Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 23, 2000 on The WB

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  • One of the most bizarre episodes of Buffy

    This episode is so incredibly bizarre and that's probably why it's so great. It was nice to see all of their incredibly weird dreams; Giles' was my favorite though. I loved Joyce trying to guilt trip Buffy because she didn't introduce her to her boyfriend sooner. Willow's dream was incredibly weird. It was odd that she ended up in her drama class and she was afraid everyone was going to find out about her. The dream that she had almost didn't seem to fit into everything. I loved that it started with her and Tara together. It was interesting seeing that Tara and Oz were together in Willow's dream too.

    Xander's dream was quite amusing. I loved his mostly because he woke up in his dream which made it even better because at first you didn't know that he was asleep. Joyce coming onto him was so random and so amusing. I loved Xander thinking about what Tara and Willow do together, because it just shows how much of a typical guy Xander is. Spike training to be a watcher in his dream was so incredibly strange. I loved that Giles and Anya started speaking French (I think) when they were explaining something to him.

    Giles' dream was by far the best in my opinion. I loved his singing appearance. Anthony Stewart Head has such an amazing voice which helped make Giles' dream so cool and Anya doing comedy was amusing too. I liked that Buffy was a major part of Giles' dream. It was interesting that it started with Giles and Buffy together doing some kind of slayer/watcher thing. I loved that Olivia seemed to think he was being rather hard on Buffy and it was sort of adorable to see her acting like such a little kid. I loved that Spike was in Giles's dream too.

    Buffy's dream wasn't that great. You knew that she's take care of the First slayer and that made her dream less interesting. I liked the part with Riley it was so funny to hear "The demons have escaped please run for your lives." It was completely brilliant and very amusing. I liked that Tara was the voice of the First Slayer too. Tara was completely brilliant because she hinted at everything for season 5 and Dawn.

    This was quite an incredible episode. The Cheese guy was so totally random and just weird so you had to love that part of the episode.
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