Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 2

Some Assembly Required

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1997 on The WB

Episode Recap

Buffy is sitting atop a fresh grave, impatiently waiting for a new vampire to awaken. As she plays with a yo-yo, a dark figure sneaks up behind her. "Hey," the vampire greets her. Startled, Buffy whirls around, letting out a surprised gasp. She's relieved to see that it is only Angel. "Are you crazy? You don't just sneak up on people in a graveyard. You make noise when you walk. You... stomp. Or yodel." Angel ignores her comment, instead mentioning that he's surprised to find her alone on patrol. She's a bit confused, so he clarifies. He expected her to have someone with her… someone like Xander. "Xander?" Buffy asks, lifting an eyebrow. "Or someone," Angel says quickly. Buffy gives him an appraising look and accuses him of being jealous. Angel tries to deny it. "What vampires don't get jealous?" she asks, sarcasm lacing her voice. "See, whenever we fight, you always bring up the vampire thing."

The two are just hitting their stride, when the new vampire wakes up and attacks. Buffy fights expertly, but can't find her stake. She scrambles for it madly, but the new vampire recovers and is now armed with a forgotten shovel. Buffy takes the weapon from him, breaks it in half, and uses the sharp wooden edge to stake the vampire. The baby vampire falls to the ground, exploding in a shower of dust.

The vampire handled, Buffy picks up their argument right where they left off. But Angel, sick of their verbal sparring, turns and leaves, clutching his wounded head. "Oh no, you don't," Buffy yells, stomping after him. "You can't just turn and walk away from me like that. It takes more than that to get rid of m—." But the last of her sentence is cut off, as the senses-heightened Slayer falls right into an open grave.

Angel hides an amused smirk as he leans into the grave to check on Buffy. The Slayer is fine, but she's none too happy about her fall. "Gee, I wish people wouldn't leave open graves laying around like this," she says caustically. Angel notes that another vampire must have risen. But Buffy's not so sure. She notices that the grass around the grave is matted and torn up, as if something large was hauled across it. When she finds a dirty high heel beside the grave, her suspicions are confirmed. "Whoever was buried here didn't rise from this grave," Buffy declares. "She was dragged from it."

The next morning, Buffy and Xander walk into the library to find Giles practicing his pickup lines on the empty chair next to him. Buffy and Xander watch amused for a minute before interrupting him. Giles is startled and humiliated to see them there. Buffy tries to offer Giles some tips on how to ask for a date, but Giles is none too impressed with her "I feel a thing, you feel a thing" speech. When Xander deduces that Giles is planning to ask out the "reasonably dollsome" computer teacher and brings up the facts of life, Giles hurriedly changes the subject.

The Watcher's ears prick up in interest when Buffy reveals the details of her last patrol. "Grave robbery? That's new. Interesting." Buffy shoots him a look of disgust. "I know you meant to say gross and disturbing," she says. Xander wants to know why someone would steal a body. Giles promises to come up with some theories and suggests that Willow look up the dead girl, Meredith Todd, on the Internet. Perhaps they can gather some information that will provide a clue.

Meanwhile, Willow is signing the list to participate in Sunnydale's annual science fair. Eric, a dorky yearbook photographer, is running around the halls taking pictures of pretty girls. Chris, a science genius, takes the clipboard from Willow and signs his name. Willow peers over his shoulder trying to see what project he is planning for the fair. The two share a friendly chat and Chris offers Willow some advice on how to win.

As the two science buffs talk, Cordelia approaches and grabs a sign up sheet. She loudly announces that she is only signing up because the school is forcing her hand. "It is not fair that they're making participation in this year's science fair mandatory. I don't think anyone should have to do anything educational in school if they don't want to!" While she complains, Eric starts snapping photos of her, despite her loud protests. Chris adamantly warns him to cut it out.

Buffy makes her way over to Willow, calling out a greeting. Chris whirls around and snaps a photo of the pretty Slayer. She gives him a strange look as she tells Willow she needs her help. "Sorry to interrupt, Willow. It's the bat signal," she says, giving her a cagey look. Willow catches on immediately. She thanks Chris for the tip, and she and Buffy head off for the library. Eric gives Cordelia a suggestive lift of his eyebrows, eyeing her lustfully. Cordelia makes a disgusted noise with her throat and stalks off. Eric watches her go before turning to Chris. "Cordelia's so fine... ya know, she'd be just perfect for us," he says, with a leer. Chris glares at him. "Don't be an idiot. She's alive!" Sinister music plays as Eric continues to stare at Cordelia, a slightly menacing expression in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Willow sits down at the library computer terminal to hack into the Coroner's private files. "This shouldn't take long," Willow promises. "I'm probably the only girl in school who has the coroner's office bookmarked as a favorite place." While she searches, Cordelia enters, looking for Willow's help on her science project. She explains that she would have asked Chris for help, but that would have brought back too many memories of someone named Darryl. She covers her mouth in melodramatic sorrow. No one is listening to her though and in seconds, Willow has the information they need. Meredith Todd was killed instantly, along with two other girls, in a tragic car accident. The teenagers were cheerleaders at Fondren High School; Sunnydale's cross town school. This officially confirms that Meredith wasn't killed by vampires. Somebody did dig up her corpse. Cordelia shudders. "Ew! Why is it that every conversation you people have, has the word 'corpse' in it?" They all ignore her as they concentrate on the matter at hand. They confirm that they are dealing with a body snatcher. Now they must find out why the culprit wants the bodies.

Giles confesses to having a few theories. It could be the work of flesh eating demons who consume the flesh of the dead to absorb their souls. Or it could be a voodoo practitioner trying to create an army of zombies. Buffy decides a night-time visit to the graveyard is in order. They need to find out if the body snatcher is stealing bodies in volume or if this is a single case. Willow is excited. "Oh boy, a field trip!," she says. :I'll pack some food. Who else likes those little powdered doughnuts?" Xander raises his hand. The group looks to Cordelia, wondering if she will be joining their grave digging expedition. "Darn, I have cheerleader practice tonight," Cordelia answers, without a trace of remorse. "Boy, I wish I knew we were gonna be digging up dead people sooner. I would've canceled." Xander teases her, warning her to beware of fleshing eating zombies. She sends him a semi-frightened look and stalks from the library. Xander grins in satisfaction.

That night, Giles and Xander dig up the graves, while Buffy and Willow sit eating mini-donuts and gossiping about boys. Buffy tells Willow how Angel wouldn't admit to being jealous of Xander. "Love makes you do the wacky," Willow grins. Covered in sweat and grime, Xander and Giles shoot disgruntled looks at the cool and comfortable girls. They not-so-subtly suggest that the two girls get up off their butts and help. "Sorry," Buffy smiles. "I'm an old-fashioned gal. I was raised to believe that men dig up the corpses, and the women have the babies." Buffy turns back to Willow to ask what Cordelia was going on about in the library, when she was moaning about painful memories.

Willow fills her in. Darryl Epps was Chris's big brother and a big time football hero on campus. All the girls were wild for him, including Cordelia. But a few years back, Darryl fell to his death in a rock climbing accident. Now Chris has withdrawn into a shell, and their mother barely leaves the house. Giles interrupts the sad story to tell them they have reached the grave. Giles and Xander bicker over who will open the casket. Rolling her eyes, Buffy jumps into the grave and leans over to open the casket. Her eyes widen as the casket opens.

Back at Sunnydale High, Cordelia and the other cheerleaders have just finished practice. Cordelia is walking alone to her car when she hears a strange noise. She glances around the empty parking lot. Seeing nothing, but sensing something, she digs in her bag for her car keys and hurries to her car. But her fingers are shaking with fear. She rushes to unlock the car, but her trembling fingers betray her and she drops her keys. As she is on the ground reaching for them, she sees a man standing on the other side of her car. Leaving the keys, she runs for her life, taking refuge in a nearby dumpster.

After several moments, she hesitantly opens the dumpster to find a man staring back at her! Cordelia gasps, but is relieved to see that it is only Angel. He apologizes for scaring her: he was just looking for Buffy. Cordelia tells him that Buffy is, "big shock", at the graveyard. Angel is confused and hurt. Buffy told him she'd be home. "Well, she lied, isn't she a rascal. Well, you're in luck. It just so happens that my night is free," Cordelia flirts. She tries to climb out but her skirt has gotten caught on something. She works to disentangle herself, looking to see what snagged her skirt. She holds up the object and lets out a terror-stricken shriek. It's an amputated hand! Cordelia drops the blue-ish dead hand, still screaming.

In the library, Cordelia clings to Angel's arm half scared and half coy. Buffy and the gang walk in discussing the three empty graves they found. Buffy is stunned and jealous to find Cordelia hanging all over Angel. Angel sees Xander walk in with Buffy and is equally jealous – especially since Buffy lied to him about how she was spending her evening.

After an awkward moment, Angel tells Buffy about discovering the dumpster full of body parts. "It was horrible! Angel saved me from an arm," Cordelia says, still clinging to him. Buffy looks away, her jealousy barely contained. Giles is frustrated: this information rules out both the zombie army and flesh-eating demon theories. Buffy is frustrated as well. "Why go to the trouble of digging up three girls, only to chop them up and throw them away?" Angel tells her that what he found didn't add up to three whole girls. He believes that someone is harvesting parts and throwing away the remains. Buffy is disgusted, especially when Willow suggests that the body snatcher may have kept parts to eat them.

As they consider the evidence, Buffy theorizes that a high school student is culpable for the crimes, especially since the bodies were disposed of on campus. Angel points out that whoever cut up the bodies knew what they were doing because the incisions were precise. Giles is skeptical that a student could be that well–versed in physiology but Willow knows that the students in the science club are more than capable of it. The gang decides to seach the lockers of the science club kids.

Cordelia begs off, coyly asking Angel to escort her home. Angel looks at Buffy helplessly, who stares back unhappily. Cordelia tugs on Angel's arm and not knowing what else to do, he goes with her.

Elsewhere, in a small run-down home, a middle-aged woman sits in a chair chain-smoking and watching television. On the television is home footage of a football game. The cheerleaders are screaming and the football players are ecstatic. "Darryl! Darryl! Darryl!" The crowd chants their handsome, hometown hero's name, lifting him high on their shoulders.

Chris comes up from the basement, trying to get his mother's attention. He tells her he has to go out, but her eyes never waver from the screen. It's as if she is completely unaware that he is even there. He sighs in hurt frustration and heads for the door. The woman stares mindlessly, her eyes riveted on the television as her other, forgotten son leaves the house. On the television screen, Darryl smiles brightly, forever immortalized in his glory days.

In the school halls, the gang opens locker after locker, searching for clues that may lead them to their body snatcher. Xander opens Chris's locker and finds several books about anatomy and body preservation. Giles reaches into the back of Chris's locker and pulls out a newspaper article about the three dead cheerleaders. Buffy opens Eric's locker. Taped to the locker door is a collage of a woman made out of various magazine pictures. The group realizes that Eric and Chris are working together to make a woman.

Meanwhile, Chris and Eric are working in a laboratory. A headless body lies stretched out on a gurney as Chris, dressed in a lab coat, works on it. Eric sings "My Girl" as he checks Chris's work. "How's my baby?" he asks Chris. "She's not your baby," Chris tells him, a distinct edge lacing his voice. Eric warns him that she's not going to be anybody's baby if they don't finish her soon. Chris tells him he's working on it. "So am I friend," Eric says meaningfully. Behind him, freshly developed photographs of Buffy, Willow and Cordelia hang drying on the wall. Eric looks back at the photos of the three girls and smiles. "So am I," he repeats.

At school the next day, Willow, Xander and Buffy meet in an outside hallway, discussing the mystery of the body snatcher. Buffy can't understand why anyone would want to make a girl out of dead tissue. "The things we do for love," Xander cracks. Buffy tells him this has nothing to do with love. "Maybe not," Xander concurs. "But I'll tell you this: people don't fall in love with what's right in front of them. People want the dream. What they can't have. The more unattainable, the more attractive." He stares meaningfully at the Slayer, as he delivers his little speeach. It is clear he's talking about his attraction to her. Buffy looks away, unable to look Xander in the eyes.

Atfer a brief but uncomfortable moment, Willow changes the subject back to Chris, skillfully covering the awkward pause. The three friends walk down the stairs to find Giles watching Ms. Calendar from a distance. Buffy gives him a short pep talk and moves away to give him space. Xander and Willow follow but not before offering Giles wishes of luck.

Giles joins the teacher in the hallway. She asks him to call her Jenny. "Ms. Calendar's my father," she says with a smile. They walk down the hallway together toward her classroom. He is very nervous, stumbling over his words and unable to form a coherent sentence. The bell rings and he has failed to ask her on a date. She walks into her classroom and Giles berates himself in the hallway. "You idiot!" he chastises himself angrily. A moment later, Jenny pops back out, inviting him to join her at that evening's ball game. "How do you feel about Mexican?" she asks, a flirtatious, teasing smile playing on her lips. Giles accepts, ducking his head in pleasure. He heads back down the hall. And in his happiness, he does a very un-Giles-like little skip. In science class, Willow looks through a text, wondering how Chris plans to reanimate dead tissue. Xander plays with a skeleton head, cracking jokes. "For the love of God," he cries, mimicking the skull. "Will somebody scratch my nose?" He laughs at his own joke. Just then, Buffy enters, telling the gang that Chris and Eric are both absent. Xander thinks that can't be a coincidence and worries that the two have completed making their Franken-girl. Giles comes in, with the news that the police found three heads in a dumpster. Chris and Eric still haven't found an adequate head to place on the body. "Well, I found them attractive enough," Xander says indignantly, defending the three cheerleaders. The others look at him strangely. "Well, obviously I'm not as sick as Chris and Eric," he says defensively. They conclude the obvious; that "Chris and Eric are one step short of completing their masterpiece."

In Chris's basement, Eric worries that they are running out of time regarding the viability of the limbs. Chris tells him that they can just increase the electrical current, buying them another day or two. Eric tells them that they can't just keep waiting around for another lucky accident to drop a head in their laps. "You know what we have to do," he tells Chris. "Hell, it's just one lousy girl." But Chris won't be persuaded. He can't kill someone!

A figure steps out of the shadows. It is Darryl, Chris's dead brother, in zombie form. Chris pleads with Darryl, begging him not to ask him to kill a person. Darryl reminds his brother of the promise he made when he brought Darryl back to life. He promised him he wouldn't be alone. "I tried to tell him," Eric says to Darryl. "If you take a life in order to make a life, the whole thing is a wash. No harm, no foul." Darryl ignores him as he focuses on convincing Chris to help him. He's alone and ashamed. He's desperate for a companion who will never leave him. Beaten, Chris nods his assent. Darryl hugs him tightly. Eric shows him the photographs he took. Darryl points to Cordelia's picture. "Ha ha, a man of taste," he says approvingly, and cuts her head out of the picture.

At the library, the gang discusses Chris and Eric's next step. Willow points out that the reason the three heads were useless to them was because the formaldehyde accelerates neural decay in the brain cells. The boys are going to need a very fresh head if they want to be successful. It hits them all at the same time: they are planning on beheading a live girl. Buffy quickly plans to meet Giles at the game later but meanwhile she has to go to Chris's house. Willow asks her to go easy on the science kid. After all, he's not a vampire. "No," Buffy agrees. "He's just a ghoul."

Buffy arrives on Chris's doorstep, claiming to be a friend of Chris's from school. His mother lets her in, rambling on about Darryl's accomplishments. Buffy realizes that the mother won't even notice if she sneaks into the basement. She makes her way downstairs and is disturbed to find photographs of both Willow and herself. She is even more horrified to discover plans for the body with Cordelia's face planted right atop the figure. Darryl steps quietly out of the shadows. Unnoticed by the Slayer, he advances on her, preparing to strike. But a sound alerts Buffy, and she quickly leaps out the basement window. Darryl draws back into the shadows, a dark scowl twisting his once handsome features.

Meanwhile, Cordelia is applying lip gloss in the girls' locker room. The other cheerleaders head out to the field for the game and Cordelia promises to be right out. She is startled when she sees Chris looming behind her in the mirror. She tries to talk to him, but he turns his head away in guilty shame. Eric throws a bag over her head and drags her away.

Buffy runs through the school looking for Cordelia. She runs into the head cheerleader, Joy, and another cheerleader and asks if they have seen her. Joy sneers at her, telling her Cordelia has better things to do than associate with "losers" like Buffy. She tries to move on but Buffy throws out a threatening arm, stopping her in her tracks. Joy looks at her in surprise.

Eric has Cordelia on the ground, trying to tie her hands, as Buffy races in. Eric looks up, just as Buffy throws a flying front kick at his jaw. He falls to the floor, momentarily stunned, as Buffy hurries to free Cordelia. Eric recovers and seizes the chance to run away. Cordelia hears the cheer music starting and runs out to the field, leaving Buffy alone in the deserted locker room.

Buffy hears a clattering sound and turns around, startled. She hesitantly explores the room, looking for Chris. She calls out the empty locker room, talking to Chris, hoping he can hear her. She tells him it's not too late to stop; he hasn't hurt anyone yet. Chris finally steps out from behind a row of lockers. He tells her that he has to do this for him because he's all alone. "He always looked out for me. Stood up for me. He's all alone. Everybody loved him. And now he's all alone." Buffy stares at him uncomprehendingly. Who is Chris talking about? Eric? But in the next instance it hits her. "Oh my God," she breathes.

In the basement, Darryl is throwing an industrial size temper tantrum. Furious that Chris and Eric failed to kidnap Cordelia, he trashes the place, shoving over shelves and finally advancing on the much smaller Eric. Grabbing Eric by his throat, he lifts him high in the air. Eric weasels out of harms way by convincing Darryl that Chris isn't the only one that can help him. He promises to help him get the girl made. Satisfied, Darryl lowers the kid to the floor and the two head out to complete the job.

Buffy and Chris rush down the basement steps, calling Darryl's name. Chris is startled to find the basement both wrecked and empty. He tells Buffy that Darryl would never leave. Never, that is, unless he was finishing what Chris began. Buffy realizes that Darryl plans to kidnap Cordelia himself, since Chris failed to do it for him. Sighing in frustration, the two turn around and head back to the school.

On the field, Cordelia and the other cheerleaders perform their routine. Up in the stands, Giles and Jenny head for their seats, loaded down with concessions. The two discuss American football and Giles smirks when Jenny refers to it as a "rugged" sport. She asks him why he finds her remark funny. "I just think it's rather odd that a nation that prides itself on its virility should feel compelled to strap on forty pounds of protective gear just in order to play rugby," he says, still unable to suppress a snort of laughter.

Jenny playfully scolds him on his first date etiquette. Giles is pleased to notice the use of the word 'date'. The two teachers are just beginning to enjoy themselves when Xander and Willow appear. They report that they were unable to find any recriminating evidence on Eric and ask if Buffy has returned yet. Giles tells them she has not and suggests that they circulate closer to the field. They ignore his hint and promptly take seats right in front of the couple. Xander helps himself to Giles's popcorn. "So what's the score?" he asks. Giles and Jenny both sigh, rolling their eyes in annoyed resignation.

Darryl crawls under the bleachers, staring through them out at the football field. His lips tremble in sadness as he watches his former teammates play his beloved sport. His eyes settle on Cordelia's lovely frame, watching as she heads off the field and toward the water cooler. Once Cordelia is out of everyone's sight, Darryl sneaks up behind her and grabs her! She screams but the crowds cheers drown out her frantic calls for help.

Too late, Buffy and Chris arrive at the game, searching for Cordelia. They are alarmed to realize that she is not on the field with the other cheerleaders.

In the abandoned science lab, Cordelia is blindfolded and tied to a gurney. She begs them to take off her blindfold, promising she won't scream. Darryl finally lifts the blindfold from her eyes. When Cordelia sees Darryl's heavily stitched face, she forgets her promise and lets out an ear-splitting yell. Darryl's face crumples, but Eric just laughs at her. "You can scream all you want, we're in an abandoned building," he tells her. But when Cordelia continues to shriek, he lifts a metal pan as a weapon, warning her to cut it out. She promptly stops yelling but the terror never leaves her eyes.

Darryl leans over Cordelia, talking to her tenderly. He apologizes for never noticing her while he was alive. He thanks her for always being good to him; for always noticing him. He tells her he has learned to appreciate how much it meant that she wanted to be with him.

Finally Cordelia realizes that the Frankenstein look-alike is Darryl. Eric interrupts their reunion to tell them that he is ready. "Ready for what," Cordelia asks. Eric tells her that she might feel a little pinch or some discomfort around the neck area. But she shouldn't worry. When she wakes up she'll have the body of a seventeen-year-old. "In fact," he smiles. "You'll have the body of several." Eric lifts the sheet off the pieced together body and Cordelia gets a good look at it. Once again, she lets out a frightened scream.

Back at the game, Buffy finds Cordelia's pom-poms near the water cooler. She asks Chris where Darryl would have taken her. Chris is reluctant to tell her. After all, he promised his brother. Buffy doesn't want to hear it. "He'll kill Cordelia," she shouts at him. "You can't just give and take lives like that. It's not your job." Chris finally gives in and tells Buffy where to find Darryl and Eric. Buffy orders him to locate Willow and Xander and fill them in on the situation.

In the lab, Eric is busy sterilizing surgical instruments. On the gurney, Cordelia tries to reason with Darryl, begging him to let her live. She promises she will stay with him anyway, but he doesn't believe her. But this way they can be together always. They can hide together from the world, just the two of them. Eric finishes sterilizing his equipment. He walks over to Cordelia, wielding a sharp looking knife. Cordelia whimpers in fear, begging for her life. Darryl leans over her, making soothing noises, the way a parent comforts a child. Eric is just about to make the first incision, when Buffy kicks the door open. Eric looks up in fear. He throws the knife at Buffy. It arcs through the air, flying directly toward her head. The Slayer lifts one hand and grabs the knife right out of the air. Like the coward he is, Eric runs around the gurney and crouches into a hiding place.

Buffy tries to reason with Darryl, telling him that Chris sent her to stop him from making a mistake. Darryl doesn't believe her. Cordelia calls out for help and Buffy promises her she will get her out safely. But Darryl isn't done with her yet. He grabs a cleaver and tries to hack at Cordelia's neck. Quick as a flash, Buffy knocks the cleaver out of his hand and throws a punch right at his jaw. Darryl shoves Cordelia's gurney out of his way and accidentally knocks over a can of gasoline. Eric tries to get away, but Darryl grabs him by the throat, and sends him sliding headfirst into a couple of large metal containers. Eric lies still, either unconscious or dead. Buffy kicks Darryl into a lit Bunsen burner, which falls to the floor, igniting the spilled gasoline on fire.

Just then, Xander races into the room, and rushes to rescue Cordelia. He fights to loosen her restraints but is unsuccessful. Furious at the turn of events, Darryl throws an oxygen tank at the fire and the relatively small fire explodes into a fiery inferno. The muscled Darryl grabs the tiny Slayer around her waist, pinning her arms to her side, and rendering her virtually powerless. Still pinning her arms, he lifts her high into the air as Giles and Willow appear in the doorway. They race over to Eric, dragging his still form out of the fiery room.

Meanwhile, Xander is still desperately trying to save both Cordelia and himself. Having given up on the restraints, he angles her gurney toward the door. With a running start, he quickly rolls her gurney right through the wall of fire, shielding her body with his own. They make it safely to the doorway, leaving Buffy to deal with Darryl.

The Slayer finally frees one arm and uses it to throw a punch at the zombie's head. He stumbles and releases her. She is able to get in one good kick before he grabs her again and throws her to the floor hard, momentarily stunning her. Barely conscious, she turns her head from side to side dazedly. Darryl grabs a desk and is just about to crush the Slayer with it, when a voice shouts for him to stop. It is the voice of his brother, Chris. Darryl looks to see both Chris and Jenny standing in the doorway, shocked at the violent tableau. Chris begs him not to do it. Darryl looks back at Buffy and lowers the desk. Suddenly he sees the pieced together body, burning in the fire. He staggers toward it, tenderly cradling the headless body of his ill-fated bride-to-be. "We'll be together always. You're mine," Darryl croons, as the fire swirls around him. Chris tries to stop his zombie brother from dying again, but Buffy holds him back, knowing this is what is best. From the doorway, Giles and Jenny watch the terrible scene.

Outside, fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances surround the building. Spectators stand behind police lines, pointing and craning their necks, hoping to get a good view. Buffy and Chris sit together, apart from the commotion. Chris explains to Buffy that he was trying to be a good brother by bringing Darryl back. "I was just trying to look out for him," he explains lamely. Before she can answer him, Angel joins them, explaining that he saw the fire and figured she would be there. She reassures Angel that everyone is ok, sending a meaningful glance at Chris.

In the parking lot, Giles hands Jenny a cup of coffee, apologizing for the events of the evening. Their date didn't exactly go as he'd planned. Jenny tells him it's ok but that a "good rule of thumb for a first date is don't do anything so exciting that it'll be hard to top on a second date." Giles tells her that believe it or not, this qualifies as a slow night in Hellmouth central. He pauses for a minute. "Did you just say second date?" he asks, amazed. "You noticed that, huh?" she answers, smiling sassily. Giles hides his pleased smile in his coffee cup.

By the ambulances, Xander notes that everyone is pairing off, even the school librarian. He complains to Willow about his own lack of a social life, wondering why it is he can never seem to get a date. As he laments, Cordelia approaches them, offering a sincere and heartfelt thank you. "Xander? I just wanted to thank you for saving my life. What you did in there was really brave and heroic, and I just wanted to tell you if there was anything that I could ever do to—". Her words are cut off when Xander interrupts her gracious thank you, rudely pointing out that he and Willow were in the middle of a discussion. Taken aback by his brusque dismissal, Cordelia rolls her eyes and walks away. Xander turns back to Willow, wondering aloud why it is he can never get a date.

Angel and Buffy stroll through the moonlit cemetery, discussing the evening's events. Buffy is still creeped out by the whole zombie thing, but realizes that Chris did it out of love for his brother. "Love makes you do the wacky," she says, echoing Willow's pearls of wisdom. Angel is confused by the phrase. "Crazy stuff," she clarifies. Ah, Angel nods. "Crazy, like a 241-year-old vampire being jealous of a high school junior." Buffy smiles, telling him he has nothing to worry about. Xander is her friend and nothing more. She doesn't love him. Not like that.

But it's not that, that Angel is jealous of, he tells her. "He gets to be there when I can't," Angel explains. "He gets to see you in the sunlight." There's nothing really Buffy can say to make that untrue and she knows it. Instead, she makes a light joke of it and offers to walk him home. He smiles down at her and holds out his hand. She takes it in hers and the two walk hand in hand through the moonlit fog.

As they walk away, a gravestone comes into view. "Darryl Epps, 1978-1996. Rest in Peace."

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