Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 1 Episode 4

Teacher's Pet

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1997 on The WB

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  • First Bug Demon of the Show

    The Scooby Gang must figure out how their science teacher Dr. Gregory was killed but also who killed him. Angel appears once again with cryptic message on a vampire with claw who's afraid of the bug demon. Willow and Buffy must find away how kill the demon before the demon kills mates and kills Xander.
  • maybe it's 'coz I'm not Xander's fan...

    actually, the episode is kind of interesting... but I guess it's hard for me to except any Xander's storyline that doesn't include Anya, or Buffy, or Willow, or any other main character I like. I like Xander, I really do, but somehow his own storylines make me bored.

    well, now about positive: funny Buffy quotes (like "Well, the words "bug ugly" kinda spring to mind"), funny Willow faces (like one she has while talking about Xander's lovely head), funny Giles moments (like his reaction to Buffy's question about ... yep, a lot of fun in this epi! plus, really cute Buffy/Angel scenes -- what girl doesn't want to have the jacket of mysterious gorgeous guy?

    yeah, I like this episode -- just probably not that much as others...

    FAVE SCENE: Buffy/Angel in the end of the epi.

    FAVE QUOTE: Giles (to Carlyle): You were right all along, about everything... Well, no, you weren't right about your mother coming back as a Pekinese.
  • Teacher's Pet

    This week's trio of episodes is fairly Xander-iffic, starting with Episode 4, in which Xander develops a crush on substitute teacher Miss French, who turns out to be a giant praying mantis in disguise. She bites the head off the old teachera kindly gent who earns audience sympathy early in the episode by telling Buffy, "You have a first-rate mind and you can think on your feet"then lures unsuspecting virgins like our man X to her basement lair, where she lays eggs and forces the boys to fertilize them.

    The fundamental goofiness of this particular monster-of-the-week is a strike against "Teacher's Pet", but the depth of characterization is a major game-saver. Even Buffy, who's more of a bit player in "Teacher's Pet" than a lead, has multiple well-crafted moments in the spotlight: deriding her own tendency to screw up normal life by calling herself "Destructo-Girl," putting on Angel's leather jacket and panting "whoa boy" after he leaves, getting jazzed when she and Giles start making plans to take the bug out, and feeling a sense of pride as she realizes that she beat Miss French because she did her homework.

    But Buffy's arc is nothing compared to Xander's. He begins the episode by having a lucid daydream in which he saves Buffy from a vampire. Then, when Angel shows up to warn Buffy about a new razor-fingered vampirethereby notifying the home viewers that the writers haven't forgotten about the Master plotXander's feelings of inadequacy in comparison to the handsome, brooding Angel essentially drive him directly into the forelegs of Miss French.

    Or course it doesn't hurt that Miss French is, when not in mantis form, "woman-shaped". The subtext of "Teacher's Pet" is that Xander isn't just afraid of a six-foot-tall insect, he's afraid of the practical realities of real-life sex. Sharing the cage with him at Miss French's house is Blaine, one of Sunnydale's more popular boys, who is, like Xander, a virgin. As I recall from my own high school experiences, teenage boys talk cocky when it comes to sex, but outside of the odd fantasy, not many boys would respond enthusiastically to a mature woman ordering them to fertilize her eggs. Sex at that age is supposed to be furtive, awkward and giggly, not directly tied to the mysterious and creepy biological processes by which we create new life.

    "Teacher's Pet" ends with another one of the show's stinger images, as deep in the supply closet of the Sunnydale High biology class, one of Miss French's egg sacs hangs, dripping with potential menace. But I don't think the menace has anything to do with the prospect of the monster returning. It has to do with the looming subtext of teen sexuality. Pine after each other, grope each other, make crude and misleading jokes in the cafeteria about how far you've gone and how far you're willing to gobut as this episode points out, at the bottom of everything it's all eggs and seeds and impulses.
  • Mantises

    It's always the good teachers that end up with the short sticks. The premise of this episode was hilarious, but not enough to cover up the fact that people are starting to learn about Buffy and what she does - and aren't told to keep quiet about anything. So much for trying to hide who she is... It's one of those episodes that sticks in the mind just because of how ridiculous it is. It's a prime example of how this series relies on humor above everything else.
  • Teacher's Pet

    "Teacher's Pet" is not a good episode. Where "The Witch" [1x03] comes together as a coherent, albeit relatively unimportant, stand-alone story "Teacher's Pet" simply can't completely work out what it wants to be and is further bogged down by blunt exposition. While the episode gives Xander the most screen time he's gotten yet and establishes his tendency to be, as Willow will later say, "a demon magnet," it doesn't really give much new insight into Xander that we already didn't know. So on just about every level the episode fails at what it's trying to do.

    The primary structural problem with "Teacher's Pet" involves its decision to split our attention between an overly comical 'fork' vampire and the primary monster of the week: the ridiculous she-mantis. The only purpose of the former is to further add a sense of mystery surrounding Angel while conveniently using the vampire to both expose and locate Ms. French. The predominant purpose of the latter seems to be to highlight the potency of teen sexuality, using Xander as the springboard, while also touching on the subject of female teachers sexually abusing their students. I'll concede that some of this does resonate a little due to both Buffy's rejection of Xander in "Prophecy Girl" [1x12] and S2's focus on youthful romanticism, but the execution, depth, and relevance of these ideas as presented are downright laughable at times.

    Where the episode does earn a few points is in its nuggets of deeper insight into the nature of Xander's interest in Buffy. This insight doesn't cast a particularly positive light on Xander's motives. In the opening dream sequence, for example, he sees Buffy as a girl who is significantly weaker and less assertive than he knows she really is. Xander seems to have also given himself a boost of confidence, assertiveness, and borderline arrogance that Dream-Buffy swoons over. While I totally understand how raw sexual desire can easily manifest itself in a dream, what concerns me is Xander's subconscious desire to weaken Buffy so he feels manlier. This is doing Buffy, as a person, a great disservice. At this point in time I'm actually glad Buffy doesn't have any romantic interest in Xander.

    Although I feel I've been justifiably harsh on Xander's motives, I'm willing to give him credit for evolving as the series progresses. Even though, after "Teacher's Pet," Xander still has a lot of very selfish traits to work through, he does largely drop the "I'm not man enough" shtick and deserves props for overcoming that instinct as Buffy once again saves his life. "Teacher's Pet" doesn't even seem aware that this bit of growth even happened though, as it's his actions in following episodes that indicate a change.

    "Teacher's Pet" has a few half-cooked ideas and a drop of retrospective character growth, but it just completely fails to pull all of these elements together into something coherent, enjoyable, intelligent, and smart. This failure, combined with S1's trademark production values from Joss Whedon's pocket, make for quite a poor episode. It's a broken episode story-wise, theme-wise, and character-wise which all manifest as one of the worst episodes in the entire series.
  • This episode 'bugs' me

    Although the idea is nice, and it was entertaining at times, this episode just doesn't do it for me. I'm not really sure why, really.

    We start off the episode by seeing a fantasy of Xander's, being a brave hero with stunning guitar talent, as well as being the love in the eye of Buffy. It's a bit silly to be honest.

    We then find the gang in Biology class where they are talking about insects. The teacher Dr. Gregory has a word with Buffy after class, and what at first seems to be a lecture turns out to be encouragement. One of the school's staff members actually likes Buffy! Actually, this part is my favourite part of the whole episode, and it's such a small part, so that's saying something.

    Unfortunately, Dr. Gregory is attacked by what seems to be a giant bug, which turns out to be the new substitute teacher Ms. French. She turns out to be, well, a giant praying mantis in human form, and she lures Xander into this weird chemical attraction so she can, well, mate with him to fertilize more eggs and then rip his head off... No big deal.

    I don't know what it is, but I just find myself sort of bored of this episode. I do like the message it brings though, that being a virgin is a good thing, and it's not something you should be ashamed of. But other than that, it just doesn't do it for me.
  • Attack of the substitute teacher

    Suffering from an exceedingly corner plot with laughably poor FX 'Teachers Pet' is too me with one of the worst Buffy hours, there are so many dense plot holes and although the stars work well with the corny plot particularly Nicholas Brendon the whole hour appears pointless.

    There were however some good moments, Cordelia as usual was a hoot in the two small scenes she was in particularly her scene with the therapist and Buffy staking the kinve fingered vampire with a piece of fence

    Overall the episode is rather pointless filler that can easily be fast forward through
  • Teacher's Pet

    Teacher's Pet

    The good;

    Sex raises it's ugly head in the Buffyverse and it's all the better for it. A lovely little bit between Buffy and her teacher (who is also in The Witch) and although a minor character you feel the loss for both Buffy and Giles (we know Buffy is a bright girl when she applies herself and here it's made clear that she's not just some blonde airhead). Angel's back although compared to what Buffy faces later this vamp is small change, he seems to talk it up rather unnecessarily, maybe it's just an excuse to see Buffy again. Some lovely humour around Xander and his teenage lust, especially love his Bronze fantasy.

    The bad;

    Really the She-Mantis itself, when you compare it to some of the monsters from the later seasons it really does look awful. This ep is really a filler ep, very much 'monster of the week', it's fun but if Buffy had kept up this sort of ep it would never have become the great series it is

    Best line; Xander (looking at Miss French's cleavage) "It's a beautiful chest...I mean dress"

    Questions and observations; Giles shows interest in a woman for the first time, if he hadn't I must say I thought he might be gay? Flutie takes everyone to see the counsellor, is that the same one Buffy goes to see in 'Beauty and the Beast'? In 'Doomed' Willow says she's always the one to find the bodies but actually it seems more often to be Cordy. The Sunnydale Police are also hunting the claw handed vamp, the last time they do anything useful in the history of the series. Maybe that vamp was an enemy of the Mayor's? This story is an interesting reversal of fictional norms, how often do you see the heroine racing to save the boys from losing their virginity to the villain and not the other way around? What happens the eggs? Presumably Buffy and co deal?

    3/5 I think but that may be a little generous

  • Didn't think it met the Buffy standard.

    This episode wasn't as good as most Buffy episodes, but it was still pretty good ofan episode, it probably seems bad in comparison. But this is the first time that you see the running gag of Xander attracting Demonic women. I did enjoy the part at the end where the guy who made fun of Xander for being a Virgin turned out to be one himself, which is pretty good Karma. I also liked the idea of a Wolverine Vampire and I wish that they could have extended on that a little. But, as I have said, it just doesn't meat the Buffy The Vampire Slayer standards
  • A science teacher who showed belief in Buffy is found dead – and with his head missing! Xander, and most of the other male students, quickly fall in love with the attractive replacement – who harbours a skin-crawling secret. Clunky but not terrible...

    "Teacher's Pet" generally ranks amongst fans' lesser favourite episodes of 'Buffy', certainly of the earlier seasons. Indeed, at time of writing, it holds the lowest score of the first season episodes (with a still reasonable 7.7). It certainly is far from 'BTVS's finest hour, and arguably this – the second regular episode after the Pilot – is the one where the show was finding its feet. But even so, I still find this a fairly reasonable episode it itself.

    It's a real shame that Mr. Gregory, the one teacher in Sunnydale High that seems to believe in Buffy, is bumped off (well... has his head eaten!). For a one-off bit character, I felt he was brought to life well, and I really felt Buffy's loss over him.

    It's nice to get an episode that focuses on Xander. Even though here at the start of the series he is presented as a bit of a doofus (and he is indeed quite a nerd at points in this episode), he's the kinda character I always wished I was (ahem)!
    We also get the return of Angel, after he wasn't present in the previous episode, "Witch". As I covered in my review for "Welcome to the Hellmouth", I'll dare to say again that he was never particularly a favourite of mine; but here, in his "mysterious" earlier stages, I find him a bit more bearable.

    Although I've defended this episode a little, I'll be the first to admit that the writing isn't as sharp in this one, with far less (if any) of the show's trademark sharp one-liners and pop references. However, there are still a few nice scenes, such as Cordelia with the psychiatrist (after discovering Dr. Gregory's headless corpse), and I love Giles's unseen British friend who wear hear has been sent to a mental asylum; It's a shame they didn't use this friend more, as I think he would have made an amusing, unseen recurring character.

    The general handling of the plot also feels a little clunkier than usual. And then there's the giant bug her-it…self. It doesn't really do the episode any favours. Affordable and semi-believable CGI was only just becoming available on a TV show budget when this episode was made, but even so the bug costume does look a little goofy. But at the same time… its kinda part of the fun with this episode. Our expectations would be raised as the show progressed, but for an early episode where us, the audience, were still discovering the show, I can't say giant-she-mantis severely ruined this one for me in any way.

    Then there are the eggs under the shelf in the science room at the end. Some have commented that they have felt cheated by this, as there was never a "sequel" where these baby mantises hatched. Again, I didn't really have a major problem with this – I took it as a nod to the many "creature" films of the 1950s and early '60s, where there would often be a teaser show at the end to suggest that the creature had survived or left offspring behind, even if a sequel was never to be produced. That said, it might've been fun to see Buffy fighting baby mantis-monsters in a later episode.

    This is by no means a 'Buffy' great, but it is not my least favourite episode either. Watching it for the first time on BBC Two in the late 1990s, I actually quite enjoyed it. Yes, it would quickly be far surpassed by better stories, but in my opinion it's nowhere near as out-and-out terrible as some suggest. (It isn't even my least-favourite episode of season one – I might change my mind as I re-watch them on DVD, but I seem to recall I was much less fond of "The Pack" shown a couple of episodes time). I give "Teacher's Pet" a not outstanding but reasonable 8/10.
  • Weak plot, poor characterization. Overall a poor example of one of my favourite shows.

    The characters were all so stock in this episode. Buffy was all rebellious Slayer girl. Willow was in love with Xander, computer hacker chick. Giles was disapproving, stuffy, library book guy completely uncomfortable outside of the library's walls. Xander could not have been more horny teenaged boy if he tried. And Cordelia was completely the cliche cheerleader, trying to lose weight even though she's already perfect, only serving to make those who aren't perfect feel even worse about themselves, and making no indication that she cares about anything else, even the dead guy in the cafeteria. There was no depth to anything any of the characters did. It was just boring.
    Fork-guy was a more interesting villan than the She-Mantis, yet he was taken out with a white picket fence and the She-Mantis was the real focus. Fork-guy got the jump on Angel! Okay, true, Angel wasn't exactly the Angel from every other season, or from the spinoff he earned, in season one, but one still has to assume that he had at least the most basic vampire fighting skills, what with him being two hundred plus years old, the Scourge of Europe and all.
    The thing that annoyed me most, though, was that in the last scene all those eggs are just lying there. They had to have hatched, probably before the season finale if any kind of linear timeline is to be believed, and yet there was never even a hint of Buffy, or anyone else, for that matter, fighting the new crop of She-Mantis'. She-Manti? Whatever. Those things are just out there. Mating, killing, making more giant bug things. Obviously they intended to at least have some kind of callback later, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to show the egg sac so clearly in the final scene. Yet nothing ever came of it.
  • Buffy meets Dr Who

    This episode was really odd.

    Ok so I get the are trying to show other bad guys other than vampires but episode 4 or season 1 and they come up with a teacher that turns in to a praying mantis? And all the guys fall for her charms and get taken back to the teachers place were she drugs them and puts them in cage in her basement were she turns into a praying mantis and then then mates with them (not sure how) and then makes eggs and eats their heads.

    kind of weird some how Buffy and gang figure out their teacher is an insect and they find the house and then chop her up into little peices. well at least Buffy was in it and the teacher was kind of hot until she turned into an insect.

    The praying mantis kind of looked like a really bad Dr Who episode with out the cool retro old school BBC low budget sets.
  • Teacher's Pet

    Teacher's Pet was another excellent episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 1st Season. This episode is the begining of Zander's Demon Dating adventures. We also seen a little more between Buffy and Mr. Flutie the Principal. Their relationship is the first in a long line of Buffy - Principal relationships. Dr. Gregory was the only teacher who believed in Buffy, and it was sad what happened to him. It was touching to see the softer side of Buffy as she clearly was grieving. This episode is another classic making the series a cult classic. I really enjoyed the episode and look forward to the rest of the season!
  • Worth watching once

    This was one of my least favorite episodes of the entire series. The creature in the episode looks pretty ridiculous, but what can you expect from a fairly low budget TV show. However, rewatching it after having not seen it in a long time uncovered some more great Whedonesgue dialog that I had forgotten about. Also, the episode helps push the Buffy/Angel story further along. However, you won't miss anything if you don't see the episode. All in all, it was an OK and somewhat silly episode, but it is worth watching at least once if you enjoy the series.
  • Season 1, Episode 4.

    I liked the episode. The first season of Buffy is turning out well so far. Sarah Michelle Gellar is just way too lovable. :) I liked the whole monster thing that took the Biology teacher. I personally don't think the substitute is too hot. Buffy is much hotter. So is Xander. Ms. French isn't bad looking though. She's pretty. Hehe, that jock dude. "I'll tell you where I want you." I like how it was foreshadowed by Ms. French's first class that she is really the insect that took the biology teacher. I liked this episode. It was definitely entertaining, to say the least.
  • The first season keeps getting better and better.

    Buffy is my second favourite TV show, and Teacher Pet definately tells me that I made the right choice in TV shows.

    Xander is {in my opinion} the funniest character in the show. I am positively over the moon that this episode consentrates on him.

    Buffy the vampire slayer has had its fair share of scare your pants off episodes and this is one of them. The first time I watched this episode I was scared out of my wits and I loved every second of it.

    The first season is kind of bumpy and it is reasonable because the show is just getting on its feet. However, Teachers Pet is an excellent example that this season is just as funny, scary and original as the rest of them.
  • The Love Bug

    This is a very silly episode. It has that campy first season feel all over it. The plot was a tad silly. But I really enjoyed this episode because we got to know the characters a little better. Xander gets to show his more goofy side in this episode that will be important in the next season or so... so overall I liked this episode but looking back it was probably one of the weaker episodes of the entire first season and the show. Just a tad to goofy. As always SMG was great and Willow shines in this episode as well, her relationship with Xander develops.
  • Xander's First Demon...Crush?

    Teacher's Pet-Xander, and most of the male population of Sunnydale High, are falling all over themselves trying to impress the new substitute Biology teacher, Ms. French. When Buffy sees this femme fatale scare off a particularly nasty vampire, however, she begins to suspect that Xander may be in serious trouble.

    So here is where the "Xander's a demon magnet" plotlines began and the first time around isn't really that entertaining. Well, let me be the first to say that Musetta Vander as Miss French is mediorce at best with an underwhelming performance and not being that attractive to begin with. Also, Xander tends to act like an assh*** when he has feelings for women and wacthing him yell at Buffy thinking Miss Frenxh was attracted to him was annoying, especially bashing Angel at the end because of his jealousy. Also, the Praying Manis looked pretty lame and just like a guy in a suit. But there were still some nice parts like Buffy hunting after the claw guy and finding out Blaine was virgin in the end. Also, the scene with Cordelia with the therapist was hilarious. All and All, besides the usual funny dialogue, the episode is really nothing special.
  • Oh Xander.

    Xander’s dream had me totally giggling. What an adorable goof. It’s a pity Dr. Gregory was killed off. He seemed like a decent guy, even if he was being a little extensive with the study of ants. As a woman checking out another woman, Miss French isn’t all that great looking. I guess she’s pretty in an older woman kind of way, but not drop dead gorgeous. Now, as a guy checking out a woman, she’s hot! Although, I think they over did it a tiny bit with all the guys doing their perfect *drooooool* impressions. Lol that Miss French was really 90-year-old!Miss French was hilarious! The thought of Xander getting it on with a giant bug is really, really too gross to imagine. Ick.

    I think the best part of this episode was that guy Blayne threatening the Scooby gang with his lawyer dad if any of them telling anyone that he was a virgin. It was so manly.
  • I’m a big monster that can shave with my hand. How many things am I scared of?

    - We’re talking full-on “Exorcist” twist -

    Another one of Season One’s monster-of-the-week episodes, ‘Teacher’s Pet’ didn’t impress me nearly as much as ‘Witch’. I admit that there are a lot of silly episodes in the history of Buffy, but silly doesn’t necessarily mean bad. In the case of ‘Teacher’s Pet’, however, it’s a tad too silly, and in a bad way. The whole main story about a giant bug lady substitute teacher smells too much of ‘70s B-horror for my liking.

    Of course, the episode does have some highlights, such as many funny Xander scenes. Nicholas Brendon excels throughout, and he gets to show his amazing talent for comedy. His fantasy flashes of him and the electric guitar are hilarious, and he delivers a bucket full of fun. The dialogue is as great as ever, and it manages to give some life to the rather lukewarm plot. I did like the twist that the she-mantis only preyed on virgins, but in the end the entire story was far too predictable and corny to work.

    Cordelia was hilarious as usual, but she had far too few scenes. Principal Flutie also worked as a comic relief, and his scene is one of the episode’s highlights. I still have some problems with David Boreanaz, but he’s really improved since his very uneven performance in ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’.

    All in all, ‘Teacher’s Pet’ is one of Buffy’s weakest episodes ever, with a generally bad plot. Still, it’s enjoyable to watch, and has its charm, and is worth watching.
  • The first of the many "Xander falls for a wack-job" episodes....Yada yada yada....the teacher is a praying mantis. However, it is nice that Buffy figured this one out on her own....And I love it when she bosses Giles around...Grr Argh.

    Kind of a fluff piece. It's pretty average. You get use to Xander falling trap to the wayward life of a victim...boo-hoo. This is also the first of many scenes that Xander is an absolute jerk to Buffy....mainly because she has never wanted to date him. That guy bugs me sometimes. (haha)
  • And when I mean average I mean a little below Buffy average, even though it had a lot of fine qualities too.

    First of all I love it when episodes teach you stuff, like I found out a praying mantis existed, that was great, and I liked the Xander storyline, but the thing that made the episode less good to mee was mostly that everything happened really fast and that the fork guy was in it. Off course as in many Buffy episodes you can't hate it because of the many brilliant parts in it, like Giles conversation with his crazy friend, Blaine being exposed as a virgin, Cordelia and Fluties reaction to the headless body and off course the sappy ending between Buffy and Angel.
  • Xander has a crush on the new substitute biology teacher, who turns out to be a giant bug.

    This is not one of the greatest Buffy episodes. In fact, it's only average. Xander makes his first mistake in a long series of mistakes with women. Having a crush on a giant bug-lady...only Xander. This episode is moderately entertaining...but not very important...except for the appearance of Angel. If you've never seen this one, you may not understand some jokes that come later in the series...but you're not missing much.
  • Just Dumb

    The whole Buffy series are dumb, but this one was really dumb. First of all, the guy who plays Xander, can't act. Secondly, I don't understand how Buffy could figure so easily that the she-mantis lived on the same street as the real Ms. French and all they would have to do is access the sewer to get to her. Give me a break! Another bad scene was Blayne. For God's sake, Buffy and the gang saved his life too and he mentions a lawsuit? I would have let him rot. The scriptwriting seemed very rushed. The entire mantis, egg fertilizing, and virgin thing stunk. Avoid this one as well as any other BTVS shows.
  • Yeah its a filler, but I liked it anyway

    Let me first say this: I think Xander is much to hot to be considered as such a geek. But Nick Brendon does SUCH a great job making it believable. Xander is still pining away for Buffy, who either doesnt notice or doesnt care. Willow is still pining for Xander, but he just doesnt see her that way (foolish boy!) So is it any wonder he is such easy prey for a preying mantis lady?? Who can blame him for crushing on her? She was a gorgeous, older woman who was giving him alot more than the time of day. Yes, it was filler...but yummy filler all the same.
  • My Mini Summary...

    Best Scene:
    Xander and Blayne in cages, whilst Miss French is in mantis form. This always makes me laugh. Macho men not coping very well.

    Worst Scene:
    Xander's going to a teachers home. i just didn't find this at all plausable; no school would allow it for starters.

    Funniest Moment:
    Willow trying to signal the homework answers to Buffy in class. Its so silly and so obvious to everyone.

    Best Quote:
    The start of all the illegal things that Willow manages to do and Giles pretends doesn't happen!
    Giles: Um, this computer invasion that Willow’s performing on the coroner’s office. One assumes it is entirely legal…
    Willow: Entirely.
    Buffy: Of course.
    Giles: Right. Wasn’t here… didn’t see it… couldn’t have stopped you.
    Buffy: Good idea.

    Worst Quote:
    This quote has a bit too much 'verbal speel' for a Principle of a school no matter how dithery he is. Principal Flutie: I really believe if we all reach out to one another we can beat this thing. I'm always here if you need a hug, but not a real hug! Because there's no touching, this school is sensitive to wrong touching.

    Episode Season Rating:

    5th out of Twelve
  • One of the worst episodes ever!

    I just really hate this episode. I would say it is in the top 10 of worst episodes with only Beer Bad,Reptile Boy and Bad Eggs as competition. The only thing that was good about it was that Xander's character became more defined. Apart from that everything else was bad: storyline was awful, people's behaviour was not understandable or realistic. I think this episode was far too similar to two other episodes from the season: I Robot, You Jane and The Pack. I Robot, You Jane was just the same sort of storyline but with Willow instead of Xander and a robot instead of a preying mantis. Just bad, very, very bad.
  • An original episode!

    Only the creators of Buffy the Vmapire Slayer could come up with the idea of a supply teacher secretly being a praying mantis who lures young virgins and then mates with them and eats their heads.

    Although a little far fetched this episode works due to the quality of the acting. There are moments of hilarity and others of danger. Xander plays a good helpless boy while Buffy plays the hero. . . not the usual concept but it works none the less.

    The issue of the hidden eggs definitely brings up a few questions. Is there more to be seen of the she-mantis or will the school janitor be tidy enough to notice the egg sacs and dispose of them?
  • xander has a crush on a teacher

    another fun season 1 episode but again not very memorable. what i liked about this episode was xander and he was really funny! a big insect is in town and eats met starting with their heads and then tries to mate with them. the best was when she tried tO mate with xander that scene was awesome!!!

    but a big part of this episode is easy to forget. nice episode anyway.
  • Boring like hell

    Xander, and most of the male population of Sunnydale High, are falling all over themselves trying to impress the new substitute Biology teacher, Miss French. When Buffy sees this femme fatale scare off a particularly nasty vampire, however, she begins to suspect that Xander may be in serious trouble.

    this is a really boring episode i think that this is the worst buffy episode of the lot.I dont like the story line and everyone seems to be out of character in this episode.
    The whole teacher monster thing was innapropriate to me.Also i think that beer bad is a better episode than this.Try to avoid this episode.
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