to say, no one will listen.
      Dawn: Sounds more like Big Sister.
      Willow: There has to be a way.
      Buffy: Like what? Take a tour of the White House and pretend to get lost and look for some door with a sign on it that says "Secret Government Monster Hunters?"

    • Spike: Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Everywhere I turn she's there. That nasty little face. That fancy shampoo commercial hair. That whole sodding holier-than-thou attitude.
      Harmony: Well, aren't we kinda unholy by def...?
      Spike: She follows me, you know. Tracks me down. I'm the pet project. Drive Spike around the bend. Makes every day a fresh bout of torture. You don't understand. I can't get rid of her. She's everywhere. She's haunting me, Harmony! This has got to end.

    • Harmony: Pretty please? I'll do anything.
      Spike: Anything, will you?
      Harmony: Yeah, I said I'd do anything! Oh. You mean will I have sex with you? Well, yeah.

    • Spike: Oh Pacey, you blind idiot. Can't you see she doesn't love you?

    • Buffy: (to Riley) Do you think that I spent the last year with you because you had super powers? If that's what I wanted, then I'd be dating Spike.

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  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Willow: Hey, wasn't that Robespierre the coolest?

      Maximilien-François-Marie-Isidore de Robespierre (1758-1794) was a radical Jacobin leader and one of the principal figures in the French Revolution. In the latter months of 1793 he came to dominate the Committee of Public Safety but in 1794 he was overthrown and executed.

    • Buffy: Charlotte Corday wasn't a real martyr either.

      On July 13, 1793, Charlotte Corday, a young Girondin supporter from Normandy, was admitted to Jean-Paul Marat's room on the pretext that she wished to claim his protection. She stabbed him to death in his bath and was put to death for the the assassination.

    • Willow: You can't possibly be arguing that Marat didn't betray the French Revolutionaries. This was the guy who declared the Rights of Man, and then the next thing you know he's killing Girondin like it's going out of style.

      Jean-Paul Marat (1743-1793) was a French politician, physician, and journalist, a leader of the radical Montagnard faction during the French Revolution. In his early political works he attacked despotism addressed to British voters. The Girondin were members of the moderate republicans, many of them originally from the departement of Gironde, who controlled the Legislative Assembly from October 1791 to September 1792 during the French Revolution.

    • Dawn: Did you know that one time the CIA tried to kill Fidel Castro with poisonous aspirin?
      The CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency, it is an independent executive bureau of the U.S. government established by the National Security Act of 1947. Its major responsibility is to gather intelligence, in which it uses not only covert agents but such technological resources as satellite photos and intercepted telecommunications transmissions. Fidel Castro is a Cuban revolutionary and Cuba's Communist dictator. In recent years it has been revealed that in the early part of his presidency the CIA tried hundreds of times to kill Castro.

    • Willow: Better to light a candle than to curse the damn darkness.
      This is an old proverb from Confucius (an ancient Chinese philosopher), it is sometimes quoted with slightly different phrasing.

    • Buffy: It's like Big Brother can spy on you all the time and the second I have something to say, no one will listen
      Big Brother is a term from George Orwell's 1949 novel "1984" which means that government spies on its citizenry.

    • Spike: Buffy, Buffy, Buffy! Everywhere I turn she's there. That nasty little face. That fancy shampoo commercial hair.
      The reference to shampoo commercials is an in-joke referring to the Maybelline Shampoo commercials Sarah Michelle Gellar was in at the time this episode aired.

    • Tara: I taught you teeny Tinker Bell light.
      The pixie Tinker Bell is a character from the 1902 short story-turned play-turned novel Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie. Tinker Bell was the faithful companion to Peter. After the story was turned into an animated adventure for children by Walt Disney, the character of Tinker Bell became one of the characters associated with Walt Disney films.

    • Spike: Oh, Pacey! You blind idiot. Can't you see she doesn't love you?
      Pacey is a character on the WB show Dawson's Creek, played by Joshua Jackson. In regards to "she doesn't love you," Spike is surely referring to the character of Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes.

    • Buffy: You're like my fairy godmother, and Santa Claus, and Q all wrapped up into one. Q from Bond, not Star Trek.
      The Fairy Godmother is a character from the story of Cinderella, who uses her magic to provide Cinderella with a gown, glass slippers and a horse drawn coach to get her to the ball. The idea of the fairy godmother isn't exclusive to Cinderella but is most commonly associated with that story.

      Santa Claus is the legendary figure who is the traditional patron of Christmas in most countries around the world. His popular image is based on traditions associated with the 4th-century Christian Saint Nicholas.

      Q from James Bond, played by Desmond Llewelyn (1914-1999), appeared in 18 of the James Bond series of spy films from 1963's From Russia With Love to 1999's The World Is Not Enough. He worked for the British Secret Service supplying gadgets, weapons, and trick vehicles to James for his various secret missions.

      Q from Star Trek, played by John de Lancie, is a character created in the pilot of the sci-fi television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Encounter At Farpoint". He was an omnipotent being who placed the humans on trial for being a savage race. He became a recurring thorn in the side of many captains on The Next Generation and the various following Trek series.