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  • One of the greatest stories ever Told! Joss Whedon is an impeccable writer!

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the few things that I watched on my own without anyone reccomending it to me. This series is wonderful simply because it is about so much and it uses nearly every genre in the book to tell its magnificent story. This is a Drama with a lot of humor, Action, Adventure, Dark Romance and Mythology. The Acting and the chemistry between the cast members is near spot on perfect. Sarah Michelle Gellar gives it her all as Buffy Summers and creates a character that will remain a legend for years to come.

    The Story Begins with Buffy at age sixteen. She is entering a new school with the hopes of having a normal life. Buffy and her mother Joyce Summers move to Sunnydale California unaware that below Sunnydale High rest A hellmouth. Many Mystical forms of evil rest below Sunnydale and its up to The Slayer to stop them. In every generation one girl is destined to defeat the Vampires, demons and The forces of darkness. She is given enhanced physical strength and visions of the lives of past slayers. I love this set up but it wouldn't really add up to much if the character wasn't interesting. Buffy reactes to this the way that any normal angst ridden teeanger would. She panicks and is quick to Avoid the responsibility. Buffy is an extremely relateable character and she experiences all of the emotions that a normal person would but she is also an Epic Role Model and is able to triumph over all of her weaknesses. Her Friends are just as compelling. Alyson Hannigan as Willow is adorable and perfectly cast as the modest nerd who later on becomes a Fearless Witch. Nicholas Brendon is Great as Xander Harris the everyman of the group. Buffy's mentor is Rubert Giles The Watcher. His job is to teach Buffy about Slaying and to train her in combat. Cordelia Chase is played perfectly by Charisma Carpenter. Cordelia is a popular girl who reminds Buffy of the type of girl that she used to be before she was discovered that she was the slayer. She is a Frenemy of Buffy's throughout her high school life and their rivarly is very entertaining to watch. Another important character that we meet in the first year of Buffy is the Mystery man named Angel. The Buffy and Angel Romance is one of the greatest tragic relationships in Fiction and I would be doing a great disservice to it if I where to spoil it here. I will just say that the real meat of their relationship is in the second season. The first season is more about extablishing the world of Buffy and introduce us to the show's Monster of the week formula. It allows for great fun but season 2 is when The show becomes Epic and Deep. The show quickly evolves into something unique and unlike any show that I have ever seen. All of the seven seasons of Buffy contain something special and larger than life itself. The Series can be hilarious at times and it can also be a tear Jerker. I don't think that I have ever cared so much for characters in a television series as much as I have with this one. Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Cordelia, Angel, Anya, Dawn, Oz, Drusillia, and Faith will own your soul. They are all so three dimensional and engaging. My personal Favorite character of the series is Spike. In my opinion his character shows the most growth and change throughout the course of the series. James Marsters shines in the role and showcases his amazing talent as the infamous vampire. The ending to the series is perfect and brings Buffy's life full circle. Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the deepest and one of the best Young Adult stories of all time in my opinion.
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