Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2000 on The WB

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  • This episode was random.

    This episode came out of the blue. It's like the creators were like, "Hey, let's do this!" I didn't like it. I though it was boring, useless and weird. I'm glad that Buffy came to her senses that something wasn't right because I was about to turn the TV off it was so awful. I get they were in an alternate reality and trying to make fun and "What if..." kinda way but it didn't work well. Poor Tara, being chased by the evil monster... and Karen with a K. Xander had a crush on Jonathon and that was hilarious. Giles even having a calender of him. What in the world? Weird. As this season is coming to a close, I hope it goes out with a bang and they kill Adam and find out the REAL secrets of the initiative. I'm hoping for some superb episodes to come.

    Rating = C