Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 23, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'You think you know what's to come, what you are. You haven't even begun.'

    ‘Restless’ is the end to a decent but not brilliant Buffy season, and boy what an ending it was. Possibly one (if not the) best episode of Buffy.

    The dreams were pure art, the directing and acting were all superb.

    The episode contains the four members sleeping over at Buffy’s, they claim not to be tired after the big fight and are going to watch movies all night, but before the first movie starts they immediately fall asleep.

    Each of them feature a dream, it all begins with Willow. She dreams being with Tara and writing something on her back while they talk about Miss Kitty Fantastico. There is also something out there waiting to attack Willow. At school she sees Xander and Oz, she has to go to drama class but they are having a production. Everything is very confusing until she goes behind some curtains and Tara tells her something is after Willow, she gets attacked by a knife but it soon ends when Buffy rescues her and takes her to class. They keep telling her she is in some costume and Buffy takes it off and she looks exactly like she did the first season. Then she gets attacked by something that was after her and it drains the life out of her. It was brilliantly done, Tara and Oz were flirting in class but the theatre show was the best with Buffy in a black wig, Riley as a cowboy and Harmony as a milk lady.

    Second of them is Xander, who believes to be awake but has to go to the bathroom, on his way Joyce tries to seduce him but then he goes to pee, the entire initiative is watching him which makes him uncomfortable and go outside in some playground, Buffy is in a sandbox while Spike and Giles are on the swings. Another Xander is watching it and he is in the ice-cream van with Anya, in the back are Willow and Tara smooching and he decides to go after them. He ends up in some green-coloured place and Giles and Anya talk to him in French. He ends up in the movie ‘Apocalypse now’ and is taken to Snyder, but then Xander turns out in his own room and his dad comes downstairs and changes into the monster that takes out his heart. Once again everything was well done especially the things that were supposed to look fake.

    Giles is the third to take the turn, he and Buffy are first discussing about men and women. Then they end in a park and Buffy is like his daughter, he is together with Olivia and then Giles goes to Spike crypt who is selling himself as an attraction. Giles then ends up at the bronze and sings a song, he follows the trails of something and he knows what’s after him, it’s the first slayer who then cuts up his head.

    As last is Buffy who wakes up in her dream. Tara features in it and shows that everything is happening because of the cards. Tara gives a hint about Dawn ‘Be back before dawn’. Buffy then finds Joyce in the wall which means she has a tumour and is a hint to season 5. When Buffy goes to the initiative she sees Riley and Adam, who is now in his human form. She puts some mask on that are her weapons and then goes into the desert where she finds The first slayer who borrows Tara to speak to Buffy, she says that Buffy is not supposed to have any friends. But Buffy doesn’t care about that and fights The first slayer and decides to wake up and when she does, so does everyone else.

    The episode was amazingly written and directed. The best thing about the episode was probably the cheese man who seemed to be important but infact didn’t serve no purpose. All four main characters were very well put in their own storylines and developed in them. This episode was pure art and one of tv’s best.
    ‘You think you know. What you are, what’s to come. But you haven’t even begun.’

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