Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 4 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2000 on The WB

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  • 'Xander, don't speak Latin in front of the books.'

    ‘Superstar’ is definitely my least favourite episode of the show.

    It had a good cast, good writing and a good storyline but I felt like it was poorly done and just couldn’t hold my interest. The episode is far from being bad, but as far as Buffy episodes go, I wouldn’t mind if this episode had never existed.

    The episode is about Jonathan being a superstar, everyone thinks that he starred in the matrix and did all the things that would someone make popular. The downside of this is that you already know it’s going to end with Jonathan ending as a loser again.

    Jonathan proved to me that he is a good character, he didn’t know that there was a loophole (the big demon that was created) and he didn’t mean any harm, but sadly he just did another dumb thing and still doesn’t learn his lesson because he comes back as one of the trio’s.

    What was highly enjoyable about the episode was Anya who kept saying funny stuff like the shrimp thing or the Jonathan moan.
    It also developed the Ruffy relationship because of Jonathan and they didn’t have to make a whole episode about them coming back together.

    The downsides is for one, the demon which was a really…bad demon, he looked like a copy of the demon in ‘Nightmares’ which was also a pretty bad demon.
    The way of exaggerating some stuff, most of everything was very unlikely like Buffy moaning his name at the end of the episode and some humor was irritating with all the Jonathan obsession.

    But this episode was definitely not useless, Jonathan learned the gang about Adam’s weak point and we got a very nice scene at the bronze.
    ‘Superstar’ is definitely not a bad episode but it’s also far from being a classic, it had an interesting premise that would have worked better if the writers had worked better on it.

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