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  • great but finale wasnt as i had hoped!

    Dont get me wrong the entire series was great but i have a few concerns. First being, Angel shouldnt have left in series 3 he should have stayed throughout the seasons. I think most Buffy fans watched Buffy and end up missing out on Angel. Ive watched Angel only recently, realising that it actually crosses over with Buffy episodes. Not only that the best episode ever is in Angel "I will remember it was amazing! Buffy and Angel fans MUST watch it!

    So anyway, the ending was good for Buffy as a slayer but the series wasnt ENTIRELY CLEAR on who she loved more Angel or Spike. There are small hints here and there and i honestly think Angel she loved more but it was left very open ended. she had said no to having a future with Spike but had kinda said no and yes to Angel it was very confusing and ambiguous.

    I think the series finale should have focused a bit more on the love triangle after all the series spent most of the time developing on Buffy's love interests. Dont get me wrong the series sealed the deal for Buffy as a slayer but not as her teenage problems that were dwelled on over the years.

    Angel and Buffy for one were focused on for the first three years and then continued to do so in parts in Buffy and Angel so why wouldnt Whedon just close that part of the story too in the series.

    Bottom line if a show is going to hype up a love story over the entire series should complete it. There are many shows that do this . Gilmore eventually disappoints fans!