Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2000 on The WB

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  • Hilarious. You go Jonathon!

    I felt this episode was a nice break from the continuing storyline. It seems like some unknown force you knew was out there but never expected always seems to show up at the worst times to add to their problems. In most of the Buffy episodes where some kind of magic takes place you get to see someone or something planning the evil deed then carrying it out, so you something odd is gonna be taking place. This one, however, doesn't tell you anything, and starts off as if Jonathon has been the main character all along. Of course he does everything better than everyone else, he's Jonathon! And what Jonathon says goes! How they even let Buffy become the main character after giving us a glimpse of Jonathon is beyond me! But seriously, I started cracking up right away cause me and my roommate were joking about him ever since Buffy yelled, "hey you, by the dip, got something to say?," at her coming home party and he just looked up, scared outta his mind. He reminds me of Charlie in Charlie's Angels in this episode. I love the way the crew, especially Xander, are hesitent to reverse the spell. You can tell how much they love Jonathon. It's really funny when Willow and her witch friend are hanging up pictures on the wall and they switch camera angles to show you that all of the pictures are of Jonathon. Another funny part is when they ask Giles if he has the Jonathon swimsuit calendar, and Giles says no, before admitting he was lying and goes to get it. The episode helps to show you how the average person looks at Buffy as being super important. You can often forget how useless the average person is against demons but this episode reminded you how special Buffy really is. Overall, hilarious epidose, all I gotta say, well, except for maybe, Give Us More Jonathon! Okay, that's enough.