Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Season 2 Episode 8

The Dark Age

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 1997 on The WB

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  • The drunkeness of youth....

    The Dark Age;

    The Good;

    Buffy's training although as Will later comments isn't she just naturally buff? Willow coming through with a great idea, Cordy tripping Ethan

    The Bad;

    The melting effect is a little lame. The demon seems quite insignificant compared to the threats we later see.

    Best line;

    Buffy; Have I ever let you down?

    Giles; Do you want me to answer that or just glare?

    but also

    Xander; An extra day in school plus Cordelia? Mix in a little rectal surgery and it's my best day ever

    Questions and observations;

    Who's Gavin Rossdale? According to the comics Buffy's fantasy hasn't changed that much it's just Daniel Craig now. Willow by contrast likes Tina Fey now (Seth Green and Eric Balfour will work with John Cusack in 'America's Sweethearts' and Michelle Tractenberg will work with his sister Joan in 'Ice Princess').

    Very much Giles' episode and adding a lot more depth to his character. Great stuff between him and Ethan, you wonder if ASH and Robin Sachs have worked together before, they really do come across as old friends.

    Why does Eoghan wait all these years? Drunk Giles for the first time and Xander mentions his infamous uncle Rory who we'll later meet in Hell's Bells. The Bay City Rollers were late 70s and a little cheesey for a teen rebel like Giles. Jenny knocked unconscious and goes evil, Buffy knocked unconscious and tied up. Jenny mentions "I've got you under my skin" which is later a title for an Angel ep.

    6/10, good ep but not brilliant

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