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  • Something Everybody Should Watch

    There was no hesitation involved in giving this a perfect score. This show has more depth, character development, foreshadowing, thematic relevance, and emotional resonance than 99% of shows that have ever graced television.

    The title and main plot may seem silly to some. "Buffy Summers, a vampire slayer, must handle living a normal school life and supernatural evil doer-fighting life without the two combining too title itself is meant to seem like a B-movie on purpose, which contrasts heavily from the show itself.

    Although the first season is hardly as deep or 'brilliant' as the ones that follow (even though I prefer it to the seventh), it does a good job at introducing the characters and the show itself. It's hard not to begin to feel empathy for the characters because the writers do an excellent job at making them seem like real people. The finale was also something special. Aside from its heavy use of standalones, the cheesiness of some of the "teenage" word use and special effects also plague the inaugural season.

    The second season (particularly the latter half) has what one could consider the best story arc of the show, and it's finale is one of the best episodes of television ever, that is one of the most emotional ways I've seen a season end.

    The third season is my personal favorite, and has, in my opinion, the least flaws and most fluidity of any of the seasons. Almost all 22 episodes are consistently great, with another amazing finale.

    The fourth season wasn't as consistent as the third, but had more episodes that constituted as absolutely mind blowing, which created a good balance. It also had to do the difficult task of introducing a new setting and characters.

    The fifth season returned to the third season's general consistency and also had a shocking twist and crazy finale. One of its mid-season episodes is one of the most heartbreaking and well-written, directed, and acted of any series.

    The sixth season goes into the darkest place the show has seen, with depression being an underlining theme for the entire season. It was the biggest risk the show took, and it payed off excluding a few mid-season episodes.

    The seventh season returns to a lighter format for the most part, dealing with more happy standalones, contrasting much from the prior season. I like the season, but it's my least favorite of them all. One supporting character takes a very heavy role, stealing much needed spotlight from the main characters, and then their airtime is further depleted from a large group of underdeveloped girls who in theory were a great idea and worked well in the end, but mediocrely executed. This still, however, was better than most seasons of most tv shows.

    Overall, watch this series. The show is mainly character driven, which is its biggest strength. All the characters who hold any importance (even minor) have their own special story arc. No main character is underdeveloped, and there's at least one that you'll fall in love with.

    Also, since the show has an ensemble cast, which had, at its lowest, five main characters, and at its highest, nine, there are many episodes focused less on Buffy herself, and more on a specific character. The episodes which do that {ex. The Zeppo (Xander), The Wish (Cordelia), Doppelgangland (Willow), Fool for Love (Spike), Family (Tara), Selfless (Anya), Passion (Jenny), Who Are You (Faith), Phases (Oz)} are usually very strong and unique. The finales themselves also always proved strong, with all seven being absolutely crazy amazing.

    If somebody watched this series, it changes the way they watch television. The complex, underlying, realistic themes that are in every episode truly show its brilliance. One will not regret watching this series, as you could tell by the exceptional ratings, everybody who watched it absolutely loves it.