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  • I'm a Slayer, ask me how!

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a show that both critics and fans agreed was the best written on television. Joss Whedon brought us into a world filled with complex characters, interesting plots, and nasty monsters. It started as just a mid-season replacement on the small WB network but soon grew to be one of the most popular and successful shows of the time. In season one we are introduced to the theme "high school is hell", literally. Sunnydale High, where Buffy and co. attend high school is literally sitting on the mouth of Hell. The originality has began. Through the years the fans went through an emotinal journey with Buffy and her friends. Buffy took simple themes, like a boyfriend being mean after a night in the sheets, and made them into large story-arcs bringing the show the new levels of complexity. Good guys went evil and evil guys turned good. One main character even switched sexual preferences. All in all, the series took on different issues and storys to make one of the best series on television. What other show could make an episode that is almost totally silent or one with nothing but singing and dancing? Not to many can without being slammed by critics. But the critics loved Buffy! With its talented team of writers anything was possible for the series, nothing was to cheesy or fake. So we say goodbye after seven years, and even though it's no longer turning out stories, it lives in the fans. In our hearts.
  • One of the best shows that has been on screen since ever.

    This show is so underrated. People just don't appreciate it's uniqueness. There is no othe show that can incorporate horror, humour, drama and many more better than this one. There isn't a genre that it doesn't satisfy. These sort of shows don't come around very often and Joss Whedon has created a gem. It will live on in the minds of people forever. It's an inspiration to all of us. There is at least one character that you can relate to. Emma Caulfield and James Marsters,not to mention Alyson Hannigan and Nick Brendon, are comic geniuses.They have all had their problems but have still managed to impress us. They have all worked so hard to produce such a great show and a huge part of my life. My favourite season is season 6. It doesn't just deal with the usual evils, vampires,demons but it shows them growing up, dealing with real life things and thats what makes it an incredible show. It is a shame it has ended when there are yet so many people to experience it. My ultimate favourite episode is Touched. The speeches given by Spike and Buffy are inspirational and it shows that without Buffy things would be a lot harder. Thanks to all the Buffy team over the years for creating such a great show. I'm just so sad that its over but hopefully a Buffy movie or series could be on the cards in the future.
  • I’m going to get right to the point: Buffy is an orgy of sharp television.

    Alright, get over it. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” could not be a cheesier title. Heck, it kept me from watching the show for the longest time.

    What happened you might ask? It all began with a friend who mutually loved Alias. She was always a big fan of Buffy, so I thought that I’d give in and let the show have a few hours of my life. It was an event of titanic proportions and I just sunk deeper into the world created by Joss Whedon.

    Let me start where I began my Buffy journey. That big night in April last year when I tuned into the forth season with “The Initiative” was a decent place to start. Riley was just being introduced and four episodes later was the incredible “Hush.” The mediocre fourth season got me into the show and held me into the next season.

    The fifth season was and still is the best of all seven. “The Body” is the single best use of television as an art form. I nearly cried the entire hour. This season also introduced Glory. She was the ideal evil power, she was entirely scary and yet entirely human. The buildup to the climax of the season was the BEST ever on television, hands down. It could have easily ended right there and everyone would have been happy (and according to Joss, he wanted it to seem like the series finale).

    But the series still had more stories to tell. Including an entirely musical episode that was able to come off well. The sixth season also brought about a darker tone as the “scooby gang” began to separate from each other. Willow became the big bad of the season and the show had another great climax with Xander’s yellow crayon speech.

    Season seven had some good episodes but lacked air time for its main characters. As the final season, I would have much rather had more stories about the main group than the slayerettes that came to town.

    As I continued watching the show at a feverish pace (about 5-10 episodes a week), season one began. While it is the weakest season, it provided the background and experimenting that was needed to make future seasons great.

    Seasons two and three got better and saw an unexpected bad guy in one of the main cast. The music at the end of the second season, composed by Christophre Beck is also some of the most powerful music ever (as is his composed music for the end of “The Gift”). Season three was not my favorite overall, but had many solid stand-alone episodes that I really enjoyed.

    After coming full circle to when Oz leaves Sunnydale, I was extremely satisfied that I had spent a couple hours about eight months ago on a show that really didn’t seem that interesting to me.

    In short, the acting, the writing, the show, even the little Mutant Enemy Mummy Guy at the end is all awesome. Take the show for a four episode test run. Just know that you will embark on an epic journey that you won’t soon forget. I could keep going on forever with this review, but don’t you have some of your own hesitations to slay?
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: she alone has the strenth to fight and kill the vampires and other forces of evil.

    Buffy is a teenage girl with many friends, but when she when she burns down the school gym trying to kill a few vampires she gets kicked out and so she moves to Sunny Dale. Where she finds out she has a watcher called Rupert Gile.. She also makes a bunch of new friends: Willow, Xander, Tara. She Also has a range of Boyfriends: Angel, Riley, Spike and a one night stand Parker.. From The First Kill to The Last Kiss she does it all. She loses her closest friends and goes through aload of problems. But she always finds a way out of the difficulties.
  • I love this show so much, was actually disappointed to see it end. I would really love to see it on air again.

    This show was my absolute favourite, along with Angel that it. I have never actually seen such a great show.

    I saw the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie and I didnt approve of it much, then I heard that there was a series about Buffy and thought to myself how can that be because the movie wasnt so great. My husband to me that we should watch it and I thought why not the movie was worth a few laughs, so what harm woulf this do. I was wrong, it was absolutely brilliant and it actually made me a Buffy memorabilia collector and to tell you the truth I am still stunned that its gone.

    I have nothing forward to watching anymore except for my Buffy DVDs that I bought.

    Honestly and truly this was the best show that Ive seen in ages. (Dont forget Angel). So if youre into supernatural beasties and what not, then this one is worth the watch. :o)
  • The Original, the Best, no Comparison...Well Maybe Angel.

    The word iconic tends to jump out whenever this show is mentioned, and with good reason. Joss Whedon brought vampires, werewolves etc, back to the masses and made it cool. Combining mild horror with Joss's unique humour was a masterstroke, geniuinely affecting peoples lives. It started off innocently enough, with the typical freak of the week episodes, but quickly changed into something completely different. Heavily scripted with smart, fresh, quirky dialogue and storylines. The show also has truly amazing characters, from the main cast to the secondary cast, who were just perfect in every way.

    Buffy literally opened the flood gates for other vamp shows, but they will never (even though some of them are pretty darn good themselves) reach the pinnacle that Buffy did.

    I write this review confident in the knowledge that I have watched every episode numerous times, not just the odd one, which some people find is sufficient to review a show as a whole, well it isn't. The later seasons are every bit as good as the earlier ones, in fact the show probably peaked season 4-6, with season 6 widely considered the best. My personal faves are 4 and 5, but the rest are still brilliant. Heck, the show deserves 10/10 for the musical episode alone. Bottom line, this show is a top 10 most iconic show of the last 20 years...Fact!
  • Simply put, Buffy The Vampire Slayer is the single greatest television show to ever grace the airwaves.

    probably one of the most painful moments in my life was when this show ended, im a guy, and i remember being very teary eyed. It was painful to watch such a fantastic show end, but i guess "all good things.." and all that...

    this show was groundbreaking, it decided to flip the, genre based series on its head, give it the finger, and say, we can do whatever we want BITCA! :P

    it was a comedy, a drama, a farce, a horror, a mystery, a sci fi, and at times a musical piece of silent film! this show did it all, and did it all in spectacular fashion. very rarely did they lay an egg, and even the not so good episodes had their moments.

    shows like smallville, charmed, alias, dawsons creek, felicity, roswell, dark angel and many many many more owe their popularity to this show. all i can say is, if you havent watched it. go out, and PURCHASE the dvds TODAY. you wont be sorry.
  • The Chosen Televsion Show. It alone stands against the bad dramas and unwatchable reality programming. This is the best show ever.

    I guess the reason Buffy is my fave television show of all time, and always will be, is because it was the first show I ever watched religiously. I can't exactly remember what age I started watching it, but it would have had to be about the age of nine or ten. I know that's young to start watching such an adult show, but as I've grown and continued to watch Buffy, every now and then I get a joke or something from the episode(s) that I didn't get before. Although I knew of Buffy's presence, because I was young I didn't get a chance to start watching it on T.V before season five (although I had seen season one on tape). From then until the end I watched it, and in the meantime I collected all the other seasons on DVD. Words can't express how much I like this show, and I will probably continue to watch it so many times over until I am very old.
  • The greatest TV show ever made, leagues ahead of everything else in it's own time. Can make you laugh one moment and cry the next, you feel everything the characters went through and there isn't always a happy ending.


    Yeah sure, there were bad episodes, over 7 season that was inevitable, but the lows were few and far between. The highs, wow, the highs would leave you soaring. The characters develop so well over the seasons and not one of them survive the series untouched by the events that happen.

    From the laughs of Doppelgangland, to the tears of Passion, the emotions range through other standout episodes, Innocence, Becoming, Helpless. Watch and feel as people fall in love and then have their hearts ripped out as they lose the ones they love and understand the things they do to cope with it.

    Watch, without the distraction of sound the fabulous episode Hush, and sing along with Once More with Feeling.

    Along with providing strong female role models, look slightly deeper and find the serious issues dealt with, or just watch for some vampire dusting action. Either way you will enjoy this serious.

    Back in the time when syndicates were more interested in good storytelling then reality tv, the greatest tv show ever was created. It was called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • "Dawn, the hardest thing in this world ... is to live in it".


    I admire Buffy so much. I love the direction in realistic themes. Its explored vividly and realistic. I love how I can connect to this show then any other. I just adore the characters and their development. Every character development grew with time, realistic themes to show understanding of the responsibilities of true life.This show is so inspirational to me. The light moments are great, but the show can be considerably dark at times but that's why I admire it for because life is not a walk in a park.

    Top 3 fav seasons are 5,6,7. 10+/10 Buffy as a character is so relatable throught out the seasons. Buffy to me is my top fav character. Champion of the people. And if you are wondering I think Buffys better then Angel. :)

  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the Greatest Cult Classics of All Time. This is certainly one of my favorite shows that I still watch at least once a year the whole way through. No other show has ever compared except for maybe Angel a spinoff series.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a Perfect show because it blended everyday issues that we all face with an incredible mythology. The writers of this show were brilliant because they followed the Classic Hero's quest pattern found in most Ancient Mythologies. There were larger than life characters, dramatic circumstances, great word play and punning! I watched the show faitfully since middle school when it first came out. This show has the ability to get into the minds of its viewers and really become a part of them. This review hardly does the show the justice and consideration it deserves. I am so glad this show had the run it did. All to often great shows get cut short and don't end properly. This series had a Classic Begining paying homage to the original movie, while the series ending really wrapped every thing up quite perfectly in a Grand and Spectacular kind of way. Buffy is one of the greatest hero's of all time, and one of the baddest kickass broads ever to fight for Good.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a phenomenon known world-wide.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a hit tv series created by Joss Whedon, lasted 7 great seasons, each one with its own unique storyline. Whedon had a way of rolling drama, comedy, sci-fi, suspense, romance, tragedy, and everything else inbetween into one awesome television show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is about a girl named Buffy who slays vampires, kills demons, and basically rids the world of evil. She makes friends along the way and together they defeat the many demons and villains that threatened their lives as well as others. For the first 3 seasons, Buffy and her two best friends, Willow and Xander, are in high school so throughout the season they not only battle evil, but fight to keep steady grades (except for Willow who is considered the brain of the group.) Seasons 4-7 deal with Buffy's life after high school and how she handles getting older and taking on more responsibilities. This show is full of continuous storylines as well as stand-alone episodes and uses a variety of different genres all in one. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is truly an inspiration for young women everywhere, letting them know that they can take a stand and fight for what they believe in. BtVS has become an icon that many look up to and for good reason. Whedon used metaphors of everyday life for typical teenagers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What Buffy went through during her high school years was something that almost every kid went through, the feeling of not belonging and fighting your own "demons". Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with its constant wit and unexpected twists is one hell of a great show.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its lasting appeal

    What is the lasting appeal of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Why do fans keep quoting and discussing episodes five years old? Was it the fine cast of actors and actresses? Yes, the acting was all you could hope for in a TV show, usually better. Was it the great production and direction of each episode? Yes, each consecutive episode and season raised the bar for what you came to expect from television as a visual medium. These things made for a good television show but what made BtVS great was the superb writing, the attention to character development on a week to week basis. Episodic television had never seen anything like this. A show that could be accurately described as a fantasy-comedy-drama. The subject matter was engaging enough. Buffy, with her close friends and allies Willow, Giles, and Xander, would battle the forces of evil across the town of Sunnydale CA. Vampires, demons, werewolves, and monsters of all shapes and sizes would be stopped week-in and week-out. An interesting premise alone isnt gonna keep people comming back every week. The jokes helped. Pop culture was laughed at and with each week. Buffy's writers were as good with a subtle one liner as they were with elaborate visual gags. Thats what you hear most people discussing when the subject of BtVS is brought up. How funny and how witty this show was. They are correct of course the show was laugh out loud funny and sly, with a knowing wink, kinda funny all at the same time. Of course there was the dramatic element as well. The ability to tell an interesting story and to have it filled with monsters and fighting, yet at the center of that story have very human content was at times breathtaking. Now we come to it. Why I wrote this review. Why I think BtVS is such a great show. The writers, though putting the characters in fantastic situations, never let the action dictate the characters responses. The characters became so well devolped because it was as if they were making their own realistic decisions when facing a problem. The show to me was about choices. Not the kind we were accustomed to seeing in most television, choices without the fear of consequenses. No, these problems the characters faced and how they solved them could have unforseen consequenses that stretched for the rest of an episode or season, even for many seasons. With each new episode the characters grew as a direct result of previous decisions. They made good choices, and best of all, they made bad choices. They were human, or nearly so. The writers allowed the characters to live, not to be contained by formula, even when Buffy saved the world for the third time or another of her close friends switched teams and became evil. That is why Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to surprise and impress after all these years. The characters of BtVS, though fictional, were still the sum of all their past experiences and choices. Just as you the reader have been shaped and influenced by the countless choices you have made in your life.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the kinda show that makes you want to defend television even after its near death at the hands of "reality" programming. Well thats it, my first posted review here at tv.com. I'm sorry if i didnt spend enough time on the cast and crew, or the debt BtVS probably owes to other shows like Twin Peaks or the X-Files but those are subjects that can be considered on their own in the future.
  • Buffy Needs to Comeback


    Never before has any other show ever been so flawless this t.v. show is literally the best to date. The characters are fantastically written you can love them next minute and then hate them the next, the casting has been brillaint, especially from the likes of Michelle Tratchentberg, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eliza Dushku, James Marsters and David Boreanaz.

    Each season of Buffy just got better and the finale episode was fantastic, however i am filled with a great loss and in great hope of Joss Whedon returning to write another Season of Buffy or even a spin-off to the hit show.

    Seeing as Whedon has failed to have success with other shows such as Dollhouse and Firefly maybe it is a brillaint idea for him to stick to what he knows and what people want.Not saying that they were both rubbish as I was a great fan of Dollhouse. God What I'd do to see Buffy or any of the characters back to life on the telly again. The other bad thing I could say about this show is that it's ended ! Bring it Back !!!!

  • Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world. She alone will have the strength and skill to fight the forces of darkness

    The greatest show on TV! With great fight scenes, Great characters, a great theme, a great creator, and everything is just, well... GREAT!!!! The show is way better than the movie that proceeded it. as proof of how awesome it is, it has its own spin of series, novels, comic books, Seven wonderfully awesome seasons, a comic book continuation, video games, a board game, and action figures. This all proves that it is by far the greatest show on television. Every Single season that it has had has been filled with sheer epicness. Watch just one episode of it and you will be hooked
  • An underrated television classic!

    Years from now, when entertainment historians look back on the vast wasteland that is known as television, several series will shine brighter than the rest, and among them will be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy took the long form story arc to the next level and proved that audiences could follow a storyline past the stand-alone, 30/60 minute time frame of television’s yester year.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer succeeds on many levels, but about all else, it’s the characters that are the real selling point of the show. Through meticulous development, we come to care for the “Scooby Gang” so much, that coming back week after week was like going home to visit old friends.

    The show was also great at dealing with the trials of teenage life, but with a twist. In the Buffy world, a drug addiction becomes an addiction to witchcraft. In doing this, the show’s subjects become more acceptable and get their message across with deadly precision.

    Buffy truly was a show that launched a genre. Shows like Angel, Alias, Smallville, Charmed, and Dark Angel to name a few, all owe their success to Buffy. Some of the episodes that should not be missed are as follows:

    1X01 Welcome to the Hellmouth
    1X12 Prophecy Girl
    2X06 Halloween
    2X17 Passion
    2X21/22 Becoming (Part 1&2)
    3X14 Bad Girls
    3X16 Doppelgangland
    3X21/22 Graduation Day (Part 1&2)
    4X10 Hush
    5X16 The Body
    5X22 The Gift
    6X07 Once More, With Feeling
    6X21/22 Grave
    7X21 Touched
    7/22 Chosen

    Buffy through seven seasons made us feel that she was someone we could all relate to. Despite the fact that she was the “chosen one”, she had all the normal teenage issues to face. She made us cry and laugh and in the end we learned that if your true to yourself, have great, supportive friends and caring adults to guide you, there is truly nothing that you cannot overcome, even in the face of over-whelming odds. This was a rare television show that will truly be missed!
  • partly living in the Buffyverse for the half of life...

    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is brilliant TV-show. and I even think it's my MOST favorite one!!! it's ended like 10 years ago... and now re-watching the whole show I discover, realize and figure out smth new for me -- and I guess I like it even more than when I was a teen!

    the show made me laugh so hard and cry with all my heart almost in every episode. it still does. so how can you not admire smth that is so powerful and great? I love "Buffy", I can't stop loving it! believe me, I've tried -- it didn't work. it's the show I was growing up on. and I guess it's smth that you'll carry through all of your life. at least, I hope so, 'coz I don't wanna forget! and I really miss it...

    it's hard to say which episode is my fave 'coz there were many great episodes and many special ones (like "Hush", "One More, With Feeling", "Chosen"). it's hard to say which episode I don't like 'coz it's impossible for me to dislike smth from "Buffy". I can't even say who is my fave character 'coz there are so many of them -- well, top 5 is (without any order): Buffy, Spike, Willow, Xander and Anya, I guess... in fact, I love them all, even Clem :) though I can tell that my fave season is 6th -- and the reasons are: I'm a huge fan of Spuffy; I love Willow (especially, the Dark One); there is this most unexpected awful death of Tara; there are such great epis like "Once More, With Feeling", "Tabula Rasa", "Grave"; and I admire the season finale every time I watch it 'coz it is the only time when the destroying of the world is stopped just by expressing human love -- no Slayer, no magick... just friends for life Xander and Willow.

    plus, I really wanna mention one of my fave actresses of all times Sarah Michelle Gellar. there wouldn't be "Buffy" we know without her. there wouldn't be 7(!) seasons without her. and who knows... probably we even wouldn't fall in love with the show without her!

    so in conclusion, thanks to all cast and crew that let us to admire this fairy tale!
  • With writing that never dared to patronise its audience, production that experimented at every opportunity and characterisation that was always consistent, \'Buffy\' was a joy to watch. It rarely wavered and when it did, it picked itself up, dusted itself

    Yes yes, okay, fine, I hear you. Calm yourself down, it\'s gonna be alright. Really, just stop. Take a deep breath. Loosen that strangulatingly tight collar of yours. *Relax*. There. Now it doesn\'t seem quite so bad, does it? There\'s really no need to get yourself all in a fluster. \'Buffy the Vampire Slayer\' is quite simply the best thing to have ever graced our television screens and you know it. Being as such, it is therefore more than worthy of being ascribed the coveted accolade of \'classic\'. All you have to do is accept it.

    Yes yes, okay, I\'m playing with you, but the sad truth of the matter is that there will be those that read the above classification and reel back in horror, nay disgust. Regardless of their personal opinion of \'Buffy\', be it positive or negative, the notion that a television show of this kind, a pop-culture-teen-science-fiction-fantasy-romp (please, add your own meaningless generic demarcations here) could ever be considered a \'classic\' will revile them; they will see it as a besmirching of the very principles of such a concept. We can call \'The West Wing\' a classic, \'M*A*S*H*\' a classic, hell even \'Friends\' a classic. We can shower them all with critical accolade after critical accolade. But as soon as the eye turns on programming that deals with issues outside the boundaries of \'reality\', well there\'s just no room for the word anymore. Especially not for some little upstart overblown teenage soap opera with vampires and demons and all sorts of other things inbetween. \'Good in its own right, good *for what it is*, but not a classic\'.

    Oh you couldn\'t be more wrong. Blind, you are if you don\'t recognise this show\'s genius. Insane, you are if you dismiss it as \'beneath you\'. You\'ll see more realistic character development, groundbreaking production and thought-provoking stories in a single episode of this show than you would in an entire three seasons of \'Friends\'. It may have an off-putting title (although I\'ve never understood why it puts people off myself), but it is never anything other than thoroughly engrossing.

    The show\'s principal concept - girl with a secret identity - forms the groundwork for its use of sf-concepts as metaphor for teenage (and later, adult) life. Place yourself in any one of Buffy and co.\'s situations, sans monsters, demons etc., and see whether you can honestly tell yourself you haven\'t experienced the emotions they\'re going through. Whether it be ex-boyfriend turning bad (in Buffy\'s case, literally), feeling like no-one notices you (for the show, read actual disappearance) or finding out that the Biology teacher you have a crush on is really a praying mantis (okay, maybe not that one), there was always a sense of identification intrinsic to the show. For all the fantasy of Buffy\'s world, the feelings are always very real and never in a forced, hokey way. One needs only to look to Buffy\'s revelation to her mom that she is a Slayer after two years of keeping it secret for evidence of this. The sequence is a coming out, complete with all the expected cliched parental responses. But for anyone
    who has had to go through such a moment, it is cathartic, enthralling and eminently enjoyable. It would be all to easy for Joss Whedon to lose himself in the monsters of the Buffyverse. Instead, he makes it all achingly human.

    But \'Buffy\' is also so much more than that. The principal cast are never anything short of fantastic; Sarah Michelle Gellar more often than not astounds in her ability to play whatever emotion, however strongly. Nick Brendon plays the affectionate, blundering dork to absolute perfection and is so damn good at what he
    does that when Xander takes a turn for the mature in later seasons, Nick conveys it without evoking a single shred of disbelief. Anthony Stewart Head is simply marvellous as Giles, working with comedy and tragedy equally beautifully. And really, could you honestly imagine anyone other than Alyson Hannigan
    as Willow? More than any other cast member, she *is* her role and has you eating out of the palm of her hand whenever she wants. Perhaps what is most unique, and refreshing, about this show though is that there is rarely a poor secondary player. The list of guest-recurring characters throughout the seasons is endless but the actors are all so excellent and the characters so well-rounded that not a one feels like a Charlie from \'Friends\' or an Eddie from \'Dawson\'s Creek\'. You don\'t want a single one to go away and stop cluttering up our Buffy-time (well, with the possible exception of Riley Finn). Angel, Spike (my, what a beautiful development of a character), Faith, Cordelia, Johnathan, Wesley Wyndham-Price, Andrew, Drusilla, The Mayor, Oz, Glory... I could go on. And on. Every single one is a joy to watch, and not a one is a carbon copy of the other.

    The same can be said of the shows themselves. Each season of Buffy is drastically different from the next, choosing the tricky but ultimately highly rewarding path of the on-going season arc as its template. This allows for the spectacularly complex mystery, intrigue and postmodernism of season five\'s Glory/Key plot (come on... what other show introduces a 12-year-old sister for its principal character five seasons in, without having mentioned her at all before, and *gets away with it*? Of course, this is due to the delightful lack of constraints in sf/fantasy and it all makes perfect, logical sense but still...), the Shakesperian uber-drama of the Angel/Spike/Dru tale of season two (Joss Whedon produced one of TV\'s most shocking twists when Angel turned evil midway through the year... and stayed that way til its end) and
    the highly intelligent ennui of season six\'s \'oh grow up\' motif. In fact, I would like to stick my neck out and say \'Buffy\' is one of a select few TV shows that never, ever jumped the shark. In fact, it only got better with age. While the first two seasons undoubtedtly had their classics, there is also a sense of \'finding our feet\' in both; Whedon and co. appear to be testing the waters, seeing what they can do, what they can get away with, just what stories they really can tell. It leads to some unfortunate dross that would be best forgotten - episodes such as \'Bad Eggs\', \'I Robot, You Jane\', \'Teacher\'s Pet\', \'Reptile
    Boy\' and \'Inca Mummy Girl\' spring to mind here. But come the third, these problems are well ironed out and the show matures into something far greater. Sure, there are occasional lapses (season four\'s \'Beer Bad\' is a noteable one), but the sheer volume of simply outstanding television is enough to forgive these. By the seventh season, \'Buffy the Vampire Slayer\' had developed into the most intelligent and consistently well made programme on TV. Period.

    It has \'Restless\'. An episode that takes place almost entirely in the dreams of our principal characters. It is mind-boggingly complex, rich with metaphor, self-reflexivity and downright weirdness. It is also outstanding. It has
    \'Hush\', an episode in which over half of the screen-time has no dialogue; as a treatise on communication, it works beautifully. And it has some of the scariest monsters, and one of the most terrifying concepts, you\'ll ever see. It has \'Storyteller\', a quite simply astonishing piece of work about redemption, from its seventh season no less, that marries fantastical hilarity with poignant emotion. It has \'The Body\', an episode that deals with death so vividly and believably that I can barely bring myself to watch it again. And, of course, it has \'Once More, With Feeling\', the musical episode. Oh you may laugh at the notion, but after approximately fifteen minutes of watching, I defy anyone not to recognise it as one of the best things ever made. Words can\'t express how amazing it is. Just go watch it and be converted instantly. And this is only a very minute selection of the show\'s best work. \'Innocence\', \'The Zeppo\', \'Selfless\',
    \'Superstar\', \'Tabula Rasa\', \'Passion\', \'The Wish\', \'Who Are You?\', \'The Gift\', \'Fool For Love\', \'School Hard\', \'Seeing Red\', \'Lies My Parents Told Me\', \'Becoming parts 1 and 2\', \'Wild At Heart\', \'Band Candy\'.... do I really need to go on?

    No, I thought not. With writing that never once dared to patronise its audience, production that challenged and experimented at every opportunity, with beautiful results, characterisation that was always consistent and believable and a cast of seemingly unending talent, \'Buffy the Vampire Slayer\' was never anything other than a joy to watch. It
    rarely wavered and when it did, it inevitably picked itself up, dusted itself down and got back on with trying something else it had never attempted before. Standing at a highly respectable seven seasons, it still doesn\'t feel like it was quite enough. For once, we had a show we didn\'t want to hang up its shoes quickly before it all got too depressing (X-Files producers, are you reading this?) And if all of that doesn\'t earn the show the accolade of \'classic\', then really, I just don\'t know what will. Put quite simply, it\'ll slay ya. (Oh I\'m so sorry, I really am).
  • One In A Million!

    Buffy was not only a ground breaking show that helped to bring vampires, werewolves and a whole array of mythical creatures alike back into the mainstream but it also had such originality. The cast chemistry along with the great story-lines makes this show one that you can re-watch time and time again. I personally have been trying to find a show as good an addictive since Buffy ended with no luck. I really do believe that this show (and its counterpart, Angel) is one in a million show!
  • Best show ever!

    Love this show, goes to show how good it is that even 5,6,7 are good when they have shitty characterslike dawn, riley and tara in them. Those are probably the only bad things you can say about the whole 7 series
  • Buffy the vampire is the best show ever! Talented cast and great characters!

    This show is fantastic. Joss Whedon is a genius. I've watched all his shows (though I must say I like Buffy the best). The characters are hard to dislike, they are just so loveable. The actors are awesome and sooo talented. Sarah Michelle Gellar really brings it. She can be funny, sexy, dramatic, romantic, etc. I love how Joss uses many of the same actors from his other shows that have ended and puts them on his new shows. It's great to see them again as different characters (example: NF from firefly then on Buffy season 7). I would recommend this show to everyone!
  • This is the greatest and best Show in the world!

    Hands down the best show in the history of television. My personal favorite. I can't ever get enough of this show. If I was stuck on an island and could only bring one tv show it would have to be Buffy. I can watch every episode over and over. This show starts out good and gets better and better. Joss Whedon is one of the greatest writers working today. The way he mixes the horror and comedy with drama in with the show is masterful. Buffy will and always be one of the best shows in tv history. Love Love Love it!
  • my favorite show ever got all 7 seasons on dvd and all 5 of angel

    this is the best show i seen on tv...i didnt start watching it until the middle of the last season. but i loved it and watched every episode like 20 times..bottom line the greatest show ever made...they should make a movie for it cause the original was ok but im sure this one would be great...they should also make an angel movie to make a real good ending to that series since it left you hannging..but it was a good show to.. buffy is beter though...i love all the charecters and plots. i dont realy like dawn but she dont bring the show down. i also didnt care for tara but her with willow was ok i guess. i liked oz way more.
  • Don't make the same mistake I made. Whatever your age or tastes, check this out!

    I'd heard of BTVS during it's run, but I'd dismissed it as just another show for kids- as a guy in his forties at the time, I figured Buffy wasn't really suited for my demographic. After all, what possible entertainment value could a show about a Vampire killing High School girl hold for me?

    So I didn't watch a single episode first-run. It was only after it went off the air that I, following the advice of a trusted friend, rented the first DVD of Season one.

    The very next day, I ordered all seven seasons' DVDs from Amazon. The show, even in it's first four eps, simply blew me away. The thematic richness, clever dialog, perfect casting won me over immediately. Who would have guessed that a middle-aged man would fall in love with a show about High School kids?

    It's not hyperbole to say that Buffy The Vampire Slayer was quite possibly the very best show ever on TV. I've devoured every episode at least three times so far, every time watching them in marathon weekend sessions, and my enjoyment of them has not yet diminished a bit. It's not surprising that several scholarly studies have been published about the Buffyverse. The show had an unparalleled depth, and a near-uniquely perfect blend of comedic and dramatic elements. That, combined with the flawless casting and Joss Whedon's masterful production, make it not surprising that the show has survived as a favorite of so many across such a wide demographic for so long after it's demise.
  • Should've ran longer . . .An amazing work of genius.

    Joss is boss. He's a genius. This show is better than Firefly . . .I think. I think it should have ran for longer than 7 seasons. It was the WB's PRIME show. not 7th Heaven, not Gilmore Girls, not Dawson's Creek. Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
    Buffy Summers is an ordinary teenage girl who just happens to be the slayer. She spends her nights fighting demons, vampires and other underworldly creatures. The writing also incoporates plenty of drama and comedy into the script. It's so funny sometimes. Especially Spike. This is is probably one of the greatest television shows ever made and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend that you haul ass to your rental store this second and pick it up. If it's not available for rental you will not be dissapointed buying it.
  • Buffy is an amazing series that will live on forever.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer helped me through some really bad times in my life, it gave me friends that would always be therre for me and gave me hope for the future. Seeing the characters going through hell - sometimes literally - in their lives made my problems seem pale in comparison. A lthough Buffy is a world filled with demons, vampires and other evils, it is also in world in which three characters grow up. Buffy, Willow and Xander don't just encounter the supernatural, they have to deal with ordinary problems as well and sometimes they don't cope, they aren't alright, which goes to show how realistic Buffy is, because sometimes we don't all cope and we're not alright. My favourite season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is season 6, because it is not a season of big bads, it is season where the characters themselves are their own main enemies. It is a season of grief and loss, and whereas in every other season to date, the big bad has been defeated, everyone is happy again and all loose ties are firmly tied up, this season does not end like this. It ends with sorrow and remorse and the loose ends flying in the wind, it is a period of transition for the characters from childhood to adulthood. My favourite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Amends because of the raw passion and emotion shown. An excellent series that will be sorely missed.
  • Don't be put off by the movie!

    Despite being a spin-off from a rather sub-standard movie, this TV series was definitely one of my all-time favourites. Not only was the acting always top quality, but the humour in the writing made it addictive.
    Some of the lines that were written for the scooby gang were simply hilarious, with the best often coming from Giles, but if you lost concentration for a moment you'd miss them.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar really did a great job giving the Buffy character some real depth; it would be easy for this to just have been a two dimensional charactiture (as per the movie)
    Great series with a spin-off that was pretty good too.
  • And the Buffy/Angel emotional rollercoaster hits it's first peak!

    So our gorgeous, crypic, possible love-interest is a vampire- the only one in the world with a soul. With our heroine being a vampire slayer, this can only mean one thing....MAJOR EMOTIONAL ANGST!!! After alot of crossed wires and misunderstandings, Angel explains his story to Buffy. After hearing his explanations and along with some information that Giles has managed to uncover, she realises that she can never have what she wants. While at the Bronze they agree, that despite their strong feelings for each other, it's not realistic for them to pursue any kind of relationship. The intense farewell kiss at the end of the episode shows, that when Buffy walks away, the imprint of her cross has been seared into Angel's chest, he doesn't even flinch and all he can do is watch her walk away.

    We all know that this relationship can't, shouldn't and won't work- but unfortunately, thats exactly what makes us want it too! Beautiful story, beautiful words and beautiful acting, its an A+ in my book.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a show that follows the life of Buffy Summers as she tries to carry out a normal existence, all while fighting the forces of evil as the Slayer.

    Although it is a relatively older television show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer easily rivals all of the top programs on air today. It's messages transcend time to speak to viewers of all ages and eras. I know that in ten years, Buffy will still be as influential, and brilliant as it was during its original airing. The show's creator, Joss Whedon, does an amazing job of mixing in snarky humor and a few grave social matters, all while keeping the series dark, entertaining, suspenseful, thrilling, etc. Each season keeps you on the edge of your seat and almost every individual episode will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. I consider myself lucky for not having started watching the series until it's ending. If I'd had to wait for each new episode for a week at a time, I honestly don't think I could have held on to my sanity. BtVS is in no way afraid to upset it's audiences by surprisingly killing off or dropping a key character here and there, and this gives the program one of it's many edges, making not getting caught up in the adventures of the Slayer more than a little difficult. With every season, a "big bad" endangers the Slayer, her friends, and the fate of the world. Each "big bad" is refreshingly unique and surprisingly malevolent for a show that qualifies as a comedy at times. I realize that at first glance, the show may sound cheesy, and overrated. I suppose that with all of the Twilight hype, getting into a show about vampires may be a bit difficult. With all of this in mind, I dare you to try the program out, and not enjoy every nail-biting second of it.
  • Entertaining show.

    I remember watching this show during the later years in its run. I never watched the entire length of the string of seasons, but from what I have seen, it is very entertaining. I rememver having a huge crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar and it was because of this show. I liked the action, the plots, and the writing. I never had a favorite character, but they all made a great cast and had some good chemistry. Each time I watched this show, I was entertained because of how refreshing it was and different from other shows. Overall, this is a classic. Thank you.
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